Blind Melon - Way Down And Far Below Lyrics

Most of my life I've missed the signs, I've missed a mother
Up at night cursing about it all, the cringing moments
Seen our hopes crucified and turned to scattered ashes
It's gone, it left me here to fend on my own
Up and down, turned around, I've been so many faces
Lost my home years ago, been searching many places
I don't belong to anyone, I've lost communication
It's gone, it landed me and left me here alone

I was already in this
I was born with these bags in my hands from the start
I was already in this
Way down and far below
Way down and far below

Worrying is my calling, thoughts they keep erasing
No matter how many drugs that I keep on taking
It won't be long before my song has seen its final page
It's gone, they've left me here to fend on my own
Systems fried, been compromised, I've seen some better days here
Mud in eye, skin is dry, to feel often jaded
Confidence is something I haven't felt in many ages
It's gone, they've left me here to feel on my own

I was already in this
I was born with these bags in my hands from the start
I was already in this
Way down and far below
Way down and far below

Way down and far below
I was already in this
I was born with these bags in my hands from the start
I was already in this
I was born with these bags in my hands from the start\
Was already in this
And I was born with these bags in my hands from the start
Was already in this
Way down and far below
Way down and far below
Way down and far below
Way down and far below

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Blind Melon Way Down And Far Below Comments
  1. michael woolbert


  2. Sergio Angel

    this new singer is way much better than the ridiculous frontman from AiC


    Open your mind up and expand your horizons...the past is gone. The new singer is good in his own right and has some good energy. Seen too many singers who just "read" the lyrics.

  3. Romain Dupuy

    Nice track

  4. serigraph73

    No Brad, No Shannon, No BM

  5. cataclisma

    can you like play Brazil someday please

  6. D P

    Please come to Nashville and play a show at the Ryman

  7. Randy Forgo

    Wow... awesome new song! Well done Blind Melon!

  8. Jim Galloway

    One of the best songs I've heard in a while.

  9. Satans Helper

    Way down below kicks ass xss welcome back my favorite band 😎🇺🇸☮

  10. Timothy Hoffstead

    It's good, but truly different band then blind melon

  11. Joe Peters

    Great track
    In my opinion this is the strongest thing they have done since we lost Shannon. They are clearly letting Travis flex his amazing skills more on this album. Travis has so much killer work outside this band....if you're not familiar....highly suggest checking it out.

  12. Ehh Embb

    Shannon Hoon was is and always will be Blind Melon. And if Brad Smith isn’t part of the crew anymore, just come up with a different band name.

  13. Whitfield's Food Revue

    Damn, I love this!!

  14. Redbush

    I love what I’m hearing! I admit I had not listened to their 2008 album but saying that I also had not absorbed a lot of the original Blind Melon as I listened to the well known songs and dove deeper into other artists. Right now though I have been listening to their first two studio albums as well as Nico a lot to gain more familiarity with the music because it’s grooving. Keep the music coming, I dig it.

  15. Adrian McGrath

    always loved blind melon great to see them still going fantastic 😎

  16. Julian P

    Great song. I love the feel of it.

  17. Vincent Bertin

    sounds soooooo good!

  18. James Thompson

    Dudes THANK YOU for that. I'm glad y'all still goin . Even without Shannon I like the new guy too. GIVE US SOME MORE MUSIC. that was good for my soul

  19. Daniel Gerolde Gava

    love this song ... this band is amazing :)

  20. Tony of Tucson

    Is this new guy an equal member
    Or a hired hand

    Is he given song credits

    Mustang McKelvey

    He's an equal member, he's been touring with them for YEARS!!!..... (PEACE, LOVE & HAIR GREASE)**

  21. Freebird McChester

    Were so lucky Its 2019 & we get to hear new melon. Seems like it was yesterday when they toured in 2008. And one more blink of time back to the 90s. This song makes this melon head happy 😊

    Mustang McKelvey

    This one too!!!(Luv, Blindbaby)

  22. Patrick M

    Can't wait for new album. Fan since 92.

