Bliss n Eso - Up Jumped The Boogie Lyrics

So ladies and gentelman, friends and crews
I came here to represent and vent my views
See they want you brainwashed like everyone's for the money
While we want the scene to blow like cherry bombs in the dunny
So check it out this is Eso on the mic
No Fuckin' around I came to get you in the vibe
Grab life by the balls and never look behind
'Cause when that bling bling dies you can bet I'll be alive

A revolution of radical rebels writing raw, reflect the rap
of this cataclysmic cool calm collected cat
The front row covered when I'm spittin' the rhyme spray
Got skeletons on stage playin' rickety steinsways
I sit with the owls, flippin' the mouth, flippin' the vowels
The midnight paddock runner who's tippin the cows
Spittin it foul, down and dirty 'cause my crew's shabby
All I want's my girl, beer, a used caddy and this dudes happy

Well you heard about the boys from the foreign land
They gonna stroll across the globe with the mic in their hand
And they be puttin' it down the only way they know how
So sing it, "la la la la la la la la"
Well you heard about the boys from the foreign land
They gonna stroll across the globe with the mic in their hand
And they be puttin' it down the only way they know how
So sing it, "la la la la la la la la"

From the moment the show starts and we emerge when the curtains break
Your chest starts burnin' like you're slurpin' the bourbon straight
We blow the spot with more heat we servin' than a fernace makes
Percolate this bitch until we certain every person shakes
The bim bam boogieman is drinkin' 'til I'm plastered
All over your ears, rappin' swingin from the rafters
Got asses leavin' the seat when I'm freakin' the beat
Just husslin' like Larry Flint with the freedom of speech

So while it seems like there's millions of cats that stack loot
My crews here to stay like tax and tattoos
And theres no match for the kid that blows your mind
'Cause beatin' me's like me returnin' videos on time
and the music I make is like peakin' on a trip
Call me Jimmy Open Doors, day dreamin' with a spliff
Puttin pressure on the player tryin' to look like the cool guy
But couldn't come close if he spoofed on the bulls eye

Well you heard about the boys from the foreign land
They gonna stroll across the globe with the mic in their hand
And they be puttin' it down the only way they know how
So sing it, "la la la la la la la la"
Well you heard about the boys from the foreign land
They gonna stroll across the globe with the mic in their hand
And they be puttin' it down the only way they know how
So sing it, "la la la la la la la la"

See they tried to put it down but up jumped the boogie (7 times)
So sing it, "la la la la la la la la"

Well you heard about the boys from the foreign land
They gonna stroll across the globe with the mic in their hand
And they be puttin' it down the only way they know how
So sing it, "la la la la la la la la"
Well you heard about the boys from the foreign land
They gonna stroll across the globe with the mic in their hand
And they be puttin' it down the only way they know how
So sing it, "la la la la la la la la"

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Bliss n Eso Up Jumped The Boogie Comments
  1. Trever Schefdore

    Anybody still listening from 2019

  2. Fred Smith

    Are you kidding me - only 230k views.

  3. Steven Gordon

    Man, these guys seem to have a video for like, every song!

  4. Jennifer Maddox

    Finding this old track is like going back in time! This was a golden time in Aussie hiphop. Awesome to see this clip almost 10 years later!

  5. crimzonfalls

    still good as

  6. MrAsier1992

    hoppa shit

  7. Kelly Forrester

    Hahaha......... sweet

  8. Maxwell Morgan

    I know the Boogie man, he is hungry. He rides a green horse. Hugs

  9. Liam Callaghan

    "like everyones for the money while we want this scene to blow like cherry bombs in the dunny" 

  10. Colby Gallagher

    Still oh so good

  11. misterblisstr

    id like to see them performing that song live, ohhh yeah what a great energy/flow!!!

  12. Omri Romano

    Killer track!!
    Love the clip too.

  13. marty Christ Light



    - : )

  14. The Uncrowned King

    You r good bu you try to hard to sound perfect let it just flow

  15. LukeyDRaps

    Im a 18 year old rapper from Adelaide,
    i have been rhyming for a couple years now and keep improving.
    To be a known rapper is my dream, but for the moment it is a outlet and a way to express my true feelings.
    I would appreciate it if you could check out a couple of my songs on my channel,
    feedback is appreciated.

  16. Andrew Macdonald


    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. I really hope you enjoyed reading it.

    I would also like to congratulate yourself on being such a gentleman. I would like to meet your family. I'd shake your dad's hand and give your mum a hug, just to say thanks for creating such a fine human being.

    Australia up, indeed!

    I hope you've had a great Australia Day long weekend!

    Hugs and kisses. Your friend.

