BlocBoy JB - Mercedes Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh
Go 'head, O
Ha, ha
Ayy, Dil
Ha, ha

How you got the bag when your Rollie outdated? ('Dated)
My lil' bitch, she bad, and she drive a Mercedes (Skrt)
Two twin Glock the mag, call 'em Mary and Katie (Katie)
Your bitch in love with the white, she wanna marry Slim Shady (That's on my momma)

Woah, she want the blow, I know (Know)
Where's your Glock? My coat (Coat), deja vu, I done seen this before ('Fore)
Rendezvous on your bitch on the low (Woah), stick and move when I fuck on your ho (Ooh)
I can tell how she move, she a pro (Yeah), shh, nobody know (Huh)
I can tell you your mom worried 'bout, she work a 9 to 4 (Work)
I heard your bitch know how to rap, I just might sign the ho (Sign)
And your crew, I'ma line 'em up (Huh), I'll shoot you, where your spine'll go (Word)
And you say that you throwin' them bullets, but tell me where the fuck the spiral go (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Nigga, John Wall, Wizard, Dan [?], kick ya (Kick ya)
We don't shake no hands with the opposition, nigga (Fuck 'em)
LA Clippers, Eastside Cripper (Crip)
Keep playin' with my dogs 'til I make 'em go and sic ya

How you got the bag when your Rollie outdated? ('Dated)
My lil' bitch, she bad, and she drive a Mercedes (Skrt)
Two twin Glock the mag, call 'em Mary and Katie (Katie)
Your bitch in love with the white, she wanna marry Slim Shady (That's on my momma)
How you got the bag when your Rollie outdated? ('Dated)
My lil' bitch, she bad, and she drive a Mercedes (Skrt)
Two twin Glock the mag, call 'em Mary and Katie (Katie)
Your bitch in love with the white, she wanna marry Slim Shady (That's on my momma)

How you got the bag when your Rollie outdated?
How you got the bag when your Rollie outdated?
H-h-how you got the bag when your Rollie outdated?
When your Rollie outdated, your Rollie outdated-dated

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  1. Jason Whalen

    Copied da baby’s flow

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  3. Phil Azor

    Need for speed heat brought me hear and this song is fire 🔥

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    Why does he sound like da baby

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    need for speed made me like this song

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    NEED FOR SPEED HEAT brought me here!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍

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    Кто русский?))

  11. ExiledZXR

    mv aint my style but the song is fire

  12. Jimmy V

    Who else came here from NFS Heat?

  13. Rammiii

    *_Palm city_*

  14. notjaredd

    Need for speed?

  15. Santiago Guzman

    Best soundtrack of NFS Heat

  16. WhoShotDat aka NiteVisionz

    One verse ass niggas at least do 2

  17. WhoShotDat aka NiteVisionz

    Why these niggas songs getting shorter and shorter???

  18. Thee_Antagonist_

    Need for speed heat

  19. S vurve

    Hot shower? Stalin?

  20. Headshot []

    That's on my mama

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  22. RepliKaXe

    aye thank ghost games for putting this song in nfs heat it's fire

  23. DualerOne1

    NFS HEAT 💥💯💥

  24. Cecy Vazquez

    nfs heat?

  25. Leonardo Medina


  26. Bang Celestine

    Need 4 Speed heat got dis song stuck in my head 😂

  27. Abhishek Kumar

    Which model of Mercedes is this

  28. Bader Abo Altoyur

    Whoever hears the song this is from need for speed heat

  29. Marlon Crombach

    Slim shady better over 9000000000000 in you loser

  30. Stephen Griffith

    Came here after hearing it on nfs heat 😂😂😂 🔥

  31. Blaze

    Heard This On Nfs Heat And Thought I Was Trippin 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. sprim 2003

    NFS Heat 🔥

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  35. Giovanni Pineda

    I love how i found this on need for speed 🔥

  36. Jim Raynor

    Thats not how you say mercedes🤦‍♂️

  37. Gmoney Man

    Who’s here from Need for Speed Heat🔥🔥

    josh baird

    Gmoney Man yep

    Trevør Ackert



    Douglas MacArthur

    Bruh I don't even remember hearing this on NFS Heat 😁

  38. Highrussian Banzay

    WOW I’m confused how does this video not have a 100 mill yet?

