Blue October - Breakfast After Ten Lyrics

White kitchen walls with a thousand windows
Turn on Winston in the den
And I'm still asleep but I can hear the piano
When you make breakfast after 10
And I smell the coffee on your fingers
I still smell the perfume in the bed
The crushed linen roses on everything
And you're still inside my head

You gotta make her know how it feels to miss you
Let her know you're swapping sides
You're not the one with all the problems
You're the one with all the pride

So just pick your head up boy, and
Walk away
Walk the coolest walk that you know
Cause in a month or two she'll call you
You gotta hang up the phone

I hope she knows I've got this memory
That won't ever seem to break or bend
A thick lock & sheet rock is on my windows in the kitchen
I don't think I'll ever take em' down again

And I've learned a lot from all these break ups and make ups
And fuck ups and fake ups
Things that I wish you could comprehend yeah, comprehend
But for now I'll lace up
these wingtip shoes, boys
And I'll go have breakfast with my good friends

You got to make her know how it feels to miss you
You got to let her know you're swapping sides
You're not the one with all the problems
You're the one with all the pride

You got to make her know how it feels to miss you
Let her know you're swapping spit
You're not the one with all the problems
She's the one that's full of shit

So just pick your head up, boys and
Walk away
Walk the coolest walk that you know
In a month or two she'll call you
You got to
Hang up the phone...

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Blue October Breakfast After Ten Comments
  1. Dwayne Dunn

    I used to be in a relationship where I was mentally abused and treated like I wasn’t good enough and this song really helped me

  2. Eric Montes

    Lace 'em up boys!

  3. Rachel Feliciano

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌 JUST HANG UP THE 📞📞📞!!!! Fuck my Life!!!!! 🙌🙌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Thanks again JUSTIN 👍👍👍😁!!!

  4. Donald Herkes

    This song.....THIS many people who need this sing. Love it!!!

  5. Good Job Buddy

    Man. I wish I could collab with you. I'm going thru this now

  6. Bobble Head

    I absolutely adore this song

  7. Brian Aycock

    I had the pleasure of seeing these guys a few months ago. MY only regret is that they did not play this song.   They are so good live........

  8. Amy Baldwin West

    Way back in '98 hearing this song for the first time introduced me the band that I would declare my favorite rock and roll band of all time. Thanks for all the years boys! And thank you "A Little Peace of Mind" for putting this one together for us! A++ for using the right "wingtip" version! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✌

    j bone

    Amy Baldwin West she must be from around Norris city, I'll. Hahan

  9. Bryan Clark

    thank u chris for the introduction of blue October my life has been better since i hung up the phone brother

  10. Widkey

    Wow, is this the best song ever made? I think so:)

  11. Rick Zronek

    Definitely going through this right now lol.

  12. James Combs

    blue October is the sickest. this song has more heart than half of all the music in the world combined. if you don't like it..get your taste up

  13. Tommy Guglielmo

    one of the most underrated songs ever

    Amy Baldwin West

    Tommy Guglielmo EVER!!!!!

    Tommy Guglielmo

    Amy Baldwin West Whether we had one, or a thousand, we can all relate this to someone.



    Mary Ledesma

    For reals this group Rocks totally, had da pleasure of seeing them live

  14. Diane Motolinia

    She's the one that's full of shit.

    Tommy Guglielmo

    Diane Motolinia :')

  15. Amy Baldwin West

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR HAVING THIS VERSION WITH "WINGED TIP" SHOES! This is the first song (and version) I ever heard of Blue October's and I can't find it anymore! Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Amy Baldwin West (Rivershoes)

    The Shangry Llamas

    this is on the album consent to treatment, the original is on the answers

    j bone

    Amy Baldwin West must be from Norris city Illinois. Hahahahaha

  16. Agent Armonus

    i just had a bad break up. and my best friend sent this to me. she will know how it feels to miss me.

    Trantor The Troll

    3 Years later, did she?

  17. paul Pratt

    Irish devil put it pretty much perfect as to why we live this music

  18. Dalton

    Oh I hope she does findout how it feels to miss me


    She did, then the next one did the same thing. Guess im bad with girls

    j bone

    Bro. Bitches be stupid. Learn the game and say fuck it. That's what's he's saying.

  19. Heavenkept

    . . ., Your the one with all the PRIDE.

  20. becky clark

    Thanks for posting the lyric songs some of the Blue October Songs are hard to find. I'm like you I love all their songs , I can relate to every song they have ever sung. Justin sings from his heart and hes not afraid to open up his soul. His songs have helped me through alot in my life.

  21. William Kelley

    I could never say that I have a favorite Blue October song, because I love every single thing they have done. However, there are some songs I listen to more than others. This is definitely one of them. Such a bluesy feel with a little angst. Incredible song. Incredible band. I can't wait to see them live again!

    Amy Baldwin West

    William Kelley I agree. How can you pick a favorite? If I hadn't been introduced to their music with this particular version of "Breakfast After Ten", I couldn't either.

    Anti Edwards

    Ive seen them twice, I only wish it was closer to 2005 that I saw them instead of 2016, still can't wait for a chance to see them again

  22. NikoNash

    learn to make sea puns.

  23. Victoria

    learn to write good

    eatmy shorts

    Victoria learn to get a life. hiding behind a screen making shitty comments doesn't make you cool or important


    eatmy shorts get em!

    Kylie Henggeler

    Victoria how about You enjoy the damn song


    this...this was a joke from when the open book tour started

  24. NikoNash

    and bad to think this is good.. Learn to good music

  25. NikoNash

    youre pretty stupid

  26. Khupacore

    You're pretty stupid.

  27. NikoNash

    this song is pretty stupid

    Jo Hogan

    I love this song... But I also agree with you. That first line is silly and I'm pretty sure the writer shares this sentiment. It's definitely a look at the mind of a heart-broken 20-something guy. Justin writes visually, even if it doesn't always make sense.

  28. babyboombox

    This song is so powerful right now! I feel like I can relate to Blue October in any situation.

  29. TheDragonslyr

    best song in the universe

  30. Danae


  31. srlbbggg

    love this song!