Bloodhound Gang - Diary Of A Stranger Lyrics

I came from Düsseldorf, chased by the night.
You were a vision drenched, in neon light.
Longing and my sad eyes caught, your fleeting glance.
As chaos on the boulevard, stole our romance.

Barf into a toilet, full of the stranger’s diarrhea.
Barf into a toilet, full of the stranger’s diarrhea.

La connexion… lost.

Two. Ships. Passing in the night.
You. Shit. Then I ralphed up my fries.
But not just any old fries.
But French. Fries. Paris.

Whispers in foreign tongues, from the shadows.
Lead to a path of lies, my false hope chose.
Fooled again and yet I search, forever more.
My love will last 1,000 years, like this cold war.

Barf into a toilet, full of the stranger’s diarrhea
Barf into a toilet, full of the stranger’s diarrhea

La connexion… lost.

Diarrhea. Diarrhea.
Some people think it’s gross, but it’s really good on toast.
Diarrhea. Diarrhea.
Some people think it’s funny, but it’s brown and hot and runny.

She said.

Barf into a toilet, full of the stranger’s diarrhea.
Barf into a toilet, full of the stranger’s diarrhea.

Hausgemachter Toilettensalat.

Think of the future we lost, the life we will never know.
Winter reminds me of you, as does a Sloppy Joe.
(Barf into a toilet) Think of the future we lost. (Barf into a toilet) The life we will never know.
(Barf into a toilet) Winter reminds me of you (Full of the stranger’s diarrhea).
Two ships, passing in the night.
You shit, then ralphed up my fries.
Two ships, passing in the night.
You shit. Panic.

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Bloodhound Gang Diary Of A Stranger Comments
  1. William Daine Goddard

    She said...

  2. Wood Martial Arts

    This one needs a music video

  3. feliciaable

    I miss Bloodhound Gang!!!!!!

  4. Liam



  5. Alexander Lynch Totheark

    This sounds like. "And One"

  6. guichobhg manofsteel

    Increíble 🎶

  7. Richard Kruspe

    Это похоже на русский шансон

  8. петр козлов

    новая луна апреля

  9. Halo Jones

    I want this at my wedding

  10. Captain Germany

    tf is this?

  11. петр козлов

    привет мои поздравления с днем ввооллиии

  12. Sienna Sway

    Сукп мразь

  13. Oleg Rudy

    Now i'm walking around and singing this song about diarrhea like a fucking moron

  14. tamalero2011

    This was the best Bloodhound Gang album. Wish the guys would get out on tour before they all cap themselves like half the lead singers of rock bands have done lately.

  15. Pia Perdita

    This song is disgusting.
    I love it.

  16. Chino Linkavitch

    Seth McFarlane??

  17. Agent Smith : Retro Gamer

    This band has to do a bit more dance style music it is popular in Europe. Particularly Germany. They don’t sell in America as well as Europe so it makes more sense to play to your main audience. If we as fans could make more of America aware of how intelligent and fun their songs are we could get them back out here.

  18. Tiffany Daniels

    Hahahahaha this sounds so 80s good job bhg gawd the lyrics though

  19. Pawel Mikeska

    At first I thought it was: "La erection... Lost" in stead of "connection" which was even morze funny 🤓

  20. skittlez

    I clicked on this looking for diary stories

  21. Tim Ltv

    BEST AS ALWAYS🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  22. almightytallestred

    Perfect synth-pop hommage, complete with the pretentious British Received Pronunciation-style accent. Fucking brilliant.
    All the best from Germany!

  23. RumpleStiltskinYoutu

    The Kung Fury soundtrack left me begging for more. This track filled that void with the bonus of Jimmy Pop's humor.

  24. Sparkie

    *C'est trop puissant !*

  25. Tapacirer NS

    The track where they pulled off the best comedy, arrangement and quality in one piece. Lyrics are pure and the best BhG play on words while someone did homework on German synth-pop/early electronica from 30 to 40 years ago.From the first verse "chased by the night" drenched in cheap delay echo effect you can tell they knew what they were doing. German new wave loved to use word Night in their lyrics to add to cheap mysticism or some shit. Mention of neon lights in same verse is homage to Kraftwerk and so is "Hausgemachter Toilettensalat" electrovocals shtick. Yup they deconstructed that shit to the bone, there are so many hooks in  this song that you can make at least 4 German synth pop hits out of this. Pad during the chorus is your usual German atmosphere trancy pad, use of sequencer in third verse is typical synth melody progression  and the break for brown, hot and runny oozes German flavor with tense beat and retro leads and pads. All of that transitions into final drop crescendo with another stereotype in cheap melodramatic singing for conclusion of the track as heard in many German pop songs during 80s. Magnificent stuff.

