Blue October - Your Love Is Like A Car Crash Lyrics

Your love is like a car crash
Babe, you're moving too fast
You're a hit and run
Your love is like a car crash
Leave me with my heart smashed
You're a hit and run

Oh, electrify me
Oh, the pain can make me whole
Oh, release me from this hole
I just can't let go

Don't stop doing what you do
It hurts so bad but if feels so good
(Mm, let me ask you)
Why you don't pick up when I hit your phone
One day you're here and then you're gone
Am I the only one?

Your love is like a car crash
Babe, you're moving too fast
You're a hit and run
Your love is like a car crash
Leave me with my heart smashed
You're a hit and run

Oh, you terrify me
Oh, but the pain can make me whole

You're a sexy glass of lemonade
And I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to say that
You dirty jaguar chew me up
Spit me out when you've had enough
But don't stop doing what you do
'Cause it hurts to bad but it feels so good
Am I the only one?

Your love is like a car crash
Babe, you're moving too fast
You're a hit and run
Your love is like a car crash
Leave me with my heart smashed
You're a hit and run

Oh, I crave
Oh, you get me
And cold is your storm
Come inside
I know there's a way
Hope you let me
I wanna make you feel
So alive

Your love is like a car crash
Babe, you're moving too fast
You're a hit and run
Your love is like a car crash
Leave me with my heart smashed
You're a hit and run
Your love is like a car crash
Babe, you're moving too fast
You're a hit and run
Your love is like a car crash
Leave me with my heart smashed
You're a hit and run

Am I the only one?
Am I the only one?
Am I the only one?

Am I the only one?
Am I the only one?
Am I the only one?

Am I the only one?
Oh oh

Am I the only one?
Am I the only one?

Am I the only one?

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Blue October Your Love Is Like A Car Crash Comments
  1. Julia Jensen

    Loved this the very first time I heard it. One of the best songs on the album.

  2. Sher Lee


  3. princess to all kinds

    In need of a music video for this one

  4. Kevin Miller

    So ready for Friday!!

  5. Lakely Vincent

    Someone has put a spell on you. Tell them to let you go! Sorry you do say “release this hold” or something close. I’m stealing those words. Just those three.

  6. Jameson Ellswortth

    I saw blue in Boise. And they performed this song and it was just awesome and Justin’s interpretive shadow dance at the end was absolutely amazing

  7. Lakely Vincent

    Finally this song in my car made me begin my process of not letting people see all of me. #privatewoman I do believe you were ghosted and I was too and that sucks! #justintime don’t ever say go to someone’s “signing and ask” whatever it said. It’s way beyond that. I can speak with them outside of that. Easy does it now. My journey 3

  8. Lakely Vincent

    Sorry brother. @blueoctoberband You’ve always been a simple friend. Maybe you became to complicated and to be intimidated by me???? Find JF again. My little bro

  9. Lakely Vincent

    Yes sir! This song is me! @blueoxtoberband Were unlinked. What a trip a few words and songs can cause. The rumors and trash talk. That ruined me but you’re my muse and mirror. #iwillfollowyou will be a cool tour. I still think everyone should wear masks to your masquerade. 🦋

  10. Good Boy

    Love the song just makes me feel so romantic

  11. Shawn Hoover

    I’ve been told I am “too much like this song” probably two or three too many times although I like it. Words kind of hurt a little.

  12. Cody Foster

    see you guys in GA cant wait been playing your music since i was 14 helped me threw so much in life

  13. clpo

    I went to there kind tour it was SO GOOD

  14. Maryana Raposo

    I loved so much this album.. different of your old sound but just as good!

  15. Bella babe

    this songs a banger

  16. love me leave me

    She is so loved wow how beautiful

  17. Mirabel Lebarim

    Love yu !!make sence to songs

  18. Thomas .Herm

    mmm, look at dat glass of lemonade

  19. xRASTAxXxLIONx

    Every band is due an experimental album (especially after 15 years of making music). Something new, try differnt sounds. To me, this is the perfect experimental album. Somethings worked, some didnt. You live and learn. Music evolves. So does Blue October ❤❤

  20. Barbara B.

    this song is everything. ❤❤❤❤

  21. Jordan Hughes

    Wrote this poem listening to this song!

    Oh i trust in my soul
    Oh while my Brains
    Out of control
    I wonder if my hearts smashed
    So I can find your
    What’s your insurance
    What’s your name
    Phone number
    I guess a heart smashed
    Is a good reason to
    Love you baby
    I’m a hit and run

    I wonder if looking in your eyes
    Is what you want
    I didn’t know this would be
    Our first date

    A heart smashed
    A hit and run
    But your there
    And I’m on my way out of here

    I would of left my number
    I would of let you know
    But I’m not assured
    That love is true

    So you leave me with a heart crash
    Cause oh babe

    Your the one who runs
    A heart smashed

    I can’t see through the broken glass
    Of my perspective on love
    I wonder if you knew

    Your the hit and run
    With ID in hand
    Insurance out
    And I’m like
    I guess it’s time to run


    Jordan Hughes

    I dedicate it to you Blue October ♥️

  22. ravencassidy

    This song says so much more than you know...

