Blondie - My Monster Lyrics

Human beings are stupid things when we're young
Scared stiff straight, all wooze and shakes on us
You just wait, yeah you just wait and
Suddenly we go to muted imagination

Run, it's come, gone, it got to ya
In your heart of darkness
Don't ya get lost in your heart of darkness
Your ghost, my god, there goes my monster

Ghouls and saints and phantoms and what are we afraid of
Who fixates on human states? Take off
You're scared straight, yeah you should wait so
Why you wanna go to insane imagination

Run, it's come, gone, it got to ya
Don't ya get lost in your heart of darkness
Your love, my god, there goes my monster

You're scared straight, yeah you should wait, take off
Foolish games and fire drills
Why you love to

Run, it's come, and gone, it got to ya
Come, gone, it comes, to fascinate
Don't ya get lost in your heart of darkness
Your ghost, dear god, there goes my monster

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Blondie My Monster Comments
  1. DAVID Coles

    love it,, love the album

  2. Velvet 11

    Great track <3

  3. La Serpenta Canta

    they lost it with this album.

  4. Rafael Washington

    Great Song, goot to see Blondie is still around..

  5. Keith Keller

    Still going strong and Sharing........

  6. Jimmy Sánchez

    My monster 🔥

  7. _*Frank 111*_

    Wow 40 años y blondie aun no pierde su esencia.

  8. Stefan Wildone

    Very cool! I'll get the album in any case! But is not that ridiculous, the old pop queens like Debbie Harry and her Band or Kim Wilde show how to make real music and not the circus muck that runs all the time on RTL and co. All day! Sorry for broken English come from Berlin Germany !

    Rui Mateus

    Kim Wilde sure made a comeback with Here Come the Aliens. That and Pollinator are two great masterworks

  9. Keith Keller


  10. battywattywoo

    It's a shame "My Monster" wasn't composed in time for her appearance on the Muppet Show.

  11. Meliemooful

    Reminds me of Alice Cooper's poison, a remix of both might work actually.

  12. Sandra Šiaudvytytė

    Proud to be 14 yrs old and Blondie fan❤❤


  13. joeri desmet

    JOERI d d cold fusion

  14. Ben G. Milligan

    40 yrs later and they still sound the same...
    What a great band...
    Love you guys.
    Keep Rocking!!!!!!!!

  15. tingletangle1

    Why Cartoonbare in the playlist of "Pollinator", is there a motivation, that would not be to break the harmony of a complete album??

  16. Takaya in Action

    nice video

  17. Luis Nicoli

    Este álbum es totalmente GENIAL

  18. Wandeilson Lucena

    this song reminds me of The Hunter album vibe


    Yes! Esp. the songs, "Orchid Club", "For Your Eyes Only", "Dragonfly", and "War Child".

  19. Marco Aurelio

    Fantastic song! Thanks Johnny! Thanks Blondie!

  20. Isidro Martínez

    Next videooooo ❤

  21. IssekoftheJug1

    One of the worst songs on the album - barely tolerable. Most of the rest of them are fantastic.

  22. greenzelda

    I love this album!

  23. FinalGamerJames

    I cannot believe Debbie Harry's like 72 now

    Holy shit that voice is incredible

  24. jason mora


  25. Patricia Norton

    its not just western europe my european friend,thats all over the world these days...very much so here in middle america..people are afraid to say what they feel and think

  26. IssekoftheJug1

    This is actually one of the poorer songs on the album. Pollinator is an amazing record to come up with at this point.

  27. Spoder

    Johnny Marr has done it again


    TeddyB3AR Yep, he made mediocre music for an old band. Congratulations.

  28. Duff Baker

    This is the Blondie sound I like best. Harks back to their pure pop-rock days of yore. Fantastic!

  29. Mike Youngblood

    I had avoided this record as I was afraid Blondie had lost their touch with new music, I am happy to have been dead fucking wrong. Kick Ass

  30. Garry Whiting

    good album from Debbie harry with my gay partner Stephen Clarke

  31. Patrick Grenier

    eh see at paris 28.060.2017 just good

  32. Fran Carabajal

    I love being 22 and living for Blondie since I was 8. By far my favourite band. Congrats for the awesome new music!

  33. kurt31451

    This is a hit. Should be the song of the summer.

  34. Emo Paper

    Y she's not getting millions views? My friends loving it too

  35. axel flores

    I loooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Otto Greenleaf

    Wish I was Deborah's monster. Catchy tune. Cheers!


    They Haven't Lost A Step, Love My Deborah Harry! #LEGEND!


    Total Hit. Fave

  39. Nathan Newman

    great tune - you can really hear Marr in here

  40. mrbojangles977

    Yet another awsome album song from the greatest band ever ...

  41. Christopher crow

    wonderful song😀 gotta love

  42. gri bouille

    ♥♥♥ yeah♥ love song

  43. jendrix56

    Great!!!!! always!!

  44. suoquainen

    Saw a short documentary on TV`ve gotten old, but that isn`t a bad thing, because this reminds me how old i have gotten. :)

  45. Dimasyuda Pratama

    semangat yah tetus sayamah sudah pirkirkan pengen tenang hidup saya pada anak saya dan saya hanya berdoa maafkan saya jika saya banyak salah semangat yah

  46. Harald Enggauer

    ... you could have done better, Deb. Couldn't we aaaaaaall?  Love it, and me stands in AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. trunks

    Johnny Marr...what a man!