  17. StansUp

    I really want you to too, it would be hilarious, with your lil gay raps. im sure. B
    ack to your box.

  18. Andrew Macdonald

    i like the piano in this song.

  19. Nathan Taylor

    Not much can be said but Top of the hiphop sounds along with ugly duckling and jurassic 5 . Making a trip over in may to track the guys down!

  20. HubsiCube

    Thank u aussies for some dope shit alternative 2 american hiphop

  21. Steve Fletcher

    Diz is what i call real music!!!!!!!

  22. theblazedbro

    Eso looks so young!

  23. sam calvano

    guys london concert fucking amazinggggggggggggggggggg

  24. Dom Carnovale

    Nah AUSSIE!

  25. Dom Carnovale

    Fuck you Ill kill you, learn Ninjutsu then come back. Sit down fucktard.

  26. Tank Drop

    Holy shit you see Bliss' head it's not covered lol. Oh and absolutely awesome song.

  27. GerM0nk3y


  28. Benjlmao

    bliss n eso, 360 and hilltop hoods ftw

  29. Sebastian Damm

    5 years later, I only just noticed that you are singing to a room full of manikins...

  30. Anto Maddog

    @NizzJordan Australian Hiphop bro =P

  31. FastForward

    aussie's fuking shred

  32. J G-F

    @AliceAndAllegra taking a piss

  33. Josh Barrie

    thumbs up if you're watching this in 2011

  34. Matthew Giorgi

    @DeathsAces dont forget Izm is Morrocan :p

  35. xJustmeeDownherex

    @agents69and84 got one and its good. put shit on this band i put shit on you/

  36. xJustmeeDownherex

    @agents69and84 umm how about you? as if you comment on a Bliss n Eso song dissing them. dont watch it if you think someone is better than them because i guarentee that majority of people watching this like bliss n eso and aren't prepared to diss them and get up people who do. shut yo' face fool.

  37. ardley216

    are they english?

  38. Taylor Pegram

    THEY TRIED TO PUT IT DOWN BUT UP JUMPED THE BOOGIE. im so high. but that shit is catchy as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. xJustmeeDownherex

    @fourstarts6 ummm still the best shit out.

  40. xJustmeeDownherex

    @AerosolHero HAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAH Best comment ever, even though it was a year ago...

  41. YourMateTagney


  42. Minxplus

    @AerosolHero - Fighting with your woman, as I just did should be included! Arr! Women, Love em... Hate em! :D

  43. Ziggy Burt

    @Gunnoajg666 haha thats how we roll man

  44. drdoolittlefan69


  45. KOZZY TV

    @Chombah we all know that aussy is the second most racist country :)

  46. Alex Avila

    Why/how would you dislike this excellence..?

  47. Andrew B

    @AerosolHero Hahaha, thumbs up bro. xD

  48. benji stephens

    @mattyboy4074 real nice, call me a faggot on the net, and come on, we all know the shuffle was for the year 7's of 2006, can you honestly say you do this shit at clubs

  49. mattyboy4074

    @masmantour yeah it does. meh i was really high at the time hahaha

  50. Layla Williams

    It's cool, they were probably talking about finding the closet relative to humans that's the oldest... If that makes sense.

  51. mattyboy4074

    @Blackswitch90 and how is that worse? your probs wanka who cant club yet... or a faggit

  52. mattyboy4074

    @masmantour i saw it on a document saying we where so blame bbc for false info bro

  53. benji stephens

    @mattyboy4074 and you shuffle, at a club? EVEN FUCKING WORSE

  54. sigmundbalmung

    The ad next to the video has an animated dancing chick in it...she is moving to the beat...interesting

  55. Bernard Brother

    is that andrew g with the wig????

  56. toxicatingme

    @Chombah woah , i did't even knowthat. Thanks for telling me . lol
    and yeah i agree , it doesnt matter.

  57. MADFELLA16

    who the hell can dislike music this, if you dont like it why the fuck listen to this kind of music

  58. mattyboy4074

    @MrFullysickmate5 hahahahaha i go clubbing....

  59. mattyboy4074

    @MrFullysickmate5 thats not sounding like a hard cunt thats just how i finished my sentence. im 19

  60. tyronasaurus czup

    @mattyboy4074 so why say got a problem with that? if your not? just go do something better with your life your probly like 15-16.

  61. aslifefloatsby

    omg i cant believe the stuff that is written on hear... wow... we i think bliss n eso are sick and i love the lil aussie things they chuck in there songs makes me smile and they are poets just coz ur rich or even if ur poor doesnt make the person if they are from wealthy families they may of had a struggle to get there or they didnt but it dont matter its wat they do now that counts and they rip it up!!

