Bloc Party. - Song For Clay (Disappear Here) Lyrics

I am trying to be heroic,
In an age of modernity.
I am trying to be heroic,
because all around me history sings.

So I enjoyed and I devoured
flesh and wine and luxury.
But in my heart,
I am lukewarm;
nothing ever really touches me.

At Les Trois Garcons
we meet at precisely 9 o'clock.
I order the foie gras
and I eat it with complete disdain.
Bubbles rise in champagne flutes,
but when we kiss, I feel nothing.

Feasting on sleeping pills
and Marlboro Reds.
(so busy won't save you)

Oh how our parents
they suffered for nothing
Live the dream, live the dream, live the dream
Like the 80s never happened.
People are afraid, are afraid
To merge on the freeway.
Disappear here

Stroll the pier
into the magazine launch party.
I am handed a pill,
and I swallow with complete disdain.
Kick-drum bangs off the high-hat;
Remember to look bored.
We suck each others' faces,
and make sure we are noticed.

(Cocaine won't save you)
Because East London is a vampire,
it sucks the joy right out of me
How we long for corruption in these golden years.

Oh how our parents
they suffered for nothing
Live the dream, live the dream, live the dream
Like the 80s never happened.
People are afraid, are afraid
To merge on the freeway.
Disappear here [x4]

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Bloc Party. Song For Clay (Disappear Here) Comments
  1. Silver Man

    "Because East London is a vampire it sucks the joy right out of me... How we long for corruption in these golden years" That always hits me as a Londoner who feels this city is vampiric!

  2. MarcusAurelius

    One of the lost gems of great Bloc Party songs not many people remember. What a joy it is to come across this song once again, as if listening to it for the first time.

  3. mr ralph lauren 2

    Best song of bloc party

  4. Yassin 1255

    Ben 10 brought me here i feel old

  5. Shairo Perez

    Ben 10 brought me here. Man, I feel old.

  6. Sakura Haruno

    Thumbs up if the Ben 10: Race Against Time trailer got you here.

  7. jessica bremer

    Anyone think of the movie, Less than Zero?

  8. Daniel O'Connell

    Properly metal.

  9. Franco Braun


  10. Clayton Traise

    Good this song makes me feel like a piece of shit

  11. Soldier Flex

    I remember hearing this in the Ben 10 Race Aginst Time trailer

  12. Luis I.

    Tio mediiiiiii

  13. jessica bremer

    This song is totally Crankable. Set all volume levels to the max.

  14. smshah232

    Julian gives great head. And is dead.

  15. Iván Arroyo

    It's better alive

  16. A. C.

    Un rolón de 00s.

  17. SunshinexDaisies

    I heard this song years ago, and then I heard again during an opening scene in Criminal Minds.
    This is an awesome song

  18. ChrisCasey Mashatta

    Find a cool dude named Clay the pastor with his grandson of Egyptian decent.

    Malone .j2

    +ChrisCasey Mashatta Is this a reference to something or a request?

  19. DJ EA

    Bloc Party >>> Muse. Fight me

    Robert Young

    I just listened to this and New Born back to back and holy shit but yeah fr this is better

    Luke S.

    Muse are pretty shit. Tong era Bloc Party were great

    Michael Gabriel

    I'll fight with you


    @DJ EA Bloc Party's last great album was 2012

    Sir Ecthelion

    Just dumb statement. You can't argue about taste so gtfo they are both good bands.

  20. Cigar

    who is clay? is this somebody special in kele's life? can anyone explain me pls? thx 8)


    @Cigar he is a character from Bret Easton Ellis' novel Less Than Zero, the author also wrote American Psycho


    @1997joekr ohh okay didnt read that one, so is the song also about the book?


    @Cigar the lyrics share similar feelings that Clay has yes, 'disappear here' is a signpost advert that Clay sees when driving and then keeps remembering throughout, it's a disturbing book but is very good

  21. Guilded Gunpla

    Ben 10 brought me here
    Thank you music gods

    Mike Smith

    +Zero Evans Can you explain? Who is Ben 10, and where was this song mentioned?

    Guilded Gunpla

    +Mike Smith race against time was the ben 10 movie
    the trailer featured this song as a hard instrumental cover

    Carlos Munoz

    @Mike Smith I pity you fool.

  22. dave m

    Did the book Less Than Zero bring anyone here? The book was very disturbing, but it relates to the song soooo wellll!


    A million years later I learned this song was about a book. Going to read it now, sounds very promising.


    This is exactly what brought me here, one of my favourite books of all time!

    jessica bremer

    Visions of wreckless teenage experiences.


