Blind Guardian - Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill) Lyrics

Light fails at dawn
The moon is gone
And deadly the night reigns


Finally I've found myself
In these lands
Horror and madness I've seen here
For what I became a king of the lost?
Barren and lifeless the land lies

Lord of all Noldor
A star in the night
And a bearer of hope
He rides into his glorious battle alone
Farewell to the valiant warlord

[chorus 2x:]
The Fate of us all
Lies deep in the dark
When time stands still at the iron hill

I stand alone
Noone's by my side
I'll dare you
Come out
You coward
Now it's me or you

He gleams like a star
And the sound of his horn's
Like a raging storm
Proudly the high lord
Challenges the doom
Lord of slaves he cries

Slowly in fear
The dark lord appears
Welcome to my lands
You shall be damned



The iron crowned
Is getting closer
Swings his hammer
Down on him
Like a thunderstorm
He's crushing
Down the Noldor's
Proudest king

Under my foot
So hopeless it seems
You've troubled my day
Now feel the pain



The Elvenking's broken
He stumbles and falls
The most proud and most valiant
His spirit survives
Praise our king
Praise our king
Praise our king
Praise our king

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Blind Guardian Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill) Comments
  1. Rosamel Fierro

    Fingolfin is the best.

  2. Zersetzor

    Whenever I visit my parents I can't avoid having to listen to the publicly funded radio. In the last few years they kept playing a song that contains the line "time stands still". This phrase is so deeply associated with this song in my psyche, that I always have to go and listen to this whole album afterwards just so I can sleep. This has sent me on Tolkien-benders a couple of times now, rewatching all the LotR movies, animated and live action, listening to various audioversions of tLotR and the Silmarillion for weeks at a time.

  3. Orestis Lazos

    Incredible song, can listed to it non-stop for days on end. Favourite part is 1:34-1:53 which perfectly captures the internal doubt, fear and sorrow of the hero who knows he can't possibly survive, and the following burst of courage driving him to fight the battle nonetheless.

  4. blunt005

    man i fuckin love the bridge

  5. Marcelo Fernandes Garcia de Carvalho

    Praise our king !!!!

  6. reaper man

    I could careless about lyrics, this song makes me want to chant, cry, call upon, and cheer all at once.

  7. Klara L

    I love you Fingolfin.

  8. Caio Domingues

    This song just cured my hangover

  9. Víðarr


  10. Michaela

    You will not believe me, but I didn't read LOTR yet. And here, as before with Wheel of time, another amazing song from Blind guardian basically force me to read it right now! xD How I love them QwQ Such masterpieces QwQ ♥

    Only True Witch-King

    You will not find this in LOTR.

  11. Zanar Naryon

    *What you'd think Silmarillion music is:* A! Elbereth, gilthoniel
    *What it actually is:* LOOOOORD OF AAALL NOLDOR!!!!!

  12. Nicolas Sorg

    Fuck Feanor, Hail Fingolfin


    Finrod would like to have a word with you.

  13. michaeL Whitestone

    have a nice time
    grow fast old

  14. Fingolfin74

    Guess the song must be all about me...

  15. Miyuki Kawasaki

    Was it not a genius move of Maitimo's, giving up the title to his uncle? All High Kings in Exile died so easily.

  16. Robson Alves

    E eu nao conhecia essa musica até hj... anos perdidos

  17. Pavel Slama

    "Time Stands Still", by Blind Guardian for Fingolfin, and "Феанор (Fëanor)" by Epidemia for his older brother.

  18. David Diaz Reyes

    Or like the jackass like you go thinking lately, and only i want say that you must pray for your king, i´m thinking that maybe all this life that go passing around me is all truth. And me is that i think this was truth.But around you and the others friends this is not truth is only fiction.

  19. David Diaz Reyes

    You and yours wasn´t hear me, nothing that to do bad, and you must know that i´m like a normal person when hurts me anything.
    Not like the subnormals, like you go thinking lately.

  20. Christian Darchez

    Goodbye, Fingolfin

  21. Miyuki Kawasaki

    The High King of Noldor. Beautiful.

  22. manny akher

    hai fingolfin!!!

  23. Heidenspross

    Hail Fingolfin High King of the Noldor!

  24. Cesare Cruciani

    There are just two books which I stopped reading after the first chapter. One was because it irritated me and that was Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, I was just 12 or 13 but I couldn't tolerate when the author started with his deeply annoying and very detailed explanation of how to build a canoe with a single small piece of metal.
    The second book I never continued is the Silmarillion by Tolkien. But it wasn't because of any bad feeling toward it, as I had read both The lord of the rings and The hobbit both in two different languages already. I simply wasn't ready for it. At the times I was 16 and had already read Nietzsche, Bulgakov, Orwell, Hesse and Camus understanding them with few problems. The Silmarillion though got me off after few tens of pages.
    I have the book right here and I think I'll just read it. Hoping that he talks about Treebeard's origin!


