Blink-182 - Lemmings Lyrics

A freight train to the right, feeling that sting of pride
It's fucking with me, it's fucking with you
All's fair in love and war until you say it isn't but you're wrong

Words on the back of flyers, my clothes are in the dryer
It means nothing, nothing is changing
La familia is dead and gone, the children grew up and moved on

Is it too much to ask for the things to work out this time?
I'm only asking for what is mine
I wanted everything, I got it and now I'm gonna
Throw it away, I'll throw it away (yeah)

Prime select and a box of glazed, pulling fly-bys on days
When we were young and innocent
Elbow-drop Sundays when Mark Eaton got beat to shit

Laughing at the bands we hate, all the spots we used to skate
They're still there, but we've gone our own ways
I know it's for the best but sometimes I wonder
Will I ever have friends like you again?

Is it too much to ask for the things to work out this time?
I'm only asking for what is mine
I wanted everything, I got it and now I'm gonna
Throw it away, I'll throw it away (yeah)

Is it too much to ask for the things to work out this time?
I'm only asking for what is mine
I wanted everything, I got it and now I'm gonna
Throw it away, I'll throw it away (yeah)

You're gonna drown in the mess you make
Your self-inflicted hate
You turn your back on the friends you lose
When they don't follow all your rules

But people are what they wanna be
They're not lemmings to the sea
Maybe it's time you looked at yourself
And stop blaming life on someone else

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Blink-182 Lemmings Comments
  1. Sherman Kaspar

    class of 97!! i wore this album out

  2. John R

    Your gonna drowned in the mess you make....

  3. Jordan Allen

    Dude ranch I think is the best fucking album

  4. João Jorge

    Punk at its best... Tom come back ffs

  5. The Half Hour

    Awesome record! Brings back great memories!

  6. Ric D

    Fantastic song

  7. John Blacharski

    This is blinks version of ‘salad days’ by minor threat. Minor threat, obviously, has deeper lyrics

  8. JRA A

    Kalani Robb in the surf video "Goodtimes" by Taylor Steele. Highschool years brought me here !!

    Elijah Gibran

    JRA A yes sir. Rob grabs his shoe and throws it down the street. Damn, time flies.

  9. Olivier Chartrand

    In a apocalypse if i can play one track fckin loud it would be this one

  10. skip michaels

    Still listening in 2019 - Blink's best song !

  11. George Ellis

    The biggest blink tune hands down

  12. cory leblanc

    blink, lagwagon, nofx and millencolin did it best. key word did

    Memory Lane

    Damm right!!

  13. OVERLY extended

    “Maybe it’s time that you looked at yourself. Stop blaming life on someone else.”

    Probably the best line Mark ever wrote.

  14. Buranasak Phaiboonnaramit

    this real punk

  15. Eridin The Virgin

    This album has the most easiest songs to play on guitar ever


    Like 10.000 skate punk songs more? This genere is power chords, octaves and usually easy riffs.

  16. fiche hess

    Best album

  17. William Bodie

    angsty wendy clear

  18. Konstantinos Zazas

    182 comment.. Bye

  19. Luca Vincent

    the invalids version is so much better

    MadAdam Loyet

    Just gave that a listen, a friend posted about that version too so I figured I'd check it out... I was really disappointed. The drums are so damn sporadic I can't event tell if the drummer is playing in the same band. Lol. To each their own though.

  20. Boomer DeLonge

    the first riff is so gooooood

  21. 10 Seven

    kalani robb

  22. jdellaone

    Is it too much to ask for the things to work out this time?

  23. wysoft

    at 1:54 begins everything I miss about the sound of 90s skate punk

    R. B.

    wysoft goosebumps

  24. Simon Duval-Demers

    Probably the most underrated Blink song ever


    definitely up there with their best

    We Remotely Low

    I think it's mid-tier underrated.

    Pants and Jacket


  25. Spanish Central

    I like Travis Barker better than Scott Raynor but this is definitely Blink-182's best album and my favorite song of Blink's is voyuer

    Evan Rhodes

    Another Person Lookup "Blink 182 - Live Engine Room". Scott rips hard in this video

  26. Tauva TV

    far better than california - the trashcan of punk

    Tauva TV

    @***** no, the album

    We Remotely Low

    I don't think California is that bad. I don't understand the intense dislike for it. It's alright. But Dude Ranch, that's damn near impossible to top.

