Bloodhound Gang - Take The Long Way Home Lyrics

May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?

Did you ever read Voltaire's "Candide"?
He says live life at Benny Hill freak out speed
Not a quote of what he wrote but a paraphrase
Make it up as you go Keyser Soze
Highlights yes but don't underline 'em
Just live for N.O.W. like Gloria Steinem
Life is like Marion Barry
It's not all that it's cracked up to be
Like Fred Sanford when the big one comes
Find the meaning of life is there is none
It's twenty-four hours when you call it a day
Be Frank and say "I Did It My Way"
Don't give a flying nun no don't give a Gidget
Just have more fun than a well-oiled midget
If life were picture perfect you could frame it
But the world is a diaper so let someone else change it

Life is an aimless drive that ya take alone
Might as well enjoy the ride, take the long way home

May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?

All born equal unless you're Canadian
Then halfway through decay like Uranium
You define what's death-defying
Get the most out of life or at the least die trying
Are you Evil Knievel jumping a train?
Or running with scissors like Frasier Crane?
Have really good times doing really bad things
'Cause the show ain't over 'til the fat lady sings
Like Elton John with his candle in the wind
It's hard to blow out a flame as big as him
But we've all got to Wang Chung with the Grim Reaper
Whether you're Einstein whether you're Beaker
Death is certain so it's definitely worth flirtin'
Don't expect a bright light no just curtains
Life is like a penis most people don't know it
But most people suck so they usually blow it

Life is an aimless drive that ya take alone
Might as well enjoy the ride take the long way home

Life is an aimless drive that ya take alone
Might as well enjoy the ride take the long way home

That's enough!
I said that's enough!

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Bloodhound Gang Take The Long Way Home Comments
  1. Dead Zed

    Thanks, the original beats the version elsewhere with the guy yelling MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE during the instrumental breaks

  2. Dale Maher Woodlock

    Was not expecting a bloodhound gang song to be this deep.

  3. Ling Wang

    So the guys who rapped about doing it like on the discovery channel also are capable of writing think outside the box songs too?


    Been been

  4. D Hilton

  5. vajoiner_

    He coulda said the chorus one more time. Wouldnt be mad😎

  6. vajoiner_

    This shit breaks down too damn hard got damn

  7. Gabriel Lucas

    My cd don't have this one

    Helmut Kohl

    There's various releases, mine (european) didn't have it on either. I think this is on the US release. Just scour the internets for a proper version


    Mine did
    Thank you Goodwill😌✊✊

  8. tropicalgold gold


  9. bbz232

    I heard this in a bar years ago and knew it sounded like jimmy pop but was still surprised to find out it's the blood hound gang.


    Too bad you missed that bus. These were the days.

  10. Grchman

    wayyyyy ahead of their time.

    Dennys Breakfast

    best car commercial 2018 Calling it!


    Misuse of this concept/term

  11. Jeremy Kyle

    Unfortunately they are too clever for their own good.

  12. Bertil Persson

    That intro... :)

  13. Scott B

    This is about as real as it gets

  14. Enigma

    *bloodhound gang as a whole rules*

  15. Mundo Productions

    Still one of my fave albums..the Genius of Jimmy Pop :3

  16. Rita Halasi

    being a European I never heard this version of the song before. My CD came with the version that had 'May I have your attention please?' at the beginning and 'That's enough! I said that's enough!' at the end of the song WTF

    Mark Williams

    Incoming Copy+Paste, Warning, Incoming Copy+Paste.
    Originally, "Take the Long Way Home" featured the words 'May I have your attention please?' repeated twice. It was later removed and released as such. "Right Turn Clyde" features a chorus parodying Pink Floyd's hit single "Another Brick in the Wall Part II"; "All in all you're just another dick with no balls." Because of these issues, the album was delayed in the US. Both were eventually resolved and the album was finally released. In Europe, the album was initially released without the two songs, thus containing only 45 CD tracks. Later pressings featured the complete track list.

  17. UltraGaivalas

    Voltaire brought me here

    Anco Vink

    heh.... these guys led me to voltaire XD

    Issam The Morrocan Jackass

    hehe good one

  18. William Whitney

    Superb album!

