Bloodhound Gang - Clean Up In Aisle Sexy Lyrics

Pucker up you pig
Kiss me like I hear they kiss
On oil rigs
(You know the drill)

Let's get third world
Me boy with one boom boom stick
And you girl
(If you open your mind)

Put me down
Draw blood
Like Mel Gibson taught you how
To make love

Let the kitty be unleashed
Drop me like an injured wildebeest

Clean up in aisle sexy
Clean up in aisle sexy
Clean up in aisle sexy

Shaka laka locked and loaded
Locked and loaded, locked and loaded
Shaka laka locked and loaded
Locked and loaded, locked and loaded
Shaka laka locked and loaded
Locked and loaded, locked and loaded
Shaka laka locked and loaded
Clean up in aisle sexy

Pirate hunt
Viking grasp
Positions learned in
Pol Pot's yoga class
(War crime sex)

Smell the friction
Like fine wine
Oakland Raiders locker-room
Sixty nine

Gettin' lucky
Then it hurts
Like a Wednesday's child at
Joan Crawford's

Missing link
Romance they don't even have
Words for
(Shane Crone got a space-whip)

Clean up in aisle sexy
Clean up in aisle sexy
Clean up in aisle sexy
Clean up in aisle sexy

Shaka laka locked and loaded
Locked and loaded, locked and loaded
Shaka laka locked and loaded
Locked and loaded, locked and loaded
Shaka laka locked and loaded
Locked and loaded, locked and loaded
Shaka laka locked and loaded
Clean up in aisle sexy

Gestapo no macht schnell
Treat me like there's no hell
Gestapo no macht schnell
Clean up in aisle sexy

Gestapo no macht schnell
Treat me like there's no hell
Gestapo no macht schnell
Clean up in aisle sexy

Gestapo no macht schnell
Treat me like there's no hell
Gestapo no macht schnell
Clean up in aisle sexy

Gestapo no macht schnell
Treat me like there's no hell
Gestapo no macht schnell
Clean up in aisle sexy

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Bloodhound Gang Clean Up In Aisle Sexy Comments
  1. Thatguys Son

    Gestapo no match schnell

  2. Ktm Exc

    The last part of this song is good :) the last refrain should also be earlier. 2-3 times

  3. Peter Sutherland

    Ethiopian yr mind

  4. 2BuckChuck

    woke up with this entire song stuck in my head today


    I swear it's always in my head

  5. Ilya Stumpf


  6. Memaymoo

    I want more new music soon. Maybe 2020. That would be cool.

  7. Tom Ebbs

    Meatboy new war boom boom stick

  8. the michael

    war crime sex!

  9. Dark Starr

    These guy's are from my hometown. I knew people who went to school with them


    That's amazing

  10. Andy Petrovich

    41 victims of War crime Sex.

  11. Anthony Stark

    I need an instrumental


    Rock hip hop rap techno dance. They own it all.

  13. ScrambledMegdresqlol

    These guys have been touring too much in Europe.. Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands. Lots of beautiful, master race Aryan girls with STDs. Lol.

  14. Trexis Rimmon

    I can't believe it's been so much time since release. Feel like it was literally yesterday.

  15. RoxNoAnne

    cleanu pinais lesexy?

  16. Martin Žunec

    "pinais lesexy" and that fucking tower. Took me two years to realize this cover has nothing to do with fucking France hahaha

    Fokker TISM

    It's an oil rig. The first line of the song is "Kiss me like I hear they kiss on oil rigs".

  17. Chino Linkavitch

    You are traaaaannyy musiiiiic!!!!!!-

  18. Oldskoolrailroad

    The EU got the Clean Up In "ISIL" Sexy !

