Blind Pilot - Go On, Say It Lyrics

Picking up sound on the interstate
I am my breath
letting in waves.

there will be time when the sleep I'm in
covers me cold
covers me thin

I know I'll wake up old,
forgetting which box this is in.
How I will keep you,
uh huh...uh huh
uh huh...uh huh
just how I left you.

Our daughter once told me I know a lot
now I'm strutting off with more than I've got
A hitchhiker told me I don't talk a lot
Made me feel fine,
made me quiet.

If you had said it right
instead of painting words white...
How I would keep you
uh huh...uh huh
uh huh...uh huh
just how I left you.
uh huh...uh huh
Come on say it right.
uh huh...uh huh
Come on say it right. Come on say it right.
Come on say it right. Come on say it right.
Come on say it right. Come on say it right.
Come on say it right.

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Blind Pilot Go On, Say It Comments
  1. Kelsey Lynn

    I still listen to this album all the way through. I can't believe this was released 11 years ago!

  2. Marcela Zaparierep


  3. Pher Cubbins

    all the albums by this band are so pure and emotionals, great band.

  4. AngryMisanthropicLoner

    This is great. I'm glad I found these guys

  5. Aixa Jazmin

    I can't believe there's people who actually dislike this...
    This song is so calming

    Cristian Perovich

    I know , this whole album is.

  6. JasmineTalks

    This is my favorite band.

  7. Noah McFadden

    I want to meet you guys in person!! I live around Eugene Oregon if your ever around let me know some how me and a few of my friends really enjoy your music!

  8. Chad Davis

    Great band, amazing singer, bleeds passion....probably their best song!!!!!

  9. Grace M

    I remember listening to this in high school. Geez, it brings me  back. 

  10. danalexander

    this band inspires me

  11. Derek H

    Really like this song. Gives me a good vibe
    ; )
    ave' a beautiful nigh' ladies n' gents

  12. kgummee

    Just discovered Blind Pilot!!  Love them!!   So much talent!!  This whole video screams Oregon it!!

  13. tannerin

    I don't know about you guys, but I totally hear The Shins when I listen to this.

    Jesus found Rudie

    tannerin like how all reggae sounds like Bob Marley.

  14. Farhat

    saw these guys live once, left me wanting more. brilliant. 

  15. Dylan Sokol

    this is my favorite band of all time

  16. pofs

    They deleted their comment lol

  17. Zach Lin

    That sounds too bizarre for it to not be real.

  18. MissHutli

    Thank you Matthew! Some people are so fixed on trying to stand out, they forget to just be themselves!

  19. Matthew Ivresse

    Well said. Good to know there are still some reasonable people out there Miss Hutli ;)

  20. Jonathan Maybury

    some of the comments in these posts are so juvenile, just listen to you're selves, Coldplay and Blind Pilotare two of the best bands we have had the pleasure to listen to, People who put down any sort of artist whether it's in music or anything ells, just because they have become mainstream are totally moronic in there behaviour.

  21. Daniel Gotschall

    What? You did...nah i dont believe for a second!

  22. Jasmine Johnson

    Favorite Band.

  23. sofaki boubou

    My whole country is so beautiful as this place , the blue see , the sun and I'm just looking at the sunset while I'm listening to this wonderful song. Greetings from Greece.

  24. Noah McDaniel

    no you see, the reason it frustrates me when I see people raving about how good some mainstream band is, is because they haven't even attempted to search for this whole other world of music that they are missing, and they have no clue some of the best artists in the world haven't even had a single play on the radio. Which amazes me.

  25. StopShootingM3

    I live near that place

  26. MissHutli

    That was exactly what I was trying to say lol

  27. James Hunt

    Trying to be original is unoriginal. :)

  28. Sunny Pache

    sunnypache dot comm

  29. Dylan Duff

    Not even close. They have no musical similarities except for the fact that they are a band.

  30. jonah the bear

    i know one of the violinists

  31. Aphorao

    GOING TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT!!!! so excited!!!

