Blood, Sweat & Tears - Sometimes In Winter Lyrics

Sometimes in winter
I gaze into the streets
And walk through snow and city sleet
Behind your room

Sometimes in winter
Forgotten memories
Remember you behind the trees
With leaves that cried

By the window once I waited for you
Laughing slightly you would run
Trees alone would shield us in the meadow
Makin' love in the evening sun

Now you're gone girl
And the lamp posts call your name
I can hear, them
In the spring of frozen rain
Now you're gone girl
And the time's slowed down till dawn
It's a cold room and the walls ask
Where you've gone

Sometimes in winter
I love you when the good times
Seem like memories in the spring
That never came

Sometimes in winter
I wish the empty streets
Would fill with laughter from the tears
That ease my pain

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Blood, Sweat & Tears Sometimes In Winter Comments
  1. Al Mojica,Jr.

    The absolute best song and recording of BS&T. metaltomotown

  2. Michael Powell

    Go Steve

  3. Laurie Bezilla

    My girlfriend and I were hanging out in her bedroom after school. This song was on the radio. A few minutes into it her mom came screaming up the stairs hysterically into her room. Her brother had just been killed in Vietnam. Solemn memory.

  4. Tim Clarke

    Whatever happened to Dick Halligan?

  5. Al Mojica,Jr.

    Absolutely the best rendition of this very interesting song to be found. Thought provoking. AMJ


    And walk through snow and city sleet ,
    Behind your moves...

  7. Computer User

    I was 6 years old.

  8. Gerry Dooley

    This is such a beautiful, sad song

  9. St Helens Internal Medicine

    I don't know why Steve didn't sing more on theirs albums. Beautiful voice. My favorite song by them.

  10. Susan Czajkowskyj

    My favourite song.

  11. Wallace Callow

    I always loved this haunting melody, and Steve's song and voice. I also enjoyed DCT with BST after he joined. His singing was amazing, and gave the group more soul. My first memories of BST was with David's voice.

  12. Julia Huff

    Love this song and his voice.

  13. Jim Hall

    yes the 60' and 70's- when people could sing and play instruments and write music
    that stands the test of time !

    Thank you all who post the rich past and also Youtube who collects the past for
    the world to see !

  14. Robert Velez

    One of the greatest songs Blood Sweat & Tears ever had beautifully performed by Steve Katz!

  15. michael copps

    Not "Blues" but evocative of an audible  "capture" of an ongoing natural occurrence.  Eg. When Mother bird has to cruelly push it's own Chick off the edge, for it's own survival. From the long surviving Eagle/Condor to the humming bird and it's canary cousins; humanity is part of the whole picture. The need to express through sound, will outlast all existence, through eternity.

    C Lynn

    Indeed a mournful/enlightening joyride, felt to the depths of tender feelings, soaring to the heights of thin-air, towards a laughing, self realization.

  16. Stella Ercolani

    What a lovely, romantic song...

  17. Regina Lee

    Not David Clayton Thomas on vocals!

  18. Joseph Zoccola

    Incredible song one of my favorite maybe 5 songs of all time these guys average 21 years old when they wrote this incredible

  19. Jeff Graham

    Great song... So many memories.

  20. Mel Anderson

    This is a terrible recording. Too bad, the band drowns out the lovely voice of Mr. Katz.

  21. Clyde Barrow

    Amazingly talented musicians wow!

  22. Carol L. Fox-Wilson

    ....Chuck Winfield "Sonny", Every time I watch "Cleopatra".....I think of YOU...... 1962 Thought I'd say "Hi".......Carol

  23. Isabel Beckerman

    Steve Katz was such a fine vocalist back then. A perfect intepreter to sing this gentle yet inspirational winter song. David Clayton Thomas wouldn't be a wise choice to sing the lead due to his deep and grinding baritone vocals. Bravo Steve !!!!

    Zloy Gepard

    David Clayton Thomas is not baritone! He's a tenor. And high. This can be understood by its range and top notes.

  24. ChasBeauregarde

    Like others have mentioned Steve Katz on vocals. NOT a fan of David Clayton Thomas BS and T was a very tight musical unit. I like the Al Kooper version much better but these guys without David Clayton Thomas were excellent! Rare clip thanks for sharing.