  19. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    this is their best song by far

  20. Колбаса из кошки

    Шакалакалака лоури

  21. Bush Wookie

    Great song

  22. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    This apparently is Jim Carrey's favourite band at the moment and this is his favourite song so far from them

    Thatguys Son

    This one, diary of a stranger, and s... well the whole album

  23. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    Gestapo no mach schnell


    Treat me like there's no hell


    Attacke du sau

  24. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    shame crawling on a spaceway hahahahah


    *Shane Crone got a space whip

  25. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    Joey Fatone now belongs to this band and he says it's a milion times better thn N-stync

  26. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    I sear these guys are one of the only rock bands apart from Nickelback & U2 that can dip in and out of multitudes of rock and disco genres without it affecting their momentum and crowd response...they are just brilliant at all the shit they do and they caan do no wrong's like they be gods from the sexy music world of yamahalla

  27. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    Marinating the nether rod, gutlocking the squishpitten, yipping up the wipple poon

  28. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    lol Joey "fat-one"

  29. LightningBlueMeanie

    During locked and loaded transitions part thingy. Love mashing the throttle to that.

  30. Erik Rdz

    Alguien conoce algun otra banda con estilo minimamente parecido?

  31. Conlan Crane

    War crime sex.


    shame crawling at a spaceway

  32. Alberto letal

    good music

  33. Evgeniy Netherwind


  34. Albert Lizevskiy


    Колбаса из кошки

    Ты редиска

  35. Fokker TISM


  36. kvn8907

    This song should be terrible.Why wasn't it terrible?


    cause its so bad its good!

    Hima Varsha

    Nyrin that’s most of their songs

  37. danden


  38. Blink th3Dog

    electronic shit rocks keep it up

  39. Cherie D

    cleanu pinais lesexy

  40. pwkpilot

    The chord progression is so sexy! C#m- A- F#- A! Wow!

    Fokker TISM

    It's actually Cm-Ab-Fm-Bb.

    Uh1GO 11Kbeta

    It's actually S-E-X-Y.

  41. Tim M

    The new cd is too good to be true.

    Hubert Shitmeyer

    +Timothy Marinaccio you mean too true to be good.

  42. Chennel Love

    i love the beggenig

  43. Blink th3Dog

    bhg tour with msi 2016

  44. Alexander Maltsev

    Shaka laka locked and loaded!!!!!!

    47Cigarettes & 47Beers

    Coo coo ca choo

  45. Kawaii Faggot

    Literally everyone complaining about how they should have more rock or 'bring back old BHG style' but for the most part BHG would frequently be changing their style, the first album was primarily old hip hop, rap music and the later albums slowly began getting rockish, with bits of metal and techno thrown in, I don't see a problem with these singles really, I like how they're changing their style again, but that could just be me liking a lot of different styles of music, so...

    Bush Wookie

    These guys can do anything


    dat Mikan ass tho

    Barry Bathwater

    youre 100% right Bhg style transcends musical genre

    Tom Ebbs

    They should go progressive goth metal would bring in so much pussy

    Carsten Frandsen

    Like Depeche Mode in 20 years... Changing styles / genres once in a while - evolving.


  46. basti4655

    I want songs like "i hope you die" or "along comes mary" man. More rock pls!

    Talk Of The Town

    +basti4655 Along comes Mary? lol That was a weak track.

  47. YAGTAM

    I like how everyone here is complaining about their style.

    it's the same style they used for The Bad Touch.

    inb4 butthurt


    its basically just Bad Touch Part Two lol why people mad


    @2BuckChuck I think it's slightly different honestly, still good though

  48. TMJBtv

    I really love this song, drop the album already I need it!

  49. m. grvstn

    this is bad in the bad way

  50. CRGamer1

    This came out on my birthday! Thanks, Jim! Didn't think much of the song until the guitar riffs were cued at 2:18. Lady Gaga wishes she was this great. Evil Jared would probably kill someone if you didn't add any guitars in there somewhere. Cheers!

  51. Александр Спичаков

    Кто разобрал, что написано на обложке, я думаю не просто так заменили букву А на букву Д.

