Blind Pilot - Umpqua Rushing Lyrics

Panic in the first beat of the morning
Even what I've got isn't worth offering
Even faces change - my heart stays the same

Engine in the sky won't let the moment go
Following behind always a second slow
If I'm far away, am I hearing straight - I'm no voice you want to know?

You've been a forest burning no direction
Caught me sleeping smoke in my protection
Your blackened branches drifting through my water -
Are you wrapped up in his arms? I'm rushing faster and faster

Panic in the taste of all that could have been
Even what I thought wasn't worth giving
At least my mind has changed

I've been a forest burning no direction
I tried to hold you, I tried everything but running
My heart is panicking - are you kissing him?
Are you reaching through all your days with him?
Your blackened branches drifting through my water -
Are you over me? Are you are you are
I will not hold you. I will not feel your sway
I will not miss you. I will not think each day
Of summer twilight, your eyes rushing through me deep
I saw my own waters rushing right back to me -
You sitting shotgun, the lost coast calling me
Umpqua Forest, your face just like in my dream

Are you are you are [x6]

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Blind Pilot Umpqua Rushing Comments
  1. Elizabeth Brooks

    This song...... I can't listen to enough. It's the epitome of a break up. It should be on every radio station!

  2. Kelsey Lynn

    One of my favorite songs on the album. In love with the whole album. Thank you for making such beautiful music!

  3. elizabeth hobson

    Why have I only just discovered this amazing band now 🤯 your all kinds of wonderful ❤️

  4. Elias Garza

    “I saw my own waters rushing right back to me...” Yup.

  5. jdk0777

    Where can I purchase this version of the song? It's incredible.

  6. Ant-Dawg

    PTSD clutters my mind but Blind Pilot slows it down and makes it less chaotic. Thank you

  7. P B

    You guys are brilliant. Keep on going!

  8. Drishti Satsangi

    This is one of my favorite songs ❤️ you guys are the best ❤️

  9. Asikin Shamsul

    worth listening to this song. I love you guys Blind Pilot. one of the best songs ever!!!

  10. Marisol Gutierrez

    Esta canción es demasiado, demasiado perfecta. Simplemente la amo. Cada sentimiento que expresa es justo lo que siento.

  11. Tokemo Toke


  12. I P

    awsome some tashemta

  13. S. C. Mack

    I have been looking for a song of theirs that sounds simular to this that I heard in a comercial for a charity event in texas. The only lyrics were "trying to reach you" of something like it. Very smooth sounding. I loved it but can not find the sing. Been looking foe a coulpe of years. Would appreciate some assistance. Thankx.

  14. bookwormgirl000

    i'm so obsessed

  15. Sparnaaij

    damn woef

  16. TheDrakors


  17. Gray Burton

    There is just something about this song that gives me chills like dayumn thank you so much.

  18. Genesis


  19. Angie Gonzalez

    I read these lyrics and now I'm so fucked up because the only song ever written about me was titled "Stay Away"

  20. luismiguel cifuentes

    It is...amazing band!!! Thanks!!!!

  21. CHRIS-MJ87

    😭 amazing! Thanks Spotify

  22. Ryan Michaud

    I love it. Heard you guys for the first time at the Portland Patagonia store opening. Fell in love with your music

  23. Perry Low

    Love you guys ... You've got the cachet of that moody smart girl songstress that's currently so popular BUT you have put the guy-thing spin on it! The overall sound is sexy and appealing. I wanna hear MORE!

  24. Brandon Powell

    This is an amazing song. After reading the bio to the story behind album I was expecting a well written album, I must of underestimated them. It's an more than well written, it's an incredible musical experience.

  25. SlimJay MafiaJr

    Wow you killed it man

  26. Mimouche El

    jaspenor feels


    Mimouche El yess😍

  27. Ana Inés

    😍 super

  28. Ligia Nuica

    The royals ❤

  29. Yzandra de Luna

    This song is amazing!! First heard it on the recent episode of the royals! Congrats!!

  30. Francesca Sanna

    Amazing song

  31. Addy Hubbard

    Please don't ever stop making such beautiful music

  32. Ben Gehre

    " Ohhh you been a forest burning in no direction " and then "your blackened branches drift through my water" what does this mean?


    Ben Gehre I think metaphorically the forest was their relationship, she was the fire in which he had no control over, she destroyed their beauty, their innocence, what's left of what they had still floats through his inner conscious, is it enough to keep her? she's with someone new, living her life every day.. he has to let go, it's all very deep and extremely close to my personal life

    Ben Gehre

    @Demarcus Ryans thanks!!!

    Ben Gehre

    @Demarcus Ryans you may be in school..
    But I thought I would tell you I am sick from halloween.

    Myles Worthe

    Demarcus Ryans gayyyyyy

  33. Acu Jess

    Wowza! This is some bad ass shit right here. I like everything about this band based on what I've heard so far. IMO..they're the total package. Hopefully they've got some good representation to catapult them to the next level. The melodies are harmonious and sweet; the lyrics, heartfelt; the vocals are smooth and expressive; their look(and equipment) is vintage cool; they're obviously marketable. The percussion aspect of Blind Pilot, in my opinion..that's their REAL treasure. Good luck guys!! MORE XYLOPHONE!!

  34. Nick Fernandez

    The high hat!

  35. Ascended Serenity

    very much looking forward to the Franklin T.N. performance. Their music has always held a special place in my heart. it's odd how their lyrics coincide with the timeline of my life flawlessly

  36. Ascended Serenity

    i tried to hold you..i tried everything but running.


    Love this line.

    Ascended Serenity

    @Acousticstrings Love you.

  37. Laurent

    This is the best song I've heard in years.

    Ben Gehre

    Laurent Dias same

    Derek Spainhower

    Laurent Dias i absolutely agree!

    James Cory

    It's genuinely addictive <3

  38. Miguel Ayala

    Album on repeat, you guys went deep on this one, definitely over delivered. If we ever meet in person I would love to talk about the writing process for you guys, so many moving pieces, yet so flawless.

  39. TheLuisnunez

    What a great song!!

  40. Kelly Birdwell


  41. Robert Zimmermann

    amazing band. beautiful!

  42. C Flannigan

    Beautiful, beautiful song and such a beautiful voice.

  43. Steve

    Beautiful music.

  44. didoma73

    Can't wait for a true acoustic version; this song is already the anthem to my summer.

  45. Carmen Susanu

    amazing lyrics

  46. a juicy waffle

    love it!