Bloodhound Gang - My Dad Says That's For Pussies Lyrics

Fuck Guns 'N' Roses without Slash
A real man never uses hair product unless he's black
Toilet Paper is for queers
Gargling after a blowjob is how they make light beer

You can't have no fun with an unloaded gun
My Dad says that's for pussies

Ain't gonna lift the seat to whizz
Just 'cos it's called Men's Gymnastics doesn't mean it is
This Fairtrade coffee tastes like gay
Now seems like a good time to out Matthew McConaughey

You can't have no fun with an unloaded gun
My Dad says that's for pussies

Libraries, back-up parachutes and the Versailles Treaty
Seatbelts, hurricane warnings and anti-freeze
Rogaine, helmets, CPR and Kenny G
Wheelchairs, Ghandi, rehab, braille and harmonies

John Wayne would never use a surge protector!

You can't have no fun with an unloaded gun
My Dad says that's for pussies

You can't have no fun with an unloaded gun
My Dad says, my Dad says
My Dad says that's for pussies

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Bloodhound Gang My Dad Says That's For Pussies Comments
  1. Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler

    just discovered this and its amazing.

  2. Peter Sutherland

    Mmm... Gay.. No

  3. Дмитрий Назаренко

    Клёвые панки , хоть и не любитель подобной музыки , но реально доставляют. Россия , Норильск.


    I know this might be fucked up but I hope someone puts this song over a school shooting video just for the fact he says you can't have fun with a unloaded gun and tbh I think it fits it may be wrong but I'm sorry

  5. Andreas Grimmelsmann

    Very very nice😍. Love it!

  6. Dylan Fredrick

    Toilet paper is for queers.

  7. Sebastien Caron

    Merci for alll

  8. The Ciderholics

    i love this song lol

  9. morning rocker

    what a fun song!!

  10. Hunter T

    86 people suck dick.

  11. Myers

    Thank you dear person from "Is bucharest shard scored yet ?" this is such a good song ♥️

  12. Leon Clarke

    Toilet papers for queers

  13. Chris Katko

    Is this Bill Burr's theme song?


    Im not sucking a dick, IM NOT SUCKING A DICK!

  14. Eyeliner Tears

    Is it just me or does anyone else think the singer sounds like Tj Miller?

  15. Sophia Andrade

    Gargling after a blow job is how the make light beer lol

  16. Mighty Raccoon

    This will never get old.

  17. Laura Marie

    Don't drink while listening to this 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he is a lyrical genius

  18. Mr Anderson

    Toilet paper is for queers

    Gargling after a blowjob is how they make light beer.

  19. Eyeliner Tears


  20. Maxie Pattie

    Love this Gay shittttttt

  21. TobiTube1o1

    I just wanted to search bloodhound from Apex legends and got this WTF


    This is the best thing that has ever happened to you kid!

    Eyeliner Tears

    You got this because it was trying to get you some better interests

  22. Free Vetter

    "gargling after a blow job is how they make light beer"


    Sounded like brojob the first time I heard this song

  23. Gregory Hauserman

    I just recently called my boy queer for buying toilet paper. I didn't hear this song before then either. Great minds think alike 👍

    His dad's right too

  24. Julio bustamante

    This song is definitely about me from the future i suppose. I really need to watch what i say around my son. Also, came here to see how many people were offended.

    B G

    By what...?

  25. Riley Harlan

    "gargling after a blowjob is how they make light beer" so true

  26. Chef

    This is the 2000's forever and always

    Nico Mero

    Wish I could go back. Remember when Scene Kids were a thing??? They were the best.

  27. Annabelle güldener

    Damn it 😜

    C K

    Annabelle güldener Hadi len

  28. jacek chmielewski

    my dad told me that a woman is just an addition to pussy

  29. Gary Flaherty

    Gargling after a blowjob is how they make light beer

  30. guichobhg manofsteel

    Return bloodhoundgang!! Need good músic.

  31. Stoss 42

    Bloodhound Gang not doing music videos any more ?


    Stoss 42 yes

    Stoss 42

    @xXMR.SLIMEXx their last music video was Screwing You On The Beach At Night and that was about 12 years ago

  32. Augure 25

    Modern Marseillaise!

  33. guichobhg manofsteel

    Brutal song! 👌

  34. Andrew Kahler

    "gargling after a blowjob is how they make light beer."


  35. Sienna Sway

    Идитеиеахуй трыыпрт я вас обожа

  36. J u l i a

    A M A Z I N G

  37. Alberto letal


  38. Mighty Raccoon

    Still interesting to see how this album flew under the radar.

  39. Lillie Truran

    havent heard this song in a while, every since, its been in my head constantly

  40. Andres Perez

    Amazing as fuck!

    J u l i a

    I totally agree!

  41. Иван Лисицын

    Радужная вилка

  42. Francisco Curiel

    Reminds me a lot of Blink 182 🤔

  43. Sergio Lara

    Denial has better riffs than Lupus, change my mind!!

  44. Браток Поехавший

    Жопа съела трусы

  45. Jake Wickett

    Many a' moron won't understand the meaning of this song. When you pussies lose your Dad, maybe you'll get it.

  46. Kenneth Matthew

    The theme song of the pissed off conservative
    yes crying on cnn is for pussies


    51 pussies

  48. Chino Linkavitch

    When i was young, Yall made middle school so different 😆
    Cant believe i havnt heard this album. But than again, i was on pluto the whole time.
    Happy yall are still good.