  19. blackavuli

    I Love this song :D                      ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I've never had a playlist with an add after every god damn song until now. Fucking obnoxiouse!!!

  21. UltraGaivalas

    one of the most underrated Bloodhound Gang's songs

  22. Charlie fonnesbæk

    yes i am pissed

  23. Amadeusz Szczęsny

    Not giving a fuck.
    Not giving a duck.
    Not giving a fudge.
    "Don't give a flying nun"
    that's new

  24. Bill Robert


  25. Nick Petsch

    2 words about this song.

  26. Semibrucelee

    Life is like a diaper let someone else change it? OMG ahaha

  27. MuToiDMaN

    Is the riff between lines in the chorus supposed to sound like Tool?

  28. Cyllid

    @GennadiosArvanitis Is that what he said?

    It seems more like he said he would be pissed if it is one of the best songs.

    His post is really confusing.

  29. 67aiga7a

    L0L perfect timing!

  30. goddamn92

    still say bloodhound was better when daddy long legs was part of them

  31. tominator23

    Someone's gotta know where the horn sample comes from. Im pretty certain it's some 80s track.

  32. Isa Nug

    @bacofishtaco Check out the song "hey you" by pony pony run run.
    Hypothesis disproved !

  33. studas2011

    well oiled midget

  34. tImotejFajmot

    take the long way home my friends

  35. ruin3r

    It sounds like Jimmy had a cold or something when they recorded this, cause his voice is different than in any other songs.

  36. fruterro87

    in second part he sings: "runnin with scissors like Frasier Crane?", but he obviously ment that curious "run" performed in Frasier show, but not by Frasier Crane, but his brother Niles Crane.
    Watch it at "Three Valentines" episode of Frasier ;)


    I know it's late but, nope. It's a reference to a Cheers episode where Frasier runs around the bar with scissors.

  37. sean carter

    yea, it's funkytown in the backgound

  38. joakoPRIMUS

    @hippie1936 Me too xD

  39. Koen de Vreede

    Life is an aimless drive that ya take alone
    Might as well enjoy the ride, take the long way home

  40. MrGforGreen

    luv this song

  41. Deania

    Haha, I love this. Thank you for posting it.
    BG <3 I love Jimmy Pop's view on life.

  42. eddweird30

    My new fave bhg song!!!!!!

  43. Ted Moskal

    Gang has the best lyrics around,you cant get any better then these guys

  44. lordthanator

    Damn that coughing intro............

  45. kullerkecks80

    it´s only great *_______*

  46. pagansnorider

    favorite bhg song.

  47. haruko2121

    goth juff

  48. Loki miller

    well oiled midget sorry

  49. Loki miller

    noone has more fun then a well greased midgit

  50. Loki miller

    hey juggalo mike mfwcl

  51. LHK101

    three point one four

  52. gyulalszabo

    @nitepipe the best songs on hooray for boobies are all of them..the best album ever...well..definetly in my top 3

  53. nitepipe

    sorry i understood you wrong xD

  54. allen mcreynold

    well its a matter of opinion really but like i said its ONE of the best

  55. nitepipe

    no, the best songs on hooray for boobies is
    i hope you die and yummy down on this

  56. nitepipe

    i have 46 songs on my mp4 player !!! xD

  57. mky blz

    i've never heard this song before but i've been listening to the gang for a while.... so when i saw the title i thought it was gonna be a parody of supertramp..... XD
    fuckin sweet song!!!! bloodhound gang kick ass!!!!!

  58. allen mcreynold

    i would be pissed this is one of the best songs on the album

  59. ankibunny

    like this song! =) ♥ ☺

  60. Extremehackermike

    Take the long way home, every ones life sucks, So dont think your alone and commit suecide LOL

  61. Irish Disaster

    this song is so true

  62. Irish Disaster

    i believe they're from somewhere in pennsylvania (fuck, i hope i spelled that correctly)

  63. yamasubaruger

    Were are these guys from?

  64. Xar'Azoth

    love it, love the album and all the bands music ^^