Blige, Mary J - Therapy Lyrics

Why would I spend the rest of my days unhappy
Why would I spend the rest of this year alone
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy two times a day
Why would I spend the rest of this week so bitter
And all that listening is making you bitter too
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy two times a day

I don't wanna be around me
And I don't blame you if you blocking all my calls
Been no ups since I been sleeping soundly
Most nights I lie awake between two and four
Work is stressing me out
And after all this time
It's still never enough

Why would I spend the rest of my days unhappy
Why would I spend the rest of this year alone
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy two times a day

I care more about what you think
Than I care about the music
When I get cross with you
I'm surprised you care at all
I figure if I had a life time of time left
Well, shame on me if I don't get to use it well
Yea, I'm stressing you out
And at the way is going you need it more than me

Why would I spend the rest of my days unhappy
Why would I spend the rest of this year alone
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy two times a day

Someone help me
Turn around
I'm a victim
Hate the sound of my own voice
Turn it down
And all I do is aggravate ya

Why would I spend the rest of my days so bitter
And all that listening is making you bitter too
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy
When I can go therapy two times a day

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Blige, Mary J Therapy Comments
  1. amorn911


  2. Ar D

    Happy 50th b day mary! Keep doing ya thing girl

  3. weberaudio

    It has been a loooong time since I have repeated a song over and over. This one is "super cool". Well written, well performed, well produced, and exceptionally well vocalized. Just Incredible!

  4. Nayeli V

    Callie and Arizona!!!😭😭😭🥺

  5. Tasha Coleman

    ❤🌹Happiness 🙂

  6. Bilton Lite

    Mary I want you to do one thing for me

  7. Κωνσταντίνα Λυρίτση

    I remember that "Calliope" and Arizona broke the rules with this in the background

  8. Ina & Taylor

    Greys anotmy calzona we miss you jessica capshaw/arizona Robbins sara Ramirez/callie torres

  9. Destinyatk

    I need to go therapy 3 times a day....Love this song..tired of people effing with me.

  10. Anika Aloserij

    Queen of soul for me😍

  11. Kenyetta Williams

    First time hearing imediatly share

  12. Meya Owens

    my passion for a meaningful life was challenged by John Waynick he compromised my freedom my wealth just because I can't allow myself to submit to his lifestyle I begged for my Families help they ignored me
    Aajanae I love you are my entire joy

  13. Cole Chapman

    This song is so underrated and should have been included in The Umbrella Academy to pay homage to Mary J. I would like also like to say you are an awesome actress Mary J. Blige!!

  14. kim golding

    no one in my era can touch Mary yes please feed us real music

  15. Ranona Cirino

    Mary you need a vacation away from people by your self you are self destruction and it's time for a break okay

    diamere wheeling

    what do mean its a song

  16. Connie Moore

    Yeah IT was 2014 & I'm sooo still in 'therapy'😳ima wait for the breakthrough tho😢

  17. Jordan Torrey


  18. Jason Moore

    Um wow!

  19. catherine coman

    1 take one beautiful singer. The register is perfect. Your voice is smooth. Love you!!!

  20. Jessica Love

    Nothing about me is something kindness of strangers and brave and important whole hearted people who sing

  21. Jessica Love

    Dont forget we have special writing I'm sharing with you and your, thank God

  22. Ana Gabriella

    Que voz é essa 💕💕💕💕

  23. Ken Ek

    No idea how this has not gotten more views, an amazing song by a legend honestly

  24. catherine coman

    One of the greatest performers of all time!😎

  25. Natisha Alli

    Calzona 😭🌈😍❤❤❤

  26. luisa cardoso

    Heard this in Grey's and I just had to shazam it

  27. Melina

    I'm in love with you.

  28. Donna Moore


  29. yolanda barbot

    Ok Mary J

  30. Ghani Hakim

    Mary Mary Mary. Can’t stop listening to this song. It drills RIGHT THROUGH TO MY CORE! You saying so much of what’s bottled inside me in the most beautiful way. Thank you!