    Yeah, the Silmarillion is a bit difficult to read, since it's rather Bible-lake; mostly more like a chronic than a story.

  25. Fatal Midget

    "He passed over Dor-nu-Fauglith like a wind amid the dust, and all that beheld his onset fled in amaze, thinking that Oromë himself was come: for a great madness of rage was upon him, so that his eyes shone like the eyes of the Valar."

  26. Eduardo Rivera

    Long, long before Blizzard ruined High Fantasy forever turning it into the consumerist politically-correct safe-for-children crap.

  27. RamBam3000

    And yet.... and yet... "[...]and Morgoth set his foot upon his neck and the weight of it was like a fallen hill. Yet with his last and desperate stroke, Fingolfin hewed the foot with Ringil, and the blood gushed forth black smoking and filled the pits of Grond [...] Morgoth went ever halt of one foot after that day, and the pain of his wounds could not be healed; [...]"
    And that is something that no-one else had done before, or do after, be he man, elf-lord or wizard. Think on that.

  28. Vicktor Mota

    "Slowly in fear the darklord appears". Fingolfin is the true king of the Noldor.


    I have the power rock and roll

  30. Yegor Michajlow

    I can literally see it. Each movement of each character. This is an ultimate experience

  31. Jean~Luc Picard

    Praaaaaaise our king! \m/

  32. Shaw358

    0:09 i thought i was listening to a star wars metal remix

  33. Baleine des sables

    1:00 Eargasm

  34. DCdabest

    Fingolfin only lost because his huge nuts slowed him down.

  35. David Diaz Reyes


  36. David Diaz Reyes

    Your triumph and without me!?
    Incredible,this is incredible, and i can´t stop them!?, and
    i´m not the police exactly.
    My mother is out there, i think that if you tell me which is your adress...., i had friends, but bad friends from those.......
    Me go directly to see them.
    I write your names on the walls of my city, and nothing,like if wasn´t noone.
    Make yours lifes impossible!? Cause are you passing with yours assunts......
    Be careful please, I love your music, in truth!

  37. Vellichor

    J.R.R tolkien is surely proud

  38. David Diaz Reyes

    Todas estas cartas que yo he escrito estan basadas en algún tipo de contestación de este grupo:Blind Guardian. Por eso hay algunas escritas de manera un poco extraña.
    Espero que alguien me conteste, o sepa contestarme poco a poco.

  39. vsGoliath

    All my friends and people are dead? You know what? Fuck it! Challenge the dark lord to single combat! At least then I'll become Middle Earth's greatest badass and get to die and dodge all the messed up shit that comes later. Brilliant!

  40. David Diaz Reyes

    Like this song:"Time stands still at the iron hill". How fools we were. Jumping trough this a thousand wars.
    And worse when we take the bullets and worse things we done.
    Like this throwing of weapons and nuclear weapons,so bad we done,that i feel me ashamed to call me human.And done and to say many things that in deep it doesn´t matter.
    This with time, and doing exercise with the childs........
    Thei´ll knew, or with time........
    About this theme treath this great disc called (and much more) and a lot of...........
    "Beyond the red mirror", with this greatest songs, a littel bad mentioned it, bad in deep well done, like this go crazy or straigth, trough my person and not vicious person,but this is it,that if you want accept it or you go,and this is it in real life.
    I can´t believe what´s happening around me, and how they are permisioning.........AND PERMITING.And longing to look, to see, to their ideology, not mine.

  41. Bushido

    When you read Silmarilion you will get this song.
    Its epic!!!

  42. David Diaz Reyes

    Like go see you in concert, with all these people behind you ,and covering all the corners,every place,every zone.Like to go see you.
    You´re a little disgraced for me, and so for the others

  43. Marco Repiso

    so goddamned epic

  44. PetersaberHD

    TotalBiscuit :(

  45. comraderaoul

    "Fingolfin rode alone to the doors of Angband, Morgoth’s fortress, and called the Dark Lord out to fight in single combat. So metal was Fingolfin’s challenge that Morgoth had no choice but to accept. The elf-king wounded Morgoth seven times before Morgoth smashed him with Grond, the Hammer of the Underworld. As he died, Fingolfin managed to stab Morgoth one last time in the foot, a wound that gave the Dark Lord a limp ever after. Fingolfin’s body was then borne away in honor by the biggest eagle in the world."


  46. Simon Simons

    Melkor's a bigger badass than Fingolfin could ever hope to be.

