Blind Guardian - The Dark Elf Lyrics

A dark seed of evil is grown

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Blind Guardian The Dark Elf Comments
  1. Monika Turunen

    That's "Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)", not "The Dark Elf"... lol

  2. Keagan Wheeler-McCann

    Fingolfin was a bright elf if any elf ever was bright.

    Francisco Giraldo

    +Keagan Wheeler-McCann Fingolfin is a character from Lord of the Rings? or The Dark Elf Saga? Or which book?

  3. 4eSaintSeiya

    ehm......please this song is to Fingolfin....and Fingolfin is absolutely not a dark elf :O that is Eol



  4. Killian Hackenschmidt

    List of TRUE METAL bands
    Iorn Maiden, Blind Guardian, Stratavarious, Sonata Arctica, HammerFall, Nightwish, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Saxon, Motorhead and ManOwaR

  5. Nikos Markos

    L0l that's Time Stands Still At The Iron Hill.........

  6. Vladimir Anastasijevic

    It exactly the opposite of Dark Elf - this is the song of the most Noble High Elf from Noldor tribe - Fingolfin who battles the Dark Lord Morgoth... Also this just less then half of a song...

    Time Stand Still (At The Iron Hill) - album Nightfall in Middle-Earth

  7. Dante222B

    Łohohoho kurworozjeb totalny jak żem tego słuchał to jadłem płatki i nie mogłem się powstrzymać od headbagingu a teraz mam ekran upierdolony płatkami!

  8. varjotin


  9. Chris Kelley

    @angelinchains23 Amen bro, I'm so sick of the mainstream fake ass poser metal, emo bleeding heart girlish-boys,and all that other trash. Let the FAKES keep their "metal" (not true metal, but emo pussy whiney eew-weeeww gonna cut myself pop-rock), as long as we all have our TRUE METAL, they can never take it away from us. Hail from The States and Up the Irons, Horns Held High! R.I.P. R.J.D. Grand Wizard of Power Metal

  10. Tim Wilhelm

    Hey people,
    Don't feed the troll. BrandopeSLIPKNOT is obviously trolling. Someone that pops out of the blue and declares "This the worst @#@#$ song ever is almost always a troll, and just wants to get their jollys stirring people up. Either that or he is a complete idot. I like Slipknot..I like Blind Guardian..and I'm an old cuss that's played guitar for 20 years, and I can guarantee that BG can play circles around Slipknot. Unfortunately, in this day and age talent doesn't count for much.

  11. pregomal

    Blind Guardian - Time Stands Stil.Time stands Still (At the iron hill) Also, Dark Elf is on the nightfall in middle earth album, not the forgotten tales. Time stants still is at nightfall in middle earth too.

  12. BaxionDumathros

    @BrandopeSLIPKNOT Wow, please cut your ears off, you do not deserve to listen to anything if you actually think Slipknot can hold a candle up to BG.

    I take it you know JACK shit about music composition, or Rock or Singing, that would be the only way to make a statement like yours.

    Don't give my opinion, its like with any form of Art, there IS such a thing as good and bad art, opinions aside. Same goes for music. The difference of skill between Slipknot and BG is staggering, plz just stfu now

  13. BaxionDumathros

    @BrandopeSLIPKNOT Wow, Britney Spears has a large fanbase, so did Ashlee Simpson, did that mean they were talented? BG or Hammerfall or majority of other Power Metal bands are far from shit. At least the lead singers can actually sing and have great ranges. The scores aren't repetitive and the players actually challenge themselves.

    These are called Masterpieces, inspired by Golden Age Rock, where the songs vary, build up to climaxes, and are progressive. Not a catchy 3 minute song. . .

  14. PieMasterX13

    You failed but with an awesome song you its still a win.

  15. Krisi Naneva

    @BrandopeSLIPKNOT Dude,if you think that Blind Guardian is shit,then just go listen to ''Scalds and Shdows''.If then you still think that they are shit,then you have a serious hearing or comprehension problem.It's not a matter of 'like' or 'don't like''.Something can be good,even if you don't like it.

