Blessthefall - Welcome Home Lyrics

I'm out the door, I left a note
With all the words that made me choke
It says I know you feel alone
You're scared to death of letting go
Sometimes you have to lose it all
To find yourself. I'd cross the world
For no one else. Save for you
But one more word before I go
I'm scared to death
You're scared you'll die alone

I'm out the door to chase
What I've been searching for, the spaces
In between us grow, you'll never know
I'm scared to death of letting go
So take me out of the dark
Are we seconds apart
My heart needs a break
It's an honest mistake
Until I find my way back
Help me find my way back

And bring me home
I'm not ready to believe
That we were made for this collision
And it's just not what I need
So bring me home, if I make it back
Home, if I make it back
Maybe you can be the reason
And fix this part of me
Cause it's just not what I need

(Can you fix this part of me?)

It's not living if I'm not living with you
It's not living if I'm not living with you
It's not living if I'm not living with you
It's not living if I'm not living with you

And bring me home
I'm not ready to believe
That we were made for this collision
And it's just not what I need
So bring me home, if I make it back
Home, if I make it back
Maybe you can be the reason
And fix this part of me
Cause it's just not what I need
So bring me home

It's not living if I'm not living with you

[Rocket Bokan:]
Living with you

[Beau Bokan:]
Can you try the whole line?

[Rocket Bokan:]
It's not... living if I'm not living with you

[Beau Bokan:]
There you go!

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Blessthefall Welcome Home Comments
  1. Silnt ً

    love this band and this song

  2. Andrey Sedov

    positive emocore

  3. Kaasbaas 01

    To me, this song sucks. Doesnt matter, i like some of their other songs a lot.

  4. Matteo Giarolo

    Our home 😊❤️

  5. Camilo

    Cuando todos éramos EMOsos xd

  6. Scandic

    nah you removed the lil girl singing i always go naaahh thats soo cute , still great song

  7. Ashley Cristal Espinal

    it's very lovely , i love :"^ ❤

  8. Deft

    i cried:(


    should be in my playlist

  10. Diego Ayala

    WTF guys 🤮

  11. Syabyl Nuriazam

    <3 from malaysia

  12. Varlo Florez

    Exactly how my first shows went great experiences forsure thx BlessTheFall.

  13. Colt R

    Why is every post-hardcore band going pop? 🤮

    Dark Angel

    If this is pop I dont know what is, yeah it's not hollow bodies but it's definitely not pop

    Colt R

    @Dark Angel good thing we all have opinions.

    Dark Angel

    @Colt R that's what makes us human

  14. Isaac Kurtz

    This is definitely a very meaningful song. Great job on another one guys. God bless (even if a few of you don't believe in him).

  15. gabor biro

    Without the original end it's 'just' a beautiful song.... But the original version with the voice of Rocket and that sweet piano at the end, made this song the most beautiful thing i've ever heard in my life, its soo heart warming and so perfect.... To be honest it was disturbing for me to realize that the best part of the song was cutten out of this version.... :(

  16. party_panda

    Why did i just cry to this song? It somehow brought me so much nostalgia

  17. Andriyy Bathonk

    the feeling. so deep

  18. Sarcastic Critics

    Is this 30 Seconds to Fall? Lol btw love this song. It feels different in a good way.

  19. Joan Salig

    keep strong bless the fall

  20. Liry Error

    Donde quedo el fragmento donde la niña cantaba. No es lo mismo sin esa linda voz ☹️

  21. Summer Liang

    My boyfriend’s favourite track of this album, this song is so touching, he especially likes the ending of this song which involves his daughter, but it’s been cut off in this video somehow... I think the ending was the point of this song

  22. Muhammad Arif Panggabean

    can you fix this part of me? :(

  23. Vincent Buegos

    Been homelss for 3 years but woulndt be here without blessthefall

  24. firdiano nano


  25. Anthony D:

    Aqui faltan comentarios en español

  26. Ethan Cundiff

    Wow......bland, uninteresting, generic pop far they've fallen from His Last Walk is breathtaking

  27. justpassing by

    thaknyou for everything,you are my inspiration,and gbu all

  28. Matt Tyler

    I loved you guys since the beginning. I watched how you grow and transition to the most respectful and legendary band of today. You're one of the top band that moves my life to be meaningful. I love your writings so much. It's very heartbreaking to see matt leaving but after all, Family matters the most. Thank you matt and everyone of you for keeping this band alive. Cheers forever.

