Blink-182 - Run Away Lyrics

Leave me in the sun, I'm melting like a Popsicle
Give me the flu, I'm dying in this hospital
I need you close but you got me backed against a wall
I try to speak but my mouth doesn't move at all

Sing me right back to sleep
I'll never hear your voice break down again
Need you to try to keep
Your distance and I'll come home again

Run away
Don't let me run away, no
Get away
Don't let me get away, no
When the lights come up and you see I'm gone
You wake up to an empty house
And when the music stops and you come undone
You know I'm never gonna get you out (of my head)

Met you in the dark where we stumble into mysteries
An open book that you took and now I'm history
You moved away and you left me with your dying wish
I couldn't prove it was you, you're the arsonist

Sing me right back to sleep
I'll never hear your voice break down again
Need you to try to keep
Your distance and I'll come home again

Run away
Don't let me run away, no
Get away
Don't let me get away, no
When the lights come up, when you see I'm gone
Wake up to an empty house
And when the music stops and you come undone
You know I'm never gonna get you out (of my head)

Run away
Don't let me run away, no
Get away
Don't let me get away, no

Run away
Don't let me run away, no
Get away
Don't let me get away, no
When the lights come up, when you see I'm gone
Wake up to an empty house
And when the music stops and you come undone
You know I'm never gonna get you out (of my head)

Run away
Don't let me run away, no
Get away
Don't let me get away, no

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Blink-182 Run Away Comments
  1. Luis Racero

    Yes, guys!! :)

  2. We Remotely Low

    Travis: Could you turn up my drums in the chorus?
    Engineer: Sure thing, buddy

  3. Merle Dixon

    sound like Korn

  4. gunter lange

    This kinda gives me lil peep vibes... well everything but the chorus

  5. Scamous_ChilledWolf

    This song sounds like it could be a CoD: Zombies theme song for one of the older maps like Verrückt

  6. Kava Tutone

    Oh shit another song to play on repeat smh .

  7. Danu Ismandagi

    Playing speed 1.25x .

  8. Deon Allen

    miss tom but skiba is killing it great album blink

  9. Kid British

    Clever song

  10. jake krok

    is the background a up-close and personal filming of a piece of shatter

  11. Callate Tedigo

    Blinkin park 😍

  12. Evaristo Regalado

    Best song on The album

  13. Jim Harper

    I miss Tom.
    Alkaline Trio misses Matt.
    The Punk elite with their bullshit..

  14. El Sols

    Play at .75x playback speed.

  15. Just Me182

    I’m still a Tom fan at heart.. but this song fucking kicks ass well done!

  16. Vinicius de Sousa Assunção

    That sounds like a song for AMV, imo

  17. Jo Martinez


  18. Aidan Spilker

    This album isn't as good as the others

  19. Joao Moreira

    What the fuck? Every song sounds exactly the same.


    Joao Moreira It's watered down pop rock

    Jordi Danen

    @toad This record is quite strong actually


    Jordi Danen in what way

    Jordi Danen

    @toad new arrangement and production stuff, vocals are much better than california. Diverse and fun listen. Alternative at times, really pop at times. Just fun. Nothing wrong with it

  20. Dalton Griffith

    I’m never gunna get you outta my head

  21. legend _97

    undecided if this is the best on the album or on some emo shit is or no heart to speak off

  22. Lola Franciska St.

    Is this still punk rock?
    I don't think so, but not bad.

    Jordi Danen

    So music is only good when it is punkrock?

    Lola Franciska St.

    You're right bro, I just think that blink-182 music changed a lot. It was so a different music at 2005.

    Matt Sucks

    I don't think they've really been punk since 1999 but I don't consider that a bad thing.

  23. Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel

    Sorry but all these blink songs sound the same

  24. AmyWeather

    linkin park :)

  25. Katelyn Raney

    It’s all very meh to me
    Definitely not bad but I can’t listen to this on repeat like self titled.

  26. smile .as-default


  27. smile .as-default

    I'm loving this

  28. DeezyDeuce

    Best lyrical composition on this album. If I had to guess, I think Mark wrote all the lyrics to this song, but they were sung by both Matt and Mark. Superior technique gentlemen!!!

