Blink-182 - I'm Sorry Lyrics

Don't bide your time
'Cause it is almost over
And I know you're down
And I'll see you around

And I know it hurts
But you're just getting older
And I know you'll win
You'll do it once again

Just yesterday
It always seemed like such a dream
We're unstoppable, indestructable
Nothing happens to our machine

And there's no harm
At least nothing I can see
As for you, not so true
You couldn't choose where his road would lead

What a loss
You just lost all your sleep
And we've always thought
That this could never happen, you see

That it's so hard
You gotta get up on your feet
'Cause the only way, I gotta say
Is to move on through the week

Don't bide your time
'Cause it is almost over
And I know you're down
And I'll see you around

And I know it hurts
But you're just getting older
And I know you'll win
You'll do it once again

Sorry [x16]
(Sorry...) Happened to you [x4]

Don't bide your time
'Cause it is almost over
And I know you're down
And I'll see you around

And I know it hurts
But you're just getting older
And I know you'll win
You'll do it once again

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Blink-182 I'm Sorry Comments
  1. Frank Smith

    Sounds like All The Small Things with out Scott Raynor first drummer

  2. Punx is idol and noise

    Trying to find a live video of this song with actual band no covers

    Cesar Vargas

    imposible for new generations

  3. Eric Michael A Andersen

    My favorite Blink Album.

  4. TRHenry Vlogs

    Don’t bide your tiiiimmmeeee. Because it is allllmosstt over. Greatest line ever.

    Ya Boi Icky Dick

    TRHenry Vlogs bide***

    TRHenry Vlogs

    Ya Boi Icky Dick damn. That’s my fault. 🤦‍♂️

  5. John R

    To call this album a masterpiece would be an understatement

  6. Klama_ nyri

    Like si estas por momo?

  7. davidjr lemmel

    Girls fuckin suck

  8. Eridin The Virgin

    Love Tom's raspy voice in this album.

  9. JC V

    funny cover

  10. Robbert Willemsen

    This is blink

  11. Blu3Rain3r 97

    Scott Raynor’s last album with Blink. Such a great punk drummer.

  12. Dre86Smith 9

    The riff touches my heart every time

  13. EmilyVonSpears

    Blink began maturing as soon as their 2nd album. This song is a great start, love it. 😍❤

  14. Paweł Antoniewicz

    Hey, few years ago, crazy days, almost suicide but still go on. It's really gets better. This song and other blinks helps me a lot, it will be better. I SEE YOU AROUND, remember that Mark is sorry XD

    Max Glaves

    Paweł Antoniewicz that’s great to hear

  15. GHXST

    I feel so depressed sometimes and it doesnt help that i kno im getting older because im only young once and i cant even use it for the best while i still got it cuz i cant even talk to the girls i like and i feel like im in my own mental prison, this song does help tho thanks tom for the lyrics

  16. celia smith

    i mostly listened to old school blink each time my heart was broken usually within a 48 period my oone of th 70, 80 or maybe even 90's lovley ladayzzz. nomsayin?

  17. Medz

    For any other guitar players out there who want this sound. It’s a dimarzio x2n in the bridge position angled (strat) into a Mesa boogie amp

  18. Video Studio Productions

    Poor Rexy

  19. Elijah Gibran

    I remember wearing this one out in 97.' I'd graduated high school in 96 and like so many others on here, things with my first love had dried up. It's funny how a song can transports you right back to that time in your life.

  20. Josué Méndez

    que cancion tan arreeeeeeecha nooooooojodaaaaa !!!!!!!!

  21. Son of Bukowski

    this album was lightning in a bottle.

  22. MuchosNachos

    Top five songs on the album ...
    1. Untitled
    2. Dick Lips
    3. Waggy
    4. I'm Sorry
    5. Apple Shampoo

    Whole thing is ridiculously good.


    My top five:
    1. Dammit
    2. Josie
    3. Dick Lips
    4. Waggy
    5. Enthused

  23. Nick Ghezzi

    I’m sorry :/

  24. smile crouton

    i wanna get laid to this song, anyone willing to help a bro out?

