Bloodhound Gang - Ralph Wiggum Lyrics

I'm going to Africa yes ma'am I'm a brick was President Lincoln okay? mitten
There's a dog in the vent chicken necks? I pick Ken Griffey Jr. I fell out 2 times
I'm pedaling backwards this snowflake tastes like fish sticks we're a totem pole dying tickles
I heard a Frankenstein lives there she's touching my special area go banana

Ralphie ralphie
Get off get off
The stage the stage
Sweetheart sweetheart

Oh say can you rock?

I'm a pop sensation
I'm a pop sensation

Salmon gutter?

I'm idaho you smell like dead bunnies that's where I saw the leprechaun fun toys are fun
Chocolate microscopes you're not it that is so 1991 I bit my tongue

Ralphie ralphie
Get off get off
The stage the stage
Sweetheart sweetheart

Oh say can you rock?

I'm a pop sensation
I'm a pop sensation

Yvan eht nioj
Yvan eht nioj
Yvan eht nioj
Yvan eht nioj
Yvan eht nioj
Yvan eht nioj
Yvan eht nioj
Yvan eht nioj

My sash says ultraman

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Bloodhound Gang Ralph Wiggum Comments
  1. BringMeToBernice

    Haha the grease snow flakes

  2. Skrewlews RDX

    tastes like burning

  3. Edward Haas

    A word salad song that is enjoyable? How perfectly cromulant

  4. spaz113z

    So brilliant. No wonder the song didn't make much sense when I first heard it and didn't know all the lyrics are quotes. Song rocks either way. So well-sung and put together.

  5. Sara Nicely

    This song makes me wanna jump around playing airguitar like Angus young.

  6. Johnny 2 hats

    I'm going to bovine university!

  7. Tim Timson

    Estoy muy especial y gordo

  8. иuggєт Cσrρѕє

    Estoy feliz y enojado!

  9. Memento Mori

    I thought the chorus was “I’m above sensation”

  10. Libertus Primus

    Huh, I feel like joining the navy all of a sudden...


  11. Jared Allen Ramos

    pizza 0:25

  12. Bboy303

    Anyone else hear foo fighters here?

  13. spando dongdee

    i never knew i needed an early Weezer song about Ralph Wiggum before until now

  14. nvm0

    I personally am surprised they created such a great song just by using his quotes

  15. corvus peskey

    ralphie get off the stage sweetheart

  16. JustusGregorius

    That's it! I'm joining the Navy!

  17. JustusGregorius

    I feel old... The Simpson's was 15 years ago. :-(


    Hm? It started in 1989, so it's actually 30 years old now >.<

  18. Keegan Penney

    The most misunderstood bhg track ever.

  19. Do the Right thing

    They forgot "But who can tame her?"

  20. Robert Faler

    My cat's breath smells like cat food.

  21. Nugsy Malone

    doctor says I could hear this song if I just kept my finger out of my ears

  22. Natius Teixe

    GREAT AND FUN....GOOD BAND¡¡¡...Que buena canción....BUEN ROLLO¡¡¡

  23. Derringer Bow

    My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

  24. Corpman Croslin

    Did I join the Navy because of this song? Probably

  25. AmielSans

    Whats a battle?

  26. Motórzysta

    I love Bloodhound Gang so fuckin' much. :D Huge respect.

  27. m0L3ify

    I hear if you play this song backwards, it tells you to join the Navy. #governmentconspiracy #Illuminati

  28. Kye Hasegawa

    Nearly 10 years after this there is then a Ned Flanders metal band called Okily Dokily

  29. Ormond

    Fun songs are fun xD

  30. Melody snow

    This song is timeless

  31. Hello World


  32. Stephan Beekhuis

    I love bloodhound, I love the Simpsons, I Adore this song!!

  33. Giovanni Rana

    What is this song about?

  34. Greg Graham

    Join the Navy!

  35. Joseph Cassin

    Joining the navy

  36. Chino Linkavitch

    I honostly believe that alcohol will lead to my inevitable suicide. And it'll be done consideratly and without fear of what may come. I've accepted it all. In waves. Over years of calus and scar tissue. Rn ass i drink ONLY 2 budwiesers i am already so willing to just shotgun it to the forehead and close my casket and leave them all with a "this is the face you were so curious to understand. Now, i take that right from you in death."

  37. El Capitan Obvious

    Hail Satan!

  38. Todd Biesel

    My cat's breath smells like cat food.

  39. Jay Gee

    Prince skipper- skippal

  40. Immanuel Sule

    Yvan eht nioj join the Navy spellt backwards

  41. Jimmy's game play's and review's

    I was waiting for im a unitard what a missed opertunity still a cool song

  42. Orla Kelly

    I’m Idaho!

  43. J S


    a S

    You don't get it.

  44. Appleboy78165

    Simpsons fans unite!

  45. henmar


  46. Lukey447

    This song is diamonds

  47. L3dtube

    Hoyvlin glayvin !!

    Yvan eht noij.

  48. Trevor Roberts

    Yvan eht noij. Trust me I'm a full time bullshitter. I live on a ranch and everything

  49. N Nel Gyor

    I choo choo chose you

  50. Mighty Raccoon

    The leprechaun told me to _burn_ things.

    Justin Pearrow

    Perfect use of italics there. The way he says burn in this quote definitely warrants it.

    Thomas McMullen

    Right, a leprechaun

  51. Bary Gallentine

    This video is SMRT!

  52. 3pac son


  53. Grumpy Troll

    SUPER NINTENDO CHALMERS! on a more serious note.............go banana.

