Blink-182 - Pin The Grenade Lyrics

Back down, off the ledge you're leaving me
Right now, it feels like you're bleeding me dry
Slow down, you took away a piece of me
I don't wanna let go, don't wanna let go

Chokehold, I'm running out of oxygen
Tightrope, tonight it's like I'm walking on air
Black smoke, coming from the underground
I don't wanna let go, don't wanna let

Hey! Wait! Pin the grenade!
If you don't love me, lie to my face
Hey! Wait! Get out of my brain
If you don't love me, lie to my face
Just another night before I'm lost and all alone
If you're gonna kill me, baby, please just do it slow
So hey! Wait! Pin the grenade!
If you don't love me, lie to my face

My god, how could you talk to me like that?
Let's stop, you changed your mind and caught a ride home
You dropped a hint that I embarrass you
I don't wanna let go, don't wanna let go

Midnight, I'm underneath the landslide
Fast life, I'll leave you on the side of the road
You cried, "this isn't what you promised me"
I don't wanna let go, don't wanna let

Hey! Wait! Pin the grenade!
If you don't love me, lie to my face
Hey! Wait! Get out of my brain
If you don't love me, lie to my face
Just another night before I'm lost and all alone
If you're gonna kill me, baby, please just do it slow
So hey! Wait! Pin the grenade!
If you don't love me, lie to my face

(Lie to my face)
Just another night before I'm lost and all alone
If you're gonna kill me, baby, please just do it slow
Just another night before I'm lost and all alone
If you're gonna kill me, baby, please just do it slow

Hey! Wait! Pin the grenade!
If you don't love me, lie to my face
Hey! Wait! Get out of my brain
If you don't love me, lie to my face
Just another night before I'm lost and all alone
If you're gonna kill me, baby, please just do it slow
So hey! Wait! Pin the grenade!
If you don't love me, lie to my face
If you don't love me, lie to my face
If you don't love me, lie to my face
(Hey! Wait! Pin the grenade!
If you don't love me, lie to my face)

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Blink-182 Pin The Grenade Comments
  1. lazymumbler

    pls tell me I'm not the only one that has a hard time getting the tempo in the first verse??? Travis..... how‽?¿

  2. Jamie

    This album brought me lots of joy when I was going through some depressing stuff.
    Thanks blink 182 🤘

  3. Steven K.

    Riding into WW3 playing this.

  4. CockRoach California

    Just an idea 🤔 but would Blink 182 consider doing a collab with Hollywood Undead cause that shit be straight 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Willy Wonka

    Back down, on the ledge you're leaving me...

  6. Grant abomb

    I've just realized that all the people hating on the newer albums for being too poppy is just because the lyrics aren't edgy and out of nowhere, and instead have some meaning, and catchiness

  7. NuoXiaCF


  8. Daniel Brenner

    It's now Christmas Eve and I downloaded the album after listening to a few songs.
    Lost in the music and I'm loving every second.

  9. TX Terminator

    This is one of the best songs since All The Small Things.

  10. Freaky

    Music Video please!!!!

  11. TX Terminator

    2000s babies have been listening to Blink since they were in the womb. 2000s babies have Blink in their DNA. It made us who we are.

  12. settingsun34

    Tell me you love me, if you don’t then lie to me - True Love, Coldplay

  13. blacksabbith 35

    I just love blink so fucking much, thank you guys for still making music 😜😜 it makes my day when I see a new song/music video

  14. Thomas B

    Listening at 1.1 is quite - awesome -

  15. María Victoria Vasylchuk

    Love this

  16. John Muir

    This. This is fkin great guys - -

  17. Matt Barker

    This, Darkside, and Black Rain are my favourites from the record.

  18. RetroGamingFish

    im not into this auto version blink 182... I dont think its cool to have hip hop beats in blink 182 either, this isn't what I want for blink 182. I think theres cool +44 elements like I enjoy BLAME IT ON THE YOUTH but this is some corny weird pop bullshit blink-182 I dont like :( bring back tom delonge it'll fix the direction

  19. Mariano Freyre

    Great song

  20. Daner David


  21. Oi, eu sou Manoel

    The part "My god, how could you talk to me like that" is my favorite one. Reminds me of the old Blink-182 songs.

  22. Deon Allen

    miss tom but this is like a pheonix from the flames what an album blink 182 back making great records good job skiba

  23. rumput futsal

    i love Matt when he say "maaa god..."

    Matheus Robis

    so fcking sexy

  24. Ejay Mallari

    Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne

  25. wherrsmydoodles

    This is literally the 4th song that Ive first ever listened from this band and Im literally already HOOKED, Ive been listening to old classic songs and the newer more recent songs and no matter what song, I catch myself bopping my head and wanting to dance along

    Jordi Danen

    Please check out these side projects
    +44 (Mark Hoppus/Travis Barker)
    Simple Creatures (Mark Hoppus and All Time Low singer)
    Angels And Airwaves (Tom Delonge)
    Boxcar Racer (Tom Delonge)

    Alkaline Trio is Matt Skiba's band. (He sings the second verse in this song)

    You are in for a treat!!