  31. Elijah J Jones

    I suffer from depression and I everyday is a struggle for me there are days I want to kill my self but I have my faith in god just pray for me . I need therapy

    Brele will

    Sweetheart if you succeeded at that then the world would be missing an amazing gift (you). You would not get to fulfill the wonderful purpose you were placed here for. I understand how discouraging difficult struggles can be along this journey called life, but these trials come only as tests to pass, then used later to remind us of how strong we really are. If god got you through before then he will do it again. Even if you simply survive this heartache, your life still serves as a testimony to someone else going through what you've already been through, and that in itself is worth staying here to see. You were placed here by God to be a testimony. By the way, things do get better and some things you felt you wouldn't make it through will literally become distant memories . I promise if you hold on you will make it through. We need you. You are not alone, or a mistake baby, because GOD makes no mistakes. That makes you perfect sweetness, flaws and all. scripture says, You are wonderfully and fearfully made. That means that God himself fashioned you with great care and consideration. There is not another you on this planet you are a one of a kind work of art. God bless you love and keep your head up... This too shall pass

  32. cinnamon slice


  33. hoodstar92

    Yes Mary!!!!!

  34. hoodstar92

    Mary Is A Real One! Love Her and Her Exceptional Range!!!! #OneTakeMary

  35. Sophia Robbins Sloan Torres

    Callie and Arizona Music ♡♡

  36. Shelitha Reaves

    Feeling this song still

  37. Isaiah Carnegie

    Did Sam smith write this song ?

  38. kikebrenes12

    Am i the only one who gets a Amy Winehouse vibe 😅??


    Amy had a strong Mary vibe. She was definitely influenced by Mary.

  39. Georgia Goldie Ray

    That's my therapy 2 times a day! ;)

  40. Stacy Levada

    preach it!!
    thank you for recording and the someday that I see live ms songbird!

  41. Lisa's Lifestyle

    Who Here From 2017

    Also Mary J. Is Awesome

  42. Philippe Souza

    HER VOICE... <3

  43. Chiquita Whatley


  44. Peter Stockwell

    this is sooooo fucking good

  45. Lauren Ealey

    calizonaaaaaaaaaaaaa greys anatomy

  46. Duda

    Grey's Anatomy T:11 E:5 😁

    Nimble Narwal

    Duda I know this is an old comment, but this is how I found out! This is a great song!


    Nimble Narwal
    Yeah me too

    Annel Regalado

    When Calzona breaks up... 🥺💔

    Camila Martínez Ch.


  47. Gizem

    Truest legend of years

  48. Inspired By

    Kendu lost himself a good woman!!

  49. Jade bellamy

    It is alright!

  50. Jade bellamy

    What, therapy is Jesus! What are you talking about mary j blige my therapy is the Word of God! Good luck to you mam, That is not even something you would sing! Don;t be bitter it is what it is all about God and Jesus And holy ghost!

  51. Mc Coolson

    It is fantastic!

  52. Charlie lavo

    the message in this,the sound,the honesty. 😅❤🎙


    I ❤Mary❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  54. cherelle rushing

    love this song 💕💕💕💕

  55. J Nelson

    I love this lady.

  56. David L.


  57. Colton Berrios

    I love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  58. Sharaya Smith

    Being Mary Jane bought me here! Great song.

    Roddy Reed

    Boys to men

  59. Wendly Philostin

    It only took a year (two?) for me to find this song again after I saw her perform this with Sam Smith! Thank God the music be poppin' on Being Mary Jane lol

    Sharaya Smith

    Yes! That show is THEE best thing on Netflix - Life.

  60. kaysha tyson

    amen manry, tell them.......why would I kill myself, when I can go therapy?????/


    voix E X T R A O R D I N A I R E !!!
    an extraodinary artist
    today, yesterday & tomorrow

    MJB = ICON

  62. Stan Coleshill

    Mary J : You are awesome ! Love you. You give me goose bumps on top of my goose bumps. Excellent talent. Therapy just kills me with talent ! !

  63. Canal da Ms Jane

    2:45 ..minha parte favorita... Amo a interpretação dela....Acho que é o ponto alto da música!..Amo <3

  64. Marci36617

    I love Mary J Blige. This is one of my favorites from her.

