Blink-182 - The Girl Next Door Lyrics

White girl living in the big city
In a big apartment house
She's living with her boyfriend now

She drives off every day for school and work
She washes dishes now
And watches tv on the pull out couch

And every day's the same

White girl moved back to the suburbs
And she finally found a man
Who knows how to take care of her

She bought the perfect little house
And the lawn's well manicured
And she'd never missed a day of work

And every day's the same

White girl couldn't go on knowing
She was just here wasting her time
She drowned in the lake last night

They found her bloated body floating
But she still walks around
Performing all her daily chores

She still don't know what life's about

Cause every day's the same
And she's got no one to love

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Blink-182 The Girl Next Door Comments
  1. romzi bawazier

    My favorite song

  2. Ayane Hajinmon

    Kids Bop version of Screeching Weasel

  3. Tyler Durden

    2019 beers for you guys. Cheers from Italy!

  4. max damage

    they were big schreeching weasel fans

  5. Émile Mary

    White girl, living in a city
    In a big apartment house
    She's living with her boyfriend now

    She drives off every day for school and work
    She washes the dishes now
    And watches TV on the pull out couch

    But every day's the same
    But every day's the same
    And every day's the same
    And every day's the same

    White girl, moved back into the suburbs
    And she finally found a man
    Who knows how to take care of her

    She bought a perfect little house
    And the lawn's well manicured
    And she's never missed a day of work

    'Cause every day's the same
    And every day's the same
    And every day's the same
    And every day's the same

    White girl, couldn't go on knowing
    She was just here wasting time
    She drowned in the lake last night

    They found her bloated body floating
    But she still walks around
    Performing all her daily chores

    She still don't know what life's all
    She still don't know what life's all

    'Cause every day's the same
    And every day's the same
    And every day's the same
    And every day's the same
    And every day's the same

    And every day's the same
    And every day's the same
    And every day's the same

    And she's got no one to love
    She's got no one to love
    She's got no one to love

  6. Mr. Punk Rawk Dood

    Still love the original better. Screeching Weasel deserves credit.

    This cover is awesome sauce though. 🤙

  7. Ted Kapinsky

    Them covering weasel is one of the only reasons i dont shit on blink 182. The other main reason is because shitting on the same band everyone shits on is retarded.

  8. jman217

    I think both versions of this song are good, but I gotta give it to Blink-182, simply because there's is the one I grew up on.

  9. XterraRob

    No one cares about Screeching Weasel, move on.

  10. griffin324

    i wonder what screeching weasel thinks of this version.

  11. JoeSchmoe

    First song I learned on guitar

  12. F-mAdIk m

    I miss home I never want to be in this fuclingbsituation love is to feel alivwbeimg a loser now finely you got the attention now you use the deadbeat

  13. Tommy Dellu

    Blink 182 cover>>>SW Version...respect for Ben❤

  14. RedPill TheNormies

    Tbh, Screeching Weasel's version was way better, but it's cool that Blink did this song.

  15. Fernando R.

    Many memories ❤

  16. mayo_mix

    Of course the people on here think this version is better than the original, because it's the comment section for the cover. When you go on Screeching Weasel's, it's the opposite.

  17. Scott Ross

    man these tracks really bring me back. what happened to punk rock...

  18. William Cullen

    My favorite song favorite band ever

  19. Chris Mata

    Heard this track back in 05. 13 years later this track is the same!:3

    John Blacharski

    Chris Mata heard this track in 1998. 21 years later, and this track is the same.

  20. Fernando R.

    miss u old blink

  21. Josh Pelfrey

    The worst part about bands covering other bands...

    The Youtube comment section.

    Flaming Ember Production Studios

    Josh Pelfrey you said it best

    Dag Nasty Odi

    fucking THANK you.

    Stvrgazin Paroxysm

    Thanks for spreading the truth.

    Sekayi Slade

    no BUT ScreechING WeasEl Did THIS head ass

    silverscreen studios

    screeching weasel made the og

  22. 999, 999,999,999 views

    This is better than screeching weasel

  23. Andrew Staker

    Toms voice in this is awesome, I love old blink

  24. Mod Spoge Podge

    Yesterday end of the school day just finshed a pep Ally after the pep Ally I I put my saxophone away,in the bus now reaching my apartment it's raining hard, and listening to this song on my phone with my crappy earbuds in my ears full volume, running fast trying not to get wet. BEST FUCKING DAY EVER.

  25. 5adn4t1on

    No one talks about screeching weasel covering a whole ramones album,but everyone shits about blink covering one song


    5adn4t1on personally I thought it wasn't that good either

  26. legend _97

    This is the shit I live for

  27. lamepv

    play it at .75 speed to get the Screeching Weasel version :D

  28. Matías Villalba

    Best cover ever

  29. Tom

    Lol so many people hate blink wtf they just covered a song they liked

  30. William Cullen

    my fav song EVER

  31. Donnie Narcos

    This versions better honestly

  32. nigel grimm

    Anyone else think the That the Movie was waaay much better??