  48. quillopad

    And this is how one remains relevant. Tick-tock, tick-tock, there goes the clock. Every tick precious, every tock fleeting. Debbie knows how to catch a tick-tock and make something of it. Hero!

  49. mrbojangles977

    So chuffed my favorite band since 1977 still makes me feel so good ...

  50. Janne Elfstrand


  51. max Vicious

    it's good to see they still have the punk vibe

    Awake 7

    New wave**

  52. Gerry Ulled

    hi maxine, david, sherri, meryl, jp, Nancy and ron

  53. Gerry Ulled

    you know who you are

  54. Gerry Ulled

    BTW my MONSTERS are still chasing me

  55. Marina Red

    Προσκυνάμε Debbie Harry!

  56. Mikel Fuertes

    Pues muy bien pero es que ya no compro discos ni los pirateo ni nada.

  57. Kvn Manss

    me gusta buena canción saludos desde chile

  58. Patrick Grenier


  59. Patrick Grenier

    just blondie

  60. Michelle Taylor

    Great that my monster the movie is coming out at the same time as My Monster the song. Synchronisticity at it's finest. bob samick

  61. Stella Starlight

    This is so much better live. I feel this is substantially over mixed. I don't care for the production at all.

  62. Anti-Patriot009

    Wow, this is pretty fucking good!

  63. Luka


  64. ąnçhęlįcħ☥✠

    Confirmed! Clem in cymbals is a Colossal Monster!!!

  65. ąnçhęlįcħ☥✠

    "Pollinator" out 5/5/17
    Va a estar bueno experimentar estos sonidos por Tidal.

  66. Dack Conroy

    It feels so wonderful to be so stoked for this album

  67. George Bosse

    Oh and Debbie, I am second row seat 13 front and center in Denver. I love you. You are my hero.

  68. George Bosse

    I turn 50 this year. I was listening to Blondie in the 5th grade. The music from this album is hitting that special place that I felt with Parallel Lines, Plastic Letters and Blondie and it's 2017. I am thrilled for them. What a superb artistic group. THANK YOU BLONDIE!

  69. richard gray

    I will buy the album (cd and vinyl) but not cassette, as there is no way that we need to be that retro ! Or do we ?

  70. Alex Ciak

    just great

  71. REPORTE _177

    BLONDIE por siempre!!.

  72. Emely Galvan

    Blondie always doing the damn best...truly cant wait for this album. Thank you for your presence debbi!!!! <3

  73. Víctor Manuel Palacios

    *Saludos desde Piura - Perú **#BlondieinPerú*

  74. calicomoonchild

    My favourite of the new material thus far, so catchy!

  75. Patrick Grenier

    the sound of blondie punk rock i like

  76. Teresa Underground

    Blondie is back!
    Love you! And Love your music! <3 I am proud of you

  77. dan lawson

    VIDEO !  VIDEO !!!!!  VIDEO !!!!!!!!

  78. James Lawler

    Fun has the best chance of top charting on the new album IMO. Best ever Blondie IMHO... Panic of Girls. Omg; listen to it every day...

  79. Ego Dominus Pro Veritat

    And how do you take your pizza? you old fat bitch!

  80. Gary Poole

    this song gives me goosebumbs like Heart of Glass or Dreaming. Could be off the first 4 Albums. 5 stars.

  81. Astat18

    Good to hear her voice after years, sounds awesome.

  82. AdAm0i

    Love Blondie as much as me? Then follow me on twitter @culcul71

  83. tedracefan

    Loving this song, their best effort since "Maria" in my opinion. Hopefully American radio does not choose to ignore Pollinator like they have the past 3 Blondie albums.

  84. Idol Billy

    Awesome x

  85. ed germ

    Eat to the beat rocks!

  86. Miguel Trejo G.


    human beings are stupid things
    when we're young
    scared striff straight all wooze and shakes
    on us
    you just wait, yeah you just wait and
    suddenly we go to
    beauty imagination

    Run, it's come, gone, you've got to yeah
    in, your, heart, of darkness
    don't try, get lost, in your heart of darkness
    you're ghost, my god, there goes my monster

    Ghouls and saints and phantoms and
    what are we afraid of?
    new fixates on human states
    take off
    You're scared straight, yeah you should wait so
    why you wanna go to
    insane imagination

    Run, it's come, gone, you've got to yeah
    don't try, get lost, in your, heart of darkness
    your love, my god, there goes monster.

    you're so straight, yeah you should wait
    take off
    foolish games and fire drills
    you love to

    Run, it's come, and gone, you've got to yeah
    come, gone, it comes, to fascinate
    don't try, get lost, in your heart of darkness
    you're ghost, dear god, there goes my monster.

  87. Miguel Trejo G.

    almost 72 years debbie and u still rock it!!!!!

  88. Dreams Clifford

    Is a excelente song Love Blondie. ...

  89. ed germ

    Love this!

  90. Anita Thomas

    The genius of johnny marr really has no limits

  91. Quirki

    I'm HYPED. 😃

  92. Roger Jarvis

    So DAMN GOOD!!!!

  93. Hawke

    So proud of you grandmother Debbie! <3

  94. Jackson Rhoads


  95. Oliver Senese

    Johnny Marr!

  96. Erel Shir

    unbeliveable debbie is 71 years old! amazing!

  97. natalia27TV

    This song sound like 11.59, the best!!

  98. blondiemaniac

    Great track by a great band. Pollinator already album of the year after 2 tracks !

  99. Gilberto Medina

    Blondie por siempre! !!!