Bliss n Eso - Art House Audio Lyrics

Man I venture to find
life's adventure is mine
Enter the mind of the lemon on the assembly line
With the heart of a lifesaver swimmer
When I'm pounding through the arctic it's the ice breaker skipper

Life pace depicter
Sky scraper swinger
In flight late in winter
It's that night raven singer
In a dark world with the mind-state of splinter
The light ray emitter when my mic paints the picture

Topic synergy
mixed with exotic imagery
I'm the conductor of this cosmic hypnotic symphony
So witness me, dancin in the spot brah,
The ghost in the machine
It's the phantom of this opera

Let's find the truth behind America's hit and run
As they heard me rearin' and tearin' through area 51
The ants scurry under the eye of echelon
Let's get in orbit - let's revive the renaissance
Look at history - half of it is mistold
Cause the winner writes it in this atmospheric fish globe
The grand vista - truth is the best ally
And that's the clutch point through the hoop and the net shall I
continue till were together in reality?
Look how far we've come
We're magelans of the galaxy
See the dots you connect and sew the tapestry
Then stand back from life's mosaic masterpiece

[Izm interlude]

Rebels with the hunger to win
That's why three cheeky devils just got under your skin

I'm a soldier of the sun with a gun that blows roses
Did what they said we couldn't now look who's the no hopers
We can touch god through the power of a crowd
Bush bashing with a butcher knife
how you like me now?
They call me mister magic when I handle a track
I'm from a world where the rabbit pulls the man outta hats
So come along there's nothing wrong with seeing Max on a bear's back
With a bong singing songs in his trackies and airmax

Yo they want me to leave it or love it I'd rather keep it and fuck it
Cause this reefer I'm puffin has got me deep in discussion
And nobody is as free as Eso
I spin the mind out like a BMX spoke

I was sent with a destiny to protect my own pedigree
keep this kept in your memory and I'll bet you'll remember me
This is mental telepathy
On the edge of the cemetry
Where the devil eventually has to step to my weaponry

I'm got infinite ammo
I'm like a ninja in camo
I sit in the shadows and spit like the tip of an arrow
I shoot shit with the sparrows
Until I master the pain
Pardon the flames
Carvin my name in the park when it rains
In the garden of chains
We get lost in the labrynth
Even using half of my brain
Bitch, watch what will happen
Do you really think your faster than my blade?
Cause I gotta liquid sword and I'ma park it in your face

Rebels with the hunger to win
That's why three cheeky devils just got under your skin

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Bliss n Eso Art House Audio Comments
  1. Among The Automated

    This has been my favorite hip hop beat for years now. Perfection.

  2. Cory Ulvestad

    you guys know lightsabers are just plasma swords, right? mercury vapor, mostly.

  3. Wayne Denton


  4. Joshua Rivera

    2016 still bangin this in my headphones, a timeless rap group BnE


    How about now in 2019

  5. Fitrah Nugraha

    best song ever !

  6. dallas sheldrick

    2016 and still listening fuck yeahh !!!

  7. Hallisey33

    just...oh wow

  8. The Pope Mobile

    I was sent with a destiny to protect my own pedigree
    keep this kept in your memory and I'll bet you'll remember me
    This is mental telepathy
    On the edge of the cemetry
    Where the devil eventually has to step to my weaponry
    I've got infinite ammo
    I'm like a ninja in camo
    I sit in the shadows and spit like the tip of an arrow
    I shoot shit with the sparrows

    so sick

  9. BeastKiller

    the lyrics so cool

  10. BeastKiller

    omg soooooooooo cool

  11. Primordial Serpent

    stumbled on this through autoplay. now my pants are wet. amazing lyrics.

  12. Aidan Finnegan

    Eso just nails his verse
    Absolutely amazing

  13. Matt Cramner

    14 people disliked this song. 14 people don't understand music that has meaning and soul spilled throughout it


    Probably mumble rapper listeners

  14. swift_age

    Best fucking song

  15. BoYka

    illuminati logo on your album ?!!!