  47. Mrs. Saturn

    Lord of all Noldor
    A star in the night
    And a bearer of hope
    He rides into his glorious battle alone
    Farewell to the valiant warlord

  48. Randy Bowlin

    Two facts -

    Fingolfin is the True King

    Samwise is the true hero.

    don't @ me

  49. prometheus #

    I will never stop to hear that great long as I live

  50. juan manuel corradi

    Fingolfin el unico que hizo sentir miedo a un Valar

  51. juan manuel corradi

    Fingolfin el unico que hizo sentir miedo a un Valar

  52. Dimitris Andreou

    πουτανα ολααααααα

  53. Beavis The Great


  54. Zelda Fan

    “His hopeless challenge dauntless cried
    Fingolfin there: 'Come, open wide,
    dark king, your ghastly brazen doors!
    Come forth, whom earth and heaven abhors!
    Come forth, O monstrous craven lord,
    and fight with thine own hand and sword,
    thou wielder of hosts of banded thralls,
    thou tyrant leaguered with strong walls,
    thou foe of Gods and elvish race!
    I wait thee here. Come! Show thy face!”

  55. Simon Simons

    As badass as Fingolfin was, let's also remembered he fought Morgoth when he was at his weakest. Morgoth was a badass himself.

  56. Nebula Ultra


  57. Raul Sanchez

    The beginning sounds like The Force Theme XD

  58. David Gallico

    My favourite track from one of my favourite albums of all time.

    David Gallico

    That drumming is absolutely amazing!

    David Diaz Reyes

    i´M WRITING A LOT OF LETTERS IN THIS IDIOME, LIKE IS THE English, that was so good see it in my young decade and Epoch.Like see it so in videogames.
    Those was for it , and for example labrate me a profession and ideology, that this is not for my fault is for the others, and so the others with theyr lives.Bah I´m going leave it!?.

  59. Bruno Campos Cunha

    Hansi is God

    Cveta Georgieva


  60. The Engineer Guy

    1:44 - 1:53 what I want to say to all Zeds in my lane.

  61. Son Of Cadia

    This shit will make your dick grow 🤘

  62. Raven Serena

    This song is too epic!!!

  63. Orochimaruswife1

    the line of Finwe has a bad habit of being... really really impulsive

    Guillem Villar

    But they had two unique qualities. They werent ass-kissers of anyone and they had more guts than any other son of Ilúvatar. And thats why they are my favourite elven kin.

  64. Jake Waters



  65. David Gallico

    My favourite track on what is a truly epic album.

  66. AlphaTenchi


  67. Gutemberg

    Fingolfin was such a badass.

    Kutlu Mızrak

    Okay, hold your horses, he went out there knowing he'd die. That's self sacrifice but not necessarily all bravery.

    On the other hand, Luthien disguised herself, infiltrated a dread tower, tricked fucking sauron, saved her beau, and then fought the dread wolf.

    She's my pick for the ballsiest.

  68. Milos Zivanovic

    The chorus is so epicly beautiful that it almost made me cry

  69. Emanuel Magalhães Fróes

    Unfortunately smutty.


    Emanuel Magalhães Fróes wat?

  70. Mairon Aulendil

    At about 10 Seconds: Is it just me or is there some Star Wars in it?

  71. Daniel Jones

    The song doesn't even mention how Morgoths foot was permenently injured

  72. Sereda Hawke

    Listening to this to get even more hyped about Shadow of War, and I'm realizing how oddly appropriate it is for Talion and Celebrimbor since Celebrimbor is probably the only Noldor left.(although he's not exactly alive but he's alive enough to fight the forces of evil so I think it counts)

    Guillem Villar

    Elrond and Galadriel are Noldor. (Yes Elrond is half-elf but you know)


    Man Shadow of War was weird. I still can't tell if I loved it or hated it. On one hand I'm a terrible Tolkien purist and hate how much they messed with the lore, but on the other hand I love that the devs just said fuck it and went totally off the rails. Like whoever wrote the story was obviously having fun writing terrible LOTR fanfiction and making it into a game.

  73. xRazProductions

    "Praise Sour Cream"

  74. eloïse_Xploring_nature

    Melkor was afraid when Fingolfin challenged him... and he was right because seven times Fingolfin made him scream of pain before he died heroically af!!!!

  75. Theodore Katsikonouris


  76. Mehmet ÖZGÜL


  77. WolfBassGames

    I hears an 8-bit version of this, and it was really cool!

  78. Sanguine Rose

    So Fucking Epic!

  79. Remoniq

    First song I ever heard from them, It's a good song.

  80. Vobec Neviš

    When you play dungeons and dragons with nerds friends

  81. lee myers

    I was listening to this and my fish just morphed into a shark!!!!

    David Diaz Reyes

    Hace ya tiempo y por lo que veo.
    A si que a ver si me contestais a mis preguntas, y ha mis deseos en las cartas que os escribo.

    David Diaz Reyes

    A ver si asi sois de otra manera.

