Blondie - Too Much Lyrics

It can't be
You stole the keys from me
You locked me inside my room of gloom

It's too dark to think that I love you
I think love you too much
I love you too damn much

Got to go
Cause now I'm driven
Stop the lies
That I've been livin'
Got to leave
What I've been given
Get another life without your love

Got to go
Cause now I'm driven
Stop the lies
That I've been livin'
Got to leave
What I've been given
Get a new life without your love

I'm not free
I can hardly breath
You locked me outside my heart

It's too dark to think that I love you
I think I love you too much
I love you too damn much

Got to go
Cause now I'm driven
Stop the lies
That I've been livin'
Got to leave
What I've been given
Get another life without your love

Got to go
Cause now I'm driven
Stop the lies
That I've been livin'
Got to leave
What I've been given
Get a new life without your love

You want me to be nothing
You want me to be nothing
Without you
I love you too damn much

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Blondie Too Much Comments
  1. Marcel Truhlar

    Still incredible 💖

  2. Mysllaw M.

    their last few albums have been amazing

  3. Marlon Lo

    I like her better now than before.

  4. Kry Cro

    Still hot blondie💕

  5. Music Universe

    I’ve met Debbie Harry. It was funny I saw a woman with a Blondie t-shirt on and I look at the woman wearing the t-shirt and it was Debbie Harry Lol. She’s a really nice person.

  6. OLD BAY

    Debbie Harry was everything Madonna wanted to be....and was NOT....

  7. henrik echers

    Great chorus. Funky and partystarter



  9. HB D

    Que canción más extraordinaria.

  10. GotDramaAllergy

    Amazing they can still release fresh new music..Then mixed with the classics,who with good music taste would not want to attend?They are still great.

  11. Stefan Falzon

    Love this song too much

  12. Tomasz Jenerowicz

    im starsi, tym lepsi

  13. jaya tissa

    Amazing.. Debbie doesn't grow old. Her rendition of Hour of Glass is my all time favourite.

  14. antonio madureira

    Ta mandando muito bem marcou época blondie

  15. neil hetherington

    Great song!

  16. E. E.

    O love you Debbie, ever.

  17. Vangrand Vangrand

    Ok its OK

  18. Rajendra Prasad

    Ouou u r very dolly,barbie bikini,,,xoxoxo

  19. Rajendra Prasad

    ur music going with times 21/21 years ahead

  20. John Beattie

    In my eyes to this day she was the most beautiful woman to walk this Earth. And still is.

  21. Ralf Uttich

    Debbie, i love you, that`s true.....stay forever!!!

  22. Curt Murray

    she's ageless and ROCKS better than any half her age

  23. James Kendall

    This new HD format usually causes me to vomit violently on the
    streets of Los Angeles. I'm a power puker. If the sidewalks around here
    are munched that was probably due to my barf. It's Hollywood and Los Feliz.
    Whatever it it was I probably did it. I'm seriously guilty of locking blocking Blondie
    right out of her own heart in Hollywood in '75. Blondie still rides ponies.
    I let her out once and awhile from her prison in east Hollywood.

  24. Scott B_

    Where are the views and likes for this song?? Show Blondie some love, bitches!!!!

  25. Inez Cox

    Still beautiful women

  26. David H


  27. very fine

    I want to look like that when I’m her age. That’s why I do yoga everyday;).

  28. Paulo Rocha

    Great song, great blondie, great Debbie!!!

  29. Savva Morozof


  30. hmshyperion

    Blondie forever indeed. Amazing band! Every song they ever did is a winner!. And after 43 years, they're still sharp!

  31. Mark Allen

    Brilliant song.pity no official video release but this video is better than a lot of professional videos I have seen.great work.

  32. CarMaraden

    X :) <3.

  33. Duncan Green

    Thanks Blondie!

  34. Mike j

    Holy shit!!!! She's Awesome! Bless you Ms Debbie!

  35. Lenita Geissler

    A recauchutagem ficou ótima 💛😍

    E. E.

    Para já ter 73 anos de idade , está perfeita e maravilhosa.

  36. Mark Allen

    Pity no official video was made for this single.considering they shot video's for fun,long time and doom or destiny.

  37. manuela knopp

    das ist der hammer da kann cher mit ihr aussehen einpacken denn debbi harry ist einfach der hammer der song ich sage nur das beste was ich die letzten jahrer dich ich auf diesen planeten gehört habe mit aller liebe manuela knopp tut mir lied wegenn mein deutsch

  38. JRTG

    Lana Del Rey needs to cover this

  39. JRTG

    Lana Del Rey needs to cover this

  40. Don P

    Still rocking at 73!

  41. Mark Allen

    Fell in love with this band in 1978.i don't know how they manage to continually produce such great music.

  42. Joss Escar

    MY BLONDIE....

  43. Cyndi A


  44. Cyndi A


  45. Tony Romero

    Me encanta esta canción. Debbie Luce genial, buen trabajo de edición con el audio del álbum.

  46. Princesa Caballero

    the best 4ever

  47. NPC #40249

    wow, this song is actually really great. I love Blondie, keep being a beautiful talented legend forever please!