  25. Sekayi Slade

    listen to story of a lonely guy then listen to this and see how you feel

  26. Joe Permenter

    Tom's songs are better on this album.

  27. Deba GT

    2018 nov 6 de regreso a casa

  28. JoshJLMG Productions

    Rexy, here boy!

  29. Charlie Chan

    This is still my favorite blink album. The main riff in this song alone......

    God speed, Tom....

  30. nicholas busch

    I want to change my answer #2018

  31. [broken machine]

    The ending definitely captures the emotion of the song.

  32. Elijah Luna

    damn, i remember the times my dad would pick me up from school in his old ford ranger and blast blink along with other stupid songs on the way home. i’m in college now and blink honestly makes me cringe whenever it is brought up. but it’s only at 4 am when i start to miss home and search for all the songs that make me feel like that little kid again. that little kid who only cared about when i could play tony hawk pro skater all day or listen to blink on my mp3. on with the nostalgia.


    Elijah Luna amen brother amen, you’re not alone in those thoughts

  33. yikes izzy

    believe me if you want to, this 34 year old and i dated for 5 ish months. im 15. he told me he was 17. i had no reason not to believe him, he looked youthful and would have no reason to lie about his age, so i thought. im only finding this out a few days ago. he also has a wife. he pretended to like me. he pretended to love me. this was our song. i dont know how to feel about anything anymore. his wife cheated on him and i guess this was his way of getting back at her. i didnt mean anything to him. i never mean anything to anyone. im simply an easy target used for revenge or personal wants and gains. im so sick of living like this.

  34. Gabriel Villalba

    I love this albumn

  35. Gabriel Lévesque-Lessard

    I'm sure Mark does not remember that song.

  36. prince of darknes

    Don't bide your time cause it is almost over
    I know your down and I'll see you around
    And I know it hurts but your just getting older
    I know you'll win you'll do it once again
    Just yesterday it always seemed like such a dream
    We're unstoppable, indestructible, nothing happens to our machine
    And there's no harm at least nothing we can see
    As for you not so true you couldn't choose where his road would lead
    What a loss you just lost all your sleep
    And we've always thought that this could never happen you see
    That it's so hard you gotta get up on your feet
    Cause the only way I gotta say is to move on through the week
    Don't bide your time cause it is almost over
    I know your down and I'll see you around
    And I know it hurts but your just getting older
    I know you'll win you'll do it once again
    I'm sorry (What's happened to you?)
    Don't bide your time cause it is almost over
    I know your down and I'll see you around
    And I know it hurts but your just getting older
    I know you'll win you'll do it once again

  37. GRod

    Literally the most underrated song from Blink. Such a shame

  38. Fidgety Rock

    I know youll win.. Youll do it once again.

  39. Melchi Zedeq

    Kenji Fujimori at the end xD

  40. Captainnjackk

    best blink album

  41. Lucky Bear

    I can't understan why this song has't more reproductons

  42. Donavan Klein

    i love tom

  43. nonquintessentialone

    Hahahahahahahaha WTF wtf Black Klansman based on a true story hahahaha epic! What? Sick album. Always.

  44. itaketheSQUARE

    A song nobody knows because they pass out by track 10 because of it being awesome and then this awesomeness

    JoshJLMG Productions

    itaketheSQUARE They'd miss Josie?

  45. Gammon Honkler

    Back when blink were good. Before travis joined and they went dog shit.

    Touchdown boy fo lyfe

  46. Craig

    i used to put this cd in my original xbox and stare at the visualizer. Time flies!

  47. McFlyWatchedAMovie -

    2:55 best part

    Dmitry Dzenov


  48. Angela Matheus

    My fav band forever

  49. Ghost Pup

    I love the first 44 seconds of the song (not saying the rest sucks I just love the opening)

    Joel Liddle

    Oliver Reviews Things the ending is better

  50. The Super Amazing Fun Time Gardening Channel

    Im Sorry

  51. Lupita Gomez

    I knew a guy from East LA and he was going through a lot of shit and I couldn't be there with him or for him and all I know is that he'll be fine cause he has so much potential in him and l know he'll win. Low key fell in love with him too. It was stupid crazy tbh but fuck it we're all just stupid teenagers..

