Blessthefall - Sakura Blues Lyrics

It starts inside my head
Let it course into my bones
I breathe recycled air
Just to feel like I'm not alone
So does it kill you now?
Call it insincere
You took the worst way out
And I'm still here

It's too late, it's too late
The ground's breaking under me
I can't breathe, I'm underneath
So go ahead and wish me hell
Cause you're the one who dragged me there, yeah
It's too late to save today

I took the right one at the wrong time
It's like a dry scrape that you know can never heal
So give me something I can feel

So let it kill me now
I took the worst way out
And I'm still here

It's too late, it's too late
The ground's breaking under me
I can't breathe, I'm underneath
So go ahead and wish me hell
Cause you're the one who dragged me there, yeah
It's too late to save today

And I still feel her in my bones
Feel her in my bones
I'm not alone

It's too late, it's too late
The ground's breaking under me
I can't breathe, I'm underneath
So go ahead and wish me hell
Cause you're the one who dragged me there, yeah
It's too late to save today

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Blessthefall Sakura Blues Comments
  1. Jordi

    So go ahead and wish me he**, cause your the one who dragged me there. 🎶

  2. Allheart8705

    one of their best songs theyve written. Its incredible. This album is phenomenal and the best one yet

  3. junjunhaha

    犯罪を犯す観光客〜! すべての外国人を追放〜! 外国人は適切にゴミを投げないでください〜! 日本の国境を閉じてください〜! 多文化主義へのいいえ〜! 外国人は日本を破壊します〜!


    I'm no Japanese, but I think this is a Japanese's person appreciation and acceptance to multiculturalism and anti-racism ! Maybe Unit 731 wasn't so bad after all if they give such miracles to weeaboos in this generation! Woohoo! I'm coming for you my holographic tsundere waifu ! Straight outta Akibahara!

  4. ruri anggraeni

    I can feel the emotion in this song

  5. Alex Sakthi

    feels like listening BMTH - Avalanche

  6. Eric V


  7. Jordi

    It’s too late, it’s too late~🌸🎶

  8. Alisha Gonzalez

    I got the chills listening to this song!!!
    The lyrics and everything else sounds soo epic!!!

  9. Alisson Dias

    It seems like this album was released like yesterday. But it was since 1 year ago, mannn. The time is really flying and blessthefall is still one of the best bands I've ever known!

  10. EKG

    So let it kill me now
    I took the worst way out

  11. zJay

    This song reminds me a lot of BMTH sleepwalking.

    Ally Fey

    zJay avalanche ;)

  12. Bajza Ferenc

    I listen this song for 10 days. Still awesome!

    Ally Fey

    Bajza Ferenc 2 months and counting!

  13. Braizin 420

    Fuuuuuuck i can't wait till may 25th!!! Gonna see them live for the second time!!! BlessTheFall is soooooo fucking good live!!!

    Eric V

    Braizin 420 how was it

  14. Ally Fey

    not what i was expecting from this band at all. gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. <3

  15. Orchid Malevolence

    It such a beautiful thing to realise how they went softer, but the technical aspects are just the same as their other records. With that being said, I'm enjoying this shit than their records before Hollow Bodies

  16. Stranger Boy

    Eu amo essa música meu deus


    opening naruto Fourth Shinobi War

  18. Гелий Изюмов

    Пиздец бля.

    Shit, fuck.

  19. Sutton Golden

    Anyone know what they wrote this song about specifically?

    Ally Fey

    Sutton Golden i'd also love to know

  20. Logan Crawford

    So it means cherry blossom blues?

  21. mvyper

    This motivated me to buy the vynil. I'm actually waiting for it.

  22. miguel serrano

    where is the screamer guy ¿¿

  23. Daniel Bennett

    Nice steal of the album cover of the Griswolds', Be Impressive album. Look quite unoriginal.

  24. Ronin

    Had a creeping feeling there would be Naruto references in the comment sections when I saw this in my recommended.. Ah well, good song anyways.

  25. mike Del Vecchio

    If another person mentions anime here again I am chopping their penis off cause let’s be honest no girls watch anime

    Eric V

    mike Del Vecchio lmao


    Did you mean guys? Pretty sure "girls" don't have penises by nature

  26. Jowie

    Thank god they made another good album! stoked rn

  27. Pinch Harmonix

    the first seconds of this song give me a Silent Hill 2 feeling :D

  28. Alec T

    CardCaptor Sakura Blues

    Pitra Agung

    Sakura Miyawaki's Blues :v

    Alec T

    @Pitra Agung Sakura Kinomoto's blues

  29. なあ


  30. Sakura Blues

    2:29-2:56 gives me chills every time.

  31. Hugo Van maanen

    that intro just hit me so hard

    Ally Fey

    Hugo Van maanen me too

  32. Kronx

    Great song

  33. sprite:wall

    I can feel beautiful Japanese atmosphere from this greatness!

