Blood Orange - I Know Lyrics

I can never force your way
The way you speak about your face
I know that it's not mine to change
Know that it's not mine to change

How can I be unafraid
When your chair's in when I'm awake?
I know that it's not mine to change
Know that it's not mine to change

(What's with your evolving view?)
I know that it's not mine to change
(What's with your evolving view?)
I know that it's not mine to change
Know that it's not mine to change

Choose your worth and say it's not there
Split your worries 'cause you know he won't care
Late nights hiding from the thoughts that scare
Choose your worth and say something

I know that it's not mine to change
I know that it's not mine to change
I know that it's not mine to change

I could never force your way
The way you speak about your face
I know that it's not mine to change
Know that it's not mine to change

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Blood Orange I Know Comments
  1. Вера Бобкова

    Love from Russia . So beautiful 😍

  2. Kenneth M. Sullivan

    Beck and Devonté Hynes should collaborate.

  3. Yepohwell Q

    I just found his music through Tei Shi and I'm kinda upset for finding his music this late. His music is freaking AMAZING!!


    right? I JUST DISCOVERED HIM N I'VE LIKED EVERY SONG SO FAR!!, that never happens

  4. hyrum carmack

    Blood Orange is honestly the coolest person I’ve ever seen.


    i love this guy so good ✨💙

  6. Alex Davis

    Lightspeed Champion was better.

  7. Sofia Aifos

    Dev, tqm mucho <3

  8. 1120

    Fuckin beautiful

  9. David Franklin

    Black men hold this L

  10. c k

    When you say his name put some RESPECT On it

  11. Κωνσταντινα Νακουδη

    I love this choreo 😍

  12. safouen Bargaoui


  13. Charley Soto

    you give me one reason for live again Dev Hynes thank u for everything Greetings from México

  14. Emily

    100% REALNESS

  15. Rafael Huber

    Hey your Music very gay. Its nice !! Thanks for it !!

  16. Felix Rosario

    No lie I tear up everytime I hear that piano solo

  17. Judith Priestess


  18. c k

    The best... blood takes me there

  19. Kawsiphek

    Why tf are comments disabled on all the new videos?

    Lea Flor

    Because Hynes is a shy boy.

  20. jankoraven

    Came here for Masha and really enjoyed the song!

  21. super Diego Reyes Nuñez

    Blod orange like music

  22. Ocean Style

    This is straight up wierd😂

  23. zakfranco10

    what's with your evolving view?

  24. Kaleigh Sullivan

    Dev smiling so much in this is really honest and beautiful. What a seemingly genuine and lovely man who appreciates women

  25. Kaleigh Sullivan

    Her physical strength is incredibly beautiful

  26. Rodell Warner

    so, so beautiful

  27. sheldance

    R&B beats, Classical piano, Funk bass, New-Wave synth. This is perfection.

    c k

    I know a lot about music and this is great

  28. sheldance

    This is everything.

  29. _chary

    me love this video (*-*/\)

  30. Hector Rodriguez

    You need a gym membership

  31. melanny moreno

    its 2018 and this song still hasn't blown up

  32. scarr_

    Cant listen to this anymore :(
    this was the first song we listened together x

  33. Diitox

    I love this song an unhealthy amount - always have. So glad they allow comments now for this video ❤ ive wanted to say that for over a year 😭

  34. Shayla Thomson

    I was wondering but is he gay?...

  35. Erin S

    i know i LOVE your music! awesome video!

  36. Aubrey Kendler

    Came here for Masha and discovered Dev Hynes. Neat.

  37. Adam W

    werent we supposed to receive the best to you video?

  38. passion777

    Love blood orange....they are the pmdawn of this generation ❤️🎤

  39. friendsandindustry

    Does anyone know the details on how this was filmed? Use of camera's, filters, effects, etc. Very cool indeed.

  40. Ale Zavala

    Can't wait for more music and content like this!!!!! in love, deserves more views

  41. Green Guy

    Ok I was listening to Good music and then this shit wouldn't stop popping up... can you do me a favor and not spam me with garbage while I'm actually Enjoying music? This video is fucking retarded and only better if you mute the sound

  42. Carmen Heras

    PERFECT DANCER! 😀👏😍💘✊💪

  43. John Davis

    Thank you.

  44. Lilly Matthews

    1:41 that girl nearly whipped i saw it

  45. Andrea Gutierrez Haro


  46. seekingsolace

    LOVE the Phil Collins vibes!!!!!!

  47. julia gonzales

    this is amazing ♥

  48. Apostle paul

    I love how hes himself.

