Blind Melon - Too Many To Count Lyrics

Too many to count
You've taken them all
If one didn't kill ya
Then ya took ten more
Sideways, crooked
Genius in the sun
On fire, cross-eyed
Convincing only some
You're my hero, disaster
A leader full of love
You're a car crash on Sunset
You're my, my brother

We got nothin' left to hope
We tied our hands and watched you blow
And when I hear your voice
I swear they must be joking
I'm choking

Let your black heart fade
For givin' out blame
No one ever gave up
No one ever's been the same
Shattered, gutted
Bullet through our hearts
We were stranded, left [?]

We got nothin' left to hope
We tied our hands and watched you blow
Yeah, blow
And when I hear your voice
I swear they must be joking
I'm choking

We got nothin' left to hope
We tied our hands and watched you blow
Eh, blow
And when I hear your voice
I swear they must be joking
I'm choking

You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough
You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough
You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough
You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough
You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough
You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough
You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough
You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough
You'll know we can't take it
'Cause we'll tell ya we've had enough

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Blind Melon Too Many To Count Comments
  1. Spooky Cooter

    The sounds.

  2. Jason Boldt

    Travis, Rogers and Chris thanks for taking the time to chat and have some laughs after the show in Chicago! Sounds Awesome! Looking forward to the full album! Keep Rockin'

  3. Veryvery cherry

    Who's coming from Given? :))

  4. Butt Snatch

    Fuck yes I've waited so long love you blind melon

  5. Keith Di

    Totally earned our respect as well. Travis is so humble, hung out with everyone after opening for Chris Shinn

  6. Aaron & Angela Schmitt

    Headphones w 6g of mushrooms.

  7. Eric Pirillo

    Was afraid to listen but am happy and impressed. His voice fits the mold yet is very different than Hoons so I don't feel like this is trying to copy like I felt Alice in chains did. Listening to Duvall try to be Layne depresses me but I dig this because they're writing great music without trying to make it sound like Shannon is still here, can enjoy this guilt free, respect to the band for doing things right!

  8. 11:11

    Thank God! The movie may be coming finally.


    This is REALLY good.

  10. Ezra Walker

    Still good? K.

  11. Joan Wajda

    Everything's going be ok. Shannon blessed be forever in ur lost Galaxy. Rip bro. BlindMELON head for fucking life⚡⭐🌠🌜🎇🌛🌠⭐⚡

  12. j k

    It's tough to listen to without Shannon...but the song is dope

  13. Soulshit

    it's fine but not special

  14. Sunshine Daydream

    Who is this imposter, Shannon not!!! 😢

  15. Camila Barish


  16. Jesus Hands

    these guys are back and better than ever. what an awesome song

  17. Charlie Hale

    Cool vocals and awesome musicianship

  18. Jaco Verster

    Piece of shit, where is BRAD!!!!

  19. samuel sinisalo

    This song has a lot in common with Graveyard. Good tunes!

    Charlie Hale

    samuel sinisalo that’s a great comparison

  20. 90sKidDCN

    Somebody post this to reddit

  21. 90sKidDCN

    Shout out to Travis Warren their lead singer. I saw them in Warrendale, PA May of 18’ and was skeptical about the guy because I loved Shannon Hoon so much. Travis totally won my respect after that show. He is the real deal!! So glad to hear them jamming out new stuff can’t wait to see them again .

  22. Germán Montero

    Such an amazing song, already one of my favourites with Travis. Can't wait for the album!!

  23. Matt McGrane

    Really hoping you guys come back around. Was badass seeing you guys live - anywhere round Chicago I’ll be there

  24. Life Beyond Music

    What a great song. Gonna put it on repeat!

  25. Allison Smart

    Keep rockin fellas! Those who don’t like it don’t understand artists/musicians. If they’re true and talented musicians...they can’t not keep going, creating & living. Of course if will never be quite the same without Hoon...but bless these guys for carrying on....I’m certain Shannon would want them to.

  26. Jude Castaneda

    Thanks BM

    U really knocked my ass out in 2018. U got a lifer now.

  27. R G

    Amazing and so greatful for this. Thank you for your music in 2019. Long live The Melon.

  28. USMC 7207

    Very good!!

