Blue Foundation - Ghost Lyrics

Early morning, dreary horizon
Aching hands are pulling a millstone
Wailing from the cart
Moaning from a shattered heart

He's burned down many a bridge
And he's scared of walking in the dark
It hurts when the rain falls on his skin

Oh he is worn out from marching
And he's forgotten for what he's searching
Yet he keeps up the stride
God knows that he won't arrive

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Blue Foundation Ghost Comments
  1. Javier Tobon

    Back when goth was more alive then ever.

  2. emagneticfield

    Wonderful song and great lyrics. Thank you.

  3. Bella Vita La Vita

    I like unique songs like this

  4. Erick Machado

    July, 2019 and still one of my favorite songs

  5. greensky northlit

    divine timing

  6. Georgie

    Listening to this at 2:30am while the moonlight is leaking through my window; pure bliss

  7. AntiNagash

    Sounds like witchcraft

  8. Melissa Sanfilippo

    Millstones around the neck used to be used to punish everuthing from treason to witchcraft to homosexuality. They were too heavy to hold up without hands, and usually a precursor to capital punishment by drowning with one around the neck to hold you down. This normally took place after plenty of whippings and beatings. The era would be 17th century, pre- guillotine.

  9. Steven Fontaine


  10. Omar Garcia

    Currently 12/10/18, moving to the new year soon !

  11. Daniele Azzinnari

    Tank you

  12. WitCH KiD

    2018 and still one of my favorite songs!

  13. Sebastian Romero

    still here in 2018 love this song


    still here in 2019, seems you slacked off a bit brooooother!

  14. gayle h

    I wonder how many people really knows what this song is actually about? I do.....

  15. cz productions

    This is what I call music... this is what I call art

  16. Eugenia R

    👣 👣 👣

  17. David Lopez

    Dark souls anybody?

  18. Corbin Threlkeld

    It hurts when the rain falls on his skin.= it hurts when uncontrollable things happen to him..

  19. Ambre Lemarie

    Who is listen Blue Foundation in 2017?

  20. Lucas Souza

    2078 feels

  21. ljunglequeen1

    2017 love this

  22. Nerdgasm

    Eminem brought me here

  23. Latifa Mahmoud

    Wow this was 10 years ago!

  24. Jay Gitz

    this song goes perfectly with mr robot

  25. LunahSea

    Goddamn, this is just so luscious...

  26. Michael Kendrick

    absolutely beautiful music love it

  27. Alyssa Martinez

    this song is sad asf

    Paplakov Paplakovski

    Where u from Pretty Alyssa? :)

  28. lunar eclipse

    this song just takes u to a place

    Sharon Lee Hamilton

    A place of war where our soldiers are sacrificing their lives for our freedom in spite of their fear in the dark....march on dear ones-you are in our prayers.

  29. LanaDelReyAmericadoSul

    <3 Melhor banda!

  30. matt ray

    just had a break up so this sing hits the feels harcore

  31. Babe

    Cadê os Br??


    Huehue sim, ninguém q eu conheço conhece blue foundation, é bom achar gente com bom gosto musical e q não ouve funk

    Paola Pruer


    Fernanço Oliveira

    Luisa :3 chamou? kkkk

    jonathas mateus barros

    Babe tamo aqui bb

    Rafael Oliveira

    Tô aqui!

  32. Alfie Scott

    this song is sooooooooo good

  33. Austin Small


  34. JaneJane

    'He's burned down many a bridge'? Doesn't make sense to me


    +MentalMaladies What I meant was, 'isn't it: he's burned down many bridges - instead of many a bridge'. I thought that sounded like a grammatical error but... I found out it's correct. Just like 'many a person thinks that it's wrong', 'burning down many a bridge' is correct. Weird English :p

    You like Krabby Patties, don't you Squidward?

    @Shydrasnake Yeah, it's a bit old fashioned I think, I like that kinda stuff!


    Ye Ald Anglikan

    lunar eclipse

    I think it means that
    he cut tides with the people that used to help him in the past

    Powered by Moonlight

    To "burn ones/your bridges" is a saying meaning cutting off your relationships and connections to people, completely unable to ever reconnect/go back to and mend it.

    It's a quite usual saying. We say it in my language too.

  35. HF TL

    The ending reminds me of Adventure of a Lifetime by coldplay heaps

  36. Brianna :/

    God I love this song!

  37. Elton Alvarez

    the intro sounds like something out of Max Payme

    Elton Alvarez


    Sharon Lee Hamilton

    Or MadMax beyond Thunder Dome.

  38. Rae

    this song reminds me of Bruce Banner

  39. YouTube Police

    Listened to this song on lsd. It was crazy :)

    YouTube Police

    +Bear Gardner of course ☺. Hood vibes your way my friend!

    Bear Gardner

    +YouTube Police Same to you

    spooky spooky cakes

    oh no the youtube police im going to get locked up !

