Bliss n Eso - Then Till Now Lyrics

(Yeh Hell Yeah)

[Verse 1:]
See It Was Hip Hop That Dam Near Changed My Life, From Meeting Ozone In L.A In 85,
From My Attempts To Try And Step On Stage And Rhyme, To My Beyond 2005` State Of Mind, From A Copy Of A Culture, Ta Teachen A Tradition, From Electric Buguloo, To The Beat That Keeps My Rhythm From, Wonderin The Tracks, Ta The Mic Thats In My Hand From, Wantin To Be Black, To Loven Who I Am, From Not Known Where Your From, To The Image Of Sydney, From Noone Knowin Hip-Hop, To Kids Thinkin Their 50, From The Dramas On Film, To The Dramas Of Life, From Posh Clothes, To Not Knowin They Were Half Of The Price, And From Thinking To Be King, U Gotta Have Wealth, Ta The Inner Revolution...I Call Knowledge Itself, So From Back "Then Till Now" I Still Rap For The Pleasure Bein` Rich Or Poor Man, Im Still Happy As Ever.

U Gotta Understand Me
(U Gotta Understand Me)
I Gotta Understand You
(I Gotta Understand You, So We Can Stand Together Recognise The Vision, Its One Love, One Life, Sets Aside Our Differences.
U Gotta Understand Me
(U Gotta Understand Me)
I Got To Understand You, Cause Thats What Gets Me By, In My Life

[Verse 2:]
From A Part Of The Bronx, To The Heart Of The Burbs, From A "Just Let This Kid", To A Artist Of Words, From A Wild Child, To My Parents Trynna Steady Me, From Taken My Pocket Cube, To Givin Me Heave "D", From Mimicking Thugs, Thinking The Lyrics With Dope, To Getten No Satisfaction Cause It Was Mirrors Of Smoke. From A Home Of Hip-Hop, To A Land Owned By Rock, From Rhyming To My Mirror, From 2 Thousand Blowen The Spot, But Through All Of The Cheers, And The Boo And The Beers, Was Just A Kid On The Bus, Headphones Glued To His Hears, We Just Cruise To The Years, To Sewer The Tears, The Blood... And Sweat Makes Somethin With His Crew And His Peers, See It Was Hip-Hop That Put Three Law Souls On A Map, From Showen Us The Country, To Putten Clothes On Our Back, And From Finding Myself, In My Mic's Reflection, To This Musical Marriage - That Gives My Life Direction.


[Verse 3:]
From A Major Label Deal, To Bustin On The Street, Knowin Souls Were For Sale, When Im Fuckin With These Beats,
The Landlord Of These Lyrics, With A Touch To Welcome Me, But If It Doesnt Ground, U Could Trust It Wasnt Me...
The Deepest Of Minds, Cant Frame What I've Imagined, Three Eyes On The Train, Writin Rhymes On A Napkin, See These Kids Dont Have Bentley's, They Sit And Take The Bus, But If Ya Playen This Tape, Ya Situation's Sussed, From Backstage Butterfly's To A Passion Of A Debut, From Not Haven A Path, To Push A Path And A Way Through, From This Rhyming Release, To Stress God Off My Chest, From Chasen A Dream, To Holden The Art Of The Press, From Shoe Store Days, From Writing Sessions At Night, To A Culture That Eso Told Me That Taught Me Lessons In Life.

So From Back "Then Till Now" I Still Rap For The Pleasure, Bein` Rich Or Poor Man...Im Still Happy As Ever.

