Blink-182 - No Heart To Speak Of Lyrics


Photographs of you are still haunting my halls
Still framed in blue, saying nothing at all
Sacrifice myself, leave me dead in the sun
Put it on a shelf, leave it there for everyone to see
Is that all you have, is that all you have to say?

Lying on the bedroom floor
Hanging on the words that you said before
No heart, no heart to speak of
Dying on the bathroom floor
Thinking of the life that we had before
No heart, no heart to speak of

Nothing left but scars clawed away at my heart
On a crumbling edge, watch me falling apart
Feel the birds of prey circle over our home
Vultures in the ash, separating skin from bone
Is that all you have, is that all you have to say?

Lying on the bedroom floor
Hanging on the words that you said before
No heart, no heart to speak of
Dying on the bathroom floor
Thinking of the life that we had before
No heart, no heart to speak of

And I think one day
And I think one day
We'll both just fade away
And I think one day
We'll pay for our mistakes
And I think one day
I'm gonna slip away

Lying on the bedroom floor
Hanging on the words that you said before
No heart, no heart to speak of
Dying on the bathroom floor
Thinking of the life that we had before
No heart, no heart to speak of

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Blink-182 No Heart To Speak Of Comments
  1. Pietro Affonso

    this is what i expect from a music of blink 182

  2. Carlos Perez

    This song deserves to be a single ASAP!

  3. brad gonzalez

    For you know who. NLAJ

  4. Maulana F

    almost perfect songs are underrated

  5. deezcreampies

    Best song on the album...

  6. Cibel Fakinshit

    Very drama . Fvck of

  7. J. A. Bolivar

    This hurts me real good.. I need more of this

  8. Michael Madlock

    This song won me over. I’m a fan now.

  9. Prof Daniel

    Biby 😔

  10. David Kruk

    This is the song that turned the ‘i hate new blink’ in me into ‘can’t wait to see what comes next’

  11. Josh Peterson

    I can't believe how much I love this album, this song and I wish I hated you are my current favorites.

  12. Ricardo Alves

    Melhor banda de todos os tempos

  13. Sleeping through alarms

    This song is seriously amazing, it really speaks to me. I love this so freaking much.
    Matt's voice is outstanding

  14. Franco Cordini

    Best song by blink since their second reunion, by far, i think Matt is a genius for making this song

  15. shamsul syafiq

    No HEART!!!!! To Speak OF!!!

  16. Jeep Ford Guy


  17. Jon M.

    Low key I think this is the best track on the album

  18. Neusa Jaremciuc

    Muito bom 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  19. Bryan C

    I'm still drunk from bringing in the New Year . Can someone please tell me what album this song is from ? Happy New Year bitches.. 😜

  20. ZT20

    I fucking love blink 182

  21. JackGamingFTW

    just found this song love the sound of it so much

  22. mike wazowski

    skiba outdid himself

  23. J0HNNY S31ZUR3

    Skiba KILLS on this track.

  24. Damage Control

    oooooo i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Vladyslava Baranova

    Great and powerful ❣️
    Love it👍

  26. Brandon Strosin

    FUCK damn. this sounds so good. music video is needed..

  27. Scottie Schalow

    For those that say this song needs a video, I agree to an extent, but at the same time I like painting a picture of it in my mind based solely off the song itself, really digesting the vividness of these lyrics. If they did do a music video, they need to make it match the words perfectly, nothing more, nothing less. This song gives me chills. Scary realistic.


    This should’ve been Matt’s official introduction song to Blink.

  29. Braden Sommers

    Honestly this song gives me sad yet catchy vibes. I never grew up with blink or any pop punk, but I’m glad Blink is back!

  30. Brandon Johnston

    Your new songs are kickas

  31. Ren Pablo

    Best blink song

  32. Craig Naert

    Tell me about it I’m not going anywhere she’s the one who is a liar she won’t be taking me down

  33. Lyne Pacomio

    Fantastic Song from the BRAZIL

  34. Chris004

    Seria foda se eles fizessem o clip dela;¬;

    Kleber Jaremciuc

    Junto com Pin The grenade melhores músicas do Nine, foda mat skiba canta com Emoção


    Simm man, são as melhores!! Matt arrasando.

  35. Logan Chitty



    Sorry, I had to vent a little

  36. Sean McDonald

    Thought Blink died with Dogs Eating Dogs... Then i hear this 👌Replay.

  37. Superhero fan Hi

    Amazing song love punk pop

  38. Muhammad Hadiansyah

    This song really made me cry, the lyric, it's just too deep for me, for my condition rn the lyric fits so well 😭😭😭

  39. luciddre4m

    Hot damn this track

  40. Christopher A. Clark

    So now I have to add another arrow? 🤔🌮

  41. Jam Max

    What is this WEEEEAK SHITT?! The past 6 songs have all been just terrible blink.. What are you guys thinking? This is disgraceful to the name Blink 182. This new music is giving you a bad name. Coming from an honest and TRUE fan..

  42. cottton™

    blink 1 80tune 2

  43. Seanachie's Court

    Damn it blink, if you have it once, you have it always!

  44. Fire Fly Rancher

    The sequel to stay together for the kids

  45. GuiTarKeYs4

    Great track. He won’t be able to pull off the woahs or chorus live unless they drop the song a whole tone. It’s not a coincidence they haven’t played it live yet. A great sequel to “Stay together for the kids”

  46. Oki Budhi Pramana


  47. Joshua Buchholz

    I fucking love Blink but am I the only one who loves the (obviously influenced) Skiba songs more during this "reboot"?