    Jordi Danen thank you for the suggestions!! Been wanting some new music so Im not listening to this album constantly 😅

    Jordi Danen

    @wherrsmydoodles Try the entire +44 album if you like this album

  26. NES 83’

    Lie to my faaaaaaaaaaace....

  27. Steve Tucker

    It seems like they use the same dang chord progression on the chorus of every song they make.

  28. Kendall McMurchy

    love blink 182

  29. Veronika M

    Mark went hard on that last "my face" 👌👌👌

  30. Mad Magic

    Always thought Blink-182 was just a cringe band back then.

    Now I'm here, enjoying every song I find from them.

  31. Edmar Assis

    This song is 🔥🔥

  32. Sebwah Aqun

    IDGAF about the old blink. just enjoy and grow up! love u all

  33. Renato Sáenz

    All this lyric videos great....just don't think I can predict the future here... please use the millenary art of karaoke to give a glimpse of what's coming had one job... Lol

  34. Nelson Stack

    elonelsonelskalade damus. musk. a!

  35. Maria Angelica Ferrari

    Thank God for Blink 182 continue playing so good music!!

  36. Munawir Mumunis

    I love this song.. So cool..

  37. Кирилл Шишканов

    This music is for video games!!!

  38. Mariano Freyre

    Greattt song

  39. Lyne Pacomio


  40. LightSeekerMatt

    Skiba's part is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. A R

    *Awesome song. Try it at X1.25 speed for a more old school blink feeling song*

  42. Tanner Wakeham

    Best song of Nine, and it’s not really close

  43. zepbenny

    Great song!  The words are friggin' amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Leo Atansil

    Damn !! Travis make it again. Do you realize they start the song with a twist time signature ??

    Leo Atansil

    The intro is tricky. It seems like the song tick at 2/16, 4/16, 6/16 8/16

    But it twist to 1/16, 3/16, 5/16 7/16

    Travis is a druming genius

    And great song

    yourfavoritesadboi //

    it’s literally 4/4 but in the verse beat the ride bell is on the and of 1, not the downbeat

  45. Michael Trapson

    This the one 🔥🔥🔥

  46. smile .as-default

    How is every song my favourite one???? 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  47. Ge Raging

    THIS whole album sucks ,... these new songs are so generic ,..sounds like Justin Bieber tryin' to rock ??? lol

  48. Dmitry Kostygov

    This song os so catchy. Like "Sober" from " California"

    Ge Raging

    sorry , nice try , this album is already out of the charts, there's nothing good on it ,..sounds like paramore meets kelly clarkson meets like ,... jessica simpson,,lol

  49. zan man

    the beginning of this song really fucks with me bc i can't for the life of me find the 1

    Jordi Danen

    Hoppus starts singing on an offbeat cause im always rushing during the beginging of the first verse. Very clever!

    yourfavoritesadboi //

    i know you’ve probably found it by now but the two toms at the start before the ride bell

  50. Curt Ehrhart

    This one hits in the feels.

  51. That Guy

    I've had this album on constantly for the past 3 weeks. My 4 year old turns to me and says: "Will you play lie to my face?"
    It took me a few seconds to understand her lyrics. When I understood her, it was SUCH a proud dad moment. This is definitely my go to song on this amazing album. Thank you Mark, Travis and Matt.


    I do this for Blink and All Time Low songs with my 5 year old. Such a good feeling.

    That Guy

    @HatingThePlayer, good call!!! Turns out my daughter also likes Always. She has great taste so far 😁
    Eventually she'll enjoy The Story So Far.


    @That Guy Janik is literally the Canadian Alex Gaskarth and I love it.

  52. Dillon Bald

    I got home from school today and i threw down my backpack amd screamed the chorus to this song until i couldnt anymore. Then the phone rang..... Guess who it was?

    Dillon Bald

    It was my Dad.

  53. Brandi Wohl


  54. Pra Setiyono

    Out of my head

  55. Fernando Ulises Ponce Grimaldo

    I don't speak english and I want to know what "pin the grenade" means, so if anyone could help I'd be so grateful.
    I've looked for information on web but I haven't found anything

    A and H Insurance

    For a grenade to explode you have to pull the pin. And to stop it from exploding you could put the pin back or "pin the grenade". I think that's what he means by it.

    Fernando Ulises Ponce Grimaldo

    @A and H Insurance thanks, I think I got the meaning of the song, regards

  56. Fareza Ahmed

    The lyric should be 'if you don't love me then laugh on my face'

  57. Marcelo Oliveira

    This album is so perfect. This song gives me chills.

  58. Tom DeLonge

    Fantastic acoustic by this guy. See what you think

  59. Iron Sport Fitness

    Best song on album

  60. Technicalities

    i get huge Neighborhoods album vibe from this song

  61. Attack Story

    Boys, I love Matt... but this isn't Blink. Wake up. Mark and Travis sound great here and so does Matt... but you know what I am saying.