  32. Riley Newton

    Their Bassist (Luke Ydstie) lived up the street from me and my mom taught him in High School. He also killed my hamster and sometimes I jam with him

  33. AllWillFail

    i bet you listened to them before they were famous too....

  34. Hannah Dunn

    Saw them live last night in San Francisco. Sooo good

  35. Zvbosch

    "The inspiration came from me being really furstrated with a relationship that I was in. I felt like we were parting ways and neither of us really wanted to, you know? She said something to me that out of context was such a reasonable, sane thing, but the way she said it really upset me. I remember thinking, "My whole life after this will be different." Just because of the way she said that one thing. The story in the song is fiction, but the feeling within it is based on that moment." - Isreal

  36. Bob Miller

    going to see them at firefly festival like if your going tooo!

  37. Alondra Castro

    Blind Pilot is a million times better than coldplay I don't know why almost everyone in my school loves coldplay they suck

  38. Fred Moakley York

    I listen to this Album/CD/Whatever? at least once a week... The whole Thing is FANTASTIC... I bought it for $10 at the Portland, OR "Bridge Pedal." Up close and personal, on their Bicycle Tour!

  39. K McC

    That's funny. I live in Portland, sometimes I will fly out to Astoria for a weekend. I should find out where they are.

  40. Sam Stopps

    @TheEnglishRanguage I see what you mean, but I don't think so. :)

  41. Erin Helmholz

    I am SO mad, I just missed them in Missoula!!! I wish they had advertized it better :(

  42. armywife100883

    Yep. Definitely looks like the docks along the Columbia River in Astoria. LOVE that place, LOVE this band!

  43. Ted Williams

    @TheEngrishRanguage Nope. Israel Nebeker.

  44. Barney Smith

    Guys check out three rounds and a sound personally I think its their best

  45. Tessa Rain

    I JUST GOT BACK FROM THEIR CONCERT IN ASHEVILLE, NC. I hugged him and told him that he's my alarm clock every morning. He smelled like heaven.

  46. Jake Thompson

    penis is nice sometimes

  47. Kevin Storey

    Just saw these guys in Iowa City :)

  48. SuzyQueu555

    @whiterice1996 lucky!!!

  49. Joanna

    jesteście niesamowici.
    pozdrowienia z Polski.

  50. jaxterboy

    Hat2804, Both Blind Pilot and Horsefeathers recorded at the same studio with the same producer. Portland, Oregon, the new home of indi music!

  51. Benjamin Brondbjerg

    lol... the drummer recorded this on a electronic drum kit :D

  52. sullenraindrops

    Im really liking this song!

  53. Softee

    @whiterice1996 insanely jealous

  54. JumpTheGun

    saw them this summer at a wedding in astoria

  55. lauren orem

    @cemaifaci13 really? their comin to my town in febuary so i should buy tickets? i onlpy ask because i have been disappointed before haha : )

  56. Holden Lewis

    @TheSkyLineBand1 I think a lot of people don't realize "Pumped up Kicks" has been out for over two years

  57. Holden Lewis

    @TheSkyLineBand1 they sound like foster from 3 years ago, before they went big

  58. Lucas Hernandez

    can i move into your friends house?? hahaha

  59. MrSada92

    gonna see them today in Austin!

  60. Matt Berger

    My friend lives right next to their house in Astoria, Oregon. I sometimes hear them practicing

  61. MissHutli

    @OneRadRudeboy So we're all supposed to run out and look for new music every time music starts getting mainstream? Where's the originality in that? You want to be original for simply for the purpose of being original? Well then you're just like everyone else.. You are original if you are original.. People trying to stand out are just as bad at people trying to fit in.. Be yourself and stop thinking about what everyone else thinks of you.. Listen to what ever goddam music you want to!

  62. Jonathan Maybury

    @phillyglovefollower I'm still trying to find there first album in the shops over here in the UK.
    I keep on looking but nothing yet, There songs are so good they should be in the charts, I can't believe that the still not a household name by now, there every bit as good as Coldplay. This is do'in my head in, whats the name of there new album? I could buy the download but I want to own the CD with the cover and case,

  63. Lucas Hernandez

    @john20100 and your wish has been granted. new album came out seven days ago. love it!!!!

