Bloodhound Gang - Turn Clyde Lyrics

Times New Roman you know the type
Calling me Public Enemy, but don't believe the hype
Tough guy like the one in "Star 80" wanna bait me
Hook line sinker now your lady wanna date me
Gave your girl a little wink so you make a big stink
Shoulder's got a chip so you flip like a Tiddlywink
Know what I think? I think you might be Darwin's missing link
Get all bent out of shape when the heat is on just like a Shrinky Dink
Bet I can take a hint better than I can take a hit
Completely incompatible though I'm a pussy and you're a dick
How can you hold a grudge when you can't even hold a job?
Should have known butter but you're not corn on the cob
I choose to use a song for a weapon not a sword struck a chord
If I wanted to see stars I'll watch the "Academy Awards"
That's why I ran like a Flock Of Seagulls why make-up like Mary Kay?
You must've given up on hair plugs 'cause now you're going toupee

All in all you're just another dick with no balls
All in all you're just another dick with no balls

Mama said talk this out and resolve
Don't wanna be involved so gimme a call when you evolve
Doggy paddle to the shallow end of the gene pool
Half with it half wit half finished high school
Give you a piece of my mind but I know you want it splattered
Heard you like your women like you like your shrimp you like 'em battered
Wife beater perfectly fitting apparel
Where's your brother Daryl? Where's your other brother Daryl?
Givin' me that Macho Man Randy Savage stare
Wanna snap into a Slim Jim break my limbs but do I care?
No sorry I'm a lover not a fighter commit your crime
I'll be glad to do your girlfriend, I'll be glad that you do time
Here's the deal I cop a feel you cop a plea but get the maximum
Now we both got records but the difference is mine's platinum
Definitely showed this yellow bellied wimp limp in your cell now though alone
When you're choking your chicken your chick will be choking on this chicken's bone

All in all you're just another dick with no balls
All in all you're just another dick with no balls

Right turn Clyde
Right turn Clyde
Right turn Clyde
Right turn Clyde.

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Bloodhound Gang Turn Clyde Comments
  1. Camilo Ernesto Reyes Rodriguez

    When the people of "The Bloodhound Gang" created this theme with the reference to "Another Brick On The Wall". Now I see the "why" they did that (I say it for Roger Waters and his sympathy for the "socialist / communist causes") ...

  2. Hipster Elephant

    Doug Walker's theme

  3. Joseph Paladion

    One of their best

  4. Reginald bungholes Robust

    If you ever wanted a song with whatever it is thats at the end there then here you go.


    That's the Right Turn Clydiest part!

  5. That Guy

    that ending part sounds like the marble machine

  6. Fever Dreams

    thank you, mom, for introducing me to this amazing band

    Colin Thiel

    Cool fuckin mom!!!!!


    My mum did too, now I'm wearing there merch and know almost all their songs. Thanks mum.

    Jason Brooks

    This song brings back memories of high school back in 2000!

    james fox

    @Jason Brooks same here I graduated in 02 Bloodhound Gang was and still is my shit


    Well...As always... Bloodhound gang is the best band in the world.

    trick nigga Joe

    I don't know about that, but it is a dope ass cd. 👉👌

  8. Sébastien Caudron-Massant

    "All in all You're just a-nother dick with no Balls!!!'


    muy buena cancion

  10. guichobhg manofsteel

    The Best song of the multiverse

  11. Trey Denton

    Fond memories jamming out to this Sr. year when this came out.

  12. Flesh Hammock

    Where’s your brother Daryl? Where’s your other brother Daryl? I lose it every damn time

    Gary Flaherty

    I love that part


    Fav part of the song

    Pia Perdita

    Same, hahaha

    A LS

    My favourite part too ahaha

    A LS

    Thats from the Bob Newhart Show may I add lol I only know that because my mom laughed at that part, and told me the history haha

  13. Tony Phillips

    How am I only the third comment on the B.H.G. comments? This is gold! Actually takes me back to darker times and listening to this album was one of my distractions.

    Gary Flaherty

    I do that nowadays


    Because this band aged terribly.

    Gary Flaherty


  14. Poiuy qwerty

    Better than Pink Floyd

    Wayward Offsider's


  15. Holy Gio

    Wtf why

  16. Heinrich the White

    I hate low I.Q. Minorities. 🧐

  17. First Name Last Name

    I hate minorities

    Holy Gio

    May I ask why? You’ll be a minority if you were in a black community


    @Holy Gio lol no shit, it's a reference you social justice warrior

  18. Trent Kulyk

    Uh. First?

    Rob Watzmann

    Trent Kulyk and still apparently the only one. ❤️