  23. Kimberly Facciponti

    his voice and talent and passion and depth of emotion and life experience and wisdom is very comparative. i dont think there has ever been a better replacement for a front man for a band and that still has his own talent that stands alone. I love you travis. come back to NJ so I can see you again and cry with tears of joys and also cum in my pants!! LOL

  24. Kimberly Facciponti

    so did shannon hoon

  25. Kimberly Facciponti

    travis warren makes me wet!

  26. Daniel Vosseler

    Thanks from Brasil ..... vocal amazing.....

  27. Arctic Morning

    I can't lie. I really miss Brad, but hopefully there is another Abandon Jalopy album on the way. I will be picking up this album as well.

  28. Rich Z

    Blind Melon died with Shannon Hoon. Get another name.

    Matthew Theberge

    lol dude...

  29. LT9856

    I remember seeing Guns-N-Roses at MSG on their Use Your Illusion tour when Shannon came out (before anyone knew who he was) to sing "Don't Cry" with Axl. Interestingly enough Soundgarden were the opening band that night and Anthony Kiedis and Flea from Peppers were a few rows away from me on the floor. They had yet to go mainstream and were only recognized by maybe 25% of the fans around me. Anyway, not long after I read Blind Melon's first album review in Rolling Stone Magazine where they referred to them as a "hard rock Gratful Dead" Based on that (and Shannon's vocals on Don't Cry) I picked up the CD. It stayed in CD player for a good two years and I wore it down to a knub! What a great freaking time for music, ay?!!!!

    Derrick Blankenship

    Are you saying that the Chilie Pepers hadn't gone mainstream then?


    Dude...what? Chili Peppers were very well known by then and stop getting turned onto bands by Rolling Stone magazine for god's thing you will be saying is that Kurt Cobain is a top 100 guitarist


    @David I was there and distinctly remember Anthony and Flea walking about the floor really not getting bothered much. As for the Rolling Stone thing; I'm anything but a loyal reader. I find the magazine to be a snobby and obnoxious rag. I do however remember reading the Blind Melon review on a flight somewhere back then.


    @LT9856 Congratulations to all of the peeps that allowed them to enjoy their experience of a show without being hassled because of their for Rolling Stone description of Blind Melon's music? Absolutely ridiculous...I would like to know how anybody can remotely compare Blind Melon and The Grateful Dead...I guess both bands do have lyrics and play instruments

  30. lavukprenses

    WHOAH !!!!!!

  31. OkieGrower75

    Van Halen was successful with 2 different singers. Travis is finding his legacy. Love this song. Rock on!!!

  32. shacham zach

    sounds great..

  33. Benja A.D

    I absolutely love this new song...

    Epic, beautiful, soulful...

    Travis sounds at home....

  34. Jason Bacon

    Blind Melon joins the pantheon of bands who’ve found the perfect lead singer to continue their craft, expertly.

  35. Clint Lackey

    Today is Shannons birthday.9-26-19.Just heard this and I'm crying.I was just a fan of Shannon I can't imagine losing him as a loved one or friend.Thanks guys.

  36. TheJstain

    For my friends is amazing. I'm looking forward to this album!

  37. Ernest T

    That new singer is amazing hes not Shannon but he gives the band his own twist.

    Ben Cross

    Travis has been in the band since 2006 hardly new

  38. Stump Jumper

    Gnarly, boys!

  39. Eric Real Deal Deleel

    This is a great sign for the new album. Awesome vocals/lyrics, excellent guitar riffs, and a nice jam session toward the end.

  40. Txbunniekiller

    This song has me all kinds of excited about the way this band has gone, been way too long. Damn good job!

  41. Angel Oro García

    Good song ✍

  42. 11:11

    Nice, new BL music!! And I would like to punch Danny C in the face!! Core fans waited for [email protected]#$ ever to see the documentary and he [email protected]#$ us. Prancing around at Tribeca what a [email protected]#$ [email protected]#!!

  43. Scott Heffernan

    Pretty fukn cool....sounds great..I love it.

  44. Dom Ferrara

    Yes!! Great Rock music is back!!! Thanks Blind Melon!! I can’t wait to hear more!!!!