  23. Marissa

    Sexy, kind of sad, kind of soothing all at once. Love it.

  24. Northern Gentleman

    Im glad i'm not the only one that thinks this song sucks. I dont even think the rest of the album sucks, some of it is really good like 'I want to come back home' but this song is just so bad

  25. evan k

    Ha I read it as "Your love is like a car wash" and I wondered what kind of connection there is. Then I listened to it and now it makes more sense.

  26. Nathan Donovan

    I can appreciate that a lot of the sound production on these newer albums is more fine-tuned, but I'm a little bummed at these dumbed down lyrics. It's like the band is so focused on the sound, and just stuffs whatever lyrics seem to fit in a mediocre way. *sigh*. Going put on History for Sale and rock out for a while.

  27. Kevin Miller

    I'm in my car, its broken, now the battery is dead. I'll blast this more later I guess.

  28. MsShitNugget

    This is an incredible album to listen to while stoned on marijuana.

  29. Erica

    my soul needs an acoustic version. Love it!

  30. Daniel Salinas

    To my ex...

  31. bob si dog

    Btw f 420 &
    christerz 4 JF's lobotomy

  32. Phantom of the Opera Visco 242

    Great song Justin.

    Sincerely Visco 242/the phantom of the opera.

  33. CobaltLobo

    saw them on the 13th at the rave. fucking amazing show. it makes me so happy to see Justin having fun and enjoying himself

  34. therealdilly

    LOVE IT!

  35. Hadi Vines


  36. Suzanne Hart

    Great song. I love Justin's voice. Perfect for sexy slow dancing.

  37. TheZombie

    Modern blues: Justin gets it.

  38. Sara Yunginger

    Great lyric video!!

  39. zbturtle the original

    I listened to this when it had only 2,000 views. Still addicted to it.

  40. Me Mia

    ONLY 2 things left UNTIL THE AIR IS GONE

  41. AGUST D Shooters

    I can't wait to hear this live

  42. steinwaymom

    I mean it could have been better but it's soooooo good not to be mean like if you agree

  43. Melinda Salley

    This man's voice..... <3 <3 <3

  44. Ricky Jay

    All the good artist cross genre's.Im 57 n listen to everything I like.Kinda surprises the kids!

  45. steinwaymom

    I love the whole album

  46. Cynnabuns

    I'm just glad to see them putting out music again, there's a huge space between 10 months ago and 8 fuckin' years ago.

  47. Now Not

    Sam likes this... I don't. But I understand staying popular and following the current music trends.

  48. Brian Jones

    I love this blue October song

  49. Kakhi S

    ცუდი კომენტარისთვის მენანებიან ❤ და ლაივს დაველოდები :დ 😀

  50. Florence Broker cars

    did you see my last video ? 😉

  51. Brittany Stack

    Oh God just kill me... Which is ironic to say as Blue October wants me to carry on... I can't explain it but I've been a dedicated listener and viewer since 2009. I came across them when I was 14 years old (a decade ago) I will always love them. They are basically my life. Always have been.

  52. Big Boss Donkarasu

    I have not related to a song like this in such a long time.. everything out this song is perfect including the video..

  53. The Flying Brompton

    SMTX ! 78Triple6...☕️🤘🏼

  54. Veaceslav Paladi

    The proof that modern music isn’t getting worse!

  55. dreams51298

    Gives me glass animal vibes

  56. Lauren Shearer

    My life

  57. 愛勇氣希望超級宇宙世界終極無敵霹靂閃電火焰很惠旋轉跳躍完美專業牛逼愛家萌萌哒撐十秒快還要更快的恐龍王


  58. Virginia A

    Omg I love this new sound! I love their sound evolution when they come release new stuff! 💙

  59. Chandra Wheeler

    love this!!;*)

  60. Cindy Torres

    I love this song!!!! I love this band!!!!!

  61. Lisa Rucker

    Love blue october for life!! Been a fan since 2007

  62. Mara Lima


  63. JustADreamer11:11

    This song is so addicting!!! Loving it!! <3

  64. Володя Антонов


  65. Manreet Kaur

    Woah, I love this

  66. Ángela Torres

    My skin got chills; love it.

  67. Daileny Alice Higginbotham

    I really love how every song by these guys gets stuck in my head for DAYS <3 So much love and support.

  68. destiny kemp

    It's so good

  69. lrtx82

    not feeling it.... maybe it will grow on me. 😑

  70. Munnky VonderPuddin

    I will probably never dislike blue October. All their music is amazing and reflective of Justin's trip through life. Love this song especially. Has hints of Portishead and Radiohead's Black out Angels. Keep up the good work guys and maybe soon I can go to my 5th Blue October concert with my 7 yr old son.

