Blood, Sweat & Tears - Ride Captain Ride Lyrics

Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay,
Rolled off of their ship and here's what they had to say.
"We're calling everyone to ride along to another shore,
Where we can laugh our lives away and be free once more."

Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends you've got there on your trip.
Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship,
Be aware of the things others just might have missed

No one heard them calling, no one came at all,
'Cause they were too busy watching those old raindrops fall.
As a storm was blowing out on the peaceful sea,
Seventy-three men were sailing off into history.

Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends you've got there on your trip.
Ride captain ride on your mystery ship,
Be aware of the world others just might have missed

Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends you've got there on your trip.
Ride captain ride on your mystery ship,
Be aware of the world othersjust might have missed

Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip.
Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship,
Be aware of a world others just might have missed.

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Blood, Sweat & Tears Ride Captain Ride Comments
  1. Gary Kerns

    The first time I heard this, in early '76, I don't whether it was BS&T or Blues Image. I used to wonder if Blood, Sweat and Tears did it.

  2. Gary Kerns

    Never knew what David Clayton Thomas looked like until now.

  3. martianshoes

    Bobby went on to become an A&R man for Columbia records..

  4. Piano Teacher and Math Tutor

    I never knew they covered this song, but it is a great choice. I saw Larry Willis on keys with Nat Adderley in 1988. He's still the best jazz pianist I've ever heard live.

  5. jeff jones

    Have always loved , admired and stolen from Bobby Colomby who was fantastically talented choppy tasteful drummer of all styles.

    Tony Dente

    Me too! He was a big influence.. He bailed from the stage pretty quickly for an executive career in music. I think he even had Michael Jackson as a client for a while. Funny thing is, he always looked uncomfortable behind the drums, like his body was twisted. But he had some great chops!

  6. Lengo67

    What kind of crap is this?

  7. JustinMyFeels

    Not the type of blood sweat and tears I was looking for but still catchy

  8. Donna MacDonald

    Love the Tshirt! Love DCT too.

  9. Glenn parent

    plus the earth is flat -so get your brain out of your ass

  10. Glenn parent

    ohhhhh yes

  11. Fweddy Fwintsone

    Bobby Colomby was truly one of the greatest drummers/musicians of that time. Back then, bands were recognized more than individual players but he was an incredibly talented and tasteful drummer and huge influence on so many drummers of that time.

    Rob Johnson

    Fweddy Fwintsone Yeah, good drummer. But personally he was a jerk that kicked the man who put the group together out. Child Is Father To The Man is an all-time great album, after which Colomby stirred up bad feelings against Al Kooper, the group’s founder, dumped him, the continued on in Colomby’s direction. Which was less interesting than Kooper’s.

    But, he WAS a decent drummer. Although Chicago’s Danny Seraphine caused him to eat his sticks on a daily basis. Seraphine is a TRUE genius.

  12. Tom Jackson

    This song is about a long-range SOG mission into Shambhala, March '69.

  13. U2WB

    Difference between Chicago and BST was, IMO, BST had better horn players but Chicago had better vocals and a better drummer.

    Quay Rude

    I'd say the brass was pretty even, particularly after Bargeron joined them (Chicago's brass is pretty amazing) - before that, I think Chicago was better. With Terry Kath's guitar and vocals, they were a grittier, bluesier band - IMO. Their first two albums still stand up as a great fusion of R&B and Rock. Then they crept, ever faster and faster, into the world of pop.

  14. jim dartouzos

    This was a good cover by B.S. & tears but....The Original by Blues the Best

  15. Ricktpt1

    1975. Original airdate.

  16. Darcy Hepner

    The voice!

  17. Rob Hollander

    The only guy from the original BS&T in this lineup is Bobby Colomby! Always loved Koop's BS&T 1000 times more. Any video of that band exist?

  18. Scott English

    Props to Larry Willis! Great keyboard composing?

  19. Berry Music

    Fab, Gr* band!

  20. Bob

    I'll tell you what, those guys could really play!

    Magda Frías

    Buenísima música de sangre sudor y lágrimas me acuerdo de mis tiempos lo bueno es que las encontré tenía muchas ganas de escuchar y ver los vídeos puros recuerdos

  21. Magnum Muscle

    When your high school math teacher sings in a band...

  22. dwwinedwwine

    This song was originally done by the Blues Image, not Grand Funk. Grand Funk did a song called "I'm Your Captain." Now where is my prize?


    between my legs fuckhead

    Michael Russo

    Who said this was Grand Funk

  23. Leena Isbom

    It must be taped some time in 1975 since guitarist Georg Wadenius moved back to Sweden that year, and he is still in the band.

