Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary Lyrics

Every time I think that
I'm the only one who's lonely
Someone calls on me
And every now and then
I spend my time at rhyme and verse
And curse those faults in me

And then along comes Mary
And does she want to give me kicks and be my steady chick
And give me pick of memories
Or maybe rather gather tales from all the fails and tribulations
No one ever sees
When we met I was sure out to lunch
Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

When vague desire is the fire
In the eyes of chicks whose sickness
Is the games they play
And when the masquerade is played
The neighbor folks make jokes
At who is most to blame today

And then along comes Mary
And does she want to set them free and
Let them see reality
From where she got her name
And will they struggle much
when told that such a tender touch of hers
Will make them not the same
When we met I was sure out to lunch
Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

And when the morning of the warning's passed
The gassed and flaccid kids
Are flung across the stars
The psychodramas and the traumas gone
The songs have all been sung
And hung upon the scars

And then along comes Mary
And does she want to see the stains,
The dead remains of all the pain
She left the night before
Or will their waking eyes reflect the lies
And make them realize
Their urgent cry for sight no more
When we met I was sure out to lunch
Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

Sweet as the punch
Sweet as the punch
Sweet as the punch
Sweet as the punch

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Bloodhound Gang Along Comes Mary Comments
  1. margie anthony

    <3 Jimmy Pop's dance moves <3

  2. RedRUM 25

    I love jimmy pop .😛♥️

  3. Bowl Cut

    Cute earings xD

  4. Rob Howe

    Come back full time Bloodhound Gang ! too much PC in our world !!!

  5. Rob Howe

    Yep still listening to those bands you speak of silver spoon ;)

  6. roporsche


  7. jcobras Owson

    earphones off

  8. ed fast

    Circle Jerks called and want their shtick back.. oh, and Carlos Mencia too....

  9. Ольга Малиновська

    I'm listening this 20 years later. Omg I.m fucking old

  10. bellybutthole

    Cool, came here 'cause I heard the song on radio and wanted to hear it again. Before the vocals started I mis-remembered it as a Turbonegro song. So if you like this sound check out Turbonegro. Anyone know what movie the clips in the music video are from?

  11. JM. Modbox

    mary mary

  12. MarchDogg

    Who`s comes along?

  13. Gary Bloom

    CKY brought me here.............

  14. Der Legastheniker

    Dope in 2019

  15. Hardtrancer Mayday

    What movie is there

  16. JK SA

    2019 :)

  17. Richard Harper

    I love the riff transitions and distorted bass in this song...I miss the 90s!

  18. madquest8

    Whatever happened to these guys?

  19. Tim Berghoff

    This song is 21 bloody years old.
    When we partied to this song, there was only the original Star Wars Trilogy. There were also only two Harry Potter books. No WhatsApp.
    ICQ was king. You were yelled at to get off the internet because mom wanted to make a phone call.

    Anyone else feel kinda old right about now?

  20. [MH] Dim0N

    Шикардос даже в 2019!

  21. realonoreanicola

    Only here because of la Zanzara. Siamo al TOP

  22. Lulu Kot

    2,6 thousand are GAY

  23. Александр Выговский


  24. C R

    Born 1992 - feel free to use your Imagination. I am with you!

  25. EvGeNiY

    Yes CoooL

  26. 11DNA11

    And most of you don't even realize, but this is a cover song.

    The more you know.

  27. Wesley A.

    Classic _\,,/

  28. Railster

    fuck man, this guitars was bloody dirty for that time. the chorus is an orgasm for the ears. thanks guys. still listenin to this in 2019. much love.

  29. Estevan Leal

    Half baked!!!! Lmao

  30. Alexis G

    Makes me want to watch Half Baked again lol

  31. AisleRegretThis

    Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog at 2:41?..


    AisleRegretThis yup

  32. Wylie Pfalzgraf

    no one has ever needed yall as much as i do rn


    Bloodhound Gang is probably the most happy punk/grunge band ever, fucking awesome !

  34. E.C.G.


  35. Mike G

    The Association brought me here.

  36. Nimh Nimmhy

    Probably the most underrated band of all time. But I think in sick sense they always wanted to be that way haha....

  37. Nemo the Fallen Angel

    The 90's Were better People were laid back

  38. naftalinka

    20 years past??? no way! Im so old...

  39. Tina Belcastro

    Love Bloodhound Gang ~Jimmy Pop a genius on lyrics!! Best videos ever made were by them!!!

    Paul Sackman

    he didnt write these lmao

  40. Rainbow pumpkin

    old but Gold still 2019

  41. Antonina Soboleva

    Hi ! This is still my favorite song in 2019

  42. Jessie James

    Was this song ever even in the movie on screen? Half baked"???