  52. Clyde Toaster

    Tail end of my relationship, all I could muster was "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry"

  53. Luke C


  54. ghoulunathics

    i must admit that i like the cattle decapitation's version of this album art more.

  55. Jacob Smith

    4:06 is definitely the best part!

  56. Bryce Luster

    9 year relationship and im 26... blinks songs stay with me and always will.

  57. Michael Hulick

    that's scsrry bro who is this man

  58. Kalee Melquist

    thumbs up if watching this in 2017


    2019 :)

  59. Sebastiaan Mulder

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

  60. Sata AoE

    El mejor album de blink seguro.

  61. Elijah Kaufhold

    Seen Blink 2 nights ago in Minnesota :D

    McFlyWatchedAMovie -

    Elijah Kaufhold No you didn’t. You saw Mark, Travis and Matt

  62. Mister March

    the new song comes up before this one v,v

  63. Luis Agui

    pop punk now a days sounds like a boy band...this is what it should sound like.

  64. TRHenry Vlogs

    This is such a great album, it has so much punk in it. before Blink went main stream, love Blink, especially the good ole Oldys.

  65. darkplazma

    this song was written for their drummer, Scott Raynor, who they fired after this album..

    Mario Garcia

    darkplazma I think you're talking about man overboard ...

    Travis Good

    Not true. Scott just decided to go to college.

    McFlyWatchedAMovie -

    darkplazma he wasn’t fired he left to go to college.... do your research

    Gammon Honkler

    Travis Good no they got rid cos he drank too much

  66. Frank Villarreal

    Just saw blink 182 minus Tom at the Houston Rodeo. I was happy they played a lot of old tracks. My ex was getting married that same weekend so I took a trip to see my favorite band. They still get me through hard times with a smile. Blink 182 will forever be my favorite band.

    John R

    Frank Villarreal right there with ya an feel your pain my man

  67. Deryck Whibley

    old blink 182 > new blink 182

    Miss this sound


    @ThatXoneXguy Oh yeah, the demo for life's so boring is very much like that


    Before they sold out

    Ookbars Lounge

    ThatXoneXguy pop just means popular. It’s popular because it’s good

    Thomas Andersen

    Deryck Whibley fuck yeah

    John R

    Goddamn fuckin right. I been sayin it for yrs

  68. Lost Leopards

    seems like a lot of people get drunk and think bout their exes to this song

    John R

    We do that with the whole album

  69. Danny Roe

    "You let me down now, like i let you down then".....the feels

  70. Ocean 343

    I'm sorry to the generations who have to grow up listening to the shit today. I had to grow up listening to those fucking assholes like Elvis and the Beatles, but I'm 88 now and blink 182 is the best band evar!!

  71. Gary Ponce

    thank you blink for helping through tough times

  72. Josh OFarrell

    when punk rock was for real 😇

    Majik 707

    Josh OFarrell fuck yes


    This is pop punk bruh, punk rock is shit like rancid, nofx,fear, etc.

    Blink pioneered a genre of their own. Now we have bands like state champs and neck deep because of blink

    Absolute legends

    Lewis V

    Nofx are pop, even early blink sounds more punk rock than nofx. Neither is punk rock but this is the best pop punk sound, it should have stayed like this. Real punk bands sound like sex pistols, ramones from 4th album on, doa, circle jerks, adolescents etc


    @Lewis V velvet underground as well. What I was saying is this isn't punk rock, it's a punk pop fusion, making themselves a nice little spot in music history

    Lewis V

    @JussaPeak yeah, too bad pop punk got worse over time, it is unbearable post 99, it doesnt even sound punk anymore, just full on pop or pop rock with electric guitars

  73. jEFF

    Roll tide

    GoofyGonzalo OCP

    Justafucker what does that mean


    I hate Alabama why'd i post this haha

  74. Jonathan M

    hey ash. i know you won't read this. but i hope you're ok.