  29. Rudi Setiawan

    my favorite song; slow & memorable •

  30. running down a dream

    Truly enjoy the music of some of most amazing artist that are reaching out to the youth today's so amazing to have bands that truly care about their music and fans ...

  31. Miguel Angel Ruvalcaba Macias

    I feel a little old for this music, even if i grew up w/it , i like it but... Does somebody else feels like changing or something?

  32. Amycus Carrow

    been fan of this band since 2008 ..
    we'll miss matt 💔

    Tballz X

    Same.... I wish I could go back to being 14 year old me in 2008. Time flies.

    Amycus Carrow

    i also miss Frisby ..

  33. Donny Pradana

    Im here Indonesia

  34. İbrahim Coşkun

    İ miss Craig mabbit. Fucking pop.

  35. Digital Thunder

    This is HORRIBLE go back to the old BTF! This is Disney Bop BS!!! Thumbs down

  36. Joshua Balbuena

    Where the hell is Jared Warth with his strong peculiar voice??? Is this blessthefall or One direction ????

  37. Kaio Henrique Silva

    Hard feelings..... Love u, guys

    Rochelle Favores

    idol ng pinas we love band bless the fall

  38. ジェイソンリチャードソン

    Here is heaven??

  39. Ju siqueira

    MEU DEUS COMO EU AMO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Izza Bella

    Good shit

  41. Kennedy Scott

    Vocês são foda <3<3<3

  42. Mark Trần

    Love Your Song!!!

  43. wizardsmoke

    i just found u guys today u guys rock keep it comming guys its nice too see a band that can still rocl these days

  44. skyjumper

    does he ever change his clothes like this is the same genes that he wore in You Wear a Crown But You're No King

  45. Veselka

    Good and proper high of voices

  46. sprakling dust

    Still can't believe. I thought it was craig mabbit.

  47. Timexdistance

    This sounds like my childhood

  48. Leandro Guilherme

    Essa música é muito emocionante, banda incrível, carreira impressionante. Come to Brasil!

  49. kronvlat

    this isn't bad, I like it but I remember way back when in 2007 when I listened to a song called guys like you make us look bad and started following this band.... things change I know, but I miss the heavy stuff like that.

  50. xBadWolfx

    okay I haven't listened to this band in YEARS, do they not scream anymore? or do any heavy music? not hating just curious lol

    Dark Angel

    They do but this album it has taken a backseat to give a heavy tone elsewhere, there are still heavy moments but it's definitely more of an interesting and softer experience, I know it isn't hollow bodies but I feel it may be one of their best works

  51. GIFfIy X

    Amazing song guys 💯❤️👍🤘 thank the higher powers I found this Channel and band 👌

  52. Bass I

    AMAZING 👌🏻💪🏻🥞

  53. The ABacross

    The ending got me tearing up the first time I heard it

  54. The ABacross

    This is awesome, I'm so glad to meet you Beau at Warped Tour

  55. N1TR0 F1GHT3R

    Is this the last Blessthefall concert 😢😖 I wanna be able to see them!!!!!

    Justin Labarge

    N1TR0 F1GHT3R nope their going on tour!!!!

    N1TR0 F1GHT3R

    @Justin Labarge I know their on tour but I'm saying after this is this the end 4 ever

    Dark Angel

    Nope they are still carrying on

  56. SoCal Stoners 710

    Great song!

  57. Izul Karnaen

    Good guys

  58. Ian Sebastian

    Awesome song! Miss you Matt Traynor!

  59. isaque

    Oque aconteceu com o blesstfall?

  60. Wrestle Maneuver

    I'm a huge fan of this sound <3


    Lagunya keren cuk!

  62. RabbiRan

    This sucks

  63. GillDoesGames

    Has this been mistitled or have Blessthefall just turned into All Time Low?

  64. Karynna Hill

    Now I remember why I stopped listening to them after To Those Left Behind....

  65. Anthony Butcher

    When in doubt, add chanting......

  66. Anthony Butcher

    Simple and repetitive like everything else these days......

  67. Angie Narvaes

    Canción muy hermosa 😍

  68. Savannah Sanchez

    Am I the only one wishing there was a bit of Rocket in here? I wouldn’t bawled. 😭

  69. dugtheundead

    Only improvement would have been to keep Rockets line in the end, gets me in the feels Everytime. Great video tho guys, keep putting on great live shows!