  52. kuhlekatze

    Only part worth listening to: 2:04

  53. stonner2k

    it does fucking grow on ya i really didn't want to like it at the start now its getting better every listen ffs.

    Ethereal Frequency

    +stonner2k i was also disappointed. Now i think american bitches, clean up in aisle sexy, and uncool as me can hold up to anything in their discography. Just missing Lupus.

  54. stonner2k

    when was this made??

  55. sbbjusticeleague

    It's a grower!

  56. rblyton

    tell you what though - the more listens you have it is definately a grower ;)

  57. rblyton

    has there been any news or rumours on new albums or gigs/tours?

  58. rblyton

    so much better when it got going. I kinda like a BIT of cheesy europop when absolutely wasted but this is a bit too much. Dimes and American Bitches are absolutely the best of the new ones - brilliant.

  59. Danil Zakharov

    after couple listening -- this track becomes awesome.
    WE NEED UR ALBUM, ASAP. why so slow? can i help? with mastering, ect.

  60. ARTANE01

    I like the final part but miss the "OLD style" BD. This is a divertissement. Need a testosterone cure (and some guitars). Where is Lupus Thunder?


    He left the band don't you know? And yeah you can absolutely hear that.. Unfortunately


    Thank you.

  61. Adam Foxman

    not sure about this one, where the rock?

    Jan Wöhrle

    At the end ...

  62. Mr. Calidad

    Where are guitars in the new songs? This is a disaster!

  63. Markus M

    this is crap, ich love gang, but this song sucks.

  64. Cafe e Jogos

    Awesome song

  65. Li Ma

    if you wanna listen to something very good the bhg is capable of, try this

    Li Ma

    +Li Ma its been removed

  66. sightinsight

    less rave more in the old days man

    Bush Wookie

    sightinsight both

  67. Preben Leopold Sand Aasen

    fucking sweet!


    i miss the guitar. wheres theu f'n guitar ? bring lupus back. wtf

  69. Billy Rigney

    I'n 35 and stupidly I have only just started to get into the band. I can agree with some comments on here relating to going back to the 'rock' sound as in the last section of the song but imo the rest of the track on its own is REALLY fucking good. I am very much looking forward to their new material and discovering their whole back catalogue. Wish me luck!

    Billy Rigney

    @stonner2k I've been to Amsterdam twice this year mate, happy day's ;) I love America but it's a very false place nowadays so I like to watch from a safe distance haha. Even Bloodhound Gang have spoken about this subject


    @Billy Rigney i have been twice in the past ten years, last time about 2/3 years ago, what you mean false?? i noticed it was cleaned up a bit from the drug pushers to the bike lanes. it was very pricey lastime i was there but it was the first time back from when they made it euros.

    Billy Rigney

    @stonner2k I mean America is false. Their news/media is getting to the point of total brainwashing and control now it's ridiculous. There were plenty of dealers in Amsterdam mate but I wouldn't trust any of them,besides, you can buy pretty much anything legally over there lol

    Li Ma

    +stonner2k please keep the germans out of it, the fanbase over here liked them for being a fun rockband with dirty lyrics. this 90s electroshit can go to hell (or russia, its the same anyway).


    @Li Ma ok then dude lol, fuck head

  70. Talvorn Vaad

    music video in grocery store or im not listening to this band any more

  71. Talvorn Vaad


  72. Milosz Niziol

    There is no BG without Lupus. However last 30 secs did sound like good old BG.

  73. ShewBoxX

    This is what we waited 10 years for? No thanks, time to spin some beer coaster

  74. 8gerrard8

    its funny as always like bloodhound gang are but i miss the guitar sound in their funny music

  75. Tracy S

    Can someone tell me when album gets released?

  76. Mikhail Sokolov

    Dunno why so much rage, I actually like this one. Don't get the lyrics though. Any ideas what is it about?