  16. Krisi Naneva

    @BrandopeSLIPKNOT Dude,if you think that Blind Guardian is shit,then just go listen to ''Scalds and Shdows''.If then you still think that they are shit,then you have a serious hearing or comprehension problem.It's not a matter of 'like' or 'don't like''.Something can be good,even if you don't like it.

  17. Draegon Spawn

    Deadpool is right...enough said

  18. foxzone91

    So... By BrandopeSPLIPKNOT point of reasoning, the more fans a band has, the better it is... I lol'd... Seriuosly...
    Just leave kid and we will pretend none of this happened.

  19. i don't like sand

    @BrandopeSLIPKNOT good for you kid...whetever your talking about.

  20. sewagedweller

    @BrandopeSLIPKNOT well that's rather gay name to have ,

  21. Gabo

    Actually I like Snuff, but Blind Guardian and Slipknot are totally different!!! I rather Blind Guardian, instead you prefer Slipknot.

  22. sewagedweller

    slipknot is just gay

  23. sewagedweller

    its called time stands still at the iron hill , you noob .

  24. Deamus16

    is it writed for eol?

  25. foxzone91

    @bluesstoner420 Why are you telling me what I already know? I dont like Slipknot...

  26. DarkElfFemale

    Nice song :)

  27. xxAtlantianKnightxx

    I liked that song.

  28. foxzone91

    >Makes me want to cut my ears off
    >Listens to Slipknot

    Kid do us a favor and GET THE F*** OUT!

  29. foxzone91

    Sure is 13 year old in here....

  30. rory .p

    this is time stand still at the iron hill

  31. i don't like sand

    @BrandopeSLIPKNOT kid go cut yourself :)

  32. Gabo

    He doesn't know what Iron Maiden is. So I suggest you to ignore that Slipknot kid. ;)

  33. canibalfetus

    FAIL!!!!! perfect example of a 13 year-old downloading off limewire...

    if you're not a 13 year old just pretend you are to avoid further FAILURE!!

  34. Annie Hallowell

    this is "time stands still!'
    feanor, hahahahaha EPIC!

  35. Procrastinator

    Time stand still is the song!!!!!!!!!!

    Excalibur --->grave digger NOT Blind Guardian

  36. Procrastinator

    this is not dark elf?? :/

  37. Stacey the Narwhal

    i also thought that too:P

  38. theodkant

    and it is one of their best songs. I love that album.

  39. Mitar Lifestyle


  40. Oskar Masgård

    The real name is Time stand still

  41. Master's Apprentice

    nooo, the real name of this song is "time stand still"

  42. Master's Apprentice

    ehmmm what is the real name of this song?

  43. Tanner Johnson

    ...What? Chill, bro. I was correcting you.

    "Jesus Christ man."

  44. Amzingred

    oh, im sorry. Now i can see why it is now seen as a "very good song." Because now it has the word "evil" on it. Im sorry. Now i can see why you think it is an "awesome song."

    Jesus Christ man.

  45. Tanner Johnson

    I thought it was "The dark seed of evil has grown."

  46. Amzingred

    the Dark Elf is like only 10 seconds long. And it is just them saying..."A dark seed has grown."

  47. Lu Cypher

    Wrong name, wrong CD cover, great song.

  48. tulkasainur

    this is when time stands still, not Dark Elf. But it also is a very good song

  49. fighter4rent

    yeh i was thinkin i rcodnised it but i couldent remember the exact song

  50. PhantomLord

    whoever you downloaded this song from is Incorrect

  51. PhantomLord

    Dark elf is a short 10 second track that Follows THIS song which is "Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)" from the Album "Nightfall in Middle Earth" NOT "The Forgotten Tales".

  52. Laurelindo

    Isn't this "When Time Stands Still"?

  53. MisterPillow

    the track listings on bg's official site disagree with you

  54. Ornego

    this song is "time stnads still (at the iron hill)" not "dark elf"

  55. MisterPillow

    This song kicks ass, though the ending is sorta adrupt.