  49. Kirill Vasilev

    Great work, homie

  50. Mister Omar

    Dev Hynes, thanks for making the music I live my life too!

  51. pian0s0ngs

    Masha Kotchetkova dance so beautifully and the whole mv, music is taking me into a trance

  52. Tom Royer

    De la grâce !

  53. New Jack Forever

    this man will go down in history as one of the greatest musicians of our generation


    Doubt 100

    Krystal Ha



    For sure.


    he better

  54. HeyJaquieWay

    Loving your new album! <3

  55. Rasavideo

    Lovely moves :)

  56. nightcore tunes

    just found this its good

  57. Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}

    Beautiful...Just Beautiful.

  58. omarstopnow

    Better than me please

  59. Dead Goblin

    баба конешн страшная но негр ниче танцует


    Андрей Бочаров ооо русский

    Dead Goblin


  60. Deva Leobaran

    So beautiful.

  61. Starry&Bohemian

    Whathefuzz/ How is that ...Alain Bruno not commented this yet !
    This is way over the Rainbow (bridge)
    Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes is a true Artist / Those Brits leads the charge

  62. b4mbei

    i cry about this dance, it"s so beautiful

  63. Liv Hoffman


  64. MALIK

    Am I the only one that mind and body relaxes and expands when they hear his music


    I wonder how you gather that tbh.

    Krystal Ha

    @Omnipotent open up your perception of how you decipher information you read.


    @Krystal Ha Go back to guided meditation.

    Krystal Ha

    @Omnipotent I will. Enjoy your empty bleak existence of trolling.


    @Krystal Ha Bleak and trolling don't go together. The whole point of trolling is to have fun.

  65. wrizm212

    This is a Masterpiece

  66. Richard Salatiello

    "What's with your evolving view?" This song is hypnotic and gorgeous, and the video is a wonderful companion. I am obsessed with "Freetown Sound" and his previous album, "Cupid Deluxe." Cannot stop listening. Dev Hynes is remarkably talented. Hope he makes a video for the track "E.V.P." which is arguably the high point of "Freetown Sound."

  67. anjinho

    Waw this is amazing

  68. Pwettypwushie

    I love how he does his own thing. Since Coastal Grooves I knew this man was going to do more and more amazing things and now he's on the featured music page.

  69. Fun Guy

    Is there something wrong with the contrast of this video, or is he really that dark. Can't see shit. Godzilla was easier to spot in that dark-ass movie than his face in this.

  70. Craig

    Very dreamy. Nice.

  71. CodeOnce

    cant even see ma nigga vox racist camera bruv

  72. Mar Salazar

    Too much!!!!! <3 Dev

  73. ersteerste

    Oh my, Masha is gorgeous)

  74. Linus Boudra


  75. Fo Haus

    your music gives me life.

    c k

    All day 2019 may he is life

    c k

    Blood orange is life

  76. Lee Wilder


  77. #bringbackthe80s

    nabhan q

    go listen to 80s music you don't need to "bring it back"

  78. Ghetto Master

    Gay music.

    nat hairsine

    happy music

  79. Andressa Santana

    wel come

  80. Sophia Benjamin

    Just lost myself in this video, in his voice.

  81. Joyce Chen

    Devonte Hynes is the definition of RARE, RAW, REAL <3

  82. Sasha Perez

    Que maravilla

  83. jjameswynn

    She's amazing.

  84. Jojoo Bogner

    Oh god she was with me in the ballett school Haha 😍😍😍

  85. sofiasan1789

    i love the way she dances

  86. lenny kingsburry

    What is this fuckin shit

  87. RachmanDika Adiguna

    real artist

  88. Talen Ted

    iconic figure

  89. mas moer

    AFP - Ingenue 2

  90. Gonçalo Poças

    B e a u t i f u l

  91. judith sanchez

    I love Maria K❤️she is just perfect

  92. ricardo hananias

    They are so beautiful 🙄

  93. Brandon Castillo

    No puedo explicar cuanto amo tu álbum negrito

  94. Ocean Ave

    I was having a really bad day until I noticed you uploaded this. Thank you!!

    Ghetto Master

    When I have a bad day I eat a double bacon chesse burger.

    Ghetto Master

    @nabhan qureshi I don't like memes, why don't they talk and all that white make up just creeps me out, and how do they keep getting trapped in invisible boxes?

    nabhan q

    That's a mime lol

    Ghetto Master

    @nabhan qureshi :!

  95. allnamed

    I really love you dev