  24. Glenn parent

    hey jimmy come spit in my face you total punk ass

  25. Glenn parent

    hey cenk -you 8 year old

  26. Glenn parent

    come on youg terds-lets -go

  27. Dan Bitgood

    They managed to put some funk into Grand Funk Railroad. No easy feat.

  28. Mike Barer

    Great Blues voice!

  29. Victor Mason

    Great video,.except for how they cut the black man out of the shots as much as possible even though he's central to the song and 2 of the cameras are on his side....60's Liberal TV.

    Theresa Brunk

    oh and his solo meant nothing! cause the camera focused on him for over a minute. Stop trying to create drama where none existed.


    +Victor Mason WTF are you talking about?! At the beginning of his solo they showed only him or his hands until the others joined in, then they showed the drummer. They didn't show the bassist or guitarist even though they accompanied the keybd solo. The bassist is barely shown at all during the entire video. So just chill.

    And BTW, this is from the mid 70s.

  30. Former Things


  31. Martin Möller

    Great song of one of the greatest bands of ALL TIMES. This is true!

    Elgin Henderson

    Who's the piano player,.

    Martin Möller

    Should be Larry Willis.

  32. bob johnson

    If Thomas did not sing I would swear that the instrumental was by Chicago

  33. jsilence418

    Did you know the singer David Clayton Thomas was supposed to be one tough S.O.B. ? it's true.

    jimmy johnson

    @jsilence418 Im not surprised, he looks like a solid guy

    has some big mitts too

    Tony Dente

    Did time in prison as a very young man.

  34. Steve Slagle

    really shows an era of music 1976--all good musicians and still stands up today 40 yrs later--BS&T

  35. rdangelo

    So much better than the shitty original version of this.

  36. builderbro

    Is that the late Bill Tillman (RIP) on sax?

  37. larry gibbs

    its awful.

  38. Chip Chapin

    Love the extended instrumental section in this 1976 live version of BST's cover (see their 1975 album New City). Too bad the audio isn't better. Nothing quite beats the 1970 Blues Image original though.

    Chip Chapin

    Just noticed that a similar live solo arrangement appears in BST's 1976 live album "In Concert"

  39. Kat luvs Babes in Toyland

    Love this cover version. I was born in the wrong decade. You guys got bands like this while we got, the Seattle Sound..Which was good, but nothing touches this era in music. The talent was pure and brilliant!!

    Kat luvs Babes in Toyland

    @badcoach2000 Love Grand Funk.

    glenn ruth

    Grand funk did I'm your captain different song!


    Wrong band, it was Blues Image, Grand Funk sounded nothing like this and never would have done a song like this.

    B Koehler

    i had the pleasure of seeing them first at my high school they were just getting known..they had members from julliard in their horn one beat them in horns..not even tower of power..or chicago..david clayton-thomas was best vocalist to get too..

    Kat luvs Babes in Toyland

    @B Koehler What a great story to tell your children and so on.

  40. Terry Corcoran

    David Clayton Thomas and Travis Tritt were separated at Birth...

  41. Terry Corcoran

    A good song is a good song is a good song.  It might be a little pretentious in the Middle here, but the band plays it well.  Just drop the Artsy-Fartsy stuff and rock the House, willya?  That's what we pay to hear...

  42. Kevin Clement

    What a horrible cover  omg

    Alvin Brock

    One of the best cover songs I have ever heard.  I saw them play this one live.  They blew the place away with this one.

    Nelson Montana

    Gotta agree.  Great song. Great band.  Bad version. 

    Victor Coral

    +Alvin Brock +Nelson Montana ... this Kevin dude is some troublemaker and he got exactly what he wanted, you guys should have left his comment untouched and the uploader whatiship73 should have just deleted it (now he got even me involved in it, OH, NO !!!) 1st of all, the tune is not even that great, kind of comersh for my taste, but both the original version with Blues Image and and Mike Pinera and the BS&T version are great because of the amazing bands that play it, not much else .... there we go, now even _MY_ opinion got to be part of it ...... LOL .... Kevin, go smoke another one and mellow out and come up with better use of your time .... LOL

    Jack Moores

    He is not on the "Mystery Ship".A man said to him, "Tell my brothers to divide my father's possessions with me."
    He said to him, "O man, who has made me a divider?"
    He turned to his disciples and said to them, "I am not a divider, am I?"


    +Kevin Clement What a horrible picture of your dogs ass that is omg

  43. Mike Rogers

    Ride On ..

