Blink-182 - My Pet Sally Lyrics

I'm gonna wanna see myself with someone too
Friends I don't pay are friends i never knew
So I took the chance and got some help from a few
And got a long and skinny friend to talk to

Cause I have the time and the liberty
To play with my pet sally
Please don't go away, sally please

No more lonely showers and uneaten foods
My salamander has hygiene too
And he thinks of me the way I think of you
The only next step is for him to say I do

Sally please don't go away
I won't be living in yesterday
The lonely nights
Getting beat up by gays in bar fights

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Blink-182 My Pet Sally Comments
  1. J A

    In a weird way....this is their master piece

  2. Cammy Snyder

    When Sally retired at Poway everyone cheered at the pep rally louder than ever

  3. Apathy&Exhaustion

    That bass line

  4. Kemal Nuryaman

    sally is actually a name of tom teacher in highschool LOL


    was a teacher, you can see her on mtv's the road home with blink

    Jayvi Barker Hoppus Delonge

    security guard

    No Name


    Most Explosive TV

    She was my neighbor growing up. She taught at poway high. She was a bitch

    Elizabeth Suchanko

    We know

  5. Nick van der Hoeven

    What is the second demo? is that 'they came to conquer uranus?'

    LoSeR Tr0n

    Nick van der Hoeven no that was 95 or 96 I think 🤔

  6. saraswhiteboard

    despite hearing otherwise I think he is talking about his penis 

    LoSeR Tr0n

    saraswhiteboard lol yeah 😂

  7. Emma Games41


  8. Sarah Lou

    I go to Poway high and she's still there making sharp left turns and tipping over that golf cart she uses as a scooter. She gave me detention for standing in front of the door she was trying to get into. I hate her. Everyone does. The other security guards always say Shit about he and say she should retire because she can't do her job. Life is ironic and cruel.

    Rix xy

    That's awesome. I remember watching a video on her and she's just disgusting.

    Most Explosive TV

    Lol she was my neighbor, she was such a bitch

    Most Explosive TV

    Her two daughters were as well

  9. bolt1videos

    Like if you live in Poway and are a blink fan.

  10. 10rollos

    @garryOBJ all blink is the best

  11. misspinkpunkykat

    Thanks to Sonic SatAM, I can't take the name Sally seriously anymore. I know they say she is a salamander several times in this song, but my mental image is a chipmunk.

  12. Addyskimmy

    @SomethingGay26 your so c00l.