Blondie - (I'm Always Touched) By Your Presence Dear Lyrics

Was it destiny
I don't know yet
Was it just by chance? Could this be Kismet?
Something in my consciousness told me you'd appear
Now I'm always touched by your presence dear
When we play at cards you use an extra sense (it's really not cheating)
You can read my hand, I've got no defence
When you sent your messages whispered loud and clear
I am always touched by your presence dear
Floating past the evidence of possibilities
We could navigate together, psychic frequencies
Coming into contact with outer entities
We could entertain each one with our theosophies

Stay awake at night and count your R.E.M.'s when you're talking with your super friends
Levitating lovers in the secret stratosphere
I am still in touch with your presence dear
I am still in touch with your presence dear
I am still in touch with your presence dear, dear, dear, dear, dear

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Blondie (I'm Always Touched) By Your Presence Dear Comments
  1. Wonky Alice

    All this bollocks about spending thousands of dollars , so Mr Branson can whizz you around the Earth's orbit.
    Hows about spending money on a decent time machine that can whizz us normal human beings 40 years back in time , when life was simple & music was original , edgy and damn cool.

  2. Skinny Dee

    Love song to Andy.

  3. Skinny Dee

    Only one criticism, the song is too short.

  4. pinko palinko

    She is like Sylvie Vartan ( my young "love" !... )

  5. Alondra Delgado

    Me fascina está canción

  6. Google Google

    It s all over now baby blue!

  7. DavidH

    Not surprising I never got hitched.. the bar was raised too high

  8. Jesamine O'Brien

    I am always touched by your presence..

  9. jamie foyers

    Great song especially for those of us that can pick up on certain "things" in the aether...and in dreams..and sometimes in the most unexpected places and unexpected times..and online too..

  10. rich smith

    Shes so great better than the talking pop stars of today

  11. Vlad Vampirelord

    Much love for BLONDIE!

  12. Bob Berch

    I would be a useless boyfriend. I would just gawp at her all the time! Mesmerizing beauty!

  13. The Glamazon Club

    Atomic Blonde The Stars ( Are Out Tonight )

  14. Steve Pettit

    Iam a huge blondie fan and presence dear one of my favourite songs of theirs totally awesome .



  16. Jonathan Dyment

    Levitating lovers in the secret stratosphere lol

  17. ken millwall1885

    Debbie Harry smoking hot.
    Pure class and a great band too

  18. Charlietwice

    If I was a woman I’d look like her 😂

  19. David M

    I was at this gig at the Top of Pops studio in London....shared a joint with Clem....good memories


    @Rob SAmpson He was a great drummer,still is.I not a Blondie fan but this tune was pretty good.

    Jason Barnes

    You’re not the Rob Sampson who worked for BA with Geordie & Carl are you ?

    Cycling Go!

    @Jason Barnes yes it's him. There is only one Rob Sampson.

  20. Bardotte

    And some guy had the arrogance to say this week that Debbie Harry of the 1970 & 80’s was not good looking ! No, she was incredibly Beautiful .

    Robert Dickson

    Bardotte he should get his eyesight tested

  21. orhan baki

    wonderful song...

  22. jorge luis gutierrez garcia

    61 years old ,in team Blondie

    Michael Mckenna

    Debbie is 74 years old now.

  23. Grenzenlos Tour

    Growing up with this...and miss, just miss this kind of Music today....Today every idiot means they can be (or are) the best singer in the world, just want to earn trillions of dollars for some boring 3/4 Beat one hit wonder, just for this 15 minutes fame on the red carpet....But the totally forget what music is: Dreaming, Passion, Fun, Freedom, Art and Rebellion! Hope one day we find back to the roots.

  24. t e r I N E E D L E R

    The most beautiful woman in the entire world and it’s parallel universes squared!

  25. Christiane Fuchs

    J aime ce groupe et les clips, Fabrice fuchs de holving

  26. orhan baki

    Thank you my Lord, dear Deborah Harry is a wonderful gift of YOU to us musicfans and I love dear Deborah Harry very much...Orhan Baki from Germany.