  44. Glen Page

    Thanks a million for sharing this.

  45. ydoyou wannano


  46. Linda Whalen

    Marvelous ! I'm glad to hear this.

  47. martianshoes

    @ Mike Pinera  - always loved this song, and many of your other tunes. Loved your work with Butterfly and TNCB. Never die man..

  48. richard davis

    I liked BST original version but in a way this is better. For those that say they messed it up…..well, it's a completely different song.

  49. Willie Waycup

    A band I'm lucky enough to have been turned onto for many many yrs but for most my age its just the name of a 70's band they don't wanna hear. Too bad for them I'm 34 can't imagine teenagers know anything about them now. Anyway awsome post made me smile all the way through. ;-)

  50. bill1154


  51. Wayne Steffen

    Better than the original

  52. Glenn parent

    ohhhhhh yes

  53. Varnts


  54. Camren Von Davis

    holy shit! that whole middle section. damn

  55. MusicDude86

    Thank you for your contribution to the world of music, Mike. The band I'm in opens our set with Ride Captain Ride. Big fan of your work on Metamorphosis. Peace!


  56. richard davis

    Wow, Georg gets into this more than any other guitarist they have had. Of course he was with them much longer than any other one.

  57. rbkpetroleo

    wow .... I haven't heard this song for a long, long time. what fond memories!

  58. Ralph Sehnert

    Hey Mike, thanks for writing and performing one of the all time best songs. I never tire of hearing it, it's sweet,it's smooth,and it rocks loud. I well remember when you and Lee Dorman would visit our summer afternoon parties in Chatsworth with the band "Black Oak Arkansas" circa 1969/70. Hot days,cold beer,good friends,good music,great times. Hope times are still good for you.

  59. Terry Frazho

    DCT destoyted BST

  60. Kedbuka

    Colomby is an unbelievable drummer...

  61. Mike Pinera

    Hi Hayburner, Thanks! The inspiration was the producer telling me that if we didn't have a "pop" song to record he was going to have us leave so 3 Dog Night could come in to the studio. We were a blues band, commercial radio air play meant very little to us. But this...... well if we wanted to finish our new album we needed to stay in the studio. I went to a back room (actually the men's room) meditated (for real) and I started hearing the lyrics first. Came out, my keyboardist had some chords.

    Guy Aoki

    Thank you for such a great song! You sang lead too, right?

  62. Ed Grissom

    6:16 ---------Holy Crap

  63. Anoneemoose20202

    RIP sally ride

  64. Mike Pinera

    Greetings! I'm the co-writer of "Ride." The melody David is singing is definitely his own. He makes our song soar! The chorus is very similar to ours but the verses are more of an R&B style. I love it! How I found out BS&T recorded it is I was running through an airport for my gate. David came running from the opposite direction yelling at me "Mike we recorded your song. Call your accountant!" Peace everybody.


    Anything from David Clayton Thomas sounds great but I like the original  with Blues Image esp the guitar work clearly executed as well with the keyboards.

    J.D. Hart

    Awesome song Mike. One of my all time favorites!

    paul levine

    Greetings Mike , If I may say so no body covered this hit better than you & Blues Image. I had gotten that LP in 1970 from my sister who was working ordering Lps for our local record store & she gave me a promo copy of it. Needless to say we all new Ride Captain Ride but on first hearing the entire record i was totally blown away by the musicianship of the entire band & the compositions you guys laid down. Sad the radio stations were so one sided they didn't give the Lp a chance to be heard. What a killer Lp . I had been 14 at the time & learning guitar & i must say it was one hell of an inspiration . I loved your work with Iron Butterfly & saw them in 1970 with Erik Braunn , also your work with April Lawton & Mitch Mitchell was awesome & must have really been a treat to play with such talent & vice a versa. I am still playing & if by some chance you read this i would love to share one post i have from 1987 . Thanks for so many great years of six sting heaven. It would be an honor if you left a comment on the post should you listen. Thanks for so many great musical memories.

  65. Nick Balaban

    Maybe I'm just not hearing what a few of you are hearing, but except for putting the song in a different key, I don't hear the melody of the chorus as being different than the Blues Image's original...

  66. RootsinBrooklyn1

    I think your comment is off base. If by "blacker" you mean embodying the soulful phrasing of much African American singing, I don't think DCT was ever in a league with such soulful white vocalists as say Delbert McClintn, Dr. John, Bill Medley, Bobby Hatfield, Bill Champlain, Dion DiMucci, Peter Green, and dozens of others.
    Yet any black American opera singer, working in that very west European of idioms, still owns the experience of being black - more than any of the singers you or I named.

