Blige, Mary J - Don't Walk Away Lyrics


[1] - Don't you walk, away from me
Cause I don't want to see you leave

[Repeat 1]

Tell me what
What is better than sharing
Sharing love with you
And tell what
What is better than caring
I want to spend my life with you

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

Oh do you know
Do you know how I'm feeling
When you're lying next to me
And does it show
Everything that I'm feeling
When you touch me it's real
Don't walk:

[Repeat 1 (4x)]

When we share
Our love I feel
Like it is so real
Please tell me the deal
I can make you see
What is extasy
Come and go with me
But don't walk away

Oh ooh
I don't wanna see you
Oh, oh, oh
I don't wanna see you

[Repeat 1 (4x)]

See I'm serious baby
But now it's a little off
But you can't walk away
Know what I'm saying
Cause you can't never lose the love that you never had
And if the nigga never did love you
Then you ain't lost nothing
First of all, but if I love somebody
Please don't walk away

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Blige, Mary J Don't Walk Away Comments
  1. Calvin Guy

    This woman have so much music she REALLY dont have make new one's

  2. spider23000

    I remember this. I had it way back in 1997, it was a B-side on 'Missing You'.

  3. Jolyne Milstead

    I love all of her slow jams an this should have been a hit on the radio

  4. mAGIC BLAck

    This was a Bonus track on The Share my world copies released outside of the U.S. I bought the share my world 3 times through the years In the U.S. and this song was not on any of them.

  5. Kevaun Mitchell

    So this was supposed to be on Share my world because it was recorded in 1996 but didn't make the final cut

  6. jay2luv

    Somebody on that guitar like Carlos Santana 👏👏👍👍

  7. Jim Weber

    To me it's on par with be happy, same style, more modern effects and style yet classic

  8. Jim Weber

    She's the queen of Soul!! If if wasn't for your share, if have never heard this masterpiece. Thank you infinitely. I've bought her albums since early 90's

  9. Electric Soul

    One of my favorites, could have been on SMW instead of Our Love, no offense to people who like that song.

  10. 90s lover

    I still love this song it should of been a bonus track on share my world

  11. Ellishon Douglas

    This should have been on "Share My World" I can't stop playing this mf mane

  12. Lovelle Willock

    she sounds good on this track.

  13. Ellen Diane

    Happy Birthday Mary J xx

  14. David Vaughan Jr

    few times a week for years I come back to this song I absolutely adore her vocals and this song she murdered it they definitely should have put this on her album killer Mary if you out there and listening revisit this song

  15. Alana Stephenson

    One of her best. She absolutely slayed the hell outta these vocals.

  16. Brian Salkowski

    This and everyday it rains, show love

  17. Brian Salkowski

    One of my favorite B-Sides

  18. cameron roberts

    This is the damn jam Mary you need to make music like this

  19. bbdee0705

    You can't what you never had, if the nigga didn't ever love you then you ain't lost nothing, but if I love somebody..." Please don't walk away, please don't walk away, I can't be feeling this way by myself coz I know somebody else loves meeeee, a little better than you do yeah"

  20. martianswag1000

    Mary could go Platinum would a album full of unreleased tracks I wonder if she still remembers these lyrics.....Been a fan since '93

  21. teamoutrage1

    IMO share my world is mary j blige best album, it my favorite album from her. This track would've been cool for the album

  22. Angel Glenn

    another good song from mary j.blige love her music forever!!!

  23. torrence121

    Mary has so many unreleased hits.The record company be sleeping. .Sad

  24. David Vaughan Jr

    I play this song at least 3 times a day this is true heartfelt soulful Mary J Blige

  25. Ricky Muhammad

    mary 😍😍😍😍

  26. T R York

    This is definitely a "Share my world" track sounds very much like round and round... WOw, I am missing the old Mary tracks

  27. 706babyboy

    thanks for sharing this song. This is Mary at her greatest ! our Queen of Hip Hop Soul

  28. Zodi Sun

    J Love really did break this in 1997 mix tape,

  29. Lucia Auguste

    number 1.

  30. tierrajhane24

    But If I loved somebody please don't walk away

  31. ltbmuse

    Damn - I love her vocals on this. Got that raw edgy sound that got polished off somewhere along the way.

  32. Michelle Brooks

    dont know why I never heard this song before but I always love me some Mary

  33. Barry Willis

    thank you Jesus, all my CDS were stolen and i fogot this song existed

  34. Aprilsince1983

    Yeah I remember this joint from back in the day! That's a late night head phone banger when you're pissed with your boo, haha! Maryluvs4Life!

  35. 73lyfe

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  36. loveaffair79

    " if the nigga never loved you aint lost nothin'

  37. MsMzkiki

    this is the song

  38. iliketheway

    1 Person is bitter about being walked away on

  39. Celebrity Predictions

    This was released. It was a track for one of the Everything single.

  40. kelby peterson

    I swear that Mary's leftover tracks be fiyah. What does the record company be thinking when they pick the songs?

  41. FriendlySkies Productions

    This Song And If You Want My Problems I Think Are From 96 Era Love The Attitude At The End

  42. atlnikka

    this is my syit i love it it should been released man i hate the fuckin record label they be releasin bullsyit and leave all the good syit unreleased

  43. thestaydown

    This should have been on Love & Life yet another missed Hit.

  44. Deshawn Stallings

    Your right this was from the "Share My World" era It was suppose to be on that album but it didn't make the cut.

  45. tierra jane

    dont you walk away from me, cuz i don't wanna see you leave

  46. missjanet88

    could u send me this song?

  47. maryjbligefan

    Thanks a lot for this share its a great song and love it amazing vocals from the Queen.

  48. tierra jane

    i never heard this song before, but already love it.