  71. Coyote D

    J’aime beaucoup 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  72. HD Gamez

    My favorite song has to be hate me but I like this keep up the great music

  73. Sarah G

    The first time I heard this one I really wasn’t a fan, but the more I listen the more I love it. Great album guys, really!

  74. Katt Roe

    This song And í hope you're happy reminds me of Chris Cornell When he changed up And did "Long Gone" And "Scream".

  75. dan benson

    Make "I hope your happy" a Karaoke Track please!

  76. puppyresidue

    Quite a few "I miss the old blue october" comments that kinda don't realize that's pretty synonymous for "missing when Justin was violently suicidal." Most artists, that wouldn't be the case, but it's a little different here.

  77. Donna 98

    A lot of Blu October music gets you right in the feels, most of us relate to the hurt and pain Justin pours into his lyrics and this song is different from that which is why people are complaining. I love the sensuality of this song, it's just as powerful as Hate Me but in a different way. Personally, I love this song, the lyrics are repetitive but it's not that serious of a song, the message is clear, you're loving on the person who makes you feel everything. For me, this song is about the good side of a bad romance. Way to go, guys.

  78. R W T

    Hmm not feeling this one. Too repetitive.

  79. kegers777

    One thing I've always liked about Blue October is you can't put them in a box .. always great lyrics you can Feel in YOUR BONES! And always great music to get the vibe moving! Awesome song!

  80. Sleezymean

    This was a bit disappointing. Your music is usually Power Music. Maybe if I hear it again over time I may like it. This seems flat. Just saying. I expected better.

  81. Katt Roe

    This song I relate to personally since I was in a severe car crash when I was 11. My mom was driving us home from the grocery store. We were maybe 2 minutes away when someone pulled right out in front of us, no time to even slow down. My head hit the windshield and my face was lacerated, IE. My eye, my nose and upper lip. They had me see a plastic surgeon whom wanted everything to heal on it's own first. He then proceeded to put me through a number of surgeries throughout my eighth grade year. All the Dr kept saying was that it would take time. Well, I don't know how much he had to do with my scars diminishing but I thank my Father in Heaven for all the healing. Especially, the traumatic brain injury as I was sent home the same day of the car crash. I suffered some amnesia. Certain family members caused me to go psychic by God's good graces on what they kept me from knowing that I couldn't remember because of the amnesia. I know more now than I ever have. Thanks Blue October, I love this song. Yeah, í remember everything now, Maybe. We'll see

  82. Hallucination

    a large number of comments here are from people who's music taste is clearly incredibly limited, which is fine and also by those who are doing nothing more than pining for the same old same old stuff from the band because it reminds them of a time that they're still stuck in. Nothing but a bunch of people who want to be reminded of their youth. Anyone who can't see the parallels between the new music and the old music or thinks the new music is vastly different never really got Blue October to begin with.

  83. cywarr

    Nice guys!

  84. Carrie Reppert

    You have touched so many lives with these songs.

  85. Karim Abdel Karim

    This is just ART. This is an absolutely brilliant piece of audible art.

  86. Hunter Boyd

    “Am I the only One?” 🙏🏻

  87. Marie-France Roulier

    Toujours excellent Blue October 👍

  88. RipX

    Annnnnd they have gone way to commercial.

    Katt Roe

    I think that's Great.

  89. Derk Ender

    its not bad. The lyrics are kind of cheesy and sound like a Maroon 5 song. And for a band with such wonderful inspiring lyrics its a let down. But its still a fun song. Just not one of their best lyric wise.

  90. 2slice gaming

    This song is to good to have so few views

  91. lynn retrovintage

    my fave all time band .got all their albums. amazing  music  love ya Justin and the   gang

  92. Grace Kelly

    Totally love this x

  93. Skyler Lacey

    Sooo, some of you would rather Justin be depressed and hooked on drugs and alcohol just so his music is the EXACT same as older Blue October? First off, Justin is happy now. So he's going to sing about it, just like he did when he was depressed. So all you fake fans that think this song is trash because 'it just isn't blue october ' can go straight to hell. Be supportive, not selfish

    bob si dog

    another obsessed "Justin sobriety stalker" who thinks what Justin does in his personal life is totally his business and also read Justin's mind and is reporting that he is officially happy.

    Skyler Lacey

    Justin says all the time how much he loves his life now. I'm not a stalker for knowing that, I'm being supportive. Unlike you

    Jessica Van Gestel

    Absolutely. He is happy now and trying something different. Still great. Get a grip.

  94. bob si dog

    *my dog just ate my pot stash * guess I'll just do a dab * then wait like Cheech & Chong*

    Katt Roe

    bob si dog wait for your dog to piss, then drink it. Shalam

    bob si dog

    i see what you mean ..just in case the baggie broke inside of him

    Katt Roe

    @bob si dog very good and yes Isidro

  95. Sam Woods

    I like it, but it doesn’t really make me feel anything like their other songs.