  27. Carlos 182

    I love so much this album, it's so sad we will never see this blink era live never again u:u


    We can only hope the original trio do one official last show together

  28. 10 Seven

    Good Times

  29. 10 Seven

    i'm getting a kalani robb vibe, or maybe timmy curran, can't remember

    Julian Uribe

    10 Seven Good Times by Taylor Steele was such an epic surf movie

  30. Jedi PSI 22

    Came out in 96' js

  31. Afonso Markmann

    I live in Brazil and could only find a copy of Dude Ranch when I traveled to Canada two years ago. Felt like Indiana Jones finding the Holy Grail.

    Felipe de Freitas Barreira

    @Afonso Markmann é cara realmente é meio caro, mas sla achei só por lá, blink no Brasil é embaçado mano boa sorte ai ;D


    uma vez encontrei o cheshire cat por 50 reais na saraiva
    me arrependo um pouco de não ter comprado


    Afonso Markmann lol

    Joaquin Nievas

    yo soy de argentina y lo consegui al toque

    Felipe A.

    ve na cdpoint, comprei o cheshire, dude ranch e o mark tom travis show la

  32. No Approval Needed

    Elbow drop Sundays-When Mark Eaton got beat to shit!

  33. Kingfrubby

    I know it's for the best but sometimes I wonder will I ever have friends like you again <3

  34. pl4sticgun

    if only they knew then these lyrics would relate to how they all are now to each other.

    Ahmed Garcia

    pl4sticgun Word

  35. dfshjb44

    Arguably their best song

    We Remotely Low

    Ehhhh... It's good. I think it sorta suffers from being late in the album. By the time this song comes on, it doesn't really sparkle. But it really is great. And yes, I know this comment is old.


    dfshjb44 I agree



  36. Secondbest9966

    Best song on the album imo.. great lyrics as well

  37. USCM TheCommandant

    Without a doubt, this is the Best Blink Album.


    This and self titled are my favorite.. Self titled is a masterpiece. 

    Dk Sears

    @JonnnyStorrrm travis killed blink 182

    Pants and Jacket

    @JonnnyStorrrm For real bro! This Scott's blink era's peak and Travis Untitled's blink's peak

  38. fuzzymat123

    i love you

  39. sfsw969

    This isn't CRASS... -_-

    No, i'm kidding, I still love it.

    Pants and Jacket

    Punk goes into different sounds and that's the authentic magic about it.

  40. xXMissSerasXx

    Ultimate Nostalgia :') Bitter Happiness

  41. Chris Lovatt

    Blink ❶❽❷

  42. TodaVtecKiller

    i shouldnt have to go to the 3rd page of "lemmings" search to find this. dissapointing,,blinkfolyfe!

  43. john rodarte

    Pure nostalgia

  44. testnumberone1

    Why are you trying to revive a two month old youtube argument? Just drop it, bud. I won't be replying any more.

  45. testnumberone1

    im trying to figure out why the fuck you would use my face when on youtube.

  46. Jacque Cormier

    Still my favorite Blink track, M+Ms isn't far behind.

  47. dalton c

    i want them to do all the old songs and remaster them. like make an album of it or something. alot of these old songs have potential

  48. dalton c

    .the lyrics to this song are just fucking great

  49. ohhorizon

    Scott Raynor I think his name is

  50. Jeff Thomas

    Whos drumming?

  51. Isaac Yepez

    I don't think you realize what I'm talking about, look at these comments below. Also, love your generalization that is overtly heterosexual, I'm guessing it's to compensate for the dearth of intelligence?

  52. Isaac Yepez

    I just came to see what you Blink 182 fans talk about, goddamn you guys are funny, not in the "ha-ha" sense. You guys are like the "holy shit did he just really say that?" funny.

  53. TheChanchan0909

    Blink is punk rock not just punk dumbshit
    metallica was one of the biggest bands ever

    HetFillizeR 7707

    Are you drunk?