  45. Paco Sanchez

    Is Brad Smith out of the band now ?

    Mustang McKelvey

    Brad's doing his own thing, last I heard.(Check out his band, Abandon Jalopy, especially the song titled "The Wolf" featuring Nico Blue Hoon)Shannon Hoon's daughter.,. She's a natural!!!!

  46. Julie Hall

    You have ducked them before

  47. Julie Hall

    Travis Don't encourage the true Band!

  48. Julie Hall

    Your response is lacking

  49. Adam j

    love that song! it's a beauty!!!

  50. Jason Brinker

    So who is the bassist?

    Matthew Theberge

    Nathan Towne

  51. Jason Brinker

    Whoo hoo. About time!!

  52. Julie Hall

    Could you provide me the Lyrics?

  53. Pierre Prijs

    This singing is mf amazing,Blind Melon is back in town Bro

  54. marty robbins

    Holy cow! This shreds. From the stellar opening guitar riff to the smokey vocal full of feel, this song is great. Also, great mix.

  55. Radio Garage peru

    What a great song. So different from what came before.

  56. Zachary Ottmann

    Who is beyond pumped for this album?! The suspense is killing me!!!

  57. Butt Snatch

    I love it hes so good both him and Shannon put a lots of soul in it also just as much of lyrical genius as Shannon you can't compare the two both are really fucking amazing

  58. Julie Hall

    Could you provide lyrics? I like the overall music

  59. Derek Warren

    Great new music. Travis is a perfect fit. The music has the soul of the original sound, with a nice evolution of lyrics. Saw them w/ Travis at The Metro several years ago, can't wait to see them again!

  60. adela

    De lujo!!!

  61. Luigi Sbordoni

    Shannon was Shannon and stop....but Blind Melon play always Classy Music...and I love them, I love their music, something special in every note...thank guys, I still love you!!!

  62. Zum Rafael

    nice song!! is Brad Smith officially out of the band?

  63. April Ross

    Love this and can't wait to hear more new stuff! Keep up the good work my melon heads!!

  64. Nick Watts

    Sounds fantastic love hearing new music from Blind Melon l love the all the old songs but so excited to hear new music. Now if i could just find All My Friends film, anyone know where or when at least i can find it? Thank You Blind Melon all love

  65. Art Visuals

    this song is GREAT! congrats

  66. MoeDeLL

    Man I just got in from a show and this tune totally made my night..sounds great boys!!!

  67. Johnny w

    And glen too brad quit would suck he other bands suck he belongs with melon record coming shannon doc coming concerts good maybe he was holding them down and now blind fuckin melon is back good song shoeless travis goofball

  68. Johnny w

    Any1 know where brad has been????

  69. MarcDLoc33

    As much as I LOVE this song, and am STOKED to hear that My FAVORITE band is back... I miss My FAVORITE Bass player being part of this...


    Yeah, what's going on with Brad wtf? Hope he is ok. Hope he is doing a new Abandon Jalopy or new music too.

  70. Robert Stewart

    I'm a lil confused.....Travis posted this video for the same song ten months ago as a solo artist.

  71. durden caulfield

    Melon-Head for life!! 🙌

  72. Jeff

    Sounds amazing, can’t wait for the full album

  73. Josiah Bartlett

    I have a feeling that this is going to be the album we are hoping for. For my Friends was good, but you guys sound so much comfortable with eachother / Travis now. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.


    You are very kind because "For my Friends" was a huge let down to didn't feel like Blind Melon to this is Blind Melon...time was needed I think in between losing Shannon and going back to being who they i talking about them or me? Either way, glad we're back 😉

  74. Alba Kurkey

    Fuck yes.

