Blind Pilot - New York Lyrics

I hear the train all night
Sound of it's wind blowing through our subtle lives
And I have a job to do walking these cars
Walking all this sleep to get to you
But I don't feel you stir beside me
And you're not in my morning hours

Some ties are made to break
Some stalks grow high and green to rot away
And feel the weight

And these lines tell a truth
These city veins answer all we do
So could you keep me in the pulses
Could you keep me in the sound

I got wise and I got old
Not once, not once did I fold
So don't you now

Maybe you bet on me
While we were still young enough to know
What to believe

For every year you took
For every soft breath or loving look
Believe me

And don't keep me like you have me
And don't kiss me like you don't

I got wise and I got old
Not once, not once did I fall
So don't you now

Some land holds a home
Some of my years only hold me to roam
But I tell myself it's true
You see a home you see a man
You see it too

And I say "Don't you know you have her
Go on kiss her now you boy."

I got wise and I got old
Not once, not once did I fall
So don't you now

I got wise and I got old
Not once, not once did I fall
So don't you now

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Blind Pilot New York Comments
  1. Maria Castro

    This song helped me so much! Today I celebrate 8 years clean!

  2. Money Money

    If you can't feel this song. Then u don't know real music

  3. Alix B

    Wow 🤩😍 thank you OTH

  4. Kris Obertas

    They played at Vancouver International Folk Festival 2017. Like a lot of bands at fests celebrating the vast world of music, I didn't know them. They put on a great main stage show.

  5. Monica Murray

    this sounds like the 1975 the start

    Jesse Johan Schrödinger

    +Monica Murray the fuuuck lol

    Monica Murray

    is that an agreement or not?

    Jesse Johan Schrödinger

    dont know if you're talking about a specific song by them but i don't really hear the similarity..

  6. Donkedore

    ONE TREE HILL <3 ^^

  7. Younes. Ch

    I heard that band on Californication, I love it!

  8. John S

    This band is criminally underrated.

    Jesse Johan Schrödinger

    +John S What's important is that they can still make a living out of it and we can continue to enjoy listening to them.

  9. ilsss1

    jon & ygritte <3

  10. GrandeBerries

    Wish these guys were way more known

  11. LadyXandrix

    Popped up on my Pandora station. Love!

  12. Jay98

    kaylerpp this song is in the first episode of the season 9 of oth

  13. Jay98

    one tree hill 3

  14. kaylerpp

    I don't remember this song on OTH, only other songs by them


    kaylerpp oth s09e01

  15. blahhgable


  16. Word Unheard

    There are songs that deserve the respect of having either praise or in the very least, constructive criticism. To not have people bashing each other's races, religions, atheism, country, spelling errors or each other over the trivial. This is definitely one of those songs. Just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy it.

    There are a lot of terrible things in this world. Blind Pilot is beautiful and deserves better. We deserve better. Let's stopping tainting the beautiful things we have with words.

  17. Charlotte

    Possibly because you can't spell worth a fuck.

  18. Jennifer Biam

    they are soooo amazing! i wonder y i hadnt discovered dem all dis while......

  19. Hendrik Wiese

    Unfortunately, those talented musicians are liable to drown in a gigantic ocean of crap pushed out by the music industry. And as a consumer with a little bit of a delicate taste you have got to swim around in this ocean and swallow a damn lot of crap to find and rescue them.

  20. Adam Goby

    Only just discovered this band and there fucking great, made me realise how many more cool as fuck bands there are out there that I am yet to have listened to.............

  21. everymusic96

    I started listening to Blind Pilots right after Imagine Dragons, thats when they were not main stream, and now everyone knows who imagine dragons are. Blind Pilot is effing awesome !!!

    Pamela Cradduck


  22. SnowingWolfGirl

    Wow O_O

  23. xdarkslide4x

    Check out one of my new original songs, "Good Man," on my channel, or add this to the end of your url, /watch?v=eGF_RHHY5eA . I would really appreciate it, thanks everyone.

  24. Chase T

    I had sex for the first time the other day and this song came on right afterwards. I premature ejaculated. I hate this song. (jizz) dammit! Not again!

  25. Sharon Hernandez

    Check out THE LUMINEERS!!

    Money Money

    That's my favorite band the Lumineers

  26. Sam Shacklock

    I spend the majority of my time listening to blind pilot

  27. Zach Nonofyobiz

    I heard this band on the RADIO, and loved it.

  28. kanini mutemi

    I love this song...I love OTH

  29. emiilah

    got this song from one tree hill

  30. Allee Dallas

    heard this on One Tree Hillllll