Blood Orange - Complete Failure Lyrics

Step out the van and put your clothes on
Out of my sight, a love termite
I know I talk a smooth sweet d'argent
No, Pistol Pete, make you complete
So I sang

You talk so much, it makes me nervous
Shut your pretty face and stay in your place
Where is my beer? Where is my blanket?
Where is my faith? Deep in your face

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Blood Orange Complete Failure Comments
  1. Podlingpocket

    WERRRRRRRRD periodt

  2. Sonny

    .OK. NICE.

  3. Alasstarz

    hey! word

  4. Bolin Cartest

    Bad Girls has over 1million views and this has a little over 6 grand. Both are great. I just don't get people who only end up liking one or 2 songs from an artist.


  5. belcantobelle

    I don't know why, but "word" :) Love this song.

  6. gorath8

    finally found this bloody song