  75. Nishchal Rawal

    Thanks for keeping RocK Alive

  76. Ted Dalton

    I love it! Awesome composition, lyrics, flow into the string pickin back to the flow and Travis is amazing vocally! All I want is more Blind Melon! Man! That song took me back n forth in my mind, lyrically and melodically! The depth of the lyrics from being left all alone encompasses the pain of all the moving around & starting over again. "I was already in this, I was born with these bags in my hand...Way Down & Far Below!" Thanks for keepin on! ❤👈


    Couldn't agree more..."For My Friends" felt forced and uncomfortable to me...this flows the old Blind Melon way...thumbs way up

  77. Dave Taylor


  78. Dale Granda

    Love it!

  79. James Brown

    New music from my favorite band!!! So excited!

  80. Mr. Uppercut

    Keep it coming!

  81. NoComplyDistribution

    Man...the fact that people keep comparing or judging Travis against Shannon is disheartening. No one can ever deny Shannon's talent. However those of us who have followed Travis' career, have a full understanding of his amazing talent. Pair that up with the rest of the amazing talent of the's a 1 2 punch.

    They sound amazing, they are flowing together and having fun. And the by product is we get to continue to receive the gift of the music of Blind Melon.

    Travis won't "just do". Travis is THE man for this job.

    Patiently waiting myself since For My Friends which is one of my favorite songs.

    This one is incredible and kudos to the band! Thank you guys!

    Willis Jibblets

    Can't ask for a better replacement. Especially when he was a fan of the band before he joined.

    Jacob Brewer

    No one could have said it better. I just seen him sing this in jonesboro last night. That was hands down the best show I've ever been to. He's not Shannon but he's just as fucking good an no one could have asked for a better replacement.


    they shouldnt have called themselves blind melon. theyll NEVER step out of Shannons shadwo. Ever. BlindMelon died with Shannon Hoon. Ive listened to two new songs with this Travis guy thogh and theyre are good. Should have called their band something else though.cheers.

  82. CapeCodMetal


  83. Ryuzaki Simms

    Perfect voice to take Shannon's place; however I would enjoy it if Nico Hoon became the lead singer of the new Blind Melon.

    John Smith

    I understand picking up her father's legacy, but that doesn't mean she has the right voice or sound for the band. Travis Warren is a blessing

    Ryuzaki Simms

    @John Smith when I said perfect voice to fill Shannon's shoes I was referring to Travis Warren. Shannon Hoon at the end of the day will always be the voice for Blind Melon.

  84. Carlito n' Dr gonzo


  85. Chris Nealis

    So far, 2 people have horrible taste in music.

    Chris Nealis

    super strong vegito I was referring to the number of thumbs down.

    Jacob Brewer

    Now it's 9

    Chris Nealis

    @Jacob Brewer Ugh.. people..

  86. David Donnell

    It has been awhile since they made music

  87. Kathy Johnson

    Great job Travis and Nathan!

  88. super saiyan blue Vegetio

    Such a good song

  89. Diane McDonald

    Have waited since "For My Friends" 1998 for new Blind Melon.. .. I'll love this band always
    thank you Travis and friends
    So looking forward to the new album!!!!!

    Jaco Verster

    Diane McDonald 2008


    Diane McDonald Out of all the 90’s bands Blind Melon’s music has particularly aged well. It has such an authentic feel which really stands out in an age where most music regardless of genre is heavily processed. This new song is an extension to that authentic blues rock grungy sound. Peace ✌️
    Ps great hair 😎

  90. danfinn00

    3:20 = 🔥🔥🔥

  91. Freebird McChester

    This is bad ass!!! F yes

  92. Jabba Jay

    I thought you lot would be gone for good ~ wow!!!! ~ who's singing for you now? ~ amazing voice to be fair. This world needs great tunes right now ~ keep on keeping on.

    C Newt

    It's Travis Warren. He sang on their previous album as well.

    Jaco Verster

    He been in the band longer then Shannon???

    C Newt

    @Jaco Verster yeah he has.

  93. PlanetJ32

    This was SO good!!!

  94. Angelu Lesaca

    my heart's screamin' yeeeaaaaahhhhh

  95. Robert Stewart

    I ain't gonna blow wind up your asses but it ain't Blind Melon! It's a good song but it lacks the depth and dimension that I'm used to getting from you guys.

  96. Daniel Ferreira

    Great song!!!👏👏👏