BlocBoy JB - No Velcro Lyrics

Told that nigga he can eat the taco with motherfuckin' ayy (huh?)
I told that nigga he can eat the taco with one hand, not fuckin' two hands (yeah, yeah yeah yeah)
And I, okay, hold up, yeah (word word word)
Hold up, hey, hold up, hey (wicka-wicka-wicka-word word word)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah

East side crippin' (crip), 700 livin' (hundred)
Pull up on a nigga, pop him like a penicillin (word, word, word)
Shoot him while he chillin' (huh?), take a nigga children (that's on my mama)
I don't give a fuck, bitch I'm tryna get a million (yeah yeah yeah)
Bitch I need them commas, bitch I'm on the comeup (come up)
Your bitch on her knees, she put her tongue up (tongue up)
Dick up in her tonsils (she slurpin')
I be kicking shit like a punter (punter)
It's eleven thirty, she's a luncher (luncher), I'm a stunner (stunner)
I got your bitch wet like my jewelry (wet wet)
Everywhere I go, don't need security (no security)
A nigga grew a beard, that's maturity (that's maturity)
Now everywhere I go, all these bitch niggas fearin' me (hoes)
Bitch it ain't no ho in me, ayy it's on go with me (word)
I just sold a bow of weed in Memphis, Tennessee (yeah)
No janitor I got the keys, no ocean I'm the C (yeah yeah yeah)
And I be ballin', ain't no coaching me (word)
You stylin', you ain't close to me (close)
Musical chairs, sit your ass down (sit your ass down)
I felt like I retired when I gave that boy the last round (rrah rrah)
Say you wanna jack, well I'm finna beat your ass now (what's up?)
Treat you like a blunt, watch how quick I get him passed down (gas gas)
Walked in the room, I got your bitch with her pants down (with her ass out)
I shot that nigga, now he six feet in some sand now (nigga he dead)
I keep a fan, guess I'm somewhere in the stands now (in the stands now)
I don't think these pussy niggas stand a chance now (stand a chance now)
Really eatin', thirty in my car, make 'em pop a wheelie
Bitch I keep that chocolate like I'm Wonka, really
Bananas in my pocket, it's a jungle (it's a jungle), illy
He tried to rob me but I had a chopper, silly

Yeah, yeah, he's silly
Nigga tried to pop me, nigga ate a wheelie
Tabo in this bitch and he acting real silly
CB in this bitch and you know it's grippy
Grippy, grippy, don't say trippy
Forty on my hippy, nigga you'll get drippy
Ayy, you can get it bitch, I don't give a fuck, ho
Pull up with that thirty, smoke your ass like some like some crack though
We don't smoke none of, none of that though
Get your, get your bitch ass smacked though, ayy
And I always keep a fucking stack ho
And my pockets big big, yeah that's a fat ho, ugh
Yeah, that's a fat ho
And I'm in this bitch leaning like I'm Fat Joe
Yeah, yeah, and my heart slow
I can't love a bitch 'cause you know my heart cold, bitch
Jeepers creepers, scarecrow
And a nigga get stomped in some shell toes
Yeah, yeah, I don't rock no velcro
Yeah, yeah, I don't rock no velcro, bitch

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BlocBoy JB No Velcro Comments
  1. BMS TV

    Ho is here cause of elitelife kd

  2. Dominoes37

    take a nigga chirren 🤣🤣

  3. K J

    Eat the taco wtf does that mean sounds like some gay shit to me 😂😂😂

  4. K J

    This nigga goin in

  5. Zeba 055a


  6. Slug Boi

    Not with two hands, *REMEMBER THAT*

  7. TonyKickz


  8. RatHead 2000

    Can I have a taco? Like if you want one too 🌮🌮

  9. Tide Pod

    Told em he can eat the taco with one hand

  10. Shaqq Daddy Rantz

    😂😂I told that nigga he can eat the taco with 1 hand bro wtf😂😂💀

  11. Ernest Fofane

    Walter__bowser ?

    Xxjoshua Ramos

    Ernest Fofane yep


    I told that nigga he can eat the taco with muh Fukin...... I TOLD THAt nigga he can eat the taco with one hand naw FUK it TWO HAND

  13. Lotus blakk

    Tacos nigga really 😂

  14. 21-Chase Roger

    Eat WHAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!????????

  15. Welcome back to the Chan Chan

    What if i have no hands do i still eat the taco

  16. All Time Music Hits

    But nobody gone say nun bout the taco line

  17. The Kid

    when he said not fuckin 2 hands i felt that

  18. Spotem Gotem

    The taco bar is about ah nigga eating da Shells from da glock and he shootin with 1 hand lmao

  19. ricky rb

    Niggas be sayin anything now

  20. shecravesugly

    elitelife kd got me here

  21. g-money

    No ocean im the C

  22. Lil Gucci/Bye

    BlocBoy JB - No Velcro (Official Audio)

  23. CaptainBadasX

    1 Year later
    still fire

  24. Travis gaming TM

    The bass is hard asf🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Marcus Dorris

    A nigga grew a beard thats maturity LMAO!!!!!!