  29. Satans Helper


  30. fataliidotnet

    OH YEAH! Now we're talking!

  31. Travis DTSiNtheist

    I don't understand. When a band is broken, form a new band. Oh, that's the intention, right? To trample on the wheat bed so nothing grows. No martyrs. No legends. Nothing sacred. Cremation of care, right? From sea to shining

  32. adela

    De lujo!!!!

  33. alyse yakel

    GREAT Song!! I can feel the emotion. Thank you BM XOXO

  34. Bill Jones

    Is this real?!?!? Yes, yes it is!!!! Thank you.

  35. Mike Devenney

    Good stuff! I used to listen to their early stuff when I was in college, so cool to hear them playing again after all these years.

  36. Roscoe Roper

    Sorry but this sucks you should change the name there's no blind melon without Shannon RIP

    Joe R

    @Roscoe Roper try to proof read before you post garble... you sound like an idiot. But keep flexing hero

    Adam Gibson

    Grow and grow and know we love you. All of you

    Charlie Hale

    Change the brand name and then suddenly more than half your fan base drops off. I know this armchair coaching but really, it’s not that easy guys

    Charlie Hale

    This is a bad ass song.

    HedFerst Kustoms

    It’s just a band, it’s just music, it’s art, Travis T. Warren does not suck, open your mind, do some research, read a book, things change....

  37. Alpaca Two Niner


  38. —Somebody —

    What happend

  39. Freebird McChester

    Travis is the man & I say welcome Nate dog, you are killing it. This is beyond awesome. 2 new melon songs in past couple months is priceless. For the people who have never heard Travis sing with blind melon, you need to get for my friends and catch up. They have been making music together since 2007. A much longer time than they got to create music with mr Hoon. Stop living in 1992 expecting to hear Shannon and a no rain type song. They are much more than no rain. Blind melon is like a 5 ingredient cake. Shannon is gone and his memory and music lives on. The remaining 4 that pushed on deserve a little more respect. I missed hearing them all. They are each so completely unique in there playing it is great to hear them shine again. Brad is out and now Nate dog keeps it going. The tasty cake found a substitute ingredient. Not a exact Brad clone but a very tasty addition. Thanks God, buddha, Allah or who ever that its 2019 & were getting farm fresh BLIND MELON

    Roscoe Roper

    If your any kind of blind fan you would know no rain is only a little piece of the blind melon catalog no rain is different than most blind melon songs Travis sucks and so do you

    Roscoe Roper

    Farm fresh blind melon suck there still riding Shannon's coattails using the name It Sucks when you say unique sound do you mean trash

    Roscoe Roper

    Well said i can admit when I am wrong and it was foolish and damn near racist and i did not give it a chance preconceived notions got me looking like some ugly soul i dont know why I went on a rant Blind Melon has helped me through so much music for my soul and I can hear your soul in theese tunes keep that beautiful BM legacy alive so Sorry Blind melon sorry Rock n roll i love you and all BM fans

    Roscoe Roper

    Listen man I got the window open you hear the cats

    Freebird McChester

    @Roscoe Roper happy aloha friday. Remember...... Friday's are ALWAYS fresh days . I love the Shannon demo version, headful of cavities.

  40. American Made

    Such an underrated & underappreciated band....Awesome song!

  41. WomernsLikesThat

    Sounds great!!!

  42. Benja A.D

    Darker Melon.😎

    Dave Taylor

    Well they been through some shit

    Benja A.D

    @Dave Taylor what? Hoon died over 20 years ago now. Thought they were doing fine nowadays.


    @Benja A.D You're never "fine" again after that kind of loss. You learn to live with it. I'm sure they're stronger people because of it, but they will never be fine again in the truest sense of the word.

  43. Joe Mama

    It’s still somehow sounds very blind melon, love it guys keep it up

    Jimmie Gammon

    Because its blind melon?

    KING L.A.

    @Jimmie Gammon 🙌🏼

  44. Benoit Salvert

    Good sound & melody very happy to hear you again

  45. Steve Hammer Production

    This is wonderfully melancholic, I just love the instruments used and how his voice echoes over them! Great job!!!

  46. greg.i

    Any day with new blind melon tunes is a good day
    Thanks fellas!

