Blind Guardian - Nom The Wise Lyrics

[Narrator (Beren?):]
Thus he died
Nom the Wise
Lord of the caves and friend of man
Fair, and noble
Most beloved of the Noldor race
Paid the price, he redeemed the oath
Farewell my friend, farewell

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Blind Guardian Nom The Wise Comments
  1. TheMadSlav

    I loved the part where he "discovered" humans and instead like Orome appeared to Elves as the powerful, Finrod waited humans to fall asleep, sneaked in their camp and started to play music on their own instruments. BADASS

  2. Ignoto


    Cosi è morto

    Nom il saggio

    Signore delle grotte e amico dell’uomo

    Giusto, e nobile

    Il più amato della razza Noldor

    Ha pagato il prezzo, ha rispettato il giuramento

    Addio amico mio, addio

  3. J. Y. LY369

    Intermission [JALS: The Second Son]

  4. Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Paez

    Gracias por tanto, perdón por tan poco finrod!

  5. Naþan Ø


  6. Jordi Salvat

    Finrod fellagund

  7. Jordan Douglas

    Finrod rests now with his Father in Valinor. In Peace.

  8. Akame Ga Crack

    fare the well Nom The Wise

  9. Orochimaruswife1

    finrod :(