  26. CrazyButterToast

    When you are finally old enough to understand the songtext.😖 xD

  27. Benjamin B

    best funny song!

  28. chris weaver

    what do i type into search to find the type of sound used in this song? 80's euro techno ski resort?

  29. Kms

    its satire. it always has been. how do you guys not get it

  30. Stu sucks at gaming

    Is this a parody song on the band Bauhaus?


    It's a parody of everything.

  31. Nathan Powell

    This has to be the most well written goth song I've ever heard.

  32. ThatMetalGuy1983 !

    are they still touring?

  33. Thomas Overbeck

    I've had this album for a year, and I'm just now discovering the little David Bowie homage in the middle. :)

  34. Kristen Wargo

    Only Jimmy Pop could write a song that makes me want to dance and involves the "diarrhea" song from my elementary school days.

  35. Andrzej Amfetka

    my favourite from the album :)

  36. Uh1GO 11Kbeta

    I see this song as an hommage of a period and a style and also a parody of the elitism that sometime can come out from it.

  37. Rodney Pittman


  38. Forgjarson Alexsandr


  39. ErnstJan

    Some people thinks its gross but its really good on toast.

  40. Adam Teeple

    Lol the ad before this played was Starbucks. That will give you the diary of a stranger :)

  41. Salted Vinegar

    Barfing into a toilet full of a stranger's diarrhea

  42. Adam Teeple

    Winter reminds me of you as does a sloppy joe

  43. Iowahorse

    Wow. One of the few, very few I can't get with. Like a slow gay (er) Der Kommissar. Kinda. I dunno.

    Krunk Cobain

    Iowahorse I think it's supposed to be mocking that genre of music so in a weird way you not liking it is almost the intention I guess? I don't know


    Good a guess as any

  44. Andrew Smith

    flight of the conchords. like it

  45. The 7 Musketeer Lads

    This is good if your 56 (I'm not 56 BTW)

  46. Marrow Dukes

    Angela Merkel on the cover :D


    Ganz böse

  47. John Red

    Weird way of pronouncing diary lol

  48. Roddie Rod

    and again and again and again :D

  49. Nils Plompteux

    Did he say I come from Düsseldorf? it's a big town in Germany near cologne 😅

  50. Lordsbassman

    like warm nutella

  51. Владимир 22RUS


  52. FWK Freak Wrestling Kamenz

    Hell Yeah

  53. Lassulus Snow

    das Album hätte ruhig etwas rockiger sein könnten und 7 Jahre früher kommen können. was haben sie die ganze zeit gemacht?

  54. guichobhg manofsteel

    gran canción.

  55. Korra Lopez

    This is cute

  56. BlazedYeti

    this is awesome, it parodies stuff like visage - fade to grey perfectly

  57. Alexander Lynch

    Search the band "AND ONE" --- in youtube " search for songs like "Traumfau" or "Paddy is my DJ"... SAME VOICE, SAME GENRE..

    Danny Caputo Designs

    yeah, bloodhound gang has been doing this for 20 years.....just sayin

  58. Caustic Wit

    Winter reminds me of you, as does a sloppy joe.

  59. Caustic Wit

    This is by far Jimmy Pops best on this album.

  60. Meme Bump

    bloodhound gang and electric six would be cool.

  61. N.W.O. 4Life

    Love that Song !! Awesome as always

  62. Dripmaster

    Think of the future we lost, the life we will never know. Winter reminds me of you, as does a Slappy Joe. <3 best part of the album

  63. Dirty Sounds

    I give this album 10000000 of 10. Lets eat some pussy for lunch now. After finish it old kid Biber will come from Canada to lick your shit for $10 with a smile and stars in his eyes. ($10 so it can shine for millions of kids with pay per view advertising everywhere)

  64. Jaap Van Schaik

    I hear Kraftwerk & Brian Ferry in there..

  65. wraith574

    dude, put out an album... people will uy it... BHG fans are some of the most hardcore fans ever.

  66. Дмитрий Кузьмин

    The way he sings "...from the SHADOWS" reminds me of Rasmus - In the shadows)) Anyway what this's song about?

    Joe Woods

    +Дмитрий Кузьмин It's about a drunk guy throwing up in a nightclub where someone didn't flush

    Дмитрий Кузьмин

    +Joe Woods Thanx. It's just the second verse, that confused me and i didn't got the meaning.

