Blind Pilot - Poor Boy Lyrics

Poor boy
Why don't you try getting water?
Poor boy
Why don't you try getting sleep?
I think if one of us is going to suffer
Why shouldn't it be me?

Poor boy
Your wife is in hard labor
The rhythm you know
Is pulsing and drifting to the grave
When you come to
You'll be asking yourself just one question
Was I always this way?
Was I always this way?

Think back a year
When everything stood at the surface
But bandage you cuts 'cause you don't know what swims underneath

Hold tight
The bondage of this life is slipping
Why shouldn't it be me?
Why shouldn't it be me?

When I come back
You'll be the brightest star
In the black
When there are days
That you want the call we're all waiting for
Think back

Poor boy
Your wife is in hard labor
Go buy the flowers you'll leave on its grave
You went with the goal of movement,
Now one thing is different:
You don't want to change.
I don't want to change

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Blind Pilot Poor Boy Comments
  1. csea peru

    ok, that's it ... l'm buying this cd

  2. taylan brooking

    what is the meaning behind this song?

  3. Gabriel Hathaway

    Gosh Blind Pilot have too many good songs. I cannot choose a favourite because I keep finding new amazing songs.

  4. Kayla Aka BTS trash

    I'm so glad my friend showed me this

  5. kirk cavenaugh

    This is the song I needed tonight thank you

  6. Rhianna Cooke

    Just saw them live in Chicago a couple weeks ago and it was great

  7. Навдээп Синг Ягги

    lovely song!!!

  8. Arturo Pazmiño

    De lo mejor!!!

  9. Stevani Corn

    thanks to mr radnor

  10. junjun lopez

    mosby brought me here

  11. siv smith


  12. joey hershel

    i thought this song was about a real boar

    joey hershel

    then i realized it was about a boar being eaten

    joey hershel

    @joey hershel your trippen

    Josh Risner

    +joey hershel this is funny

  13. ADitya Kandari

    32,434 :) still 0 likes

  14. Alan Flores

    thank you pandora!

  15. Kelcey Nooner

    27,274 :)

  16. Hannah

    Don't encourage them!

  17. lwa07aia

    same here!!!!! one tree hill!!!!!!!

  18. 7ohclock

    This song reminds me of that story, "The Little Matchstick Girl."

  19. jeezuss phish

    ...who cares where anyone heard it .-.

  20. shaun mullarkey

    cocaine voice!

  21. trueillusionDe

    I heard this song on One Tree Hill S07E22 and I loved it!