    Steven Fontaine

    Your so cool omg

  40. Hailey-Emma McRae


    Yian kut ku

    +Hailey-Emma McRae me as well

  41. Water

    this song kinda gave me the feels

  42. NNuclearWinter

    It hurt when the rain falls on your skin

  43. TifaDA

    Such a beautiful song filled with so much unsaid. :) Go Blue Foundation!

  44. Joey Gravins

    Whats a golem? also this is a very awesome song.


    +Joey Gravins This Monster from Clash of Clans :D

    Axiom Nerd

    A golem is an elemental monster, usually made of rocks or metal


    I think its a pokemon


    As the others said, its a constructed creature, traditionally mindless, and built for a specific purpose, and it can be fashioned from virtually anything, from metal, stone, clay, flesh and blood, water, another living creature.Other popular terms are Homunculus, A.I, V.I and Living(insert something here).

  45. Jessie Sanders

    I believe this is the only band i know that uses English to write....I mean what they learned in school. My English skills suck.

  46. Perfection53

    this is a frigen good song so much emotion in it

  47. Delaney Berry

    In all honesty I came here because of an American Horror Story: Asylum fan video.

  48. Morgan Hannah

    Very poetic lyrics..

    Yaboo Cabboo

    @Morgan Hannah wew

  49. lacey avants

    Like this song so much

  50. Super20pegar

    this song is too perfect but I do not know cuz cringe with her !

  51. kyleigh finley

    It reminds me of my bf BC he showed it to me so now whenever I get depressed BC I miss him a lot it helps me alot

  52. Isabella Biddy

    I'm here cause of hwnt :P

    Chris Schnieper

    Why cause of hwnt? Is it cause of his animation golems revenge?

  53. tyler jordahl

    god knows he wont arrive i love that line such a sad band


    whats all this god shit -.- he doesnt exist OMG ...

    Michael Scardino

    @Scinion opinions are like ass holes, everyone's got then and they all stink.

    Michael Scardino

    @Scinion in other words leave your beliefs to yourself no matter what religion you are. Thanks


    God doesn't exist, delusional people

    Jina Gibson

    tyler jordahl poor gaud

  54. Bonang Keetshabe

    I love it

  55. Coomer McGee


  56. Coomer McGee


  57. leah grutter

    they deserve it, I may add.

  58. leah grutter

    I wish blue foundation was more popular c:


    I don't. If it was then there'd be swagfags all over here and Blue Foundation will go to shit. Some good things aren't meant to be shared. 

    leah grutter

    that makes sense, thanks :)


    @litmusing Instead we get to hope that whatever job is paying Blue Foundations bills continues to do so. Or we few are boned.

    Melodia Austin

    @litmusing Agreed.

    Austin Small

    +OlCapitain yes!!

  59. Lizzie White

    I wander how it will sound like backwards

  60. Kaoru Hitachiin

    Thumbs up if you brought yourself. :P

  61. Spekhtra theWolf

    what's up with that fucking video!!

  62. AndyRiciu

    No, kid

  63. Kayle the Judicator

    what do you mean?

  64. Kayle the Judicator

    lawl i still think this is song was used as a reference to the creation of the enderman

  65. Ashton Rc

    Uh, yeah this is the wrong song..

  66. Nuka Cola Quantum

    Not really.

  67. Trixy 200

    XD love this song

  68. Jackie Tijerina

    Love this song. I wish they were more popular tho. As popular as one direction

  69. J. Noel Cabana

    Amo su voz, esta canción logra meterse en mi inconsciente y me lleva a otra dimensión...

  70. BE4T

    "God knows that he wont arrive" D,:

  71. Charlie Araiza

    Beautiful song.

  72. Shruikan O'Driscoll

    coolest song ever

  73. Ashton Rc

    Complete wrong song.. :P

  74. Musa Kapan

    Didn't even know that post had so many thumbs up.. Thanks xD

  75. Toñi Esteban

    Thumb up number 50 Congratulations from Spain! :D

  76. m1lkb0y

    :P Probably

  77. Teywa Si

    You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

  78. SueSheDraws

    For some reason when I listen to this song, I think of herobrine.

  79. Derek Willett

    Wait... I thought this was the song from Iron Golems revenge wwhere he fights the golem... D:

  80. Capitan Soren

    lol, yup

  81. ライトアンジェリク

    All day listening to their music and I'm loopy. That's how you know I'm in my zone. I'm too happy.

  82. Natalie Curry

    Ah I love this song !!(: it's kinda dark but amazing at the same time:)))

  83. lil K

    Golems revenge

  84. Krzyem99

    Yep, golems revenge

  85. Yohann Millet

    Dark and beautiful song.

  86. Li Thekitty

    Thumbs up if you came here because this music is beautiful and calming, not because of an animation <3

  87. Yohann Millet

    Is it just me or is it talking of the Enderman?

  88. ID0Backflips


  89. TonkoyGaming

    Golems Revenge

  90. Bob Marley

    Golems Revenge