  48. Михаил Лебедев

    Охуенно заходит, кто, русские, реально заходит!!!!!!

  49. Cletus Kasady

    2:55 Solo!!!!

  50. Marcos Mascorro

    Eighter a woman can make you or break you

  51. Joe

    please stop.... or just call it the new alkaline trio... let blink 182 rest in peace

  52. Deon Allen

    I wanted to hate this as tom is gone but wow what a album they have put together tips hat to skiba

  53. MibBoruto

    I love the music but really, you need to move on on that smile symbol

  54. Leonard Viloria

    Nice song

  55. rumput futsal

    who hurt you Matt?
    thanks for this song. the best song in this album IMO.

  56. Zeo

    Man I go from Say it Ain’t So to this...I’m cool with it

  57. fiascob

    The power of Matt Skiba unleashed... this is what i was waitting for! Full of heart for sure

  58. Felipe Maiello Von Rondon

    I Don't miss you more, DeLonge.

  59. M.W

    bring that era back.

  60. Eduardo Alvear

    Fuck yea thanks blink 182 !

  61. nico poly

    Fucking awesome!

  62. Paradise Mayflower

    I love every part of this song especially starting with the scream.Best song in the album

  63. Alan __

    I love
    This song and the new album fucking rocks

  64. Ronnie Franken


  65. Kevin

    I ❤️ Blink-182, from Italy!!

  66. Carlos Martinez

    same melody.... not art at all... you are just trying to keep milking the dead cow.... yes its a dead cow

  67. Lion Of Truth

    Travis’s drum progression on this song is insane. His beats are so catchy. And Matt goes so hard in this song. You can hear his passion in the yells. It’s raw. And of course Mark sets the vibes with the bass. ❤️🦁🙏👍

  68. Sonal J

    This and Black Rain are my contenders for best song on the album

  69. Ed Hernandez

    Ahhh that's more like it...this is the new Blink 182 I'm talking about...only if Skibba can stick to his own style and not sing any of Tom's songs we're favorite song since the original Blink broke apart

    Matt Sucks

    Who's gonna sing the Tom songs then? The audience? That'll be half the show. Do they just not play Tom's songs? Well there goes half the set of fan favorites. You didn't think that through.

  70. Jackson Iris

    As sad as this sounds. This song is literally my life right now. Just found out my wife cheated on me. It’s killing me inside and yet this song is pulling me up from the ground. Thanks Blink for saving me in my adulthood just like in my childhood.


  71. Kamel Kadri

    Was never a big fan of Blink before or after but they do have a lot of decent songs this is one of their Best

  72. ChOu Camp

    MV please

  73. austin price

    This is by far the best song on the album.

  74. Deisiane de Jesus

    Ameii ❤️🇧🇷

  75. John Wolfchild

    Love this song

  76. Fire Fly Rancher

    Love Matt’s vocals. I could listen to this song all the time and not get board of it.

  77. Kuka Golber

    i may just be high, but damn the bass drum has such a good hollow/echo feel to it in the intro and god damn do it sound good
    who with me?

  78. haru glory

    so f good... ffs

  79. A R

    *I always end up loving every single Blink song...*

  80. Ana Sene

    Ok Matt, you want my heart? take it.. it's all yours

  81. Carlos Cratic

    So.... We gonna just ignore the fact that Travis Barker just totally ripped the drums a new asshole in this song ?
    Did you not hear that solo in the end?
    Best drummer in the world EVER ! ! !

  82. Carlos Cratic

    Got this shit on REPEAT. LOUD AS FUCK!
    My eardrums might be bleeding.

  83. soft bean

    Love this one so much❤❤

  84. KAyla Kayla

    Omfg like I cAn't get enough of their new Shit. I sweAr!!!!

  85. Ryan Phillips

    I come here as a Alkaline Trio fan, Blink you see why...Skiba is a fucking lyrical and music genius...this song has so many feels.

  86. Brian McLean

    As someone in recovery, the chorus really hits me. Makes me think of the dark days of active addiction laying on the ground to fucked up to move thinking I would die and wishing I could redo my life over and tell the people close to me I love them.Grateful to be sober



  88. Hari Agnostic

    this song must have VC

  89. Niko Macias

    Travis closing this song is something, I’ll tell ya


  90. Jeep Ford Guy

    Ohio is for lovers feels

  91. Chris Schroeck

    That seemless Matt to Mark transition, though

  92. Gregg Darby


  93. ollie Oliver

    I clean the good paintings on the wall i destroyed the depressing paintings thinking about its for them destroying histers 1st painting it was worth so much uck that i throught it away now that you know whats coming? Hoppus. Spear sky force lead you back to heavens gate food for the heart to leave when we speak of it all thank you jesus Amen you still follow your hearts pain the joy of the melody that comes then where did it go let it be let go set it free youll know happy days are not that far away im glad i chosen to stay humble today honor of it all in it since 92 till im 92 wood shop in your high school where it all started the rest is history god bless yous love justin & mary... =)

  94. RP Lover

    I like this song 👍👍👍👍👍

  95. Nick Castleberry

    From 2:55 - 3:41 I get a "Down" vibe. Anyone else?


    Yesss, Very Self-Titled! Just like the ending on Hungover You

  96. Spamaditya ck


  97. ijnx suck


  98. Vinicius de Sousa Assunção

    The best track from Nine, later Heaven : )