  33. Jonny Fallis

    Instead of arguing between which is better, can we talk about how deep this song is? It's about girl committing suicide

  34. Chobes 182

    I enjoy both versions of this song, Screeching Weasel's original is cool and I appreciate their songwriting but I prefer the shitty production on this and the way Mark and Tom's voices alternate during the part where they sing "Every day's the same," sounds better than the original vocals in my opinion.


    Yes, its all about the shitty production hehe

  35. OhNoAwBear

    And everyday's the same....

  36. Arky SP

    No waves

  37. Izzy Dangerous

    not about hating just sayin, the original screeching weasel version does in fact sound better.

  38. TodaVtecKiller

    tom has mad skillz if you think its ez to play 3 chords lets c u sound like this

    Chris Ward

    Lmao this shit is the easiest stuff to play on guitar. I'll always love pop punk but the only difficult thing about this type of music is building up the endurance to play stuff this fast and still stay in time.

  39. Andre Santana

    blink-182 ❤

  40. Vinicius winters

    The surf song

  41. jakeworld

    crap band crap fans

    Miguel Moreno

    +jakeworld like ur mom


    ouch* me gusta :)

    stoned tosleep

    deez nuts bitch

    William Cullen

    Drink dog piss

    Drake Mathews

    Miguel Moreno why are you here then?

  42. JcKramer1991

    Solid cover

  43. Brenda Avalos

    I like both but personally I love blinks version better xD

  44. Alejandro Ibáñez

    How many butthurt Screeching Weasel fanboys lol

    Jimmie Ramone

    How many idiotic Blink fanboys who don't realize they didn't write this song xD

    Alejandro Ibáñez

    "idiotic Blink fanboys" lol way to prove my point, little butthurt

    RC Codes

    now now... play nice boys..

    Rico seefeldt

    it was originally screeching weasle but both versons are good so all of you shut the fuck up

    disgruntled black man

    it's literally a cover, how are people this dull

  45. Vinicius Medeiros

    i love screeching weasel but the 2 songs are the same

  46. Vinicius Medeiros

    old blink is awesome

    Michael Ullman

    So true


    i rlly h8 the new blink

    Gabe likes Frogs

    I think self entitled and california is garbage. everything instead of those two albums are either really good or alright to me.

    Jesse Abshier

    This isn't even blink. Screeching weasels cover.


    Jesse Herja we know that but blink version is better for me and a lot of people

  47. manz

    song never gets old

  48. Deven Alley

    much better than the screeching weasel version. although I like both.


    +John-Robert Haith I don't think he's joking, and stop calling him Shirley.

  49. Joshua Hughes

    Jesus people cant we all just like sw and blink? Stop acting like metal fans!!!

  50. MrAppa

    I love the SW version, but i like this more

    max damage

    i like mark voice more indeed but the gitar start with sw is just a little more intense

  51. Swampforlife

    The Screeching Weasels suck. Blink rules. Suck it all you dumbshit Weasel fans.

    MW Sloid

    Screeching weasel are a massive rip off of the ramones - if you like the ramones chances are you might like screeching weasel, you then may like blink although as you deviate further from the original style and the older you are the crappier it starts to sound, I don't know what passes for pop punk these days some crap like rise against (!?) which sounds like shit to me - south park summed it up in that episode where the president of the USA was a duck shooting crap out its mouth


    @MW Sloid
    the ramones suck. Blink is way better

    Russell Couch

    Swampforlife You've got a bad taste in punk if you think Ramones and Screeching Weasel sucks, but hey everyone has their own opinions

    Kelana Ashil Siddhawira

    wow man youre such a stupid

  52. Raiden Garcia

    I don't know what people are talking about. Screeching Weasel is the better band, I think this cover is awful.

    Dag Nasty Odi

    more like Gayden

  53. theearlystrike41

    The beggining sounds like swing swing by the all American rejects

    DJ Nol

    Lol the original was by Screeching weasel 1995 four years before All Amrican rejects exist...
    But you made a good point Screeching weasel inspired them, Blink and Green Day . 


    +theearlystrike41 Considering Mike from AAR produced their last two albums (didn't realize he stuck around for Baby Fat 1) i'd say they'd be stoked to hear it.


    +DJ Nol Well I was just saying it sounded familiar, didn't really mean anything by it

  54. ToasterBoy

    At this point nobody knew about blink 182 so stop saying that they stole and ruined a song. they were just a small band making  a demo tape. chill out.


    i never said it was stealing


    oh right, yeah you're right. its just covering, most bands do it.

    Seander Pietersen

    to be honest i like this one better than the original from Weasel

    Jose Toledo

    Sander Pietersen yeah me too. Hope thats not too bad of an opinion...


    @ThatXoneXguy but isn't this from buddha? 1994?