    Lol well American psycho made me read his other book

  23. King Kidd

    who's clayy?

  24. King Kidd

    a stupid comment overall.

  25. OldEarthChaos

    This song was inspired by the book 'Less Than Zero'! I love it so much!!!

  26. Aidan Skillings

    I'm an Ontarion and I support your disdain for Quebec. :D Honestly's like a completely different country there...

  27. Jose M

    your ex boyfriend dodged a bullet

  28. 0987654a5

    And what's wrong about coming from Quebec?

  29. nostalgicdrummer

    i resented this band for so long assuming they were from Quebec; then i finally decided i'd listen to one of their songs and i've been a huge fan for 4 years now ^_^

    Sam Marshall

    lol what

    Sir Ecthelion

    Disliking a band because you think they are out of a certain town.
    Doesn't get more stupid if you ask me.

  30. riseofazrael

    Stupid reason to break up with someone.

  31. cassSSandy

    love this song.

  32. Jeremy Alonzo

    @thiizzkidddd Pettiness is an aquired taste I suppose, he just wasn't right for you :)

  33. Flutterguy galloper

    @pigobenis It be alright if they just changed the title.

  34. Flutterguy galloper

    @pigobenis Its the only movie besides zoolander I just plain refuse to see

  35. messele ghebreslassie

    @thiizzkidddd thats worth so many thumbs up

  36. Carlos Alberto Calderon Rios

    @thiizzkidddd hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  37. thiizzkidddd

    my boyfriend heard this song and said "heh heh is this COCK party?!! heh heh"

    i.m single now

  38. Subjective F

    @NoR3m0rs3 Why on earth are you coming out to internet people on a fucking youtube video? It's not relevant.

  39. drbuk96

    I think that if you know someone who dislikes Bloc Party... THIS is the song to play to them.

  40. drbuk96

    @VictoriousIsis Oh yeah of course! lol. Bloc Party and Muse are my two favourite artists.

  41. Kamilya

    @Darkious hé, you're right! I'm a n°1 fan of Muse, but we shouldn't accuse Bloc Party like fans of Radiohead accuse Muse.

  42. Kamilya

    @drbuk96 New Born isn't on BH&R, it's on Origin of Symmetry... But you're right, both songs are amazing

  43. drbuk96

    @Darkious Russel actually mentioned the fact that Muse's 'Blackholes and Revelations' was his favourite album at the time. I think New Born must have been the inspiration. Both are brilliant songs.

  44. drbuk96

    @tayottt Yeah, I know what you mean... It's great. I love 4:20 when the strange synth effect comes into the background, and the way it modulates a bit at 4:20... Just climactic! Classic Bloc Party.

  45. drbuk96

    @nothingness36 What's this 'film adaptation' [etc]..?

  46. tayottt

    Does anyone else have an eargasm at 2:20? It's like that unique Bloc Party guitar riff. It just gets me everytime.


    tayottt Same, Bloc Party has this particular sound which feels so fresh yet nostalgic


    oh the one that started ~ 1 min did it for me already xD probs more than the one at 2:20, but yea tis nice. all is nice. very nice.

  47. Oiva Rajanummi

    My opinion is that: Best song ever!

  48. Katy Currall

    I have to say this is most likely my favorite Bloc Party song, maybe my favorite song all together. I want to read Less than Zero now ;/

  49. applebug

    "people are afraid, are afraid to merge on the freeway"

  50. Sandra Salazar

    @teeds88 5 months later 19,511 Views :D

  51. Luka Karavidović

    f***, I exedently pressed dislike button and this is my fav song from Bloc Party... =) so, don't panic, it's just one stupid dislike and I guess it is not on purpose too =)

  52. JumpCut Productions Greece

    Less Than Zero, American psycho and Breat Easton Ellis, in general is one of my favourite author
    and i just realise that this song is about this two books

  53. Elizabeth Hill

    @stalkingherbie bloc party

  54. Dixxy

    Bloc Party * Song * Wonderful * Drums * Matt * Super * Band * Congratulations *
    Thanks * Bp fans * Wave * Hello *

  55. thenightspeaks

    @maryn0315 have you read the book? its less pretentious if you know the context.

  56. Corzare

    Bret Easton Ellis is the best voice for the post-baby boomer generations in as much as I've read.

  57. Brian Hendricks

    Sexy. Brings back those late night driving sessions back home from work.

  58. teed

    i don't get it how this awesome tune can have only around 4000 views (!) ... spread the word, peeps!

  59. Michael Heavey

    "people in la are afraid to merge on the freeway" is the first line from the book less than zero. which is what the song is about. not literal.