And... We Wont Stop Until We Get That Feeling, That's Why We Get On Up (Yer) That's Why We Got On Uppp ...
Ohhh We Wont Stop Until We Get That Feeling, Thats Why We Get On Uuuup


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Bliss n Eso Then Till Now Comments
  1. Rolla Jay

    Still listenin in 2020

  2. flawofgods

    DC shoe co sponsorship? Props lads. Fucking love u cntz ❤️💗💓

  3. Tom McGentleman

    hilltop, riding under one banner

  4. kezi lee

    Look at this these beautiful Kuntz they look pretty tasty still

  5. Mariam Changezi

    I wasnt even born

  6. Nope No

    Real hip hop

  7. charlotte

    Bliss n Eso are the best i live in Australia and i know they have made Australia proud.


    charlotte BnE and Hilltop Hoods are the greatest of all time for sure! I listened to BnE almost daily throughout high school:3

  8. ollie williams

    Fuck me, when did BnE stop being so dope

  9. Rory Redden

    I remember hearing this for the first time when i was 20... true hip hop... true meanings.... straight from the heart... these lads are the bomb !!!! So much love.... I'll see you guys one day live, i hope to God i do.... Family first then my dreams.... much love from Australia

  10. Revinda N Art

    best beats ever love you guys

  11. Otto Green, Jr.

    my shit right here

  12. The Dust

    these guys inspired,motivated and helped me grow wings and rise up from the darkness in my past and mind being reborn after almost dieing in a pool of blood and bad influences,now i have a pool of joyful tears and ambitions i swim in thanks to bliss n essos talanted band of brothers.i love them with all my heart and can only hope i can tell them one day how much they mean to me and my family.lord knows whered id be if it wasnt for them and there deeply touching music they have brung to my mind,body and soul.there as unique as they come and to all the the haters out there only make them strive and fly higher with open wings and heavenly winds that widen there grins.there miracles to our ears and especially mine relating to so much they bring me to favourite band and fan ever.i owe my life and happiness to them and will always keep my chin up and stay strong,wise and positive thanks to the numbed inner beasts they have released to battle and defend what most matters to me in this harsh and cruel world of ours but now iv got the bulls horns in my tight grip and wont let go forever.peace:)

  13. LoZz LoZzie

    Always loved these guys from day one... Bless up boys always keeping it real after all these years. Still keeping me smiling 😊

  14. patrick blampied

    11 years ;---;

  15. Nick Hunter

    is that the same dog from the home is where the heart is clip?

  16. Trev DoGG

    the most real song ever

  17. Marjan Terčelj

    Was there even YouTube 10 years ago?


    Yep but look at it lol

    scott thomas

    this is about 1 yr after Ytube started

  18. Kelly Forrester

    most lyrical blokes out. it's like they are in my mind.

    Keep It Raw

    Most lyrical in Australia defientley along side hilltop hoods.

  19. Lucas

    Shit. They're talentuous.

  20. Jaycob Massam

    that van is used in summernats

  21. LachieSmish

    Same beat as Hilltop Hoods - Riding under one Banner....


    +LachieSmish good pick up man

    Luke Manevski

    It's not identical, bit of similarity. But not quite. But what do you except they were both real underground back then, people share beats too! Just appreciate the song


    +Luke Manevski agreed! They're both dope groups!!! Not trying to shit on them, HUUUGE TO THEM!!!!

    Luke Manevski

    +LachieSmish yeah true bud, fair enough

    Whiterun Guard

    Didnt Suffa help produce the album and beats though?

  22. Andy

    Fucking sick song have loved it for ages

  23. Noah Doak

    I live in america but I can straight up tell you that these Australian artists are killing it, not material money, fame or anything. Just speaking out of their hearts. Bliss n Eso has got it on lock. Great message. Good work. Props.

    Harry Weyer

    Noah Doak lock n load these cunts had the cut here in front of the game,they are the game not many others,you can't hear them,they are not vocal.

    Erick Laxton

    Noah Doak right on!!!


    Earth is full of beautiful humans, yourself included. Big up all of us

  24. Papa John

    I have found my people finally... Bliss and ESO ... I have the feeling... I UNDERSTAND YOU !! It's what it gonna get us through this awesome transition. . Thank you guys.. nice to see you again. .. great work !!

  25. malt 79

    fucking love this song, hectik cunts !!!

  26. Cooper Clark

    Still my favourite Bliss N Eso song!

