Bliss n Eso - The Dreamer Lyrics

Hey you a dreamer? Ya... havent seen too many around lately it's been tough lately for dreamers they say dreaming is dead,
that nobody does it any more. It's not dead it's just been forgotten nobody teaches so no one knows it exists
I'm trying to change all that now, and you are too,
by dreaming everyday by dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds so what ever you do don't be board
because this is absolutely the most exiting time we could possible be alive

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Bliss n Eso The Dreamer Comments
  1. paintballa1327

    @arceupinsxoxo oh my bad sorry didnt see that.

  2. paintballa1327

    do you guys know that this is from the movie "waking life"?

  3. Wishful Thinking!

    nah I don't dream, Never been shown how to.

  4. dtduck21

    i love this little skit. :)