Blind Pilot - We Are The Tide Lyrics

Our time is ever on the road,
The ride is in what we make.
I walked a year to hear a howl in this give and take.
But hear it this way- hear it this way.


And war is in our hearts,
And blood is in the land we love.
We keep breaking our backs,
Hoping that it gives enough.

Oh! But what do you need?
What do you need?

Oh man, it's ladders to the sky,
Building up a high-rise.
Oh man, we won't last long,
But we're giving it our best try.
Don't you know you're alive? (ahhh)
You know you're alive.
And none of us stay, (ahhh)
The day we're born 'till when we-

And tonight I'm in love with everybody on the city bus.
I feel the push and pull,
Keep saying that it doesn't mean much.
Oh! But what do you see?
What do you see?

And everybody on the street is singing like it's Sunday.
But we keep inside and our looks stay at bay.

Ahhh, ahhh

And we don't know what's left,
But we feel it's coming back soon.
And so we're standing in the street
Staring at a blood-red moon.
We are the tide. (ahhh)
We are the tide, and none of us stay, (ahhh)
The day we're born 'till when we-

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Blind Pilot We Are The Tide Comments
  1. Donna Sewell

    Christmas With Holly brought me here. 😊 Beautiful song !!


    Ditto! Took me couple of days to find the song, couldn't get the lyrics properly.

  2. Jared Brandt

    Found Blind Pilot thanks to Google Play Music. Loving these guys and gals. This is such a great song <3

  3. Mary Sutton

    This was the opening credits music to the 2012 Hallmark movie "Christmas With Holly"..... When I heard it on the commercial I did a double take!
    I agree with the other's underrated!

    Robert Purdy

    Mary Sutton I heard it on the movie also. Like the movie a lot. Like this song also.


    hard to find Blind Pilot in the movie's credits.

  4. Adam

    Song of the Day
    06-06-18: We Are The Tide | Blind Pilot
    also on:

  5. Debashis Banerjee

    Still listen to this . Just can't stop . More power to Blind Pilots

  6. Lorraine Johns

    Watched them play this in Cardiff. Mesmerising drumming live.

  7. O Zaps

    such a great message

  8. Pugga Bear

    dis song never gets old I remember one of my teachers when I was in 7th grade put this song and I instantly loved it

  9. Jay Jay

    Ugh love blind pilot

  10. Ethan Clarke

    Fuck Corona, fuck this song, fuck you all hipsters!

  11. Josh Lyon

    being a curious alcoholic brought me here.

  12. kananga309

    Sometimes commercials are good, good for only revealing beautiful songs like this one. corona brought me here fools.

  13. Dixon Gomez

    All of a sudden i feel like drinking a Corona.

  14. Keebeler's Place

    Excellent song....

  15. T-RAV

    I heard this on a Corona commercial, lol

    Ash R

    lol same, and now i rly like this song XD

  16. MovieMuscle

    Corona brought me here.


    Me too!

  17. Elijah Hansen

    heard it at work and now I'm here great song

  18. bryan

    This so underrated


    I agree on so many levels.

  19. Gwyne Henke


  20. upjuliaup

    Great song.