Blue Foundation - Lost Lyrics

Oh, what a world, I'm lost in your arms
I can't feel free
Oh, what a world, we're not who we were
If I can't feel free

Eyes fixed on the door slipping from sight
I can't quite grasp what you're saying
The door slams in my face, I've lost control
Yet I feel as light as a feather

I can't live without you
I can't live without you

Oh, what a world, I'm lost in your arms
I can't feel free
Oh, what a world, we're not who we were
If I can't feel free

Dark shades fall on you, circle around
Leaving your face divided in two
Thoughts of leaving you, you're pulling me closer
I get so restless without you

I can't live without you
I can't live without you
I can't live without you
I can't live without you

Oh, what a world, I'm lost in your arms
I can't feel free
Oh, what a world, we're not who we were
If I can't feel free

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Blue Foundation Lost Comments
  1. almira özek

    Thats amazing! Could you please write the name of this short film? I couldn't find.

  2. brightphoebus

    I feel like I shouldn't let this sound out, as though anyone who hears it would easily see exactly how I've felt. I know that's not true tho.

  3. Antonio Toro

    loro bravissimi .... sicuro un aiutino dalle droghe eroina e hascisc insieme così sono state create le più belle di sempre!!!!

  4. Jessica Perez

    Pee three years

  5. Cryogenius333

    Moral of the Story. Books are fun for all ages.

  6. Anika Senst


  7. Ptolemys eternal search

    this is so amazing oh my god

  8. george iulian dorin bercaru

    the music and the video...are something"out of this world" !

  9. Darude - Sandstorm

    is the Zeds Dead remix there?

  10. Bruna C.

    Amo essa música!!!!!!!!!!! #BR

    É o que Marca

    somos 2

    vitória WOLD

    Somos 3❤❤❤

  11. dark netro

    is this suppose to passes me O_O

  12. lajerga777

    Hermoso! .

  13. Attabeira

    I like the ballad feel

  14. DogZeCat

    This is so much better than the official music video.

  15. GarC Gabb

    nice 👌

  16. Rabell Mansor

    Blue Foundation LIVE in GERMANY - 2 excl. CONCERT DATES ANNOUNCED
    SEPTEMBER' 2015
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  17. Kenan Bektas

    Whats the name of this movie??


    @Kenan Bektas it's stated that there are few short movies, I found only the first one in this clip, it's Schreie der Vergessenen 2011.

  18. dayren islas

    hola les gusta esa cansion 

  19. Elena Dutu

    Cea mai super melodie.

  20. Dóra Kaprinyák

    I love this music and the video too *w*

  21. Esmeralda Rosas


  22. fernando dario solán

    fantástico, bello, trascendental... esas imágenes son de alguna película? 

  23. Kat Mutch

    This song is fuckin wicked whilst being on Mdma... putting that out there.........Euphoric...
     "ive lost control yet i feel light as a feather"

  24. Damian Kabasz

    Creativity on this track, real trippy!

  25. Vince nt

    Why is the Blue Foundation -Eyes on Fire Zeds Dead Remix playing in the background of the song?

    Victor S

    Weird i hear it too, but it seems to be part of the song.

    Save The Savior

    Im pretty sure Zeds Dead used this song to remix Eyes On Fire but I could be wrong.

    Tool Dog

    It's not. This is where he got the beat

  26. Kim

    If this video only was in 3D :P

  27. Rival Tag

    If you like this track then you should check out my electro remix on my channel!

    Kat Mutch

    you have 3. which?

  28. Pani Bulwa


  29. Betty Churchill

    Artistic! Unusual! Not like anything I have ever seen before. If you want t o see something different, this is it.

    Betty Churchill

    Thank you for liking this video.
    @Win Laychock
    @Alondra Ravenheart


    thanks <3

    Betty Churchill

    @MrBernibest- you are welcome.

    Betty Churchill

    @Nur Avci-thank you for liking this music video.

  30. Yumi Kaioh

    this is AMAZING

  31. Hikari Kibo

    better than orginal video.

  32. tobi.wolff

    Wtf this video

  33. lalokitaprincesa

    this is way better than the official video ! =]


    what movies r they from?id like 2 see them =]


    @lalokitaprincesa Original films are available on vimeo. Authors I gave in the description :)

  34. Spekhtra theWolf

    I think without the background ekectronic sounds this song would be legendary as hell.If anyone can take up the electronic parts and send me that i would be so friggin proud.

    Tool Dog

    Glad you didn't write it

  35. lol I guess I'm a  creeper for liking this 

    and then again I love Seven Devils by F+TM

  36. Ingrid Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨Ʒ

    Thank you for sharing. I send my best ♣ ☆ ☾ wishes - also from my other channel ♡ƸӜƷ IngridHexerl

  37. Trixy 200

    Creepy video

  38. Trixy 200

    Creepy song and video

  39. Cameron Lock

    i am soo confused

  40. Uberanium

    to me the video was talking about the struggle of who a person is and who is seen. the internal struggle between good and bad.

  41. John Tatham

    this movie is creepy

  42. The Roaring Twenties

    in the real world, of the video subject (not the song) you surrender (in love) and no matter how dark the energy of the human in energetic form (be it ghost, alien, creature) it will let go and run from one's energy of love. us exorcists are masters of love and demons archdemons djinns and archdjinns have no power over us

  43. Serena

    Woderful music and video......

  44. Spartan

    P.s Amazing track and vocals too.The whole package is a phenomena

  45. Spartan

    Mind Blowing video. Whose made this visual masterpiece?

  46. Hercules Rockafeller

    Best thing I've seen this year.

    Gonna be a hard one to top.

  47. optionsC

    great video !!!!

  48. ShivaCosima

    :::::Amazing Song & Fantastic Video Work::::::