  26. Nanos

    I told that nigga he can eat a taco with one hand no fucking two hands.

  27. Angelica Powell

    I ❤️ him

  28. Sam Sule


  29. Mauricio Galvan

    Best song on the album

  30. Toby Okunola

    On repeat

  31. Toby Okunola

    Fuckin Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. eastcoast dolphin

    Friend: There's this one blockboy song I mess with.
    *Friend plays song on a road trip*
    Everyone: Is he telling niggas how to eat tacos?!

  33. damnn g

    Bass hard as shittttt

  34. itzskyraa Tyler

    1- zvoXyxdxxxgcfffc

  35. nate dogg

    BlocBoy JB is one of the bet rappers alive

    Jae Paul


  36. Davontae Traylor

    I swear this my new favorite song this shit go crazy 💪🏽🔥🔥


    Mine is No Chorus Pt 11

  37. babyfacelocsta keway

    East side crip'n

  38. Diemon 808


  39. Shxdow Skies

    this dinosaur makes good muzik

  40. lil sonic boom

    That is this beat called

  41. Christian Cecil

    Hahha I live in memphis like I have known he is from Memphis but I just think it’s so funny

  42. Marijan Johnson

    So no one cares about that sus ass "I told the nigga he can eat the taco with 1 hand nah fuck it two hands"? WTF?

  43. LarboLarb

    So nobodies gonna talk about the taco line?


    Hes gay

    Nick Costi

    best line

    Nick Costi

    @Yello Tape
    Mac and cheese shells? Mmmmmmm

    Royshard Thomas

    @Yello Tape 💯💯💯

    AngelB09YT Cool wolf boy

    Meaning you can get the bullets bruh either 1 hand or muthafucking 2 HANDS

  44. Peppa Pig

    I love this beat

  45. Andrew Lil Goat Flum

    beat go hard

  46. Bernie Ware

    All heat from blocboy

  47. idontlikeyou

    Eat the taco with 1 hand smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Royshard Thomas

    Wit 1 hand naw fuckin 2 handz🔫🔫

    B Snow

    Yea yea yea yea yea

  48. K Dub

    “ I got your bitch wet like jewelry 😵”

  49. Kelly Elix

    Shoot em while he chillin

  50. Tyshun Green

    Told that nigga he can eat the taco😦😱🤔



  52. morgan1197

    Beats are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Mitchell Bailey


  54. OTR K-80

    big Pause!!

  55. Antwon Benson

    Famous dex?? Lol

  56. Audrey JEFFERSON


  57. Toni Joseph

    💪Still listening. Destiny told me.

  58. boy

    Blocboy only dropping bangers

  59. John Doe

    Probably my favorite song on the album, but of course the whole album is fire.

  60. Duco

    Everyone on the Blocc boy wave but Young Dolph been sounding like this

    TyShade and Jraw

    Unordinary Jarmall 😂😂😂😂 right


    Unordinary Jarmall Bruh he sounds exactly like him fytb

    Wavyy Jarmall

    Dead Dream no the shit he don’t 😂😂 not even a little

    james egeland

    Not even fucking close.

    Supreme Ways

    @Duco Maybe Because They From the Same City

  61. davo curls


  62. Abraham Kayal

    this is fucking horrible

  63. Adam Jason


  64. Bossmanmeade

    This beat is very HARD

  65. Ian Gondwe

    the base

  66. makul kidz

    straight outta BLOCK

  67. Lu Ace

    Prince Of 2018🔥🚶🏾🤘🏾

  68. Noah Mayon

    So why can’t the nigga eat the taco however he wants to?


    thats on my momma!

  70. AyeJustin

    Told that nigga he can eat the taco 🌮 wit mufuckin......😂🔥

  71. deyshawn Strickland

    this shit go hard

  72. Itz CY Music

    This aint even just fire. This LAVA

  73. Ethan Chiasson

    Who Produced?

  74. Ethan Chiasson

    Best track in a while 🔥🔥🔥

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    This Shit Ass ! 😂💯

  76. Rightinthekisser

    This joint fire

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    👌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🅱️⛽️💨👀Chiraq bump dis heat brutha

  78. Will

    Best song off the tape and it’s not even close.

  79. beboutbidness

    Rajon Rondo probably hates this song

  80. Bruce Wayne

    Png 700 🍇st shit no jelly 😈♿

  81. Globoi Tv

    *901 MEMPHIS SHYT BITCH〽️〽️*

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    Blocboy is on fire right now

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    He going crazy fr damn 🔥

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    Say you wanna jack? well im finna beat yo ass now 😂😂🔥

    king blue

    Antonio howard I read that shit right when he said it

    Dondon 4

    king blue ong

    king blue

    Treat you like a blunt watch how quick I get em passed down

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    Too fye

  87. Edoardo Biasco

    this music is better than cocaine


    bangers ever since look alive

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    That's on my mommaaa 😎

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    I like his energy .And he from the south