  25. robert unruh

    yea,,though,,,,they or so,,,yea have gone so further,,

  26. Eric Starvo Gault

    soul touching

  27. Tony Donato

    For some reason, this song still gives me goosebumps. Nothing since then has ever been written like this.

  28. Greg Messina

    The Steve Katz years as lead singer of BST are under-appreciated. The Blues Project is excellent as well

  29. Gary Newton

    Listened to this record over and over as a teen of 15 or so, living with a buddy of mine in an upstairs apartment near the Topanga Plaza. I remember being so fascinated with the voice of DCT! This tune really brings me back to those great days. What cool memories I have of them.

  30. chickenwretch

    Listening to all these old songs, I wonder...did these folks know how good their music was? What a flood of talent came out of the 1960s music scene, another lost world that left traces of itself in tunes like this one.


    I'm sure they realized it but they probably weren't aware of it, if that makes any sense, just like we weren't aware of wait a great time it was back then


    chickenwretch Yes, the 60’s is a vanished world and it was damn good; I know because I was a teenager then. I wish I could go back.

    Howard Adamsky

    Take me with you.


    We did it's all that counts. To see BST and have the best seat on the house table next to the stage on my 21st birthday I never forget.

  31. Victor Coral

    with the little moustache and long hair Steve looks so different than he does in all the pictures of him in the albums, but the voice is definitely him ... lol .... such a beautiful song, one of my all time B, S & T favorites and it's so awesome to see it in a live video :) .... in the 2nd and 3rd albums (after the original lead singer/keyboardist, Al Kooper, left) only Steve and David Clayton wrote original music for the band, and not much; the rest of the material were arrangements of other songwriters tunes (like Steve Winwood, Laura Nyro, The Rolling Stones and even Billie Holiday) but what arrangements !!!! ... different story in the fourth album which is about 90% all original music and everybody else contributed

    michael copps

    These "Cats" were the aspiring artists that evolved from the beatnik generation, when art was the springboard that led to fame, fortune or simply an entire generational tidal wave of post war boomers that answered the need to express the ubiquitous human urge to share thoughts through art.  Whether it was Katz, D.C.Thomas. or Michael Bloomfield with an amplified acoustic 6 string cowboy inspired new form of enlightenment for the masses to enjoy, the rising thirst for expressing the emotions was everywhere in poetry and paint. Only those acceptable by the artist's  peers were recognised, as it often should be.

  32. JacFlash

    I'm so glad so many people are rightly crediting the lead vocal to guitarist, Steve Katz. Such a contrast to the bombast of David Clayton-Thomas' vocal style. It's one of the best tracks on the album; this live arrangement is nice too.

    Kim Burke

    Agree! This is the first I've seen this guy! Beautiful voice, gorgeous song...

  33. chris white

    Such an emotional song with beautiful sound !

  34. Bruce Bolich

    Steve Katz was with the band before David Clayton Thomas when Al Kooper was more or less the lead vocalist.

  35. Bruce Bolich

    Definitely Steve Katz!

  36. esmeralda430

    I love it. 1969 or 70. College. My roommate loved this band and had to have the album. I liked Steve Katz in Blues Project, too.

  37. The Robbs


  38. jsilence418

    When I was 16 this was a guilty pleasure song. I'm not 16 anymore and I'm not guilty either.

  39. Carl Rudd

    David Clayton Thomas: Lead Vocals ???
    I don't think so. Try Steve Katz.

    Anyway.... totally professional band. I saw them right after this song was release at Fillmore West. Quite a show.

    george mackenzie

    agre @Carl Rudd agree but it was a compose of the whole group .I had the pleasure of working with them


    +Carl Rudd ,WOW!!!! thanks, I could not believe the ABOVE your post comments-a  great surprise, vocal on the album-

    Carl Rudd

    not sure what you're saying... but hey, Happy Thanksgiving.


    +Carl Rudd .......Hi! my reply reference to you knowing it was Steve Katz, not D.C. T.  So many responses above your post stated it was D.C.T.  Thanks again have a great Turkey Day too!.

