Blind Guardian - Lost In The Twilight Hall Lyrics

Awaiting my last breath
the mirror calls my name
it's showing me the way
into the dark
the bridge appears
I jump into the dark side
and hear the voice it's cold as ice
"Welcome to reality"
Where am I now?
Darkness surrounds
can't go forward
can't go back
[Kai:] I see planets dying
[Hansi:] I fall into the light
[K:] a new universe awakens
[H:] I'm a Traveler in Time
[K:] Pray for the light
[H:] Where's the key
[K:] To the gate
[H/K:] of a new life - no
[H:] I search for deliverance
[K:] But I cannot find

[Lead - Andre]

Look behind the mirror
I'm lost in the twilight hall
once I'll be back for a moment in time
that's when the mirror's falling down

[Lead - Andre]

Take me away
from the place I've been
to another life
in another world
a sign of life
surrounds me now
the bridge appears in the dark
I'm free
I fly alone
leaving this darkness now, forever?
the memories of children
and the wisdom of many lifes
burns deep in me
Where will the light go to?
Where will the light go to?
Is this deliverance?
Is it the end?

[Ref:] Look...

[Solo - Andre]

I'm back there's a new chance for me
and all my memories are gone
I can feel what's happening to me
and the mirror will burst

[Ref:] Look... [2x]

[Lead - Andre]

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Blind Guardian Lost In The Twilight Hall Comments
  1. Edmundo BJ

    Who stills love Kai's music in 2020?

  2. Wilford Grimley

    Greatest power metal song ever from the number one power metal album imo

  3. アーノルド

    Severo tema

  4. Sencer Coşkun

    Kai's screams are amazing.

  5. Deetroiter

    And who says all Dungeons and Dragons crowds can't rock out?

  6. Alumni Sastra Mesin

    Kai : I see planets dying
    Hansi : I fall into the light
    Kai : A new universe awakes
    Hansi : I'm a Traveler in Time
    Kai : Pray for the light
    Hansi : Where's the key
    Kai : To the gate
    Hansi : Of a new life -
    Kai: no
    Hansi : I search for deliverance
    Kai : But I cannot find

  7. Gregor Grigoriou

    Once i 'll be back for a moment in time

  8. thor1917


  9. iwantoutnow

    Sounds a lot like Gamma Ray

    Bakalaudia DL

    Because Kai Hansen is in the song

  10. Trusty

    Does anyone know bands with the combination of high and low vocals, like hansi and kai here and for example with Iced earth - dystopia? thanks in advance \ w /

    Reasonably Warm Beans


  11. Savatage Fan

    This is a good stuff.

  12. Juan Pablo

    I could recognize Kai Hansen's voice everywhere

  13. Predator X

    My 💛Song from blind guardian 🤘🤘

  14. the one

    Best German Metal Band.nothing more to say.

  15. Alessandro Petrucci

    14 people are Lost In The Twilight Hall!!!!

  16. Laid back Headbanger dude


  17. Gilberto Chagas Júnior

    Clássico, simples e direto... Foda

  18. Luiz Carlos


  19. Indoorsman

    Is this deliverance?
    Is it the end?

  20. Maicon Londrina Oficial

    Melhor no álbum tokio tales


    Ricardo Lucas acho que no tokio tales todas as músicas soam melhor haha. Primer disco que comprei deles foi o Tokio por acasso prai no '99

  21. robson souza


  22. Oscar Barquin Caloca

    If we did such this quality of metal in the early 90´s , why arent we doing better in 2018 ??

    Marco Repiso

    real music died with the change of millenium its like a curse lol

    Alex Stephens

    Justin Bieber came and canceled out the 90's

    Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    Shadowkiller - Guardians of the Temple


    People r pussies nowadays that's why.

  23. king mj4e

    ξαναθυμηθηκα τα τραγουδια που ακουγα πιτσιρικας!α ρε blind τι καψιμο ειχαμε φαει με σας!!

  24. HellraiserDE

    Best Song they have ever Made so far

    50 DaysAgo

    Nice English

  25. Toni

    Best music for the best album.

  26. Andre Delarue

    Looooooooooooooooook behiiihihihihiiiiiiiiind zeeeeeeeeee mirrrrooooohoooohohooooor

    Роман Котов


  27. Silver Shade

    And that's when Hansi started to talk about mirrors ;) Btw love his lyrics

  28. Metalhertz, la webradio metal

    LOVE the part with Kai Hansen.

    Serhat Su

    everyone does...

  29. Jake Boulton

    i think the 2 who disliked this must of slipped on their mouse !!!

  30. Zhedox

    3:07 Is this a specific type of guitar or just any Acoustic one in general?

    Alex Johnson

    sounds like any acoustic, kind of tinny maybe some different kind of strings or maybe just studio magic


    @Nebuchadnezzar Johnson Ok, thank you


    Regular acoustic, I assume. Just compress the shit out of it in post production :-)

  31. Renato Pascon


    Renato Pascon

    @lionsource i know, but my interpretaion is so much better! lol

    Metalhertz, la webradio metal

    I totally agree

    Flamínio Maranhão

    But I cannot 😱😱😱😱😱

    radiotomi tomiradio


    Martin Van Drunen

    Rachei kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  32. Pokéfreak

    Das ganze Album ist megageil!!! Jeder Song perfekt!!!
    Saugute Idee dieser Songtext!!! Bin verliebt!!!

  33. Butt Rockman

    That's one of the best choruses I've heard in any song ever. Absolutely genius.

    Bakalaudia DL

    And one of the best solos


    @Bakalaudia DL i love that part with KAI

  34. Moreno A. Hassem

    This is fantastic

  35. Aron Borkenau

    Shitty cis white music. Unlike +1

    Moreno A. Hassem

    +Aron Borkenau STFU


    +Aron Borkenau #Triggered

  36. ZZombyWooff

    mein gott this song is boring without the falsetto vocals.. :( STILL AWESOME! oh fucking gandalf

  37. Xoan García

    BG best ages! Hansi Kursch beside Kai Hansen, would be this the German Power Metal top dudes!

  38. ruth chaupis

    yeahhhhh \m/

  39. Panagis Chris

    Δώσε headbanging στο λαό Γιάννη!!!!

  40. Steely666

    awesome song.

  41. Χριστόδουλος Καλενδέρης

    μετα απο τοσα χρονια,δε χορταινω να το ακουω!!!!!


    +Χηστόδουλος Καλενδερις δεν είσαι ο μόνος mate..

    Αποστόλης Τσιακίρης

    Ούτε εσύ mate!!!

  42. Przemek Zender

    Hansen sounding like "oh shit, I just stepped on a lego" is just priceless... (1:36 for example)


    actually, that would be kai hansen, whom he is singing with.


    @DeathlordMiopic oh sorry, i read that as "hansi sounding like oh shit" forget i said anything

    Elson Felix

    Hahahaha good one!

  43. Miky Miky


  44. EarlRedclaw

    Α ρε Γιανναρα τι ανεβαζεις, καγκελο η τριχα αποξε!

  45. asd Nikos

    gg. best version

  46. Avatar Korra

    Is that Kai Hansen?

    Juan Antonio Martiínez

    yeah! Don Kai Hansen is here!!!

    Wilford Grimley

    Shut up nigga you knew that was Kai Hansen