  67. Josiah Swarr

    If you don't like this jazzy rendition of a classic or don't, at the very least, appreciate and respect the years and years of time these magnificent musicians must have practiced, then you clearly have NO idea what music is composed of.

  68. LetArtsLive

    sounds like shit sorry truth

  69. madbull338

    Play that funky music white boy...

  70. lzepln

    Early version? I don't understand. The song was released in 1970 by Blues Image... this BS&T performance is from 1976... They took another group's song and changed the melody of the chorus, right? Hadn't finished cooking? The song had been baked and on the shelves for 6 years... Or is there something I'm missing?

  71. lzepln

    Maybe I'm being petty, but the way he sings the chorus ruins the whole song for me. The melody is completely different. How could you cover this song and change the melody of the chorus? Absurdity! That's not how the song goes dogg, sing it right! That being said... he is an amazing singer nonetheless.

  72. Louis Varricchio

    I saw BS&T live in Boston in 1974. I recorded the concert on a delayed "live" broadcast a few hours later. I still listen to the 7" reel tape.

  73. Tommy Flamacue

    One of Canada's best R&B singers!

  74. Kevin Kiso

    Hey gfink2, why would you jump on the bitch-gossip-bandwagon? Why don't you let Al Kooper tell his own story and why don't keep your mouth shut and stand in the audience? You ain't one of these here cats... Al Kooper don't need you ridin' his coat-tails... And I'm sure Bobby C. has his own story and opinion. You're a punk...

  75. Eduardo Ramírez

    FROM MEXICO. Listening BS&T, most part of my life.
    I still think they are extraordinary. I'm still listening them.
    Only once hear them live, in Mexico City, probably the only time they were here.
    Great band, music written and performed so well. In short. Another mexican fan of them.
    My respects for many members of this great North American Band. Sincerely. Eduardomd

  76. gfink2

    Bobby Columby is a major backstabbing scumbag, according to Al Kooper, who actually started this band. But I can't hate on DCT, he's great.

  77. Mike Mangan

    The epitome of blue eyed soul is still Michal McDonald...The Shanman

  78. noellajohn777

    Awesome version of this tune Thanks for posting

  79. Trigger Warning

    Love that Rhodes piano sound! That's the sound of the '70s, man!

  80. Henry Argueta

    @nitemoovs damn right

  81. OrisLover

    Larry Willis, da man on the keyboards.

  82. lmnop1022

    @nitemoovs and 100% blacker than Drew Carey.

  83. brennan moriarty

    I was wondering what the Original Singer/Leader looked like, He's movin' like a spinning wheel, awsome.

  84. tim andrew

    Me t Dave at a concert in 1977 at the Sha-Boo, Willamatic, Connecticut

    He could care less who he was talking to.

  85. Owen McCaffrey


  86. Tony U

    @nitemoovs Wayne Brady is black???

  87. El Mel

    bs&t, ew&f, cta, tower of power etc.....just so dam good.

  88. radioham67

    @wildnites558 smooth jazz never just is too sophisticated for today's kids weened on crap sold to them from today's 'music' empires. there is a reason 45 years later we still listen to this great music. in 45 years will anyone remember rap crap- i think not.

  89. carshagify

    Smooth jazz is BS, is what. It's either jazz or it's not. If you look around you'll find plenty of jazz out there -- just listen to WBGO 88.3 FM -- you can get them online.

  90. Nelson Montana

    In retrospect, in spite of the musicianship displayed here, the original has a better groove and a better vibe.

  91. james Last

    i came across this accidentally and watched it. then watched it again. and again. great musicians.

  92. mindriot731

    this is the singers best performance i think...just my opinion.

  93. dharmaseed

    Hey, Tom Jones does Blues Image!!

  94. Rat Ghost

    @gamoonbat I don't think jazz fusion died. It kind of 'morphed' into "smooth jazz"..........then it died.

  95. Essardee

    David is the blackest white man ever....blacker than Tom Jones and twice as black as Lionel Ritchie and 90% blacker than Wayne Brady

  96. Robert Dicks

    @carniesf I thought the version by the blues image was superior.

  97. Robert Dicks

    That post makes no sense at all, is it in English.

  98. Donald Thieme

    @thinchris - No.

  99. Donald Thieme

    @thinchris - Jazz Fusion died. Trad Jazz was reborn with Wynton and all his young lions.

  100. Donald Thieme

    @bobbybear1965 - I agree in the sense that they were not making it as a pop band with Al Kooper. However, the first BS&T also has a lot to offer as far as creativity and studio work goes.