  40. Dave Gardiner

    Gorgeous tune, either live or the LP!

  41. Oriol Grau Andreu

    Steve Katz 

  42. Chris McCleaf

    Nothing can take me back to my teen years and memories of my father like Blood Sweat and Tears.   Still some of my favorite classic rock songs.   Sometimes in Winter is hauntingly beautiful.  

  43. Judy n Boudreau

    Beautiful song ! Sung and written by Steven Katz.. I was blessed to hear him sing it tonight at the Guthrie Center in Great Barrington, MA. Wonderful show filled with musical history and his fantastic songs.

    Dieter Motz

    +Judy Nourse Quite agree! Saw SK do his magic 6 yrs. ago. Great to know he is still on the Road and singing ....

  44. jazzman9854

    yes, that is Steve Katz singing lead....

  45. robin kjems

    Most Beautiful singing by Steve Katz-I loved Al cooper very much-Met David Clayton Thomas(Got his autograph) back in the early nighties-right after he sang You made me so very happy-another 1 of my favorites!!

  46. Julie Luciano

    best band of the time

  47. K. flies solo

    Thanks for posting! This one is priceless for me.

  48. progdave

    Absolutey brilliant clip of a great song

  49. Claude Chaney

    This is Steve Katz on lead vocals, not David Clayton-Thomas

    Howard Adamsky

    Thank you Claude. I thought it was DCT. appreciate the accurate information!

    C Lynn

    The composer of this somber, picturesque, BEAUTY! The melancholy build-up, to the ultimate realization that life goes on, baby!

    Al Mojica,Jr.

    Yes. And even...Better (than)!!!!!! metaltomotown

  50. Carmen Keiso

    tears !!

  51. scatteredfrog

    Sounds like was getting a back massage while he was singing...kinda like his sheep-like vocal on "Morning Glory"...

  52. balaustro


  53. HalfBaked

    Meh. I's say Al was above average. But I do agree that David was the true bandleader.

  54. John Fugazzi

    Steve Katz did such a perfect vocal on this, one of the greatest BS&T songs. This was a very delicate song for them and needed Katz's light and sensitive voice to blend with it where another singer would have overpowered it.

  55. renato omenetto


  56. chickenwretch

    beautiful, creative, melodious...all nice words for a nice song that's so memorable.

  57. p m

    You guys are jokers,Thomas was the man with the voice and the reason BST became what it was. This average singer leaving was the best thing that happened. No loss Paul , but the beginning of a great band. You dudes don't know talent.

  58. eltrip50

    Was on R&R in Honolulu december 70 and saw them New Years eve with Canned Heat.

  59. laverne899

    Well thankyou for correcting me...perhaps this is why Al Cooper is not singing this particular song? I just never loved BS&T after Al Cooper left, but this would certainly be an exception!

  60. TheConsumerman

    @funkadelphiarecords Kooper was awesome!!

  61. funkadelphiarecords

    @jjs499 YES! Katz & Kooper started the band! David Clayton Thomas = over-rated!

  62. jjs499

    @funkadelphiarecords Amen, I always liked Katz and al Kooper better than David Clayton Thomas.

  63. wygakyl

    Just a classic rendition, and a nice little piece of improvisation therr at the end. This is a special version of this song, probably because it's right before he cut out.of the band.

  64. funkadelphiarecords


  65. Joe Ragusa

    @laverne899 DCT is on the rest of this album. But I don't know if this particular track was recorded before he joined.

  66. funkadelphiarecords

    INCREDIBLE! In March 1970 my dad took us to see Blood Sweat & Tears at the Civic Center in Philadelphia, what an experience for an 8 year old to witness!

  67. laverne899

    David Clayton Thomas does not do lead vocals in this song...was not even in the band at this point in time! Please get your information correct...still thankyou for the post.

  68. PaulJ010

    @laverne899 BST was not even a shadow of its former self after Kooper left. For me, even as a teenager I knew it was a huge loss.