  64. Jeremy Peck

    Oh em god . THIS IS AMAZING.

  65. Jeremy Peck

    @SmileySushi4219 I think the correct term for that would be , "Hipster" .

  66. Tainá Costa

    good õ/

  67. Malcolm Kennedy

    @waters0303 aww :' )

  68. Jonathan Maybury

    This is one of the best groups I've heard from America for a long while, and well over due, but worth every second of the time I had to wait... more please!!!
    This one got to be a classic

  69. turista28

    just hearing about them and loving them, I0m from Mexico, I heard about blind pilot trough Dave Matthews Band's Caravan, they're good!!! love the violins!!!

  70. Anna

    I. DIE. <3

  71. Lizzie Moon

    i met the singer and the drummer on saturday!!!! anybody jealous?

  72. Dallas Morace

    I love the old cannery shots! I love Astoria more than I love this song... sorry

  73. arschroeder

    @OneRadRudeboy ...congratulations?

  74. Eva C

    @OneRadRudeboy see it's been a year now, nothing has changed.

  75. Tim Klassen

    SCR*W Vimeo, thanks but no thanks.

  76. Alice Tran

    @waters0303 I'm a portlander too! :)

  77. Mason Miles

    @jvoytcheff Astoria.

  78. Lauren Yntema

    What a lovely video... love the dock!

  79. muelleici

    I just love this song still !!

  80. govern0r

    This is good. Reminds me of Two Hours Traffic - Sure Can Start.

  81. vmlee

    is one of the really blind? sorry to ask that.

  82. Alexandre Antunes

    I´d met blind pilot when I saw the movie "Cyrus" (2010). "I buried a bone " is an amazing song from the soundtrack of the movie. highly recommended.

  83. l33dsunited

    Going to see The Decemberists tomorrow night in Leeds and these are the support, So just checking them out and have to say I like what I hear, Quality song.

  84. Satya093

    saw them supporting Decemberists...dare I say, I think they're better.

  85. funkyproductionsbap

    reminds me of the shins......yet, they have their own

  86. kitty hernandez

    Listen to Driven Lies on my channel Youtube kittymeow14522

  87. kitty hernandez

    @waters0303 congrats on the wedding :]

  88. Asa Johnson

    Wow, this jam is soooo mello! I love it. The video is great, nice style. Camera -pan left, cut to drums, zoom-in, cut to guitar, pan right, cut to bass, pan diagonal, cut to xylophones, zoom-out. Easy, simple, brilliant!!

  89. Neill


  90. Scott Brogan

    saw them yesterday at Austin City Limits. So rockin' man!

  91. Susan Shellenbarger

    Such an amazing band!!! Waiting for them to come to the east coast...

  92. charlie shake

    Its a mellow song and I havent even heard the band but nice instrumentation, acoustic guitar, drums, violins, and xilophone. Nice aesthetics too, I like how they add the violins on the chorus, and the xilophone before the chorus. Very Nice and decent.

  93. Feritz Nang

    the song are sensible

  94. TheWetGoose

    It's just the natural cycle of underground music (or anything underground for that matter). People love to like things that no one else knows about. Eventually indie music will get mainstream, if it's not already, but I don't see how thats a bad thing. Yeah sure, a bunch of shit "indie" bands will appear, but if more people get to hear awesome music like this. Is that really that bad?

  95. summerpeace9

    i like his shoes. haha ok i like EVERYTHING in this video.. :)

  96. cleanplasticchild

    @waters0303 Yeah.. I heard of Blind Pilot from my ex-fiance.

  97. Eva C

    young people, however, will definitely want to listen to music they hear on the radio or in clubs because most people are sheep and will listen to anything, and independent music is never on the radio or played in clubs. thus loads of kids dress like hipsters but listen to beyonce.