  75. Michael Chan

    Hey I'm sorry

    opps wrong song

  76. max79_99

    I'm sorry I put you in such a shitty spot, Gina. We both lost so much from my dumbass mistakes.

  77. Ugly Youth

    This song is painful.

    Son of Bukowski

    Ugly Youth this is a tough one.

  78. Ugly Youth

    Oh rexy.

  79. Jokerluis6

    "As for you not so true" best part

  80. Porcelain Doll

    Cartman voice <3

  81. Desmond Hume

    way better than hey, i'm sorry

    JC D

    Desmond Hume but not better than cynical

    butterstix 24

    Much better than Cynical.

    A Tr

    I like hey im sorry more... but I love this song too. I kinda look at the older albums and California as if they are made by different bands, which they basically are.


    Misery >>>>> all

  82. Michael Ullman

    This album is amazing 👍

  83. danielscissorhands

    No better way to apologize to someone by sharing this song with them, when there's a line that goes "you're just getting older." That should make them feel better. lol

    Mark M

    I think the sentiment of that line may have sailed right over your head

  84. Hunter Henry

    Fucking right! One of the top 10 songs from Blink for sure.

  85. Mark ONeill

    I'm only four and I spilled my sister's lemonade. I think that Blink is the best ever. And my generation totally just doesn't get it.

    Kalee Melquist

    Kreamy Lettuce seirously?? LOL

    Ash Cuckum

    tep kok

    A Tr

    Mark ONeill You're four. How did you even hear this song .-. Also, if you're four I'm not sure your generation is old enough to have generalizations made about them. Really most generalizations are a bad idea. (I fully understand the irony of saying that.)

    Eridin The Virgin

    More like 54 but ok

    Victor Blanco

    You look a little older than that, but your pre school mates must have told you already.

  86. trevisz 182

    Poor Rex.


    Was it piss? Was it diarrhea? Was it beer?

  87. The Internauts

    I'm 24. Just got out of a five and a half year relationship. Didn't think things would ever be this hard. I'll just be here with this song.

    Eridin The Virgin

    4 years later how's it going my man

    Sckrt Sckrt

    How’s it going now bro

    Ookbars Lounge

    session182 wrong song. That’s take me home

    angel gomez

    I'm 21..just now getting out of a 4 year relationship and its hard...

    Dark Reyule

    Update us, bro.

  88. Gabrijela Ravlić

    their best album,and probably the best song on it

    Erick Garrido

    well pathetic for me its the best one from dude ranch album. but emo, lemmings, im sorry, waggy, dammit, voyeur, josie definitely are the best punk songs they have


    buddah and cheshire cat and dude ranch are all gems

    elroy jetson

    i know that everythin i kno that everythin everythin is gonna be fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *************************

    Hunter Allen

    Dick Lips

    David Martins Rodrigues

    The best!

  89. Lead Mate

    Sounds like a shit Sunny Day Real Estate song.

    Lead Mate

    @Young Niga Not very good punk though.

    Julian Hursey

    @Lead Mate and? they even themselves say its shitty. that's what punk music is. shitty music and you listen to it. soooooo

  90. Brian Labuda

    Everyone needs to cut it out and behave.

  91. Brian DelGiudice

    This is the best ending. After a lot of the fooling around on the album, It wraps up with sad but accepting song. Like this is the way it is now, so "don't bide your time."

    Jon Is SHOOK

    Did you hear the ending to this song? XD

    Jimmy Ramone

    Then there’s Dog Lapping.

  92. Frater IAO

    Illuminati add

  93. Ronnie Alley

    Taking the comment out of context.jpg

  94. Pedro Wagner

    doing fun things with fun people.

    Jeremías Vica

    aguante fun people

  95. omgitsmattsutube

    people like you give the rest of us a bad name

  96. Adam Jones

    why the hell are all the comments about drugs on this song, i dont see the relation

  97. Daisy

    ugh its backwards