  55. Lil Swift

    Bands are aloud to cover songs alright, I personally like the original better, but blink have the right to cover a song, just let them do there thing, I love both bands

  56. West Michigan Fishing

    Can beat the real thing. No matter how many 13 year old girls like you!! Screeching weasel is just bad ass!


    Right stink 182 blows


    reclaimer429 they just covered a song they liked they didn't get as big as you think they did until later on this is their early shit


    West Michigan Fishing this cover is from the early 90s where you been

    Well Seymour, I made it, despite your directions

    West Michigan Fishing you people are toxic

  57. Antonio Sanchez

    But everydays the same!!


    #MY   #JAM  

  59. Spencer Read

    horrible. You don't cover masterpieces

  60. Melk

    I think osker listened to this right before they came up with "life sucks"

  61. WatchMeFade92

    The original is better but I prefer Mark's singing.

  62. Paris Thompson

    Like the original better. Love Blink though!

  63. Chezuz_Krytzt

    And every day's the same...


    Chezuz_Krytzt depression

  64. Sir, Yes Sir (NJ)

    My old pop punk band just started up again. We did a recording of this back in 2006. If you can support us by listening at and liking our fb page @ I will have sex with you for eternity.

    Michael Kempton

    +jared roach lol yeah it is. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm sure you'll go far in life.

    evil snox

    i went far in life because i am a good producer who makes $100000 a second

    Michael Kempton

    @jared roach cool! I just farted!

    Reb Short

    @jared roach
    You are a roach.  Stay the fuck away from any band I'm involved with.


    @Reb Short From now on forward everyone that types in this comment section is my bitch. (Excluding myself)

  65. zimshowfan

    Shut the fuck up.

  66. fladam1994

    Me too, blink 182 is a bit more soft, and so got some radio time, that's where I heard them first, then they introduced me to more punk stuff, like an introduction to punk sort of thing.

  67. Matheus Gusman

    better than original

  68. EnglertRacing96

    that is an opinion.
    if you've herd them live
    Mark nails it
    Tom not so much
    that's an opinion as well!
    it is also my opinion that the best blink 182 songs include Mark and TOM!

  69. Jordan Collett

    That is an opinion. If you're looking at a more Punk-rock singing voice than Tom is the better singer. But if your looking at a more Punk-Pop than Mark wins that category. Get your facts straight please.

  70. Neo5142

    yes this band is so poser jeje

  71. Let's Play Highlights

    Except for Blink

  72. Brian Labuda

    Screeching Weasel is the band that originaly did The Girl Next Door. Blink 182 only covered the song.

  73. Benz John Dagalea

    mark hoppus sings better than tom

    Greg Rosche

    Benz John Dagalea wait, WHAT?!

  74. lucidloon

    It's always a good thing to credit the original artists.

  75. akrifle762

    yes, i literally have been listening to blink 182 my whole life (born in 95) and i can deffinately say they have made me who i am today, so yea, there will always be a special place in my heart for blink!!

  76. JRAGE

    I've come to realize that my personality has strongly been influenced by Blink. To this day, I am still not sure if Blink has either [A] somewhat programmed the way I think, socially, musically, and cognitively OR [B] Can relate to it so well that I feel like I feel like "there is someone out there who feels just like me"

  77. eriksbabydoll

    SO many fucking memories, omfg. This album got me through like, 8th grade, seriously. It's the only album i ever really liked of theirs...

  78. acelinkiopzx

    Screeching Weasel

  79. RasclartPictures

    Agreed. Hip hop has the same ethics as punk, i.e. non-commercial.

  80. Toua Xiong

    lol.... Mark Hoppus kinda sucks

  81. Marcos Gava

    man, you are fucking old school!

  82. Ben Kocur

    Everyone check out my acoustic cover of this song and my other covers. Also me and are band are working on a CD with a full version of this song.

  83. Pedro Antônio Parreira


  84. SodaBox Jr

    yay we covered this song:) love both the original and this one:)

  85. TheCaptainBunz

    I honestly think this version is better. Maybe its because I'm a die-hard blink fan, or maybe its because it seems a bit cleaner.

  86. Ralph Jordan

    *cant tell if trolling or stupid*

  87. Kjl115


  88. Mondo Oowada

    best album

  89. Cale Mckno

    I'm pretty sure they went on to make music until this very day.

  90. Stefano Rivolta

    Who is SW????

  91. SheVczyk

    Screeching Weasel!

  92. TheFreakyhawk

    cover of which artist?

  93. Mateusz

    No, it isn't :)

  94. sackd18w

    Blink died once they booted Scott Raynor

    Jordan Lewis

    sackd18w u died

  95. testnumberone1

    who cares?

  96. Tom Hoppus Barker

    whats your point?

  97. Ariana Daley

    Not gonna lie. I'd never heard this song before I heard this cover. But I love them both, so it shouldn't matter.

  98. miguel angel jimenez v.

    man i remember this song .....this is one o my favorite bands ...really like blink ;) i_i rocks