  69. Ryszard Janczak

    KOOPER...primo solista

  70. yesnono

    lucky to be alive --then and now. steve katz sang this song in san diego all those years ago. so many great bands/concerts back then. such great memories. and so many of those songs still hold up today. ahhhhhh yes. i remember when.

  71. mdwlcx


  72. laverne899

    Thankx for posting, I loved their 1st albun "Child is the father to man" and I loved al kooper voice. They were never the same after he left the band

  73. dougc426

    I got to see them live at Dex Cards wild goose!Does anyone out there remember the wild goose in Chicago?

  74. Roseanna Vitro

    I love this. Too bad his vocals were so low..May God bring all of we artists a Good sound man..Great tune , band and arrangement.


    This music takes you back to stereo hi fi 8 tracks were new cassettes were the norm reel to reel ya what happened think about when those went away so did this great music I know I’m not the only one but I miss it

  75. Dana Silver Zias

    Beautiful, moving & great musicianship, before "attitude" was part of the mix.

  76. GodStarRevisited69

    wish the vocals were up more.. cool tune

  77. mdwlcx


  78. ron covington

    Loved the contrast between Steve Katz and DC Thomas. Wish they would have shared some co-leads. Although DC did sing a couple of Katz compositions on the very good BST4. I will always love VALENTINE'S DAY. I know D.C. is in Canada doing his thing but it would be great for them to have a re re-union show and put it on DVD with whatever surviving members from the line-up with Katz, Thomas, Halligan are around.


    ron covington agree Ron. I think only Lew Soloff has passed.

  79. The Robbs


  80. stevieboy5588

    "....It's a cold room, and the walls ask where you've gone..." just a sample of brilliance in a BS&T classic. Good to see Steve Katz perform it live!

  81. johnny guitar

    I always thought that Steve Katz was the best vocalist (my favorite anyway) in BST. The band was an interesting mix, Steve came from a folkie background, David Clayton Thomas an R&B background, and the rest mostly were conservatory trained jazz musicians, hence the sophisticated arrangements.

  82. rudolfmusic

    They just don't make em like that anymore. Thanks for posting this!!

  83. okirianov

    I was on their concert 30/07/2010 in Moscow. FANTASTIC!!!

  84. Claude Chaney

    I hear Steve Katz has resurrected Blood, Sweat & Tears. I hope that it's true. Steve sang lead only occassionally but when he did it was always a great song whether it be this one, Valentine's Day, The Battle or Megan's Gypsy Eyes.

  85. mesaeddie

    My first concert was their 1969 tour . Saw them in Anaheim what a great time it was .

  86. ClueSign

    Absolutely stunning...raw and beautiful beyond words....

  87. Robert8341

    It is a great song, every single instrument sounds beautifull

  88. vegasshowgirlshoes

    A much deeper band then Chicago, and the horns , un friggin real.
    This is the better band
    Not taking away from Chicago , just MO

  89. wygakyl

    I love the little flute/improvisation before the last verse. This was a great B,S & T song, and Steve Katz's influence was missed after he left, and this is a great version of this song.

  90. Atisaseret

    Steve Katz who is the Composer of this song - has an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL VOICE - and this is SUCH Beautiful & Haunting Song - I LOVE it, and I LOVE performing it!

  91. Jorgen Motvedt

    I remember very well when I heard this song for the first time, and it was a version by Abi and Esther Ofarim. I was spellbound, it is such a beautiful song, haunting and timeless in its mood and atmosphere. Some songs have that quality that transcends time and trends. To me this is one of them. Great!

  92. boombabiesrrd

    Yeah, the great Steve Katz always sang 1 memorable, classic song per album from 1968 ("Morning Glory ") to 1972 ("Velvet "). Take note of multi-instrumentalist Dick Halligan who started out on trombone in the 1st LP then wrote now-classic arrangements (like Fred Lipsius) aside from playing keyboards & woodwinds. Wow, his flute solo is awesome!

  93. awoosoul

    What is with you people Steve Katz always sang this song. Read the liner notes on Child is Father to the Man their first album. Steve also wrote it and when the band performed it he took over on lead vocals.

  94. Drumcam

    Another great video from whatiship73. Thanks for posting!