  34. Brandy Souter

    That beat tho!! I love this song, I will be owning this album! 🖤

  35. Jeremy Nelson


  36. justin benoit

    Enemies of the hidden leaf dislike this song

  37. Mandy e Ale

    I ❤️ U Blessthefall 😍

  38. Mandy e Ale

    Music perfect ❤️🎶

  39. WYD gaming

    Alesana Blues

  40. Brooke

    this song fucks me up, man

    Baby Angelz

    I feel ya on that one

  41. cahaya kehidupan

    This song tells about what? Can anyone explain? I really like this song

  42. Grizzlo

    **watching Naruto and listening this instead of the theme songs**

  43. DrunkZerg

    Это топ. Спасибо группе

  44. Fer Aguilar

    This song is so me, I lost my real first love, GOD HELP ME PLEASE 😔💔💔💔
    "I took the right one at the wrong time it's like a dry scrape that you know can never heal"

    Pitra Agung

    You'll heal, stay strong

    Fer Aguilar

    @Pitra Agung Thanks a lot💜

  45. Esam Alaslmy

    One of the best music I have ever listened in my entire life.
    It's even in my top 5
    The guitar the rhyme the way of singing but, to be honest there is one problem
    The lyrics is just crap

  46. James Hearn aka ReZ.1

    All I can say like the album's that came before not to be overlooked or downplayed on the real raw feelings the love that has been put into this like the earlier ones love this album good stuff thank you good work Blessthefall badass motherfuckers all you guys

  47. Ya Boi Tyler

    This song describes the exact feelings of losing somebody to suicide, and then trying to go out the same way and failing

  48. Giah louis

    this is awesome

  49. Tampa Jay

    I dig this song

  50. TheLostVegas

    the intro just hits me in the feels...

  51. Wendell Lima

    Flatline intro.

  52. Reyoso

    spring blues

  53. x DI5A5TER x

    I ve be waiting for the "its like im sleepwalking"

    Ally Fey

    x RamonDISASTER x the intro does give me major sleepwalking vibes tbh

  54. x DI5A5TER x

    the start sounds like BMTH

    Ally Fey

    x RamonDISASTER x yeah, i get major sleepwalking vibes. this song is like the lovechild of avalanche and sleepwalking with a blessthefall twist.

  55. Jeremy Nelson


  56. KidKrunk Official

    The emotional relation to this song and the lyrics. Wow. ❤

  57. Gabbie

    You took the worst way out, and I’m still here

  58. Jared Crabtree

    These Lyrics thought 😍💯

  59. Haviz 05

    like avalance bmth?

  60. hugo tomaz

    Sensacional cara, me veio minha adolescência a cabeça kkkk

  61. Mrs Gates

    i so love this song... you should play this live!

  62. whutch gaming

    Dose this songs title mean like fall coming around because sakura means cherry blossim or tree

  63. Jonathan Bridgemohan

    It feels too electronic sometimes.

  64. Jesus Armando


    Jesus Armando

    ok ok, nope, it's not like avalanche...

  65. HABIT

    Fuck what everyone says, this new Blessthefall is miles and miles above what they once were. Promised Ones was great, but their new stuff basically makes the old stuff look terrible in comparison.

  66. Mynameismcgyver

    The bass in this song is great

  67. Marcos Arias

    Cant stop listening this song!!! I love this!

  68. Allheart8705

    One of their best songs

  69. Amanda Bendon


  70. Drew inZane

    puta que pariu

  71. Daniel Gehrke

    Who adds the lyrics underneath the video? Why would there be a reasonable need for incorrect lyrics. Come on, please, fix the lyrics posted underneath the video in the "Show More" section. Thanks, a fan.

  72. Brandon Remigio

    Man I changed the score the album from 7/10 to 10/10. The more I listen to it the better it gets.

  73. Thai


  74. Trxplz0

    Anyone knows where can I get this pink led to put on my bedroom wall? Doesn't need to be written Blessthefall. Amazing song!

    Ally Fey

    Trxplz0 i'd love to know too!

  75. TheDilCam

    Best song on the album by far.
    Fucking Beautiful, please play this live everywhere!

    Ally Fey

    TheDilCam yes please, seeing this song live would be a spiritual experience

  76. Bruno Matsumoto


  77. David Uchiha Namikaze AMV ́s

    Sasuke x Sakura

  78. suicider


  79. Mika Bezona Ekizde


  80. Burai

    best song of the album

  81. Ryan Hooper

    These n bmth r wot make metal great today

    Carlos Collins

    Ryan Hooper not bmth

  82. Brock Stephanovich

    The songs opening is so melodic, can’t help but get that riff out of my head. The lyrics are quite catchy as well. 8/10

  83. Albi Rachman

    Best anime song?

  84. Sean Rho

    Yo, that intro thoooooooo

  85. דנה בורבוב

    Omg amazing song omg omg omg❤❤❤❤❤

  86. LIL GOKU

    I was just minding my own buisness on facebook, letting the playlist on youtube play out.. and about halfway through this song all of a sudden I'm like.. "Wait, what is this song again?..." I found another one!

  87. david Chatham

    WOWOW! Where have I been? Totally Killer symphonic metal, 1 of my new favs.

  88. RODDDY

    cade os br <3 larga o like ae caraiooooooo , é nois 2018

  89. Arturo JUNIOR Hernández Trejo

    Naruto blessthefall

  90. Cristian Ventura

    México??! Alguien

  91. WISH You Would

    i love this song so much its all i been playing on my phone for the last 4 days.

  92. Jim

    great band ....

  93. Alegaara

    1:49 🤘🏻🔥🔥🔥❤️

  94. Ligma Johnson


  95. Sparkyy RTS

    Oh this song is good, blessthefall was better than i thought, much better

  96. no name

    Better old songs, Miss old genre..

  97. pcdFadeD

    what's the program you use to make these videos?