  29. Amy Nicholson

    Put its on speed 1.25x it sounds more like blink-182

  30. Mendez

    Blinkin Park

  31. jkprmn

    You know the album is good when everyone says that each songs are their favorite of the album.

  32. Hassan Siddiqui

    blinkin park-182


    this has that old blink feel to it with just a touch of their new style.

  34. canucks2017

    Matt's voice in the chorus is incredible. His vocals really shine on this record.

    Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel

    Autotune does wonders

    Master Ludo

    @Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel the same thing can be said about tom

    Germ Sauvé

    @Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel Autotune's been all over every Blink records since EOTS ... nothing new here.


    Germ Sauvé you act like that's a good thing, this band is corporate radio friendly trash

    Germ Sauvé

    @toad and yet you're still here listening to that corporate radio friendly trash and scrolling through the comments section

  35. Mr. Jay

    my second fav song from nineeeee

  36. toad

    holy shit this song is fucking awful

  37. Monk Killedababy

    This is fucking bad...


    blink182 is awful

    Matt Sucks

    @toad yet you're here leaving comments left and right


    Matt Sucks I'm apparently not allowed to leave criticism now? If you don't wanna hear it maybe don't look at the comments

  38. Abraham Cayama


  39. Saryan1

    Probably my favorite song on this album, it's that good.

    Collin McCausland

    Saryan1 the music video for the dark side ruined it

    Keanu Paler

    Collin McCausland no not really

  40. loliH9

    Jesus Christ. Fantano was spot on.


    404 dynamics not found

  41. sethvicious

    holy hell this is fucking terrible

  42. This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven

    This actually fucking sucks

  43. I'm Dead but still Alive


  44. Liz Adams

    is this a linkin park rip off

  45. blbblb

    +44 Intro! <3

  46. Nate T

    Fighting the gravity vibes?

  47. Bob Gnarley

    This album grew on me really quickly. The first time through it I was like "Well that basically sucked". But the second time it was so much easier to listen to and I actually enjoy a lot of it now.

    James Stewart

    Bob Gnarley exactly the same with me

  48. JMC The Director

    Favorite song on album!!

  49. Joshua Pitre

    I see u Mark wit that nice little flow

  50. Chris Otto

    ...did Mark just sing that he's coming home?

  51. วีระยศ บุษกรานุโต

    Come to Thailand 🇹🇭

  52. Luis Enrique

    Matt Skiba - Run Away don’t let me get away no! Me - 😭😭😭 yes please

  53. TJ Nanda

    I miss Linkin Park 😢

  54. Panic! At The Twenty One Pilots bLiNk 182

    lights come up, and you see i’m gone

  55. EZ 3

    The music is straight 🔥


    Me gusta como suena la música del nuevo blink. No lo quieren ver muchos pero la música ha evolucionado a pasos agigantados y blink no es la excepción. Sin duda que tom delonge marcó una época en el grupo pero matt skiba no lo hace tan mal. El está escribiendo su historia en el grupo

  57. Ömer Aşgın

    best song of the album

  58. Yenney Rossi

    Ti ringrazio infinitamente cari Blink 182, per il stupendo brano e interpretazione, anche il video lirico e condivisione♥ Complimenti e Buona domenica!! ♦

  59. Raul Haro

    Me pregunto como se escucharia con la voz de tom

  60. HurricaneX66

    My favorite from the album so far

  61. Hostile Pizza

    I grew up listening to blink 182 and alkaline trio and I love the new alkaline trio album but this Blink with Matt just sucks! It all sounds like your every day pop music. The only few good songs they had to me on California was only 30 seconds long. I just can't get into this new sound at all.

  62. Danny Tiberio Jr

    Saw them before they were even known, I was skating at the warped tour I was an am back in day I'm 43 now but they were playing at vans warped tour in 1996 in n Hampton Massachusetts my home state that's we're I saw them

  63. Danny Tiberio Jr

    If they can get that dumb fuck to stop chasing aliens wtf, it's the guys that didn't have a drug problem!!! Wtf unless he was doing strong acid and or lsd, an fucked his shit up lol, but really

  64. iju

    in blink182 we trust

  65. Jared Shelley

    I love it when you says
    and then
    That was a best fucking lyrics song you got there.