  54. Dylan H

    Join the navy. I love how all the lyrics are actual Ralph Wiggum quotes

  55. Tonia Carey

    eat your boogers

  56. Chris Piper

    owwww......tastes like burning

  57. Citizen 0

    "Join the Navy"


    Yvan eht Nioj
    Yvan eht Nioj


  59. TheKincognito

    I suddenly want to join the Navy. Dunno why...

  60. The Lizard Queen

    I bent my wookie!

  61. Cotton Mouth

    There's a dog in the vent!

  62. Captain Rupertikjakmos

    These guys just don't know how to make a song that isn't insanely catchy, do they?

  63. Kyle Bastian

    They should release a follow up song about Groundskeeper Willie.

  64. Lucy Locket

    *W E ' R E A T O T E M P O L E*

  65. hagglefaen

    join the navy!

  66. Jake Taller

    I Can’t Believe They Even Made This

    Justin Pearrow

    I Can't Believe It's Not Butter™

  67. Hannah Shribman-Brown

    I came here from a Simpsons commentary. The one on the DVD of Season 8 from "Homer's Enemy" mentioned this because of the line "Ralphie, get off the stage, sweetheart" being in that episode.

  68. Frisko Whisko

    HE HE this music smells funny!

  69. WasserUngeheuer -

    Every bloodhound songs sounds the same

  70. Ramzy

    You messed the quotes up.



  71. scottishmisfit

    why do i think the Navy rocks and i want to join the Navy?

  72. Tommy Toughnutz

    wrong lyrix awesome song

    Tommy Toughnutz

    yvaN ehT nioJ


    What ones are wrong?

  73. Signus Nine

    Oh say can you ROCK!

  74. BabyDachi75

    I love the slight Cheif Wiggums impression when he says Ralphie. ❤️


    my sash says aquaman. thats what its supposed to say.


    No it's Ultraman, Watch the episode dumbass.

  76. Care.

    if you think about, how fucking good is this song?!? seriously melodically perfect and a good representation of american culture, what the fuck...

  77. bbz232

    Dying tickles

  78. YouthEnergy

    This song is unpossible.


    Me fail English?

    Justin Pearrow

    This is probably my favorite Ralph moment!

  79. John Osborne

    Evan at knee-odge.

    Ian Unkle

    Yvan eht Nioj!!! It means Join the Navy! It's backwards

    John Osborne

    I know.

  80. yamcha65

    I think I am going to join the Navy

  81. PunkRockZombie205

    I'm a pop sensation!

  82. Kristen Sanabria

    i know each quote and the context it was taken from. I watch to much television


    It's a Halloween episode, not sure which one.

    xXThe Baroness Annabelle LeeXx

    @YouthEnergy thanks

    Hannah Shribman-Brown

    I think it was Wiz Kids, which is from Treehouse of Horror X, if my memory serves me correctly. It's the Harry Potter parody.


    Hannah Shribman-Brown yeah it was, when Burns was taking his life force or something.

    Doug Miller

    Kristen Sanabria do u like peckahs

  83. Johnny Sawyer

    This is a weird song to a weird Simpson character

    The Debunking Dunce

    This is an awesome song about an awesome Simpsons character, who is also weird.

  84. Raziel

    Join the Navy!!!

  85. Information SuperHighway

    the last lyric sounds kinds like "my dog shits on command!" at least that is what it should be

  86. Lucy Locket


    Bobby Lawson

    Also missing is "Me fail English. That's unpossible."

  87. silvastomp

    this music sucks

    Gage Denson

    you suck 😂

    John Doe

    +Gage Denson lol.

    Gustavo Almanza

    You suck. And swallow


    awww, so cute.


    @Martey Cornog awww adorable

  88. james maxfieldjr

    really cool simpsons reference

  89. undeadf1sh

    anyone else concerned about the lack of punctuation in the lyrics... it's wrote weird not a comma in sight!


    +undeadf1sh Yeah this track grew on me, I think the most obvious line is the ''Im pedaling. Backwards this. Snowflake tastes. like fishsticks'' where as with puncuation ; ''I'm pedaling backwards. This snowflake tastes like fishticks''. I kind off like it now, makes the song sorta good :)

  90. Zach Halliday

    I was waiting for duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck. Does anyone else want to join the Navy ?


    +Zach Halliday I do, for some reason...


    Zach Halliday There's subliminal, liminal, and SUPERliminal.

    +Commander144 JOIN THE NAVY.

  91. Manuel Weaver

    OOOHHH SAAAAY can you ROCK.....

  92. Michelle Smith

    The new national anthem of the country that is my life.  My cab driver told me about it.  Thanks Scott for helping me with my groceries!

  93. జ్ఞా Dippy Jippy జ్ఞా

    I'm so glad I found this haha

  94. Ashanti Geyer

    This is so ratchet

  95. snjezana gelo

    i have this strange urge to join the navy

  96. Dan Edmonds

    its goddamn berenSTEIN bears!!!

  97. Thomas Luboẃich



    you mean Yvan Eht Nioj.

    Thomas Luboẃich

    +Stupidindeed Oh yeah

  98. Dylan Thrillmour

    I broke my wookie


    ‘I bent my wookie ‘


    Memesaredrugs thank you!

  99. Andy Bayliss

    "I heard a Frankenstein" "Lizard chief's touching my special area" you done goofed uploader

    Hannah Shribman-Brown

    No, it's "I heard a Frankenstein lives there" (Bart After Dark) and "She's touching my special area" (This Little Wiggy).


    Andy Bayliss...Twat