  47. Julian Alberto Rolon Ramirez

    Thank you! Gracias Gracias!!! Glen rules🤘

  48. Gustavo Mendieta

    Only a bit over 500 views is proof that Blind Melon is THE most underrated band ever. Something's wrong with this world, YouTubers doing dumb crap get millions of views and followers, but a beautiful song doesn't. Blind Melon rules.

    American Made

    100% truth!


    As much as love blind melon, they are not the same without Shannon Hoon. Travis the guy who is singing with them before, tried to buy ecstasy off of me in the quad cities after a show. I don't do drugs, or even sell them.

    Gustavo Mendieta

    TheMcSlushie they are not the same indeed. But it's sad how they have been forgotten. For example, today marks the 23rd anniversary of Nico, no one in the press seems to remember. That's quite a story! When did it happen? Was he the singer in the band when it happened?


    Nah, Sugartooth is THE most underrated band of all times ;) Blind Melon still in top 5.

  49. Nick Watts

    Thank you Blind Melon for continuing to put out new music. I really liked this song as i knew i would you guys never let me down I will continue to listen and watch you guys as long as you continue to put it out. Thanks BM all Love

  50. Hed Tr!p


  51. Nelson Nieva

    Amo blind melón¡¡!!

  52. ctchrisf

    wow, brings me right back.
    thank you

  53. Simon Andrews

    The great Blind Melon songs continue. Great to hear that there is still some bangerz coming out of you all, even without Shannon.


    @DANNO fuck off its just modern slang - get off your high horse

    James Alford

    Amen....carry on Guys!

    Dave Taylor


  54. Ryuzaki Simms


  55. DonyaFR

    Heard it at Tupelo in New Hampshire. Liked it then, like it now. You guys rock.

  56. RUSEV sauve

    great tune

  57. 8vedder3

    First song ive ever listened to without Shannon. Its good music but its not the Blind Melon that I know and love but who knows, maybe this is the direction they would have evolved into with Shannon. Definitely a cool tune though. Cheers. :)


    @Charlie Hale well as a fan of the real blind melon with Shannon you dont have a choice but to compare and judge, if they dont like that they coulda started a band with the same guys and called it something else. Blind Melon died with Shannon Hoon. period.

    Charlie Hale

    @8vedder3 Thats ridiculous. Hes one part of the band. Plus why would he want the band to die? Secondly, like I said, if they want to lose more than half of their fans, changing your bands brand name is a surefire way to losing. Sorry but thats the music business. I know it because I work in it.


    @Charlie Hale Well your entitled to your opinion and im a big Blind Melon fan and in MY opinion I think that Blind Melon died with Shannon. The music was put together by the band but 99% of the songs were written by Shannon so if you think that theyre the same band then you should change professions because what youre saying basically equates to if Nirvana stayed together after Kurt died and just got a new singer then they would be the same band, FUCK NO! They wouldnt be. The same is said for Blind Melon. be real. Christ. 80% of the music that I listened to from the age of 14 until 29 was Blind Melon, I love this band ok. I havent heard one single song on the "my friends" album and i dont care to, but i gave this song a chance and i genuinely liked it but its not Blind Melon without Shannon. Period. He wouldnt sound like this ever. This is almost like country music. Again its good but its not Blind Melon. Cheers.

    POS Industries

    @8vedder3 Shannon didn't even start Blind Melon.


    @POS Industries lol first of all i know the history of the band. i have one tattoo on my body and it says "Blind Melon" and im not saying that because im cool but because i know the history of the band. they all found each other in L.A. and its crazy and beautiful how it happened but he IS a FOUNDING MEMBER. I repeat he is a founding member. He was there from the start, there was never any other lead singer, there was never a bang called Blind Melon then Shannon came along, so ya he did start the band. Jesus Christ i dont even know why im wasting my time with you, you obviously arent a real fan . either way, cheers.

  58. russell duncan

    Fucking killing it!

  59. profesorplazas

    Nice !!

  60. Ginger F.

    Adding to my play list. Thanks for the great tune 🎶🎶 🎶

  61. Trbman 30


  62. Claudia Elliott

    Great tune. Thank you

  63. TheBluemoment

    Great song. Thank you!


    WHAT! New blind melon!!!