  43. Tobias Seeger

    if seen some 1 like.!!!

  44. Fox Coffee Gaming

    oh shit. i recognise that movie theyre watching. its half baked

  45. Всякая Всячина

    Я из 2019!!!!!!

  46. Renata Tijan

    Great song!

  47. Alma Ruiz

    The shiznit👊🤘

  48. Artyz

    The movie in this video is half baked and video lenght is 4:20. I see what you did there :P

  49. Олег Красноярск

    Охуенная песня ! Фак ю, бритиш !

    Афанас Быков

    Да,да!!! Фак им в рты педрилам бритоязычным!!!!!!

  50. PVNKDVDE16

    Found out about this song in the ckys show

  51. Matt Kissee

    Half baked fits this song so well

  52. why soserious

    Bloodhound Gang are like precision pop, monotone but never sterile, always fun... Very unique...

  53. Public Embarrasment Service

    i had no idea they covered the association! one of the most interesting covers ever. i love the association and the original version, but this is great!

  54. joefosh

    1:18 the best bit of the video if youve ever had to work in customer service

  55. Alexey Kireev

    Есть ли русские на этом шедевре в 2к19ом?!

  56. Cobb B

    Jim Bruer is too cool

  57. Kevko85

    2019 ftw!!!

  58. grabarzinho


  59. Introverder

    Inspired highly by Reservoir Dogs of Quentin Tarantino :). I'm really surprised that no one has noticed that or mentioned it :).


    What's wrong with that kid on drums? He handicap or something?

  61. David Harrison


  62. 1 bad ombre

    1 hit wonder!?! This song has almost 19 million views!

  63. Evan Sawatzky

    shut up lazlow

  64. Pattonmacarnold Tacoma

    Was this in half baked?

  65. Shane Schneider

    Band kicks Ass

  66. Эдгар Демидов


  67. Funky Pyramid Lil Pharaoh

    when ppl was nor alowed to speak abt weed on TV and Radiaz so they speak abt the old Mary ;) but regret this realy 2000 days when music and ppl was decent RIP conscious

  68. Jörg Dohmann

    So cool

  69. Rodman 1591

    2019 ✌👍💪🤘🤘🤘🤘🤙🤙🤙🤙

  70. Zumashetze *

    Good fuckin movie

  71. Tiffany Hopkinson

    I like the original better lol

  72. Алексей Василенко

    Кто помнит, что за фильм в клипе? Смотрел его в конце 90х, не помню название.

  73. Geezer tataa

    never understood why they loved Germany so much

  74. Mickey Zombish

    Reservoir dogs lol

  75. Toretto008

    Ублюдки,еще ответите за флаг!как вижу рекомендации так и хочется засунуть ПР вам в жопу,козлы

  76. 195o Th

    Bloodhound gang--- hostel is real

  77. 195o Th

    Sweet is the PUNCH

  78. kW- atze

    Ich feier sie immer noch!!! 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼

  79. David Coulthard

    а Снуп Дог тут откуда? Подскажите фильм.

  80. Kristin turner

    .... if you wanna get into a girls pants listen to bloodhound gang.It is that easy right? 😆

  81. dbmaster46446

    time to watch "half baked"

  82. S B

    Bloodhound Gang was hilarious, this video has so many references visually. Plus this being a remake Along Come Mary-The Association(1966). Then of course Half Baked at the drive in on the screen. Then throwing in Reservoir Dogs cutting off the guys hair instead of his ear. Very well done and funny as hell.

  83. Hase DZN

    Half Baked 😏🙌

  84. James Matthews

    That kid drummer rocks

  85. Morgue Original Music

    Will always remind me of CKY :)

  86. debicadude

    love the intro always cracks me up

  87. Kevin /RDT Ramos

    The preppy guy reminds me of jason nash but like super young

  88. verbalassault87

    Wasn’t the kid who is the short little blonde haired boys band stage name TARD e tard

  89. Patman1978

    2.5k ppl closed in the trunk :D

  90. Kseno Morf

    the further away we drift from those times, the stronger the nostalgia punch. cant imagine how painful it will be in 40 years or so. :C

  91. Norbert 666 Vegeta

    The president of the kkk knows the truth about a sick mongrel

  92. Warren Moyses

    Love these guys!

  93. jurr bixx


  94. Christopher Perry

    your mom has a set? I love your mom, bring her over.

  95. fugas_mne_ v_anus

    2019 the good!!!

  96. Ryan Lonergan

    2021 anyone?