  54. anjawestphal5

    blink is more pop punk than punk :DD
    do you know what REAL punk is !?

  55. jesse douglas

    youre an idiot... jesus h christ -____-

  56. maris rose

    The word lemmings sounds like a disease, but awesome song :)

  57. Colt McNutt

    Metallica is shit, deal with it you butthurt faggot.

  58. Kyle Abbott

    Hahahah blink is punk/pop end of story.

  59. delez24

    listen to their last album, listen to their first 4 albums

    they're metal dude

  60. nazchowder


  61. MrEvilDrPorkchop100

    glorious 20/10 master race reporting in

  62. nazchowder

    >put on glasses
    >read comment
    >still don't see a face

  63. Colt McNutt

    You're also an idiot for multiple reasons.
    1. You called blink pop/punk. Just punk bro.
    2. Metallica is in your top 5.
    3. Calling metallica metal. Shitty overhyped dumbass rock band

    fuck you and your taste and music.

  64. MrEvilDrPorkchop100

    >having a face

  65. nazchowder don't either...

  66. MrEvilDrPorkchop100

    Mfw you have no face

  67. radix9523

    1997. 16 years old. 2012. 31 years old. *tear*

  68. Anklebreakerize

    or dammit or pathetic or voyeur or THEIR ALL GOOD!!!

  69. ZeRo46240

    Don't you love it how "I Miss You" has just shy of 36 million hits while the real representation of what Blink-182 stood for can't even make it to a hundred thousand?

  70. Andrei C

    guys...this bull has BALLS....and when I say balls, I see Red Bull

  71. blink182forerver

    Best song on the album!

  72. blink182forerver

    BLINK 182!!!

  73. Jorge Alberto González Mendoza

    @Ru95M I like this, but I also like self-titled and neighborhoods, does that make me a fake fan?

  74. Ruan McGuinness

    when they were good and punk. This is sucha song and off a class album. Real blink fans know this is the good stuff

  75. Mantequilas Revenge

    I really love this song

  76. Sam Rollins

    Reminds me of Hearts All Gone

  77. Will Tutuska

    2:04= Always

  78. Will Tutuska

    @SaintJimmy39 alright take it easy Jimmy...

  79. Mauricio Parada

    @XgrammarnaziX u read my mind

  80. Mauricio Parada

    best blonk 182 song ever made

  81. BogBoy

    this might be the best song ever

  82. Conor

    i don't listen to anything thats not punk.

  83. MrAorX

    HEY! listen to my songs:)
    Its like blink 182's
    but original too

  84. Arthur Alehna

    Honors for this video (0)
    (There are no honors for this video.)

  85. breadsandwich

    i wish they would add this to their setlist on their current tour

  86. Alexis Bouchard

    Listening to this album for years, and this is definitely one of the best piece's ever produced. Lemmings is one of my favorite song thought.

  87. boxy negro

    @RRguitaristTC i'm saying they don't...i'm just saying that so there isn't a big argument about it lol

  88. RRguitaristTC

    im saying greenday sux......i love cheshire cat though best album,buddha and their demos

  89. boxy negro

    @RRguitaristTC no. dont bring green day here please. lol

  90. Tom Kilkelly

    dude ranch is beast........ metallica also..... blink 182 even more so....

  91. Brock Rocks


  92. G Beezy

    i got a number to Throw away! i'll Throw it away YEA! <3

  93. danelawson42

    Heard the new single "Heart's All Gone" and immediately searched for this after. Loving the throwback style.

  94. RRguitaristTC


    dude ranch took the dookie on green days album

  95. bloodanimals

    It sounds a little like the new song heart all gone!

  96. james salazar

    i say you have your blink fans and then theres your sum 41

  97. zarkov

    dude ranch was like blinks dookie

  98. Mort Fantôme

    @jmorris724 I don't like acoustic, but Sum 41 are awesome because I wouldn't live without a punk band doing fans and strong song, Screaming bloody murder rocked while Underclass hero totally wasn't their best

  99. Mort Fantôme

    @jmorris724 Nope but I've listened most of their song, and honestly people should compare sum 41 to blink-182 I mean, REALLY? compare this to blink-182?