  27. Fr an

    Soo Truly Beautifull

  28. ian mcgregor hart

    Favourite Blondie song.

  29. Ada Wong

    I love 70's - 80's

  30. Media Mike

    ...............Blondie..............Oh yes.............

  31. Evil Vhs

    too good looking, how annoying!

  32. Mike Tarrant

    Gary Valentine wrote this song but left Blondie later


    He has never got the recognition he deserves.

  33. Annie Bygrave

    These lyrics remind me of a boyfriend I had years ago. He could look at a card and I could tell him what it was if he just touched my arm.

    Thought we'd be together forever but it wasn't to be. Yet sometimes we meet in dreams even now. I'm 61 yrs old this year.

    Marty Mcfly

    Annie Bygrave that's sad

    robert tucker

    That's a sad story. I hope you have found happiness in your life.

  34. Arfur Watt

    Love the lead and rhythm guitars playing together at 1:20

  35. Marty Mcfly

    Maybe my favorite blondie song..

    bruce lee


  36. Colin Preston


  37. Isabel Laing

    Awww What a beauty with an awesome voice Love Blondie Absolute Classic 💞💏💓

  38. Gerard Gray

    Blondie created magic with their music.soundtrack to my youth.

  39. rachelle ryan

    hearing a birra abba here

  40. Jim McHale

    I keep dropping my tv remote, she has some effect!


    or you had a stroke


    never get tired, of listening to the greatest group ever, to grace our lives,so many memmeries, shame they split up in the end


    Greatest group ever yes i agree ,the original members were awsome but Blondie are still making awsome tunes today...checkout gravity...


    mrbojangles977 all great things must come to an end ,blondie was a group of talented musicians, never to late to reform xxxxx


    The original line up will never reform ...WHY !! Pollinator thats why the band has moved on and are still making awsome tunes..

  42. Mar tín

    This song makes me cry

    Teemu Haapala

    It has black magic on it.

    Hank J Wimbleton

    Martín Terrones EXACTLY

  43. Paolo Taormina

    Her lips....My God

  44. leonard Vinci

    Debbie , la Femme.

  45. Desire Satana

    Such an eternally beautiful woman.

    Dieter H.

    Have you seen her now?!

    Desire Satana

    Iconic. Fabulous!! Not washed out or washed up. I love her.

    Grahame Dodd

    did you expect her to look the same, she is 71 for fuck sake,.....

  46. Clair Duffy

    It really isn't cheating you know!

  47. Tim Barrett

    It's about a ghost.

  48. Caroline Percy


  49. Alpha Go

    lovely lyrics

  50. rob shelley

    toss up between this, "telephone" or "picture this" all time blondie fav, probably Picture This just shades this one, although Clem kills the drums here (as ever)


    +rob shelley Almost impossible to have to pick their best song, there are so many gems.


    For me it's Union City Blue, but Parallel Lines is like a Greatest Hits, brilliant song after song, not many bands can pull it off, Nevermind is another. I MHO


    Then of course there is the awesome "Eat to the beat" LP, again every song is great except for the weird "Victor".

    John Hughes

    The great Clem Burke!

  51. MeloLand

    Great song, I love it.

  52. superemposed

    eye candy!!

  53. jordan ross

    Stunning!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 still my favourite group , forever x

  54. joydivisionboy1

    Happy 70th Birfday Debbie

  55. whocareswho

    Ace track and the drummer is on fire! Easy among their top 4 songs.


    @whocareswho The drummer, Clem Burke, is easily one of the best the world has ever seen.

  56. superemposed

    I find this song almost hypnotic, it is one of my favorites from their Plastic Letters album.

    bruce lee

    its really not cheating!

  57. Jack Harkness

    love this song

  58. Diablo GAGA

    I'm in love

    Media Mike

    …………..I have been since 1978...………..

  59. Alan Self

    the lady still rocks.still the lady

  60. jagtiger1

    Clem rules!

    Rob Buglass

    jagtiger1 indeed he does ( still)

    Media Mike

    ……….…….I didn't come to see some jerk bashing drums ! I came to see Blondie...………..