  16. Simba I Bee-Jam

    Love this so much <3

  17. RzVids

    It's alright

  18. Jack Sprat

    This shit's prophetic,  the crazy ten second run at 2:09-2:19 blew my fuckin mind!  Most musicians nowadays think it sounds good to be off beat and sloppy, but Bliss n Eso always roll with it perfectly.  Not even 150,000 views? WTF

  19. A Kulane

    Your a joke. Lets all laugh at how butt hurt you get over a comment. Haha, People like you ruin the internet -__-

    - RaveZ -

    you're*, n you talking about Bliss n Eso?


    Dude they have helped so many people through the years and this music helped eso himself you do t say things like that without knownying any of the backstory of infomation or the lives of writing these songs

  20. monimagic1981

    You are 100% right, this is one of their best! I absolutely love this track!!! It's f'n bananas!

  21. Tom Morris

    um.. O_o are you human?

  22. A Kulane

    This is awful

  23. Lucas Manitta

    in my opinion it should be becaus i've got a liquid sword and im gonna spit in your face because its saliva so like liquid

    King Floyds

    it wouldn't rhyme very well if it was "spit"

  24. Kalma Lang

    Masterpiece ! still...

  25. Will

    You showed them trains...

  26. Roger Moore

    I got a liquid sword and ima park it in your face!


  27. bow suiter

    one of bliss n eso best songs i reckon

  28. Shiggy Diggy

    1:57 - 2:40

  29. Dominic Crisci

    AUSSIE bro :D

  30. MaccaTac

    Ive got unlimited ammo, im like a ninja in camo, i sit in the shadows & spit like the tip of arrows!!

  31. Keegan Gaudry

    Super ill villian - Madchild, He used the piano loop. Fucking genious

  32. ridefast nothingslow

    Only one word describes this song......'LEGENDARY'

  33. Anders Nilsson


  34. Beñat Etxezarraga

    not aussie rap or australian rap

  35. Beñat Etxezarraga

    nonno is Australian Hip-Hop / Aussi Hip-Hop

  36. Stevan Stojanovic

    australian rap is best

  37. Daevonx

    This music, believe it or not makes me think clearly!

  38. dennis bernard

    fucking eso man, jesus i love that guy

  39. Daevonx

    Bloody Dope...!

  40. Willow Wonder

    When is there some new BnE shiznit?

  41. chris07081

    This album is amazing. Awesome songs and an crazy album cover :D

  42. ozrenify

    this is amazing song

  43. Notagbacks

    2:09 to 2:29 some of the greatest shit i've ever heard!

  44. Vaughn Stegall

    I mean...who the hell could bring themselves to dislike this? They probably didn't even listen to the whole song...

  45. InfinityHourglass

    2:19 start epic verse.

  46. sparkplugcomics

    i was watching too short, naughty by nature, 11-5, 415...then this album jus smacked me, exciting

  47. WhiteRussianBC

    Sweden loves you Bliss n Eso

  48. AustrianReaper

    Hehe, just like you.

  49. Jezpaluzz

    awesome bit at 2:08

  50. Dan Cookson

    its sad that your so junked up to think that :/

  51. Ethan Levine

    cant help but head bang right at 2:19

  52. Aaron Madden

    how can you not like this...god damn

  53. MustangOliverSmith

    If they didn't smoke weed they would be mediocre-life semi-homeless fucks with no successive music career to speak of.

  54. Windy

    these guys are good, but tupac still the best by miles, altho these guys are obv more educated= more better words, tupac tells a story which is just unbelievable

  55. sparksfly44

    'Look at history. Half of it is mistold because the winner writes it in this atmospheric fish globe.' THIS.

  56. Mux

    lol the only good parts from 0:00 to 3:04

  57. Colin Clark

    2:05 Fucking sick shit!!!

  58. An Aussie Guy

    RESTART BUTT0:00N!!!!!!!!!!!!! your welcome..