  49. ekklesiast

    Wow this song is good

  50. Naviglio Noyz

    Check "la promenade" on my yt channel, its quite similar to this song but i wrote it before

  51. Primushardcore

    Jimmy and Co., please do some new stuff! I miss you goddamn so much. "Hard-Off" is great album!

  52. Michael Wodyka

    Still one of my favorite bands. Sending love from Bethlehem PA

  53. Stevo Havener

    Pretty sure like NOFX, they are touring everywhere but merica.

  54. Ian Fordyce

    This just made me so happy, that now I'm sad.

  55. chubs mcgee

    Im a simple man when i see a bloodhound gang link i click and it's true that's where light beer comes from 😉

  56. Tim Ltv

    PLEASE 🇺🇦


    they are not allowed

  57. Mile2na

    Brazil?? 🔥💜💜

  58. Naughty_Kamikaze

    It sounds like My Chemical Romance was fucked by Bloodhound Gang

  59. Jake Wickett

    I just got done watching the last of my "Best Picture" nominated movies from 2018. My Dad says that's for upstanding, contributing, compassionate members of society. (John Wayne would never use a surge protector.)

  60. Leonaяdo DiCapяio

    This is almost music

  61. Sgt Reed

    This song is so great that I will buy this album

  62. Idalia Hernandez

    My middle school days ❤

  63. Jared Wright

    my dad is a pussy

  64. владимир козырев

    видео где,сраные пирдосы,с уважехой

  65. Willow Rose

    Sometimes I wonder if some people think these songs are completely serious. Could be, but I'm not you. Still great songs.

  66. Shadow

    Love the vocal melody of "can't have no fun with an unloaded gun" :)

  67. WiljosGames

    BEST SONG! lyrics = LOL! go on tour guys pleaseeee

  68. Squishydoodoo

    I want to motor boat those sloppy jalopies.

  69. BrendanBTC

    "You can't have no fun with an unloaded gun" would be the refrain in a good song

  70. dees

    Janine really let herself go...

  71. J.P. Wiser

    This is the best drinking music


    Sweat Baby Sweat

  73. Vusstar tf

    This sucks a cog (cluster of genomes)

  74. Timothy Macdonald-Morgan

    Not knowing how to take a joke is for pussies.

  75. zer0 95

    can't have no fun with an unloaded gun, my dad says that for pussies

    hahahahah love this


    This reminds me of the line from Ready to Rumble.
    "My dad says that stuff's for pussies"

    I love this song tbh

  77. Kaan Gülten

    This song is my dad in the nutshell.

  78. kAmbAr

    Thanks for back, guys :) FIREEEEE ;)

  79. seanbucke

    This fair trade coffee tastes!!

    Fran Fran Fran

    this is my fave line. fuckin lol...


    Best line of the song! :D

  80. Fraxurr Frax


  81. Artem Chuprov

    Freakin' masterpiece.

  82. RicePanda

    John Wayne wouldn't ever use a surge protector!

  83. Michael Lucero

    Every single thing about Hefty Fine sucked massive amounts of dick....This album, however, has completely renewed my fucking faith in The Bloodhound Gang!! I fucking KNEW Jimmy Pop was better than that schlock on their last album. Well done boys, the Gang is back! 😀

    Austin Slater

    Michael Lucero Hefty Fine isn't that bad

    Michael Lucero

    +Austin Oconnor Yea, I've re listened to it over the last couple of weeks, and you're right, it's better than I gave it credit for. But Hard Off is still better, imo

    Austin Slater

    Michael Lucero I agree I absolutely love Hard Off

    Michael Lucero

    +Austin Oconnor Me too!! Which makes me wonder why it's getting universal derision...

  84. Hebrew Shebrew

    John Wayne would never use a surge protector


    lost my shit laughing at this one

  85. basti4655

    This is so good! Why they dont do more songs like this??


    It's hard to make really good original songs and you need to respect when an artist when they make a good one and respect that they tried if they made a song that's not too good

  86. Coyote Rx

    A real man never uses hair product unless he's black! 😂😂😂😂

    I'm just a general dissapointment

    @Captain Rupertikjakmos but calling someone a normie is such a normie action your a wannabe meme lord but the okay boomer meme is for fags we can agree on that

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    @I'm just a general dissapointment No, I'm not a "wannabe meme lord", I just don't like normies. And no, calling someone a normie is not a normie action, normies don't know what normie means, stop talking nonsense.

    I'm just a general dissapointment

    @Captain Rupertikjakmos if normies don't know what normies are and your a normie that's in denial your by your own definition a normie

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    @I'm just a general dissapointment Just no, you completely misunderstood, that or you're making an idiot of yourself on purpose.

    N.Z. Storm Waver

    @I Robot Lol

  87. Rufio Spenz

    I love this

  88. Overlord Ghs

    literally my dad

  89. Calo Nico

    Brilliant 😎

  90. Ballad2Grave

    Kurt Cobain would love this song!

    Du antwortest mir sonst kommst du ins Nirvana

    Ballad2Grave asshole😂


    haha, good call!


    You can't have no fun with an unloaded gun
    My Dad says that's for pussies

  92. Michael Jakob

    uncool as me and my dad says best

  93. Adam J

    Love it !

  94. Julien Destange

    PLEASE Tell me they go on TOUR soon !!

  95. Amelia

    New favorite band.

  96. Verena Kasselhuber

    i wish they put out an album with songs like this one!! :/

  97. SociallyAwkwardBoys

    My dad says dislike bloodhound gang is fpr pussys..

  98. john stiltner

    first 43 sec best ever

  99. steven van Eck

    youve got to invite me