  61. Rudi Rude

    my mate could of fucked her and instead snorted all her coke then left her hanging so your statement is not correct.


     Little boy it never happen ever and that's a fact! Rude and crude.


    @Rudi Rude What really happened no girls would come near the both of you so you snorted a packet of space dust put a blonde wig on and butt plugged each other.

  62. JoeTyler85

    classic intro riff

  63. Helen Freud

    good memories

  64. superemposed

    Debbie Harry is an incredibly sexy woman, her beauty is quite astonishing, I bet there isn’t a straight guy any where that has not wanked over her. 


    Grow up, You need anger management don't walk run.


    @65rowan I`m just saying what I already said.,It`s not my fault you can`t see that,no troll skills anyway pal. 

    Kira Kanashimi

    Well I came here to listen to a song...

    Brick World

    p123, I think it's obsession...

    Michael Mckenna

    @BestCanKeanRob2 The only plank around here is "surprise" you, you damaged flat pack.

  65. Ni5ei

    I think I was 9 when I first saw this. This came right after Denis was number 1 here and these songs really got me into music. 36 years ago. Holy crap, how time flies. And still in love with Debbie!

  66. michael crompton

    She may have been a bunny girl, but that was the height of the glamour industry at that time, she is still beautiful today and just as enchanting, For information: Blondie still tour today and have had a few albums out since their heyday.,the new single is in collaboration with Beth Ditto.

  67. superemposed

    I love the mirror effect to this vid, very well put together, Debbie looks so dam sexy enough to make any guy go weak at the knees by the way two Debbie's is better than one

  68. aaron milner

    i forgot how beautiful she was what a stunner. she puts all the fake women around in todays music to shame.

    Michael Mckenna

    How can anyone forget how beautiful and talented Debbie was.

  69. superemposed

    yea, same here too also, they are a pain

  70. superemposed

    Debbie`s beauty is MIND BLOWING!!

  71. Adrian Goddard

    Heart of Glass will be played at my funeral. lol. Blondie. Class.

  72. derekthesec

    Very cool song and video

  73. Michael Marshall

    This along with Dreaming and Maria are better than some of the more popular Blondie tracks.

  74. superemposed

    Debbie's beauty is so astonishing it is almost un-earthly, this is one of my favorites by Blondie and I like the mirror effect in this video.

  75. superemposed

    I love this, its kinda hypnotic and full of hooks, and with Debbie's extreme beauty, its as if she is from outta space cos she seems too beautiful to be from Earth. Debbie is the one for me.

  76. grimmyx22


  77. superemposed

    I like this song so much that it has an emotional effect on me, and partly by the way Debbie looks, her looks and voice is just incredible, her beauty is un-earthly and beyond what any words can describe. To me she is the most beautiful woman ever, there will never be another Debbie Harry. I am hooked on Blondie and Debbie Harry of th marvelous band.

    Media Mike

    …………..I saw her first...………….Get your hands off my property...………..

  78. superemposed

    @slowhoon he is the best!

  79. superemposed

    I love this song by Blondie, I find it kind of hypnotic and soothing, and as for Debbie, well, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…her beauty is astonishing, incredible and un-believable. I am in love with this baby. For me Blondie are the best band out of the 70s and always will be for me.

  80. Alan Laing

    Clem Butler was recently given an honorary PhD from the University of Gloucestershire for his work on a drumming project...

  81. slowhoon

    Clem's drumming is just fantastic.

  82. vinylsurrender

    Something annoys me about the way the other band members bounce around, trying to take attention away from Debbie. If only they were as cool as she was.

  83. mark pursglove

    clem burke,what a drummer!

  84. superemposed

    Debbie Harry is the most beautiful, sexy woman on our planet, and her band are awesome. Her voice combined with those pounding drums and guitars make them the greatist band from the 70s for me.

  85. alSation81

    if this came out today, it still sounds very modern and up to date.

    Blondie was amazing

    Ian Tagg

    alSation81 IS

    Elinor Jones

    Agnetha from ABBA is beautiful but somehow Debbie Harry had those endless mezmorizing looks. No guy would miss her. Elinor. Female and straight.