  62. Attack Story

    Finally a Tom-Calubur chorus.

  63. GrayWoIf

    God damn it I couldn't stand this song now I find myself humming it and now I just had to search for this video to hear it.

  64. Eduardo Alvear

    Pin the grenadee

  65. Ahmad Sulaiman

    Good job !

  66. 5AM Gameplays & More

    Ey wey Pin de grenaide

  67. Jesus Francisco Hernandez Felix

    Excellent Song BLink and Awesome album

  68. Pond I

    This is our blink's song

  69. STDuck

    Wow! This song is actually amazing.

  70. tom keane

    This is good I still need tom tho

  71. Hayley Smith

    The verses sound so similar to ain’t seen nothin yet by avril lavigne

  72. Oscar Guillen

    Ive been a Blink fan my entire life. And at first I wasnt digging this new album at all. But my goodness was i wrong. This song is my ABSOLUTE FAV!! Tbh one of my fav Blink songs ever! Def some great songs in this album. Missed you guys!!! As much as I miss Tom im loving the flavor Matt brought. 😄❤️😭

  73. Dylan Smit

    Fuck pussy

  74. Super A.J.S.

    My favorite part, "If you don't love me, lie to my FACE!"


    Naw tell me the truth so I can walk away

  75. Shoggoth

    Why is this song making me nostalgic about the time and the country I haven't lived in as a teenager?

  76. Joseph Blayden

    Hi Melissa Bray,
    Just seen your new channel! And please start a video soon,
    From Joseph.

  77. Brayten Gahimer

    I can’t listen to dude ranch and not hate this. Where is the riffage

  78. Nurse Joy

    this song is fucking stupid good

  79. Ian Moreira Pons

    I dont know...
    Remember me Gorillaz

  80. james pye

    The vocals sound fake as hell, the music is generic and forced. I think I'm done with this band.


    Bye pye

  81. Ivan Lira

    My favorite ever 🖤

  82. We Are The Empty


  83. Trent Blakeslee

    Love it when does the Kidz Bob version come out

  84. Anonymous501

    Whoever makes these lyric videos should be fired, why do the fucking verses come up AS he says them? Have they not seen ANY other lyric video?

  85. Peter

    Spotify says it all. This song is the first new song since their reunion to appear in the top 5 on their Spotify page.

  86. Darshan Shakya

    Plastic Fans coming back supporting the band.

  87. BandaAFK-hardcore

    ae escuta minha musica "vou pro puteiro com negao"

  88. latscho nebudo

    Best song of the new record. Blink sounds like 182!

  89. Michael Angst

    Amazing track, but why does every song pretty much have to be about getting over a woman etc?? If tom was still in the band, it would be 100% different. Even if you love the music, you have to admit Mark Hoppus is not creative, and it all left the band with Tom. it's like people want to just criticize them for the dark side video, but not the real reason

    Mr Snrub

    Michael Angst most of Tom’s songs are about girls and love too, I mean he did a whole album around like the whole concept of love. Plus on Neighborhoods most of his songs were about girls too (off the top of my head Ghost on the Dancefloor, Snake Charmer, After Midnight, Love is Dangerous, Even if She Falls), it wouldn’t be any different with Tom. It’s just a shame that Matt seemingly doesn’t have much of the creative input in the songwriting and structure because he might not be the musician Tom is but he’s 10x the writer and Tom himself would admit that.


    Literally both of Tom's new songs are about girls

    Michael Angst

    @JEEVES that is true, I hope the rest of the album isn't the same. I doubt it will be, but NINE is pretty much like this every track. Tom's past work is way more creative with songwriting than this album was.. You have to admit that. The love albums didn't have every track devoted to women. Just sayin


    @Michael Angst in ava? Sure. In Blink 2011-2012? Not so sure.

  90. Brittany Pittman

    Favorite, hands down. 😍

  91. jenn J

    Edit: Okay I lied this is my favorite song on the album next to black rain and first time. This album is really good oh my god

  92. Bima Gesta

    Blink 182 without Tom not Blink 182

    Mr Snrub

    Bima Gesta it’s been almost half a decade, move on already. If you don’t like their new stuff fine, the old stuff isn’t gonna go anywhere.

  93. Renato Martins Boschetti

    Really liked this one, although I think this album has too many slow songs. I wish it had more fast songs like this one

  94. Hari Agnostic

    Blink182 is finally back after Ded's EP

  95. Blyatiful

    I like this. This sounds like the old blink but the only missing thing is the catchy guitar melody

  96. Anthony Terrazzano

    lol If I could dedicate one song to my ex

  97. Just Noodles

    They back let's go lads

  98. summerskin

    Can Tom be back already? This album sounds good but with Toms voice it would be fucking amazing

  99. Joe Holyome

    This should have been the first single