BlocBoy JB - Feature Lyrics

At least ten bands for a motherfucking feature, hah
We in this motherfucker with guap, you know what I'm sayin' man
Ayy, word
Damn Dinero

At least ten bands for a feature (a feature)
I be in the hood, well-respected like a preacher (a preacher)
Gucci Louis sneakers (sneakers)
Your bitch, she a eater (eater)
I fuck her, then leave her (word)
You dub because you treat her (treat her)
Go to the pawn shop then get my mags up (that's on my mama)
Niggas pussy, when they see me they gon' call for backup (backup)
Got that forty on me homie, I'ma never lack up (lack up)
Yeah my niggas moving work, you can call us tractors (tractors)
Why niggas wanna be the big bad wolf? (yeah, yeah yeah yeah)
If a nigga diss the Bloc (huh?), he gon' get his ass whooped (that's on my mama)
He gon' get his fucking chain took (chain took), and his brains took (brains took)
Body bag him, now his name look (word), his name Wayne Brook (yeah)
I didn't fuck my bitch, now she mad at me
Keep that bag with me, like I'm an athlete
Rollie on my wrist, and I bust down the P
And I got pounds of weed, I keep them rounds with me
Wrist froze, ears cold, but my chain and mouth gold (huh?)
Hide your bitches, hide your hoes when you see me nigga (yeah yeah yeah)
And every time you beat your ho, that's a DV nigga (word)
Can't see me, I Stevie niggas
Glasses on, I 3D nigga

Yeah yeah yeah
Chicka-chicka-chicka, yeah yeah yeah
And I'm in this bitch and I'm turnin', yeah yeah yeah
And I'm in this bitch and I'm turnin', yeah yeah yeah
Off the dome with it, off the dome with it
Nigga playing with the Bloc wrong, he get dome splitted
He get dome splitted, he get dome splitted
If a nigga talking too ignorant, we gon' shoot fity
We gon' shoot fifty, we gon' shoot two with it
We got goons with it, yeah we got your boo with it
I'ma let your boo and just let the crew hit it, ayy
Fucking on your boo, and she let the crew hit it, facts
You know what's going on nigga
You know we blowing strong nigga
Got your bitch, brought her thong nigga
And you got kiss her when she get home, nigga
It's Bloc Bloc Bloc Bloc
It's Bloc Bloc Bloc Bloc
Yeah, yeah
Crip crip crip crip crip, bitch

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    by the end of year he gone claim this song never existed. when its 40k

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    Hide ya bitches hide ya hoes💯

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