  39. Andrea Maccarrone

    Im here before he hits 1Million and because of NFS Heat

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    Need For Speed Heat gang??


  41. Roderick Christian

    Anybody realize how nle choppa stole blocboy whole style...🤔

  42. poptarthacker505

    need4speed heat brought me here

  43. Meme Negroto Rios

    🖕this bad song

  44. Tristan Hübner

    Who's the idiot who putted this bullshit track in the NFS Heat soundtrack?

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    found this on need 4 speed heat

    jurassic 3x

    hullup NLE CHOPPA stole his dance

    MRE Riches

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    How u got a rollie when u unemployed? 😂

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  53. BrothersBogard

    nfs heat

  54. Darth_ Simon

    Here Because my Favorite song OF NFS Heat its sooooooooo lit I love your track and i drive a Mercedes

  55. omayra santiago

    Need For Speed Heat brought me.

  56. Assxmption

    Anyone here from NFS Heat lol


    Assxmption I knew the song when it came out and was so surprised to hear it in nfs


    @TRAPSTERS ENT. I wish they had more Rap songs like this in the game.


    Assxmption you got ps4?


    @TRAPSTERS ENT. Yessir, my psn is Assxmption

    Andrew Frazier Jr.

    Assxmption shits dumb they don’t let you race to this music though. Day race music is all Spanish then night music is just fucking ass

  57. xxzeige

    Who here from need for speed heat

  58. Carlos Vasquez

    Nfs heat sountrack

  59. Andrius Valuntonis

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  60. 1991 honda NSX

    Is it sad that i only know this song from nfs heat?

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    Blacked out Mercedes driving through Palm city with this song on🔥

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    Yeah. Shout out for NFS.... putting mumble rap trash in the game.

    Jarrett Spinks

    Damn my nigga why you here if you mad?

    Tristan Hübner

    @Jarrett Spinks To laugh about idiots like you.

    Jarrett Spinks

    Tristan Hübner damn bro you starting to sound like a bitch right now fam you might want to do something about that

  67. aldinondatrack



    I heard this finna be on NFS Heat

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    I think this needs a remix with Dababy

    jurassic 3x

    The Fedora Cat why cuz. HA

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    sound like lock em in the trunk beat

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    any one here ???

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    Dear Ghost Games ..
    this song should be in Need for speed heat🔥🔥

    josh baird

    27 btrixx ur

    Trevør Ackert

    It is??????

    gaming ZABRAK

    you know you fixed it because you edited it buddyyyyyyy

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    This shit in NFS Heat bruh.

    Daniel Hillegus

    @Tristan Hübner stfu boomer

    Tristan Hübner

    @Daniel Hillegus Idiot.


    Tristan Hübner the payback soundtrack has only one Good song

    Tristan Hübner

    @Expellius Are you serious?


    Tristan Hübner yea





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    this like the 20th time im watching this. shits lit

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  82. Dino Screech

    This is the most horrific, infantile and absurdly written song I have ever heard. Not to mention cringe music video. Why was this recommended, YouTube?

  83. Jayden DSRAVINES

    Ur beats are the best and godly

  84. HeBuildsAlot

    You ain’t got to be perfect you just got to be worth it.👸😳🤯😂👶🏽

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    that 808 cowbell tho

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  90. the

    Tommy wright would be proud.

  91. Jessica

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    Bring tommy wright on this shit he still rappin, that would be insaneeeee

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    Y’all don’t even get why he shoot the video like this this that old Memphis sound

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