  66. Vishal Singh

    Rolling Stone described this song as a Linkin Park homage and I agree

  67. Franklin jubelio

    Fast lyrics identity. Good job

  68. Austėja Lašaitė

    After California I thought blink is gone, but then they release this... this is fucking great.

  69. Red X

    +44 feels and I am fucking here for it

  70. John Felix Bryan Clavel

    Keep on punking blink..Godbless..more album please..yehaaa...

  71. Marc

    It’s almost like +44’s second album!!

  72. Henry Sanchez

    Definitely I think they have found their self again. California was the album of the mixing ideas, mixing styles, an all that stuff finished with this! The return of the pop-punk rock!!

  73. Paul Harrington

    +44 vibes in the begging

  74. The Rise And Fall of The 182nd Day

    I can hear some Simple Creature vibes

  75. Bradlas

    I think I've been looking at this all wrong. Been trying to compare the newer stuff to the older stuff that featured Tom and asking myself "Does this sound like blink?" but I guess it shouldn't have to. Personally, I still think they shouldn't have kept the blink-182 branding without Tom (would say the same if it was the other way around and Mark wasn't in the band) but I like this song as well as others on the album. They sound like they're coming into their own as a different band even though they're still labeled as blink-182 if that makes any sense.

  76. Edgar Valencia

    Holly shit! Really I love this song!!!

  77. Dore Minner

    Blink 182 never disappoints. This album is underrated

  78. HotCoffe

    Run away...

  79. toma

    j'aime beaucoup la voix de ce nouveau chanteur.

  80. Ryan Gelder

    This album low key really good

  81. Ege M.

    to be honest i didnt like the pre-release songs and i wasn't expecting an album like this. Great work..


    I definitely agree. I wasn't much of a fan of Blame It On My Youth. So it was making me worried as to what the album was going to be like. So I kind of held off buying the album and listening to the rest of the songs when they came out until today. I figured I should see if the rest was better and I was actually really surprised at how the others sounded!

    I think I actually like this album better then California which I still enjoyed. They've finally developed a sound with Matt that's their own, but you can still hear the odd bit that has that old familiarity of their old sound. Almost every songs I heard was becoming a favourite. I really like the second half of this album as the sound changes on each song rather than it staying upbeat and more synthesized.

  82. Jacob F

    “I’m melting like a popsicle” -Mark

    His lyrics are the only thing I can’t get behind with this new blink.

    Josh Herbert

    Seriously. Pretty terrible. Tom was always the better song/lyrics writer..

    Robin Ssl.

    'cinderella" lol

  83. Master Cobacoba

    Shittt all is trash

  84. B Watson

    Kinda sounds like Oliver Tree in the chorus

  85. Emilio Treviño

    This sounds like Linkin Park or some 2007 hardcore. Really good!

  86. CRØNOX

    Okay, the album really starts to grow on me - getting better and better with every listen! Thanks for putting so much work into it!

  87. Maui

    Reminds me of Linkin Park, has that nu metal vibe.

    Inferno Gaze

    You are obviously a fucking idiot


    This shit sounds nothing like nu metal

    Monk Killedababy

    elix Sounds like if Taylor Swift did NuMetal... this is so mediocre I can’t even explain it.

    Keanu Paler

    Monk Killedababy It’s not even mediocre tho it’s actually great

    Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel

    No it doesn't lol the songs sound the same

  88. fvcker gonna fvck

    Blink 182 will never give what we want guys

    Enzo Heavenly

    Makes sense, if you want a band to make music that caters JUST to your liking, start your own band lol

    fvcker gonna fvck

    @Enzo Heavenly of course blink have a right to change how they sound, but i have right to not like it

  89. Mr_Giro

    Best song in the album. love this record ffs!!!! Its time to let the Mark, Matt and Travis Show play. And what a hell of a show. KEEP ROCKING.

  90. Nicole De Almeida

    Amazing!!! 😍😍😍😍❤

  91. Samuel Verhoeff

    I love it


    I use Blink182 song for my prewedding video. Please watch it and subscribe. LONG LIFE BLINK182!

  93. Chase Allsup

    0:49 my yeaaaddd

  94. Sulakerrr

    Best song of the album

  95. Johnny Marz

    blink bridge commin in HOT

  96. xboogie ClutchMaster

    The best song from the newest 10 songs.

  97. Blackspirit 168