  77. Enigma

    killah tracks lately bros, happy to see you guys back in the srtudio, tired  of all the poppy sh!t released - #phillysfinest   ;)

  78. MadDUDE

    this weird shit but for some reason I liked it

  79. TheSkramel

    Guys, I'm from Russia..not that part where dumbasses live (like really, why so serious? That was cool stuff back in Russia, sick sad world, you know). Anyway. Ur Uhn Tiss and The Bad Touch (as others, but I want to show the point) was great. Really great. It's little eurodance, but still some rock genre.
    But now you like don't give a fuck. Like HIM on Absinthe. Music not bad, but nothing special. And lyrics actually good, but the way you singing it.
    You really should start doing your thing. I really wish you to be more recognisable again. Shit, you almost was MTV at some point..but like MTV, wtf are you doing guys with yourself?
    Stay awesome and rise to the fn new level of awesomeness.

  80. Ian Honour

    I get Jimmy Pop likes Euro dance but he is alienating almost his entire fanbase with these tracks. Not that they are bad tunes, just where's the guitars?

    Mr. Randomname

    revivedfears you know, some people appreciate more than one kind of music. amazing, right?

    Ian Honour

    That's obviously not the point I was making. People can and do enjoy lots of different genres but making music that alienates an established fanbase is certainly going to negatively impact an albums success. Hence this records absolute commercial failure. Logic, amazing right?!

  81. Meme Bump

    You guys should do a single with electric six.


    Good idea..but they plated van with "candyz" on yeah, that would be great synergy


    @Meme Bump that my friend is my absolute idea of heaven. A jimmy pop and dick valentine collaboration would be absolutely amazing!

  82. Joseph Parr

    This is better than chew toy. This is quite banging tbh

  83. Danil Zakharov

    Is album coming?

  84. FineTuneProduction

    HEY!!!! BLOODHOUND GANG!!! Are you guys going to come out with an album or a bunch of singles? It's a shame you guys don't release more music being my favorite band and all.

  85. Th3Juic3

    The song ended in a kickass way, but was it worth the wait? Pretty meh song overally.

  86. Jack Tripper

    how come evil jared is allowing this crap to be made?  he should beat them all up for this

    Li Ma

    @***** actually he is in a relationship fór almost 10 years now and a father... but he has his own thing going on in germany, this sounds like jimmy did it all by himself with a cellphone app during taking a dump.

    Li Ma

    yes, too bad for us :(

    Johns Johnson

    @Jack Tripper I actually kind of like it. It has a good flow.


    +Li Ma but that's the Jim we all know and love hah

    Windy City

    Jack Tripper evil Jared is shit..... jimmy doesn’t even need a band to make music

  87. UFOash

    Lol people complaining that BG have changed their musical style: 1) the lyrics have always been what makes Bloodhound Gang good, 2) all their most popular songs diverted from their general 'lazy-rock' style anyway, and 3) all they ever played was four chords, they couldn't exactly have done much more with it hahaha

    Rob Bing

    @UFOash 1.) some people liked them playing actual music. 2.) fire water burn? 3.) yeah, no bands go far with 4 chords, lol....


    Yeah Fire Water Burn perfectly illustrates my point. One Fierce Beer Coaster literally has about 10 songs where the instrumental sounds like Fire Water Burn, and while it's a funny album another album with that same dull four-chord guitar would just be shit

  88. Rob Bing

    This band rocked for a long time. To be honest I really don't like the new direction with all the dance music, though. Never really minded a couple songs like this on a full CD, but it seems like all their new stuff is this dance music. I miss the hard rock and instruments. Saddest part is the last 20 seconds of this song is the best part. Go back to that style...


    @Rob Bing Totally agreed

    Flurban Moran

    +Rob Bing Yeah, it's always good to go back to the way things were. I personally don't like change in any way.

    Wood Martial Arts

    Definitely not the same without Lupus laying down pipe on the tracks but I still dig it.

  89. gghice1

    2:19-2:52 why can't the whole song be that?
    Now one can tell the album is for bros on twitter only...
    shame since all have been waiting for it for like 7 years.