  65. tracey cant hold down dalziel

    this beautiful lady's songs are my therapy x

  66. Devin Johnson

    MJB. RKelly tha King
    Mary tha Queen.

  67. Ana Clara Risso Diaz

    😍Calzona memories men😍

  68. neah Anderson

    just love this song and London session album. nice reminder to put my self and what I love first. with out the b.s. to bring me down. :)
    not a fan of the adds though. ugh

  69. jill Birks

    Sam Smith and Mary J. Great partnership. I came to appreciate Mary through my love of Sam's music, now discovering her. Love their mutual respect and liking. This song a collaboration so I hope they can do more together if they can produce something of this quality. Brilliant.

  70. Ziad Asli

    BeauTiful song #Great

  71. MrErnest1234567890

    Powerful Song Sing Dat Shit Mary Wen i can go Fuckn THERAPY She switch shit up n got it off #Queen

  72. 73lyfe


  73. Jade Gomes

    Love love love love love 💕

  74. Reading with Janae Marie

    Why is she singing about going to therapy? Is she getting over a relationship. I'm sorry but I just don't get it. Please explain. No assholes please!!


    It's 'therapy' for anyone going through a similar situation

    Reading with Janae Marie

    +73lyfe thanks!

    Joey FL

    +Janae Marie Therapy is anything that is therapeutic. Not just sitting on a couch with a doctor. ANd most importantly its just a song. Do you ask why Adele sings hello?

  75. Tatiana T

    Ive always loved her music,She's still got it#Being Mary Jane S3E1

  76. Dan C

    I'm sorry but this song blows. She is alright though.


    then don't listen

    Dan C

    @Eli Slayz
    Well one has to listen to a song to determine if they like it.  I did and I don't like it so I don't listen to it.  You happy?


    +Dan C yeah I am. we don't need any negativity on Mary's page. so bye 😘✌

    Dan C

    @Eli Slayz
    People can say whatever they want on Mary's page. 

  77. Deborah Puperi


  78. Carolyn Williams

    I love it

  79. Bailee Rudolph

    she is so beautiful to keep singing I love the sound of your voice

  80. BESIRE

    Mary is back and she never disappoints.

  81. Investigative Journalist

    This song shows just how unique and fascinating Mary J Blige can really be. What a gifted lady.

  82. Isa Araújo

    Last happier times for Calzona, Grey's Anatomy <\3

    Valeria Zenoni

    Yeah... I don't them back together though...

    Valeria Zenoni

    +Valeria Zenoni *want

    Antonia Hanekamp

    heck yess

  83. G Biz

    Mary's music been therapy PAE Talk

  84. swiftjustice04

    Mary is a story teller only a few have a gift to do that on a song!!

  85. Kev Mwatha

    strong voice

  86. TheCswade

    Love Her and her voice!* Nowadays we need this song!* Thank U Mary!*

  87. Jaqueline Cabral

    I'm from the future

  88. Claudine Green

    this song just goes to show that Mary J. Blige can sing just about anything and it would be a hit!

  89. bassavino

    1 mic, 1 take, 0 autotune. How it is done.  Her deep alto and the way she digs into the music, and these being the London sessions, called to my mind another London alto, lost to us, Amy Winehouse. Ms Winhouse was a work in progress when she died; could she have reached this sort of artistic pinnacle? We'll never know. Blige just keeps topping herself.

  90. Gregory Moore


  91. Paityn scott-morgan

    i love this song soooooooooooooo much

  92. Gail Jones

    She's the Queen.

  93. Nelly Pheleu

    Shes bringing grove back!!!

  94. Nakeitha Moore

    I like all of her sngs

  95. Korie Anne

    Ty for your brilliant music. You have inspired me so much and I have pushed myself as an artist to find where I shine and this cover did it for me. I love this song soooo much <3 I had to cover it as soon as I heard it. Love you and Love your music.

  96. pinklady3711

    Really really love this song. ..cuz I'm going through something. ...yes I'm is going to therapy. ...all because of a man.....she making a point with this song...real u mary j..keep up the good work. ..

  97. Sergio Pinillos

    Que control vocal tan impresionante, que ritmo, lo máximo.