  48. holarc

    started out very nice, then too much kaleidoscope effect.

  49. NC NC

    BLONDIE Super

  50. ian bentley


    Peter H

    No. It was filmed in September 13, 2017 (Round Chapel in Hackney, London)

    ian bentley

    Good grief, so she's 72 here! Amazing.

  51. Valter Giannini

    Matt Katz Bohen best song EVER.

  52. walendxweg


  53. Mark Donald Ryan Stern

    Harry relevant. Love the new versions!

  54. Mark Donald Ryan Stern

    Thank you for keeping Blondie and Deborah Harry relevant . Love the new versions!

  55. Андрей Забелин

    Too Much...Too Old

  56. Ann B

    We Love you Debbie Harry and Blondie way too much...Awesome, Debbie always looks like a Hollywood Goddess and sounds like the ultimate female icon of the music industry!

  57. NC NC

    Супер! Блонди это воспоминание молодости.Ей можно любоваться, восхищаться и не насытиться. A T O M I K .

  58. Henrique Coelho

    Thaís is an abolutely lovely and qualiy Pop Rock song that I haver not been listening for a while. Well done.


    Did you get a copyright flag on this video? I thought YouTube blocked videos when a music track was used on a video that wasn't the original video?

    mike ather all my videos have copyright claims attached. Regards Mike

    Cool, well at least they didn't block the videos. Great!

    mike ather
    2 have been blocked, I did The Hardest Part and Shadows , which both got blocked.
    Not sure why as there are countless other videos of the same track. With similar footage.

  60. Hedwig Demesmaeker

    Great album (Polinator)...Blondie is back!

  61. BlankRegie

    One of the best off Pollinator!
    Matt Katz Bo has proven a worthy successor to Jimmy Destri!
    Together with Tommy K, they have helped give fresh life to the Blondie sound(s) for the 21st century.
    Would you please make a video for Already Naked next?
    I really hope they will perform it live someday.

    mike ather

    Totally agree, Matt has wrote some great songs for the band. I will see what I can do about your request.
    Regards Mike


    That would be awesome!

    m funk

    love Already Naked


    written 😉

  62. Naomi Guest

    Stunning! Amazing song and performance. I love this band! 🙌😍😎🐝❤

  63. Mary kai

    If she can hardly breathe, perhaps she should consider a wardrobe change ?

    mike ather

    Mary kai
    Love that outfit though.

  64. Feldkurat Katz

    oh fok!

  65. David Press

    Love this new song!! She keeps going and it makes me smile. What an Artist.!!

    David Press

    Blondie I love u too damn much!!

  66. petrolino grine

    She looks absolutely ravishing!

  67. beattiecolleen

    I can't believe she's 72. She looks so good what's her secret

    E. E.

    @David Robertson Man!!!

    Jon Blackers

    I suppose she had extra hair woven in?

    Jon Blackers

    @NPC #40249 at an older age one cannot loose a lot of weight without looking older.

    Trina Johnson

    So Occultist Freemason

    Trina Johnson


  68. Brooklyn Brown-Sater

    Great video! Where did you find the footage?I've been searching for it.

    mike ather

    Brooklyn Brown-Sater
    It was from the roundhouse in London. Regards Mike

  69. barry philp

    love it.should re-release it properly as a double a with doom both with club mixes. both these songs have choruses crying out for club mixes.

  70. reznicek111

    Fantastic video!! Thank you for putting this together. This is my absolute favorite cut off "Pollinator," if not my favorite from the past few years. It reminds me of a time-traveled mirror-image of "Heart of Glass," in the best way.

  71. gittys1982

    I LOVE YOU my queen!!!!!!!!! You are the best!

  72. allseeingeye iswatching

    Is this official?

    mike ather

    allseeingeye iswatching

    No I just thought it deserved a video to go with it.

    allseeingeye iswatching

    Blondie4ever thank you

  73. TheThetingler

    Another great video keep them coming

  74. Stephen Mark Westwood

    Oh my god, my favourite song off Polinator and in my top 5 Blondie songs of all time.....every time I here it I fall in love with it all over again. Best thing that happened in 2017 was this f-ckin amazing song written by Matt Katz-Bohen . I can not thank you enough for giving us this brilliant video. I was so hoping it would be released as a single with a video but now I can die happy :-) :-) You are so creative and professional with these vids, respect to you from me.

    mike ather

    Thank you for your comments I’m very grateful. It takes a great deal of time to produce these videos, so It’s encouraging when someone appreciates them.


    Blondie4ever, yes mike, much appreciated. ✨ please do one for d-day.

  75. Margaret Ferrand

    Is this recent ? Debbie looks incredible !!!

    mike ather

    Margaret Ferrand
    Yes it was from last year.

    Stephen Mark Westwood

    Yeh, 2017 off the new album Polinator. She is THE BEST

    BTS Dance Studio

    Yes last year song from new album. She lost a lot of weight!

  76. Alex Ciak

    well done!

    mike ather

    Alex Ciak thanks Alex