  67. IBM Official

    it took them 10 years to release so why's there hardly any promotion about this album and can u buy it in stores? there's not even a tracklisting on wiki

  68. Денис Леонтьев

    по-русски здесь кто-нибудь понимает?

  69. Evyatar Weissbrod

    These lyrics are GREAT

  70. blue owl

    Lol I expected it to be rap (gravediggaz- diary of a mad man) but it sounds like wolfsheim :'D

  71. GoFapOnACoconut

    damn, this is dope

  72. eduardo valdez

    you people should know by now that BHG does whatever the fuck they want


    eduardo valdez just like me... so they hate me...

  73. Dit$chma$ter

    I know that Jimmy loves Depeche Mode and shit, but come on.. it's so low compared to Bloodhound Gang's punkpop/metal-classics like "yummy down on this" or "I wish I was queer so I could get chicks" or the vagina-song!


    Member Berries: You have to evolve...or you end up like Kottonmouth Kings

  74. Rick Tarley

    winter reminds me of you, as does a sloppy joe

  75. Darth Waroc

    I've had this song stuck in my head for weeks now

  76. Kajack AMV

    This is brilliant :D

  77. Kajack AMV

    03:02 wtf, Hausgemachter Bulettensalat?!

    Betäubtes Faultier

    +Simon Spellmeyer (Kajack) Hausgemachter Toilettensalat.

  78. b0sse

    Sounds nothing like the Bloodhound Gang I remember from the early 90s

  79. Yav Ivanov

    At first I thought the song was *shit, but then I played it again and was like.. man, this song is THE shit!

  80. Tomáš Karban

    I wouldn't mind, if BHG became a pure synthpop band. This is brilliant !

    Alberto Casanova

    Same I love this stuff and I never listen to this kind of music

  81. Darth Waroc

    he loves 80's type stuff. Bad Touch sounds like Depeche Mode.

  82. Andrew Logan

    these guys haven't grown up a bit and that's what makes it so fun... would like another rock album though!

  83. CharlesXavier

    Kinda sounds like Stewie Griffin singing this song.

    Matthew Ford

    Witty Name don't cut yourself with that edge bro


    Totally does lmao 😂

    big butts27 27

    @CharlesXavier It doesn't sound like Stewie at all wtf are u talking about


    @big butts27 27 Your opinion, darling. You have a nice day.

    big butts27 27

    @CharlesXavier okay

  84. Maxime Landry

    I remember one fierce beer coaster from when I was a kid... I really liked Hefty fine... I'm not getting the same feel here that's for sure... I can't say I'm really into this album

  85. FineTuneProduction

    Mid evil meets electronic meets kindergarten

  86. Baron Von


  87. Roman Novikov

    lyrics plz

  88. Dick Starr

    I've been a fan of BHG for 20+yrs, and this is one of the greatest songs you've ever done! It's completely different from almost everything, it's insanely juvenile, and catchy AS FUCK! It's like you composed the hottest 80's track ever, then shit on it...with harmony. Instant classic.

  89. Demon Hunterz

    yall came for the picture,so did I nothing to be ashamed of ;D

  90. Sawyer Alsip

    Bloodhound gang is still as great as they were years back, all bands change as the generation does, bloodhound just seems to rock with whatever the people want.

    Baron Von

    +Sawyer Alsip Jimmy pop is retarded, he's gonna be like this forever hahaahahahha

    Edward Rhodes

    +Sawyer Alsip Still as great as they were years back. AKA: Not particularly.

    Maxie Pattie

    I really wish they would do more. This new album is SO good and under the radar too.

    John Dorian

    +Baron Von listening to the shit on your page confirms you have autism

  91. Travis646

    i literally lost it at the line right at the beginning "I came from Düseldorf" hahahahahaha

  92. Chet Dabrowski IV

    Probably my favorite. Right up there with Dimes.

    BHG you will always be in my speakers.

  93. Kathryn Dickinson

    i LOVE it. but i cant tell you

  94. ZackeryHomicide


  95. Mundo Productions

    it sounds like Gary Numan and Duran Duran had a orgy with the Pet shop boys and Depeche mode and gave birth to a German baby on cocaine

  96. Dipsoman

    well that song is good anyway

  97. Alex Heiligenkalb

    I wonder BHG has gone so European to learn German 8-bit underground so deep.
    Nice stealing, dudes!
    Greetings from Welle: Erdball Hoererclub :)

    Chet Dabrowski IV

    what are you attempting to say


    Greetings, fellow Welle: Erdball fan!