  27. Low class komity sydney

    ALRIGHT to everyone who's being a complaining bitch about the beat being the same as hilltop... lets get something clear. its called sampling where you get a old bit of music and remake it in to something new.. now thats clear hilltop and bne don't have beef.. why because bliss n eso made it in to a different vibe they flipped it totally different... theres many artist who have the same samples.. its all about the love of music.. peace 


    @Low class komity sydney so many artists re use and re sample music all the time, it's just when people notice that have then people go on youtube man

    Papa John

    it's about the message.. sorry your gonna miss the train... maybe next lifetime for you
    . but sounds like you have a lot more to learn about your experience here..

  28. CrazyBiker1000

    @Garrett Shook Grammar Nazi! you GTFO

  29. Gustavo hernandez bolaños

    Dcshoes shirts everywhere

    Kill Bill

    Gustavo hernandez bolaños it was the times man !

  30. Garrett Shook

    Get off the beat sample. OMFG I'm sure hilltop is pissed. No. they're not. GTFO. Seriously.


    I have no idea what your talking about, and I love both bands so maybe you should stop coming here when your piss drunk and come here when your sober so you can actually feel the music

    Josh Brown

    Suffa helped to produce this album bro..

    Garrett Shook

    That's what I'm saying. Everyones tripping on the beats being similar.

    DJ Spuddzz

    Back then, it seemed like they could have collaborated at any time. Suffa did a fair bit of production in the early BnE days. Listen to Hip Hop Blues; Suffa produced it and Eso shouts out the Hoods at the end of his verse.
    They haven't done a single thing together since this song was released...somehow, I think the beat sample is the reason behind it. I hope not. After all, it's just a sample.

  31. Batman Big Dick

    I unfortunately have... and its still shit and he is still a tool haha

  32. HaDeeZ

    so much hate :/ why search to just hate

  33. J W

    Yeah... All real rappers roll the VW Bus. Awesome!

  34. Ethan Ez

    Gotta watch some gay as ad's. Yeah real hip hop always has ad's now.

  35. Poulin La-Terreur

    They stole that beat from no other than Hilltops!

  36. Madsketchybakehouse

    Yeah I'm not 100 percent on it but if I was a betting man I'd say Hoods song.

  37. Colby Gallagher

    Its the same one. Im not sure who used it first though.

  38. Wolfie Productions

    Prefer to be a pelican then a brainless fan of this shit

  39. Billy Ballsack

    Fuck up you pelican. Listen to some of his more recent shit before talking shit.

  40. shmakaa

    930 bed time

  41. aaron bryant

    420 blaze it

  42. Madsketchybakehouse

    The bass notes reminds me and sound similar to Riding Under One Banner by Hilltop.

  43. Callum Owens

    First dude looks like vaas from farcry 3


    What about seth sentry, like are you retarded or....

  45. will wonkafox

    one year ago i went to sydney and missing a lot that incredible city, watching this video with that amazing rap song, i keep getting flashbacks of what happened during these days.

  46. Callan Mckiernan

    bliss n eso is hands down the best spitting vibes in Australia. keep the good shit coming!

  47. Liam Connellan

    Will Ferrell say it, the we must burn down 360 and shit on his family..

  48. Bradley Daniel Gray

    agreed 360 is horrible, same as kerser.

  49. FINIKY

    360 isn't a rapper lol. he's a penis.

  50. Lembino95

    Already heard... LUCKILY the Nas featuring makes up for it

  51. Tim Jefferis

    Then youll be sad to hear 360 is a feature in bliss n eso's new album

  52. Forevera Cynic

    You can tell they really enjoy what they do by the super enthusiastic, obviously non-choreographed hand movements.

  53. DeliciousBacon

    How 'bout we just stop hating on people and just enjoy the good music, no need to bring crap into a good song!

  54. Adrian Cooper

    Worse than Figg Kidd? haha

  55. Involuntary Twitch

    Should of made that a rhyme.