  70. Kemal Gülen

    Thought that was Metallica cover, lol. 😂😂😂

  71. julio Freréz


  72. Herdi D Law

    Awesome :) .

  73. Wesley Dos Santos

    Conheço a banda desde 2012 é Acho que Blessthefall Nunca Conseguiu emplacar um sucesso..Hoje é Igual Um Cpm 22 do Brasil

  74. Mike Jimenez

    When they released this song, it was like a welcome home song for their music... welcome back and welcome home guys!

  75. Aeolus

    Sounds like pop. Still love it though, I literally grew up with this band since Craig Mabbit


    Same here

    matt taiko

    same...i found this band in 2006 on the myspace...


    Aeolus same. sore scene sorrows

    Viper Strike Studios

    This song is their last song on the album, and they usually put their most meaningful song as their last track. This song's melody may sound a little close to Pop, but it's supposed to be a special song to the band and they wrote it more from the heart. That's why it sounds a little calmer/deeper than their normal hard stuff. My personal favorite on Hard Feelings but that's my opinion. Hope this helps :)

  76. File Unknown

    It sounds like Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

    However, I love it :D

  77. Jose Luis Leal Sánchez

    Again. Love it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  78. UKDRILL GreekFanz

    Btf without Craig and Matt is bad

  79. daniel jr

    Pqp,Outra Banda Indo Pro Caminho Da Merda,Já Foram BMTH,Asking Alexandria,Falling In Reverse,Meu Deus oq Está Acontecendo Com Essa Bandas ;-;

    Felipe Carvalho

    Conhece uma coisa chamada evolução? Então foi isso que aconteceu com as bandas que vc citou elas evoluíram, saíram da bolha e foram buscar novos sons e atrair mais público. BMTH tocou no Lolla e concorreu ao Grammy, tem noção do que é isso?? Pq tu não fica feliz pelos caras das bandas que você gosta ao invés de pagar de hater só pra ficar num saudosismo de merda? Cresce irmão

  80. M A R I A N A

    Please Make for Sakura Blues a music video 🙏

  81. M A R I A N A

    That Daddy hat

  82. Desirexxdarkxvon


  83. Livy Nielson

    My boys 💞 see you in a month

  84. Khaty Carpio

    Quiero mi concierto en Perú :"(

  85. John Kevin Tolentino

    What happened with the heavy riffs? 😔


    John Kevin Tolentino it’s a little bit of a mix on the new album lol Listen to cutthroat!

    Dark Angel

    There are great riffs in this album, however obviously it doesn't give the emphasis on the heavy music from like hollow bodies, I feel who's album has more of an emotional weight to give that heavyness without the heavy metalcore style

  86. Braizin 420

    Im about to see them late may in Columbus Ohio. It'll be my second time seeing bless the fall! If you get the chance go there so good live!

  87. Deni MX

    better than bmth.. no regrets <3

  88. Dennis Henrique

    Gay as fuck!
    Miss Craig

  89. Psychedoutmike

    Fuck I thought this was going to be a Coheed and Cambria cover...

  90. Michael Johnson

    Just, no. Please stop trying to make music. You're reaching and it only comes off as vague and over done. The words and melody are all copy paste once again. We loved you in high school when we were idiots and you had something to say other than this full of shit "heartfelt" track for a paycheck. This is the real definition of fraud. This is how typical it gets right here boys.

  91. Adson Gustavogamer

    Aaaah melhor banda porra❤

  92. Richard Burnside

    More music videos like this is what catches the attention 😎👍

  93. Sir Keksalot

    Man I love these songs that bring out the feels. I showed my gf Open Water a few weeks back and she loved it. Says the song reminds her of me.

    Now I'm gonna have to show her this too.

  94. Visit Victoria

    Long time no see~

  95. O$iri$ MetalTH.

    Miss You. Matt.

  96. Иона Хачикадзе

    Light Rock sound. Good 4 running 👍🏋️‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  97. Cody Beattie

    I only started listening to BTF early 2018 and this track and video hits me in the feels. Makes me feel like I was apart of Matt & BTF’s journey from Day 1. I love hearing & seeing the bonds and relationships people and bands have, something I wish I had. Beautiful song and emotional video. Love from Western Australia.