Blue October - Independently Happy Lyrics

I feel that it's hard enough to say good-bye.
I feel there's the water. Should I sink or dive?
An empty plate, fill up my sentimental morning star.
I steal the art of putting truth in a lie.
I still want the girl that really caught my eye.
But, she lives in Oklahoma City, far away from me.
An empty hope chest.
Quit the dope quest,
And remain independently happy

I'm finally happy...happy... independently happy...

I deal with the fact that I've forgotten the worst.
I feel that my social behavior may seem somewhat unrehearsed.
Another page,
A sullen rage,
And I'll be back to my normal self.

And I'm finally happy...happy... independently happy...

I drive to the edge of my considerate plain.
I apologize to the people I hurt on the way.
I wipe the slate clean
I kick the daydream,
And remain independently happy.

I'm finally happy...happy... independently happy...

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Blue October Independently Happy Comments

    I steal the art of putting truth in a lie..

  2. HTX original

    I quit the dope quest and remain independently happy.

  3. j Finn

    thank you!

  4. Arkansas Family

    By far one of my favorites. Love this one.

  5. Alan James Schwab

    This band, by far, is the MOST UNDER RATED band that is out there today. I saw them in concert at House of Blue's in Dallas, Texas 4 years ago and knew one song of theirs, Hate Me. They opened the concert with this song and I suddenly had a new favorite band. I have seen them five times since then and they just get better and better. Jason is a remarkable lead singer and front man!


    @Alan James Schwab It's Justin ya nutjob lol

    Rosina Crisp

    His name is Justin, not Jason. Its Justin.

  6. Marki Helmecamp

    you're one of those shallow, unintelligent people that haven't gone through any shit in your life, aren't you?

  7. Crystal Pistol

    my husbands making me listen to this song. I hate it LOL

    party poison

    What s he doing with you then?😂😂

    HTX original

    Well obviously your husband has better taste than you

  8. dmytedanielle

    i wasted 22 years of my life being a drug addict. FINALLY......i am happy. thank you BlueOctober for understanding the journey.

  9. Krystal Rios

    Love Blue octobe sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin much, so amazing!