    Organic frugal Gardening

    I want what you’re having ;)

  82. Bianca Pilichi


  83. sempre que Vc ver os comentários eu estarei la

    Good bye fingolfin

  84. Chouju X

    Cranked this while building my Morgoth costume!

  85. DaMuphinMan

    them chills
    metal sexyness

  86. Melania Ricci

    This album is the best I've ever heard in my life

  87. Gulam

    where do i buy this album AAAHHH!!!!

  88. Althusser

    Damn.. Fingolfin was a true badass character.

    Anders Midnatt

    Nolofinwë Ingoldo... He wasn't a dork, like his elder brother Curufinwë Fëanaro, and he wasn't a pussy like Arafinwë Ingoldo. Power, intelligence and bravery.

    Kutlu Mızrak

    Well Feanor wasn't a dork, he was straight up a dick. And a fucking dumbass. And finwe.... Well let's be honest, Maia lover, impenetrable magic shield..... I kinda always understood him.

    christiano Chapouto santana junior

    feanor was a dick but you cant deny he had the fucking balls

    Kutlu Mızrak

    @christiano Chapouto santana junior Yea, those balls got his entire family killed or driven crazy, and potentially doomed the world for ages to come.

    christiano Chapouto santana junior

    @Kutlu Mızrak i do not deny it, but i also do not deny his balls.
    I actually like him as a character because i like the vengeance theme in characters and their potential downfall, his grief and rage got the better of him sadly.

  89. Armestori

    1. Read The Silmarillion
    2. Read it again so you can actually understand it
    3. Listen this song and the rest of the album
    4. Jizz all over your room

    Miyuki Kawasaki

    5. Browse the fan arts

    Dina B

    My German dad read this comment and asked me what jizz means.

    William Tauber

    almost pissed myself laughing reading this


    Eh, I'll pass. Too many knife-ears.


    The Silmarillion is my all time favorite book!!! The book is basically The Holy Bible to Middle-Earth!!!

  90. Joshua Sweetvale

    Ah, the Silmarillion. A simpler time, when the night sky was still in open beta and Elves were Super Saiyans.

    Andre Soares

    @Kutlu Mızrak except if the elf is Feanör, this bastard was a motherfucking super-elf who tanked an army of Balrogs by himself for hours and before his death, made his sons promise an oath to retrieve the Sillmarills no matter what cost and then, died in an explosion of fire.

    Eduardo Rivera

    It's the other way, Super Saiyans are Silmarillion elves knock offs.


    sorry i never played open beta or vanilla

    Cu Chulainn

    Andre Soares and remember, in the most metal way to die ever, after his sons made the oath, his spirit incinerated his mortal form. He’s both asshole and badass

    Miyuki Kawasaki

    The Super Saiyans arent necessarily blond 😂😂😂

  91. Gulam

    where do i buy this album

  92. tata para meninas tata

    yes {}][<>=÷×+

  93. 35lightning35


    Finrod Finras

    @Fernando Seixas Well Luthien was the greatest eldar. She singlehandedly knocked morgoth off his throne.

    Clara J

    Fingolfin is the best tho.

    Pavel Slama

    @Finrod Finras First of all, Luthien was half Noldor maiden, half Maia. Thats for her powers.
    But then you have the story of Morgoth (still Melkor at that time) being still the most powerful being in the Ea(universe) and standing at the gate of Feanors, demanding the Silmarils and threatening Feanor, only to get slammed by the door right to his face. Melkor was so embarrassed
    by that accident that his powers were lowered permanently.

    Finrod Finras

    @Pavel Slama You mean Sindar not Noldor and Morgoth was still the most powerful being in Ea when Luthien knocked him off his throne in the deepest pits of hell and got away with it. Feanor and Fingolfin both ended their confrontations with Morgoth with the loss of everything they held dear.

    Pavel Slama

    @Finrod Finras Yeah, I meant Sindar. When she knocked him off the throne he was already Morgoth, cursed, weakened, and stuck in the form of a dark giant.

  94. SventheCrusader

    Happy fiftieth, Hansi.

  95. Dara MagUiginn

    I'd say that this album is probably the band's magnum opus.

  96. Garrett Carroll

    Best song on the album. For me at least. I love the song's chorus.

    Andre Felder

    its very powerfull indeed, very good song from my favorite album


    Garrett C. This,and Nightfall are pretty catchy.Although,I think the whole album is a masterpiece.Its hard to choose.

  97. Mac Haggis

    Glory to Fingolfin! Once a Noldor, alway a Noldor! Dont fear Morgoth!

  98. Mac Haggis

    I get the shivers every time I play any of the songs from this epic album


    That makes you a very special person.
    Greeitings from Greece!

    james young

    I very much agree with you

    Theodore Katsikonouris