  62. Durrelito

    I've been listening to the same 5 songs for two weeks, cant get fucking tired of them xD

  63. Matt Haussmann

    I just saw these guys opening up for Kottonmouth Kings in Ft Lauderdale. I had never heard of them before, and I was mad impressed. Bliss N Eso are phresh as hell, and possibly the best rap duo I've ever heard. There beats incorporate so many different music styles, they rap about positivity, and most of their songs sound more like poetry than lyrics. MAD RESPECT AND MUCH FAMILY LUV FOR BEI!

  64. WiseFool

    People talk to much shit on youtube. PLUR

  65. MADCORE94

    an y the fuck do all u cunts have a teary over the fuckin net i bet bliss is more aussie than u cunts go have a fuckin bbq get a vb up ya chuck on a pair of thongs on an some shorts an play them fuckin tunes we call aussie hip hop an love it boii's !!!!!

  66. Lockie Strain

    Good tunes, but what's up with all the Illuminati hand signs? It's full on!!

  67. Layla Williams

    I only know a few, M-Phaze, James Aron Gray, I think MC Damage might have some, and you may have a little luck with Dj Bonez. Also, try Mr. Trials, Suffa MC, Hermitude and Uncle Ho. ( I Think That's his name ) And search some labels like, Obese, Elephant Tracks, Illusive, and Hydro-Funk. You may find some
    Anonymous L

  68. Layla Williams

    I come from the land of America, It's this magical little place... I'm just kidding and I agree were all the same, but I don't think we all came from Africa.

  69. mattyboy4074

    @MrFullysickmate5 just stating ur a smart ass.... got a problem with that?

  70. tyronasaurus czup

    @mattyboy4074 yeaa i am a smartass so what?

  71. mattyboy4074

    @MrFullysickmate5 not every african can run really fast and im not saying that ur african...... fucking smart ass

  72. tyronasaurus czup

    @mattyboy4074 we all came from africa?? fuck im half african, then why cant i run realy fast?

  73. mattyboy4074

    every youtube has racism on it and i just wanna know y? we are all the same no matter wat colour/race/religon/languge.. and most of you's are to scared to talk shit infront of a person so u act tuff on the net. btw we all came from africa so grow up

    long live aussie hiphop :)

  74. rmb1421

    hiphop is alive in Australia. i wanna hear some Aussie producers beats, can any1point me in the right direction? i am willing to pay for the beats if i am satisfied with the product.

  75. DevestatedDonna

    I Like Both They Are Awesome.. Great Music.. If You Dont like Them Get Lost Dont Listen To Them. Why Are You Even On This Page Then??
    Totaly Agree With..
    Chombah And xmurrayx6548

  76. Joel

    bliss has the maddest first verse!

  77. Rae Berry

    I like Bliss better than Eso

  78. Levi Weir

    Rap? Or rep?

  79. rdg2794

    "But im cheap, like takin girls on a mc'ds date, thats why you MC's can't see me like dickey knee's face!" haha pure aussie hip hop right there! BNE rock!

  80. powrboy77

    bliss uses his hands soooo much

  81. Elad Gafin

    is it just me or does bliss use his hands too much? i love these guys dont get me wrong out of my thousands of songs they r my top pl;ayed by far

  82. josh higgins

    Funny how they fight over to be in front of camera :D

  83. T Moore

    your right, Perth is filled with aboriginals a lot more then the east side of Australia.

  84. mvenom101

    means the build up to.
    So like all the effort it took to get to that point.

  85. Jodi Hodgetts

    *dances round the bedroom* I dont care what anyone says, these boys make some nice music.... catchy beat... gotta dance when you get that beat in your veins!

  86. contarin24

    im from the woodworks!!! represent

  87. holysoks1

    nah, depends on your culture, if your black and your in the white culture then its ALL good : D

  88. Sne34ky

    You can dis the music, but you can't dis those eyebrows. =D

  89. Minishcap1

    These are some of their best lyrics

  90. Tea O

    aussie hip hop fuckers

  91. Mitchell Dunn

    did eso take a piss in the corner of their thingo :S :P

  92. fstwrtr

    You should have spent your time paying attention in School, Particularly in SPELLING class, and less time as a hip hop/ Rap groupy.

  93. fstwrtr

    Better check those mannerisms again.. wigga wankstas pullin on their crotch throwin fake signs...white as white can be playin da role

  94. fstwrtr

    HAHAHAHA..!!!! wachoo mean wigga?

  95. fstwrtr

    could these wiggas be any whiter??

  96. Sonia English

    You guys are awesome I cant wait to see you 7th June baby, HELL YEAH