  56. Bipack

    im from Adelaide to :D

  57. Samiur Junaidy


  58. Wolfie Productions

    2nd worst.
    1st is Kerser, fucking up the youth with whack rhymes since 2008

  59. Scott Shorter

    fuck yeah what a good song . Big ups boys wicked stuff.

  60. larapper mc

    360s legend mate

  61. Muphin

    Why the fuck is there all this hate for 360?? I don't like his music but that doesn't mean I go around posting hate on about him on other artists videos. It's pointless and frankly its degrading to Australia that people do this dumb shit.

  62. Justin DaMan jud

    lol just ask kerser he is the sickest LMAO

  63. zxczxczxc


  64. Dragosant

    Someone get this man's ass a record deal.

  65. Captain Ross Poldark

    UK Hiphops the best but Aussie follows closely - Listen to some foreign beggars, dr syntax and contact play

  66. keyb

    2:40 eso looks like chris bosch

  67. Elldogga

    you just went to far Bliss n Eso are like the farthers of aus rap

  68. Elldogga

    Are you all kiding 360 isnt the best rapper but he shits all over some other aussie rappers

  69. LukeyDRaps

    Im a 18 year old rapper from Adelaide,
    I have been rhyming for a couple years now and keep improving.
    To be a known rapper is my dream, but for the moment it is a outlet and a way to express my true feelings.
    I would appreciate it if you could check out a couple of my songs on my channel,feedback is appreciated.
    If you enjoy subscribe,like and sharing would be sick =)

  70. ItzShero

    im sorry were you dropped as a child... try writing many award winning songs then say he's a bad rapper

  71. Elldogga

    360 is a hell of alot better than Kerser

  72. Thomas Munsayac

    plus horrorshow

  73. beLIEve

    "i aint gonna say better" but you will make a poor attempt to imply it. STFU

  74. MisterFantastic1337

    240p 0ldsql!!!

  75. Old Stuff

    I actually love this song :))

  76. hillatoppa gera

    forgot the hilltop hoods

  77. OzCreepyPasta

    haha kersers is shit man

  78. OzCreepyPasta

    battles are awesome but i like his songs too lol

  79. Thirkill1990

    360 is an awesome battler, but his songs are shit.

  80. austin schrader

    No kerser is gutter rap

  81. OzCreepyPasta

    360's awesome dont diss him

  82. theblazedbro

    Bliss n Eso+Illy+Drapht+Pez+ certifised wise crew = Aussie hip hop

  83. jadden silogram

    replace drapht with kerser and u got it bud

  84. Brodie Messenger

    + Lethal + Azmatik + Leeroy Lee + Cortex, etc..

  85. theblazedbro

    Suffa is in hilltophoods? if you dont classify that as right, then why didnt you say add in bliss n eso?

  86. Usamah Qureshi

    minus 60 and add in Hilltop hoods

  87. xSkyCityx

    What about Pressure, Kerser, Illy and Bliss?

  88. stacey mei

    man all aussie rappers are good Y coz da love music plus making it dats da rappers way

  89. GodlyBaconSquirelNinja TheFirst

    I think u mean Eso Suffa 60 Drapht Pez AND the hiltop hoods are the best artists EVER

  90. Georgia Grace

    Bliss n Eso, Pez and Drapht are the BEST Aussie rappers. No questions.

  91. jostar74

    pendulum is good aswell

  92. colin corey

    Bliss aswell brah

  93. Steven Bailey

    that's what i thought, bitch!!

  94. Steven Bailey

    how is that depressing. everyone does it, even eso does it so i guess you are calling eso from bliss n eso depressing. thats insulting!!

  95. CMLiedtke

    I find it depressing that you had to shorten "360".

  96. Steven Bailey

    you obviously didnt see the fullstop. hahahaha when i said 60, i was talking about 360 hahahah you are so dumb man you should never leave school. XD

  97. CMLiedtke

    Eminem doesn't have 60 mixtapes altogether, nevermind just about drugs...

  98. Hamham300

    What about Pressure?