  59. PyroInTheFace21

    OMFG you guys fucking killed it! i was sitting her and im like dude this guy needs to chill because i couldnt stop JIZZING MYSELF!

  60. Russell Dickson

    Bliss N Eso... where have you been all my life?

  61. Tommo Log

    i'm a solider of the sun with a gun to blow roses- My favourite part.

  62. ItsThatGuy1989

    The lyrics, OMG the lyrics. Fucking nuts,

  63. TheLovelyCows


  64. Tommo Log

    'I'm a solider of the sun with a gum that blows roses.' That's my favorite bit.

  65. xtwizt

    Gr8 Album! when do you play in NOrway?

  66. thesharkinthedark

    fuck yeah bliss n eso

  67. Spencer M

    DAYUM. Good job Bliss but Eso absolutely smashed this haha.

  68. Sam Jaska

    Who cares where it comes from, just listen and love.

  69. HalfRedNation


  70. konradhk00

    holy shit this is fucking AWESOME... thank you aussies, for saving hiphop I NEEED this beat.

  71. Eduardo Romero Mercado

    eminem nahhhh ESO MOTHER FUCKERSS!

  72. pancaketoilet


    I'd say it's pretty obvious that Bliss is American.

  73. Sam Starr

    everyone that says "american hip hop sucks" or americans are dumb or can't rap or any stupid shit like that, did you know that Bliss IS american? he moved to australia when he was 13, from america.

  74. Evan Black

    @talhod1 havent heard that song but ill def check it out. madchild is my favorite white rapper by far but he is so underappreciated

  75. Burpman

    @Alex29Black even though the top album of 2011 is from an American hip hop group... cunninlynguists anyone? To say that American hip hop is bs.. just shows your ignorance. Most hip hop you hear from Aussietown are from the U.S. radio. That's not hip hop but garbage. The stuff you do not hear, trust me, its at Bliss N Eso level..even higher. Peace.

  76. Tal Hod

    listen to super ill villain by madchild, same beat. dont know what to think madchild is one of my favorite rappers and i lvoe B+E but unless they got the same sample somewhere this is rly weird

  77. vVvRinzler

    Do you really think youre faster than my blade? Because ive got a liquid sword and ima PARK IT IN YOUR FACE. fucking. ILL.

  78. vin nathan

    oh my god...this is brilliant... O.O

  79. Ivan Yotov

    The beginning is fucking epic.

  80. nut255

    2 people obviously dont know good music

  81. nut255

    2 people obviously dont know good music

  82. Daniel

    Stupid fuck who disliked how can you hate??

  83. Skate Ski Jump Drive

    The Dislike bar is like lady gaga's penis. Small and not supposed to be there.

  84. xHowe-_-9

    whoever disliked this has bad taste for music. douche.

  85. Kyle Yahn

    Fucking incredible. The beginning gives me the chills everytime.

  86. resin tooth

    @jbe109 theres nothing wrong with weed, just the way people look at it

  87. Craig E G

    BNE! 4! LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Freddyfootlong

    @jbe109 :) Where´d you think they get all their sick word play from :D
    I still think theire a lot more positive than most of the other hip hop artists that are around, all singing about guns, drugs and violence all the time. Bliss n Eso have a much more positive and mind opening vibe.

  89. Alex Black

    best song best lyrrics this rapes any american bullshit try hard rap this is the best BNE They are the best

  90. Connor Lennon

    @clutchmc22 i rekon
    but bliss is still better

  91. Connor Lennon

    i luv this song eso is great in but bliss is still the best

  92. Jack Meng Kirkman


  93. MrHudson185

    The ants scurry under the eye echelon. Epic line.

  94. Hugh Dalrymple

    @MOJUMBO123456789 it could work, might not, but if it did it would be the chuck norris of albums!!

  95. Nate

    @MOJUMBO123456789 would prob be dud, they all have their own taste/style

  96. Nate

    Do you really think your faster then my blade cause i got a liquid sword and imma park it in your face. Fuck yea eso!!

  97. Ferrrix

    is there anywhere the instrumental?!