Blue October - HRSA Lyrics

Comitted at twenty two
Just to get over you
My belly aches blue
Lorazepam flu
I'm down for the count
Always three times a day
Sometimes four
A bee stings right through the arm
The high swing I ride upon
My eyes can't quite focus on
The nurse with my Lucky Charms
Well a two step was just a laugh
Our boundaries were broke in half
It's a good thing to know
As you walk into group for the show

knock-knock on the window pane
My smoke break, the hour rang
My quiet roommate sleeps the same
Woke up when dinner came
The man's no more than forty old
Arrived scared two days ago
A family of earth and gold
But still nottheless alone
I learned quick. Knew what to say
Then three angels walked my way
In Spanish tongue they knelt to pray
And said "God keep him safe
From screaming voices"
They became my family
Outstretched their hands are on my head
You know, I can feel them breathing
They actually knelt down and prayed for me
They actually knelt down and prayed for me

Don't you dare put me on H.R.S.A
Does self abuse extend your hospital stay?
I think I'll lie a bit
Lord I won't cry over anything
Over anything at all
I won't cry over anything at all

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Blue October HRSA Comments
  1. J P

    Hello random person who is looking through the comments I hope you have a great Christmas 🎅

    Zashid Leo

    J P u made my day 😊 same to u

    J P

    @Zashid Leo hope Xmas is great for you and your family

    J P

    @csd hope Xmas is great for you and your family

    Some One

    Thankyou friend, I hope your new year is fantastic

  2. coronadohoover

    2019 motherfuckers!!!! What you got on me!?! This band music is beautiful

    Michael Meyer

    Oh fuck off

  3. Brian

    been to 5 rehabs and no other song get's the jist of it better then this one.....

  4. Nachtwaechter

    love their more agressive songs

  5. notyoursavior78

    I need to get this actual album/cd sometime. I just adore this song. I own a couple others (Foiled and History for Sale).

    J P

    Very good albums I have all of the album's

  6. Kayla Burger

    It gets really annoying that there's a delay between when he sings it and when the lyrics actually show up. I want to read it as he sings it, you know?

    Matthew Borges

    i feel you

    GrandMastaChamp 05

    Well your comment is 3 years old now so what im gonna say has prolly already happened but, learn the song. Then you'll know the lyrics before they even pop up.

  7. sidewalk381

    i love this song. it one of my favorates

  8. lidan666

    this deserves so many more views and likes :I lets work on that together ppl!!!