  90. Mundo Productions

    I guess we can just give up on hearing rock songs now........I enjoyed Dimes very much but this is weak..for the time they had to do it..sounds like it should have been released in 07/08.......I did enjoy the last 30 seconds of this..i like the mix of rock with dance, I loved Hefty fine because of that.

    Still a huge fan and i'm entitled to criticize because of how long i'v loved these guys.

    Li Ma

    @Ed Mundo i am really disappointed too. i cant even listen to this, jimmy did a few b sides earlier in the days with idiots like scooter and i didnt expect they would do a full album like this, i always saw them as a rockband/funwhatever type of band. its sad cause i am listening to them since mid90s but this is nothing i would spend my money on.

    Xristos AC

    +Ed Mundo to hell with a rock songs


    well, you suck :) They never made pure rock and even their first album was barely rock. Stop forcing a great band into a corner. All they do is amazing, you are the one ruining bloodhound gang, not them.

  91. ger lilou

    Ouuu beast!!!!

  92. Actus

    The Final part was the best of the song, please go back to the rock style, its what you are best at, seriously


    ure so damn right.


    jimmy;'s bad touch and unh tiss baselines disagree with you


    jimmy's fire water burn and along comes mary disagree with you

    Bush Wookie

    Fleria thank you these guys rock


    They didn't even start out that way and always have made music in different styles. Rock style only would make them monotone. Jimmy pop can master any genre imo and just asking them to do rock is just degrading. So sad to still see people so stuck in their own bubble that everyting outside it get's trashed. Hell, some of their best songs aren't rock!!!

  93. Raquel

    Can someone help me with the lyrics? Thanks, here's what I've got so far!

    pucker up you pig
    kiss me like i hear they kiss
    on oil rigs
    you know the drill
    let's get third world
    me boy with one boom boom stick
    and you girl
    if you open your mind
    put me down
    draw blood
    like Mel Gibson taught you how
    to make love
    let the kitty be unleashed
    drop me like an injured wildebeest
    clean up in aisle sexy
    clean up in aisle sexy
    clean up in aisle sexy
    shaka laka laka locked and loaded
    locked and loaded
    locked and loaded (x4)
    clean up in aisle sexy
    pirate hunt
    viking grasp
    positions learning pole pots
    yoga class
    war crime sex
    smell the friction
    like fine wine
    Oaklen radars lockeroom sixty nine
    gettin' lucky
    then it hurts
    like a Wednesday's child at
    John Crawford's
    missing link
    - they don't even have
    words for
    clean up in aisle sexy
    clean up in aisle sexy
    clean up in aisle sexy
    clean up in aisle sexy
    shaka laka laka locked and loaded
    locked and loaded
    locked and loaded (x4)
    clean up in aisle sexy


    @Owen Spoors haha that's why I said even less :P 

    B ZI

    @Raquel Y.
    Positions learned in Pol Pot's
    Yoga class,
    war crime sex


    @B ZI Thank you so much :)


    Wait, Pol Pot?! As in the evil dictator?

    B ZI

    @Owen Spoors Yes

  94. Steven Cadick

    dude!!! killing me!! I want the new album soo badly!!

  95. Jim Fantazzia

    more songs being released with less of that classic BHG sound and more a Scooter sound makes this long time BHG fan sad, American Bitches was a good glimmer of hope put so far the other songs released sound like euro crap, guess this is what happened when you don't live in the US anymore and loose Lupus Thunder....sad, sad, sad.

  96. PteroDucktyl

    Oh dear.


    @Punky Ruck Sack damn it, it actually grew on me. Oh well lol

  97. györgy Szeleczki

    Cooooool :D

  98. Adirondack Commerce LLC.

    big a junkie craving more....

    Chennel Love

    +Anthony Parascando i love love love this guy i would as a girl fall for jimmy

  99. Размик Акопян